The Truth About my Son
gamingmasyer 4 soat oldin
Make one that grows legs and can walk around that will scare them
Dhruv 4 soat oldin
Mark is so cooooollll
Morgan Deeks
Morgan Deeks 4 soat oldin
The girl at 10:46 is what I inspire to be
LD2-GOLD 5 soat oldin
👁️ 👁️ 👃🏻 👄
Justie J
Justie J 5 soat oldin
bengerman yearesley
bengerman yearesley 5 soat oldin
What about stomping ;-;
MaKu In Japan
MaKu In Japan 5 soat oldin
It's beautiful that you shared this story. By letting our lights shine, we subconsciously give people permission to do the same. You come across as a wonderful, fun, smart person and I can tell you're a great dad. Wishing you many happy returns and future happiness. <3
Krish Dhirawani
Krish Dhirawani 5 soat oldin
Could see you cry at the end. SO MUCH LOVE <3. Cant donate a lot but you have my support
Andrew Setala
Andrew Setala 5 soat oldin
This video made me cry on the inside with joy and every thing ells.
illustria 5 soat oldin
To all Scammers: You guys give up? Or you're thirsty for more!
Zelia Afiqahh
Zelia Afiqahh 5 soat oldin
topsofwow 5 soat oldin
WOW! All I can say. I learned never realized how dope squirrels are. It's NUTS what they're capable of ;).
Steampunk Gaming
Steampunk Gaming 5 soat oldin
My little brother has adhd, and while not exactly the same, I still relate to many of the points you made.
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola 5 soat oldin
Lets go boys im dead
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 5 soat oldin
Mark : "But there's no sugar." My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Troy Gaspard
Troy Gaspard 5 soat oldin
Truly idiotic.
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola 5 soat oldin
2:53 wonder why we did not see the rest
Grace T.
Grace T. 5 soat oldin
ExyloX 5 soat oldin
All people deserve love especially ones who have disabilities and people who are in need of help
EthanWindows 5 soat oldin
8:38 AOL!
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola 5 soat oldin
Punked mr beast lol
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola 5 soat oldin
What did you do its a molotov but its camouflage
CLEMENT ONG ZHEN NING Moe 6 soat oldin
or other freakin planet
codediporpal 6 soat oldin
Pfff.. That sweetener is not in "everything". Not even close. And the only time you'll get a high amount is with a diet soda. She would have to show me the distribution of that sweetener in urine samples from a population before I'd agree this method is legit.
oo oxygen
oo oxygen 6 soat oldin
7:01 actually, you forgot to deduct the time of travel for the radio waves to transmit the signal to your walkie talkie.
Pranam Shetty
Pranam Shetty 6 soat oldin
This article trick
roblox tutorials
roblox tutorials 6 soat oldin
i come to the carnival to not get prizes i go there to have fun
Wesley smith
Wesley smith 6 soat oldin
I thought for a second that he was actually gonna heat a pool to 3000 degrees F but I get what he's doing now
Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee 6 soat oldin
"iM aUtIsTiC mYsElF " knowin more than half of you arent is scary
Noni Indah
Noni Indah 6 soat oldin
I dont understand why these people happily taken other people packages. Ckck..
Zaho SanFran
Zaho SanFran 6 soat oldin
Huge respect ✊🏻 keep doing it please
soheil rahmatpour
soheil rahmatpour 6 soat oldin
Bye the way this is my dads account I'm using but your like me but adult your explaining everything that i know in a way i would say it
EthanPlaz YT ._.
EthanPlaz YT ._. 6 soat oldin
Abracadabra Big boi
Abracadabra Big boi 6 soat oldin
That amazing kid of yours, has the brightest most sweet smile I have ever seen in all my life. Tell him to have an awesome day for me. Thank you for this great video!!!!
Tadne Rose
Tadne Rose 6 soat oldin
1:49, 2:00, and 4:10 🤣
Chris Ehhh
Chris Ehhh 6 soat oldin
One of 3 You Tubers that I have a little bell that rings when you post a vid.
