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JetBalloon - 26
JetBalloon - 26 16 soat oldin
At 10:32 did anyone see the fan stop spinning on the right😂
Glistco 16 soat oldin
I always find the standard headset hurting my head. That's why so many people choose to upgrade it.
Imer and Sebo Playz
Imer and Sebo Playz 16 soat oldin
I watch a lot of your keyboard videos and I literally got one for really cheap but I think will be good
Hvhfhvh jvnb
Hvhfhvh jvnb 16 soat oldin
Hvhfhvh jvnb
Hvhfhvh jvnb 16 soat oldin
17:39 17:39 17:39 17:39 17:39 17:39
cain 16 soat oldin
what about the headset ? he never brought it out during the actual build, it was only in the intro
Cy Berpro
Cy Berpro 16 soat oldin
Go to *megartech360* on îñstàgràm the man with good heart he help me hack my PS5..
Alonso Daniel Coronado Jo
Alonso Daniel Coronado Jo 16 soat oldin
1:22 Austin coomed D:
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku 16 soat oldin
Or you can just play the game cube games on your android and save a lot of shelf space
alfie meads
alfie meads 16 soat oldin
austins haircut is so shit
Boss K
Boss K 16 soat oldin
I lowke kinda like the broke setup
Daddy Dux
Daddy Dux 16 soat oldin
how many fps dies this run in fortnite
LaZe_Fishh 16 soat oldin
Bro the wireless controller thing is kind of wrong there was wireless controllers before there was even one for the 2600 and the Genesis but both of those were IR based so technically I guess the wavebird was but you could count those as wireless
Gman gamer
Gman gamer 16 soat oldin
That hurt.
Cy Berpro
Cy Berpro 16 soat oldin
Go to *megartech360* on îñstàgràm the man with good heart he help me hack my PS5
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 soat oldin
Austin: What are you waiting for Me: COVID to end
TechKnowledgy 17 soat oldin
Austin: Makes the Ultimate Xbox One and Xbox One X Me who has an Xbox One S:
James P
James P 17 soat oldin
they forgot the cpu coolers?
Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez 17 soat oldin
you should try the rk61 royal kludge and see what you think
Burak V
Burak V 17 soat oldin
-Your $250 headset doesn't light up and my $20 does. -This isn't a toy, though. Exactly... I am sick of seeing stupid shiny rgb things....It is nothing but ego satisfaction..
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul 17 soat oldin
Watch my vid I have razer hunts man te
custom_fn 17 soat oldin
i subbed \( ̄︶ ̄*\))
exe 25
exe 25 17 soat oldin
is it me or they might have like 200 pc in there studio
zou 17 soat oldin
scar fans during the csgo battle, I KNOW THIS SONG
mr.casino casino
mr.casino casino 17 soat oldin
you can get a gameing pc withthat monitor
SaiduTheBoom 17 soat oldin
It's really sad am I computer broker in the broke person this video
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 soat oldin
Me watching this video with a GTX 1650: 🥲
Dark Gaming Zone YT
Dark Gaming Zone YT 17 soat oldin
Austin:“I’m gonna buy every Samsung product” Me: I can smell your Mr Austin Evans Audience:laughing
Xdsniper 351
Xdsniper 351 17 soat oldin
Why does ken always get pro and always buys pre builts
Pikachu Production's
Pikachu Production's 17 soat oldin
"Moms Paying"
Liam waffles
Liam waffles 17 soat oldin
Its dell!
