Den Cross
Den Cross 4 soat oldin
Dewsta26 5 soat oldin
I just find BMX to be boring nowadays. Ever since I got on a MTB I've never looked back.
Sean Fox
Sean Fox 6 soat oldin
anyone else feel like its a little unfair for the guy who started the event to compete in said event? or am I on my own here??
Jake Alston
Jake Alston 8 soat oldin
Anyone else recognize the log jump and some of the dirt jumps from shred 2 ?
tech experiments
tech experiments 8 soat oldin
bro cycle price
Hans Weixelsaft
Hans Weixelsaft 8 soat oldin
People still stunned by the laws of physics.
Guto Seto
Guto Seto 10 soat oldin
Calamity Jane
Calamity Jane 11 soat oldin
Репортаж можно и без масок вести... Хватит рекламировать " вирус" (((
Carl Irwin
Carl Irwin 12 soat oldin
Outtakes! Outtakes! Outtakes!
Abraham Avalos Carpio
Abraham Avalos Carpio 12 soat oldin
steven kirchstein
steven kirchstein 13 soat oldin
Ollie and Deaks going crazy in the background and then Brenden talking to them while he is doing push ups was the best
Raul Visnitchi
Raul Visnitchi 13 soat oldin
I like DH, but this is scary. 😄
Cristóbal Muñoz
Cristóbal Muñoz 13 soat oldin
Guasaaaap a the #redbullrampage in the 2020 guy's rider's thes 😵😭🤘 session's?? 😂 😭🗣️Nooososicke??
Kelvin Smith
Kelvin Smith 13 soat oldin
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publiccastration isagoodidea?
publiccastration isagoodidea? 13 soat oldin
awful montage fuc u
Sylvain Bouhier
Sylvain Bouhier 14 soat oldin
Okay just wtf👌
BW T 16 soat oldin
I lost count of riders who said no to Red Bull at the bottom of the run. I was hoping a Monster sponsored rider would forget who their sponsor was just to be nice to the ladies.
Alistair Cameron
Alistair Cameron 16 soat oldin
Far out that was crispy!
Levi Tenkley
Levi Tenkley 17 soat oldin
Woulda been pretty sick if Subaru would have let him use his rally car for the opening and closing
Oliver T.
Oliver T. 17 soat oldin
wtfffffff this is so nuts
S E D U N 18 soat oldin
Just incredible
Whatyoudo 18 soat oldin
screaming down a hill at 40mph sucking in air like a vacuum but they then need a mask to do an interview? Silly children
Klaus Günther Ristna
Klaus Günther Ristna 18 soat oldin
Whatyoudo 19 soat oldin
fearless riders risking head injury, broken bones and paralyzation yet wearing masks to show fear of a flu. Brilliant!
asithanjana senevirathna
asithanjana senevirathna 20 soat oldin
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 21 soat oldin
Satanic devil horn handsign in the thumbnail. Satanists communicate through signs and symbols.
Jesse Nickell
Jesse Nickell 21 soat oldin
Love Rai 1 2
Love Rai 1 2 21 soat oldin
Ansgar Waldemarsen
Ansgar Waldemarsen 21 soat oldin
Awesome edit, is there somewhere one can see the entire day with all runs?
Muhammad Hazeeq Mohd Fazlee
Muhammad Hazeeq Mohd Fazlee 21 soat oldin
Who is teaching who?....Fabio is trial rider...Matt is the hell is this video for
Angga Setiawan
Angga Setiawan 22 soat oldin
Bisaan tos teu paur gebis
Corey Harris
Corey Harris 22 soat oldin
on borana
Corey Harris
Corey Harris 22 soat oldin
i live there
RandomThings! 23 soat oldin
WOW...! 😍😍😍😈❤️😱😘 xxx
Sk_luzob 23 soat oldin
Tom isted pants be like
Barry Kun oldin
Good riding lame music
oskar nowak
oskar nowak Kun oldin
dokladnie dzis mija rok od przejazdu godzka na rampagu
Tanishq Sagar
Tanishq Sagar Kun oldin
8:50 what you came here for
PTMB Media Family
PTMB Media Family Kun oldin
riding is definitely good, but we saw this kind of riding lot of times .work of cameraman and editing is what makes this video awesome
dp w
dp w Kun oldin
i have aleady lost my way
R2 D
R2 D Kun oldin
Probably nothing more disturbing to the beautiful serenity of a Buddhist temple than a nagging Britt sensationalist talking it up for cameras and likes
TheGorglesnort Kun oldin
Hello, my name's ryan nyquist, and for every barspin i do in competition, my sponsors will donate 5000$ to each judge and 1000$ to the commentators.
Adrian Sardina
Adrian Sardina Kun oldin
Title of the music where pieron won pleasee
Adrian Sardina
Adrian Sardina Kun oldin
Title of the music where pieron won pleasee
Mati03x Kun oldin
Congratulation for this FANTASTIC hightlight !
Dog lover JB
Dog lover JB Kun oldin
all those forests cut down ( aerial view ) .... so sad to see.
Adriano Magaiver
Adriano Magaiver Kun oldin
Icarus Kun oldin
This is just awesome. Enough said.
Riven Lopez
Riven Lopez Kun oldin
Si hace a bicicle
Tom F.
Tom F. Kun oldin
I love you
Schley Rides by Richie Schley
Schley Rides by Richie Schley Kun oldin
Angel Ledezma
Angel Ledezma Kun oldin
son los mejor pero agan mas cosas porm q siempre son los mismo eventos
Zakriya khan
Zakriya khan Kun oldin
chris ward
chris ward Kun oldin
Legend 💪🇬🇧
Timo Pritzel
Timo Pritzel Kun oldin
woowwwww . the boss.
Mr JahLternativ
Mr JahLternativ Kun oldin
best part of the year thanks for sharing !!!
Emil Moll
Emil Moll Kun oldin
AaEzMu Kun oldin
He is super cool and that's a bit dangerous I mean alot dangerous but at least he is good at it😂😂😂😂
Dilbar Rawat
Dilbar Rawat Kun oldin
konstantinos psa
konstantinos psa Kun oldin
How can a human being do something like this?
Amazing see this female riders because in jobs in office or warehouse work they moan they can't do things it's to hard lol. To lift and carry. They should watch this and see females can do things.
Homies Kun oldin
His mtb don't have front brakes😮
Lucas Ibrahimo
Lucas Ibrahimo Kun oldin
Amazing bro
Txapar mendiak
Txapar mendiak Kun oldin
Semenuk is just DIFFERENT
Ronald PASS
Ronald PASS 2 kun oldin
Very good
YouTooth 2 kun oldin
I need Facebook to release all the names and address of the people who push dislike buttons on videos like this. How sad and angry does someone have to be to dislike something so cool?
Lol Mario
Lol Mario 2 kun oldin
Nice Video and skills
Freelancer Free
Freelancer Free 2 kun oldin
😱😱😱fucing dope
Levi Mtb
Levi Mtb 2 kun oldin
Where was Aaron Gwinn?
Yudi_Ar 2 kun oldin
Polygon Bike is the champion
RAJU G 2 kun oldin
Chris Barrett
Chris Barrett 2 kun oldin
That was next level my bru 👊
Sverre Tysl
Sverre Tysl 2 kun oldin
The wall ride to tail whip... Just disgusting
Will Story
Will Story 2 kun oldin
Can I do bunny hops on my hard tail as it doesn’t have rear suspension??
Me H
Me H 2 kun oldin
10/10 on style alone... That transition to and from the tower ...say what!!!! So buttery smooth and that manual to backflip... Tipping my hat... And hitting the pump track 7am! Great riding, great production work.