The Grand Tour: A Quiz
The Grand Tour: Flee
The Grand Tour: 90s cars
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman 2 soat oldin
Adil Aslam
Adil Aslam 2 soat oldin
But can you turn off the SatNav lady😂?
D class 5412 [aka a random European]
D class 5412 [aka a random European] 2 soat oldin
Tonight James becomes a car salesman I become the president of the United States and Richard is himself
Half life 3
Half life 3 3 soat oldin
It is quite impressive. Mind you most of it is done with slave labour.
Corby Lambert
Corby Lambert 4 soat oldin
I'll believe it when I see it in prime video...
ElStukov 5 soat oldin
And then Hammond went and crashed it.
Crimson Knight
Crimson Knight 6 soat oldin
Clocks on this video because I’m bored. Twenty seconds later *H Y S T E R I C A L L A U G H T E R*
John King
John King 8 soat oldin
2:30 - In December 2020 as we watch this, not exactly funny now is it, a ventilator. Oh how the world changed in 2020.
John King
John King 8 soat oldin
2:02 - Clever editing here, taking two shots and combining them. Looks very realistic, but even Amazon are not stupid enough to allow them to make a shot like this.
LadyZeldaia 9 soat oldin
as much as I love Jermey, I hate how he just shits on eletrical cars all the fucking time
Monkey 9 soat oldin
You're probably not aware of German humor because we direct it towards Austria - as long as we are allowed to do so.
delbroox 10 soat oldin
hahahahaha love it!
S3NDITT STANG 10 soat oldin
Finally some great streaming content.
Durly B
Durly B 10 soat oldin
I rather like it
Fred Howland
Fred Howland 10 soat oldin
ROFL, I didn’t get the joke until it flashed on the screen then I laughed my arse off.
K33ndle 11 soat oldin
I choked when I heard "0-60 in 2.7 seconds"
Lazy Jesus
Lazy Jesus 11 soat oldin
No baguettes were injured in the making of this film.
Loki Evans
Loki Evans 12 soat oldin
"The Grand Tour: Amazon's hit by a car show"
Get GoodBruh
Get GoodBruh 12 soat oldin
These guys are just too hilarious
Ethan James
Ethan James 12 soat oldin
We have waited a ehole year for this so it better be a good 3 hour episode
Alvar Lagerlöf
Alvar Lagerlöf 12 soat oldin
Wow this is truly a shitty color grade
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic 12 soat oldin
Proud to be Croat.Thank you Mate!
nasser ALR
nasser ALR 13 soat oldin
I love and respect these three.
Nicholas Sammons
Nicholas Sammons 13 soat oldin
When hammond was drinking, he looked like he was going to puke.
Nicholas Sammons
Nicholas Sammons 11 soat oldin
@Lilliana Waters I think it's because he's from Birmingham and people from Birmingham hate water.
Lilliana Waters
Lilliana Waters 11 soat oldin
That's because it wasn't his "everyday gin" XD
Eric Hannes
Eric Hannes 14 soat oldin
Jeremy Clarkson is an asshole.
nasser ALR
nasser ALR 14 soat oldin
The design of the Mercedes aerodynamic is much more than the BMW. Nevertheless, the BMW won.
Jake Carroll
Jake Carroll 14 soat oldin
We crap on them a lot but seriously, this is what hard work gets you. They have a vision and they do that vision. America should take notice of this 😂
Retro Pyro
Retro Pyro 14 soat oldin
China looks like a Hot Wheels track
Bob 14 soat oldin
Fiat panda win
I Am Survivor
I Am Survivor 16 soat oldin
Fuck that's gold
Thank you for your compliance
Thank you for your compliance 16 soat oldin
iCEs are so damn 20th century.
Mr.T Rex
Mr.T Rex 17 soat oldin
J'ai beaucoup rigolé !! Et on peut faire de même nous aussi !!
the lord
the lord 17 soat oldin
Hahaha I live in Petting and searched for this
WolfyGirl2077 18 soat oldin
5000 pounds? Jeremy's that fat?
Dee Snuts
Dee Snuts 18 soat oldin
I readed Cunt instead of hunt
Joshua Nas Ser
Joshua Nas Ser 18 soat oldin
hammond's the only one that looks older
Ferd San
Ferd San 18 soat oldin
I’m excited
Simeeen88 18 soat oldin
Been waiting forever for this.