ItsMystify 6 soat oldin
Lol I tried and did it first try 😂
Hayden Tackett
Hayden Tackett 6 soat oldin
Me on December 1st
sebong’s trash
sebong’s trash 6 soat oldin
how i wish i live in his neighborhood :))
yehoEM 6 soat oldin
So it's in the kiper belt? Or is in the ore sphere whatever it's called
G3R1 6 soat oldin
I can’t stand it watching so many losers.
-sNeK noOdLe-
-sNeK noOdLe- 6 soat oldin
Why do ppl do this, it makes me hate them and never ever want to go to India !
Samantha Ringrose
Samantha Ringrose 6 soat oldin
Anyone here from set it offs podcast?
Archungus Gaming
Archungus Gaming 6 soat oldin
Ian Duncan is in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viola Reiman
Viola Reiman 6 soat oldin
Hes so kind
steve satariano
steve satariano 6 soat oldin
Watched live and denoted, where were the Bobs ? Chepick and Iger?
Leslie Harvey
Leslie Harvey 7 soat oldin
This may seem harsh but I want to see one where it shoots super glue
Gagan Basawaraj
Gagan Basawaraj 7 soat oldin
India is far ahead ..we have 4 days in a week where we cant eat meat
Maverick McKee
Maverick McKee 7 soat oldin
Kid: “You’re cheating!” Me: ““Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.””
fran fanbo
fran fanbo 7 soat oldin
Bombs awayyyyyy!
Typical Gamers
Typical Gamers 7 soat oldin
Who else saw the a rainbow apered when sand wheat in the air ne’er the beginning?
Jacob Cruz-Zavala
Jacob Cruz-Zavala 7 soat oldin
Father of the year
Jacob Cruz-Zavala
Jacob Cruz-Zavala 7 soat oldin
Isabel full respect for this kid
Hardcore Leveling Warrior
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 7 soat oldin
I'm not sure I want to watch this video
Cienna Harris
Cienna Harris 7 soat oldin
I cry every time i watch one of your videos because you give me so much hope in humanity. We need more people like you.
mark lepka
mark lepka 7 soat oldin
Jyoti Arora
Jyoti Arora 7 soat oldin
If mark rober ain't inspiring to you then *YOU SUCK*
mark moonie
mark moonie 7 soat oldin
Mad Plays Roblox
Mad Plays Roblox 7 soat oldin
When you remember jellotine I'd made out of animals *(Blood)*
Ender DarkOfficial
Ender DarkOfficial 7 soat oldin
Bro idk how but un a way You make more than others "inc's" on helping the others
wl2262 7 soat oldin
I had NO idea squirrels are this smart!!! Incredible little buggers!
Christopher Vasquez
Christopher Vasquez 7 soat oldin
wow mark 3.2 mil holy dang
Theo Kramer
Theo Kramer 7 soat oldin
This video is one thing that makes life worth living
Jennifer Alameda
Jennifer Alameda 7 soat oldin
I love .ark robber
OnFireRobloxScripting 8 soat oldin
13:15 Is that PVZ background music????
Efraim Cooper
Efraim Cooper 8 soat oldin
Bill and Melinda gates. That didn’t age well.
Hazmat Beats
Hazmat Beats 7 soat oldin
mark moonie
mark moonie 8 soat oldin
Washington Guns
Washington Guns 8 soat oldin
9:40 the kid be like: WHAAAA. maybe because of so many prises or matt winaker
24g0ld 8 soat oldin
fob panic
fob panic 8 soat oldin
I what is this in my science class and just stumbled upon it again but I did watch his other videos yours LOL
Y Cushing
Y Cushing 8 soat oldin
Use a stylus; do not touch the touch screen with your fingers.
Lucas Rickard
Lucas Rickard 8 soat oldin
"We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard!"
Dwarf 8 soat oldin
When the next pandemic comes.... little did he know a year later it would come.