Connor Li
Connor Li 17 soat oldin
Did he just not say hey this is autstin
no commentary just play
no commentary just play 17 soat oldin
this man got scammed two times by wish
Liam waffles
Liam waffles 17 soat oldin
how he really sucks up to sponsors
Ruan Ferreira
Ruan Ferreira 17 soat oldin
lol can I get the cheap monitor mine broke and im too poor
Saniya Lynette
Saniya Lynette 17 soat oldin
Me watching this now: There is Hulu, there is UZpost, there is Mario Odyssey, there is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe😂
STEVEN BASSETT 17 soat oldin
waiting for them to be "in stock" lmao
BigJoe Cranbery
BigJoe Cranbery 18 soat oldin
Wait until he figures out it has hand tracking
Dhelpra 1234 Ean Sulaj
Dhelpra 1234 Ean Sulaj 18 soat oldin
You should build a ultimate un-Portable switch
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 18 soat oldin
My dream build ♥️ how i wish
Lord Red Cobra
Lord Red Cobra 18 soat oldin
wow... back at a time when there were not fires and pandemics... nostalgia
Brayden Gilley
Brayden Gilley 18 soat oldin
Make one black
Aiden Pierce
Aiden Pierce 18 soat oldin
You should buy every console from gamestop and immediately SELL them back and show how much money you lost
Eduard Trinidad
Eduard Trinidad 18 soat oldin
I always wanted to have a pc
Saif Salman
Saif Salman 18 soat oldin
This Video: *Made Before Corona* Austin and The Micro-Center Employee: 4:55
TheSwiftNinja :o
TheSwiftNinja :o 18 soat oldin
Marin Erceg
Marin Erceg 18 soat oldin
Btw your AIO tube is touching your GPU dont repeat the verge build please
Kevin Toppinen
Kevin Toppinen 18 soat oldin
bro this is the brand new pimp my ride
Dhelpra 1234 Ean Sulaj
Dhelpra 1234 Ean Sulaj 18 soat oldin
The fake money its for a Chinese Tradition Where they burn Fake Money
Leo Ramsey
Leo Ramsey 18 soat oldin
7:23 a huge shank you
zEkiti 19 soat oldin
Who ever is reading this blessings goes to you and your family ;)
Robert Wulff
Robert Wulff 19 soat oldin
overwatch elims is literally the most worthless comparison lol
Dommy Bear
Dommy Bear 19 soat oldin
2:34 I didn’t know he had a PS4 pro
Klumpelinis LTU
Klumpelinis LTU 19 soat oldin
thats a dell
Myagmarsuren Boldbaatar
Myagmarsuren Boldbaatar 19 soat oldin
8:07 when he starts crying 😂
big papa
big papa 19 soat oldin
No one My broke self 🤣🤣🤣
BoutToBeatMyMeat 19 soat oldin
8:08 Ah yes............A
私sqer 19 soat oldin
Give me one
Colin Flood
Colin Flood 19 soat oldin
Are you sure the Razer keyboard should be on this video?
- 19 soat oldin
I have 1000 d's;) lol
Nicrolight 19 soat oldin
austin:puts on headphones* also austin:dances
vanoss mark
vanoss mark 19 soat oldin
You forgot the wheel for the xbox 360
Supreme ALIEN
Supreme ALIEN 19 soat oldin
I got this console just today, with my money from my birthday that I got 8 days early... and I got 400$ for my birthday like every time
Sans Studio Stick Nodes
Sans Studio Stick Nodes 19 soat oldin
Can you Buy me a pc we are poor :(
Kristers Pļaviņš
Kristers Pļaviņš 19 soat oldin
how the fuck is he playing with no mouse pad, stands while gaming and his monior is literally in a corner of a desk and he has to turn his head there to look. thats even more tragic than titanic.
Ibrahim Hussein
Ibrahim Hussein 19 soat oldin
Me in 2021 the ps5 is the best
Um canal qualquer • 6 Years ago
Um canal qualquer • 6 Years ago 20 soat oldin
Even twitter tweeted austins' tweet.
Storm 20 soat oldin
Inside that case is 🔥🔥🔥
Theodoreable L
Theodoreable L 20 soat oldin
I have a wavebird I got it from my aunt who had a like pile of them sitting around I got it completely unopenedd and I don't even have a gamecube nor a first gen Wii to use it stupid second gen Wii
n2z MAD-Au
n2z MAD-Au 20 soat oldin
Bitwit is wearing a scew with confidence, from the verge.
jamal is gone
jamal is gone 20 soat oldin
Hugoplays89 20 soat oldin
DylPickle 20 soat oldin
Micro center then: no recording Micro center now: you can have the whole store to yourself
Adam Many
Adam Many 20 soat oldin
I will always sub for Elmo🥺🥺🥺
hunter driggs
hunter driggs 20 soat oldin
Jenny Maze
Jenny Maze 20 soat oldin
The Xbox 1s has keyboard and mouse Compatibles
TheHollistic 20 soat oldin
i have a ps4 slim and i wanted it too cause 4k is expensive
Ruben tje
Ruben tje 20 soat oldin
Ken: don’t say any brands. Also ken: razer razer razer
Exe_ios Yt
Exe_ios Yt 20 soat oldin
Who’s he nvm
Exe_ios Yt
Exe_ios Yt 20 soat oldin
Mortal Sphere DEMA
Mortal Sphere DEMA 20 soat oldin
Imagine getting married and the first thing your husband does is meet some random guy with an iPhone 8
Lummeltje 20 soat oldin
At this point i would wait 24 hours in the freezing cold for one, shops ask 1000 euros now fucking assholes
najimi konakata
najimi konakata 21 soat oldin
Dude just buy second hand or make your budget like 400 to 300 for the broke section