Andrew Markowitz
Andrew Markowitz 19 soat oldin
Eli Clav
Eli Clav 20 soat oldin
"Mustn't be fat, clumsy, or slow" Lmao thats just Jeremy Hammond and May XD
Just some guy With a surprised expression
Just some guy With a surprised expression 21 soat oldin
So James was the same man who wanted to light an ICBM
Shaheer Shahid
Shaheer Shahid 21 soat oldin
Which season is this one?
ICommandoI 21 soat oldin
About damn time The Grand Tour! Where have you been hiding!!! The May get lost? The boat show season was a bit of a joke, at least you've come back to your senses. Hammond you idiot! Oh and hey Mr Clarkson.
- m7k0z7 -
- m7k0z7 - 21 soat oldin
2020, have not seen one episode, I was just sad BBC stopped their show, I have to binge watch this
Dynamo 23 soat oldin
Well then, i guess i found a new dream car
Alexey Klimashevich
Alexey Klimashevich 23 soat oldin
the cars they are destroying are getting more expensive( focus RS - whyyy?
Douglas Wint
Douglas Wint Kun oldin
To each their own but what joy people get from watching these old guys fumble through scripted scenes I'll never know. Each of them are rumoured to be complete ***holes in real-life as well.
Luca Possente
Luca Possente Kun oldin
i've seen 2000 times already
classydays43 Kun oldin
In China they build 6000 miles of road a year, but in Australia they resurface a perfectly good 200m stretch of road twice - once to use up excess revenue before the end of the financial year, and again because the subcontractor did a terrible job the first time.
Naba D Lowkey
Naba D Lowkey Kun oldin
Building infrastructure like this may strengthen the economy, but it surely destroys nature as well.
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton Kun oldin
Mr.T Rex
Mr.T Rex Kun oldin
The Flistones
Jacques Gerber
Jacques Gerber Kun oldin
Cute video 👌
Connectron Builds
Connectron Builds Kun oldin
John O’Donnell
John O’Donnell Kun oldin
What’s the song
Soviet Bear
Soviet Bear Kun oldin
8/10 not too shabby
Adrian Rogiewicz
Adrian Rogiewicz Kun oldin
It's season 4th, right?
Logan Proctor
Logan Proctor Kun oldin
10-10 for this show and my results.
Bowl of Ramen
Bowl of Ramen Kun oldin
How ironic that the future ended up in a ball of fire. Fitting for 2020
rhys hutchinson
rhys hutchinson Kun oldin
I think part of the specials was aways that you could maybe do it yourself one day , £1500 cars across Africa, £5000 cars in the middle east , $1000 cars in the US , but these you cant really dream about if that makes sense 🤔
Lo Value
Lo Value Kun oldin
They can take a run-up and ... Fuck Off! I'm all about surviving these days.
Hypersphere Engineering
Hypersphere Engineering Kun oldin
Hammond, "this car is unstoppable!" 2 seconds later "breaks down" 😂
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Kun oldin
"The Grand Tour: Fuck It"
Sami Suleman
Sami Suleman Kun oldin
amazon shit car show?
hugh Kun oldin
took a leaf out of donald drumpf's play book.
Lost Swamp
Lost Swamp Kun oldin
At least he has the fat and stupid part.
QuickSilver Kun oldin
Oh God.. I've been watching these 3 for so long that I dread the words "let's modify our cars" it NEVER ends well :D Can't wait!
антиблогер из америки.
антиблогер из америки. Kun oldin
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt Kun oldin
Tdevil80 Kun oldin
meanwhile in britain they have been doing roadworks on the M6 in birmingham since 1989 and still not finished
Slavko Gelo
Slavko Gelo Kun oldin
In Croatia there is a 2.4 km bridge being built since 2018 as well, it's actually going quite well. Then again, it's being built by the China Road and Bridge Corporation...
DJ ANOKE - Deep Art Berlin
DJ ANOKE - Deep Art Berlin Kun oldin
Der Rimac frisst alle auf!
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain Kun oldin
Amazon Shit Car Show lol
Hatsi Kidee
Hatsi Kidee Kun oldin
0:59 The six creepiest seconds I have endured this year...
husky loads
husky loads Kun oldin
Dam I love this show
Jacob Kun oldin
Why is every comment about the crash?
Ernest Nyarko
Ernest Nyarko Kun oldin
Kiss a radar
aviator_131 Kun oldin
prawdziwe bagiety xdd
Lord Pidda [TJB]
Lord Pidda [TJB] Kun oldin
RIP Fucking ! Its called Fugging now. but BUT There still are Oberfucking and Unterfucking.
Timolio Kun oldin
How could someone waste such a big good looking sandwich?!?
Lazy Jesus
Lazy Jesus 11 soat oldin
That was his 3rd one 🥖🥖🥖