Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster 9 soat oldin
Wilder made every excuse in the book
jose villalobos
jose villalobos 9 soat oldin
You guys want charlo vs canelo? With this charlo getting hit that much?
carlos quintero
carlos quintero 10 soat oldin
Get these commentators out of there!
carlos quintero
carlos quintero 10 soat oldin
Porter and Lewis are dumb af!
Malcom X
Malcom X 10 soat oldin
Casuals say his too slow for Pacjuice Spence will put him on a wheelchair worse than when Manuel Marquez put him on his @.. that's he doesn't want the smoke
Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn 10 soat oldin
Thurmond's greatest fight?
carlos quintero
carlos quintero 10 soat oldin
Rd 4
J P 11 soat oldin
Please stop with the female commentators.
Paul Mendy
Paul Mendy 11 soat oldin
Tank would kill this guy if they fight.
Hmar Lalbiaknunga
Hmar Lalbiaknunga 11 soat oldin
He punch the shit out of wilder...
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
I feltt even I could beat wilder after that 2nd round lol 😂
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte 11 soat oldin
Pow... que pena. O Hernandez estava resistindo bem... torci para que ele terminasse de pé. Achei-o um bom boxer... parabéns ao Rosario. Venceu bem...
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
Wilder in this fight gassed out in 2 rounds,unbalanced and scared since the beginning of the fight is even easily getting schooled by #12 and above ranked heavyweights
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
Wilder is the most overrated fighter,fury didn't do anything great in this fight just see how weak wilder is...and now y'all fools think fury is great
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
Fury is just a heavyweight fighter who can box,who talks big and y'all fools believe in his talk...its him who will get exposed by joshua just seee
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
Fury isn't great as y'all think guyss,it's just that he beat the most overrated hyped fighter...his opponents are weak it's not that he is great
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 11 soat oldin
Fury is a good boxer but I don't like his face,I dont like his style,I dont like his attitude,I dont like the way he speaks and most of all he is a cheater,he has cheated before and he has cheated in this fight and he will cheat again🖕🏼🖕🏼
bonjing n bonjing
bonjing n bonjing 12 soat oldin
Bob arum is dancer😂🤣😂
Roxanne Sy
Roxanne Sy 12 soat oldin
Still no match for canelo..
doggy dog
doggy dog 12 soat oldin
Mayweather beating all of mayweather boxers !!!
Lucas Alvarez
Lucas Alvarez 12 soat oldin
Love: hey champ. You dont know nothing about this gloves. Remember?
Peace Maker
Peace Maker 12 soat oldin
Brandon could have called out Bud Crawford years ago.
Francisco Lucas
Francisco Lucas 13 soat oldin
The Biggest CHEATER in boxing HISTORY Tyson Fury. Loaded GLOVES!!!
Joel Hartley
Joel Hartley 13 soat oldin
Canelo wipes the floor with this guy
Angel Garza
Angel Garza 13 soat oldin
McGregor in the corner 3:06
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique 13 soat oldin
Bad stoppage
Tall Gates
Tall Gates 13 soat oldin
So why is that incompetent announcer complaining about Wilder!?? But is SILENT AS A GRAVE (in the next round), when that gypsy cheat - is doing the same - and more!!! (?)...
Tall Gates
Tall Gates 13 soat oldin
d_won1 13 soat oldin
Who’s the commentary team? I forgot how good they were. THERES ONLY ONEEEEEEEE TYSON FURYYYYYYY
Qasas Abdul-Aziz
Qasas Abdul-Aziz 14 soat oldin
This is bullshit give us longer highlights!!!!!!! Please
Perfecta M
Perfecta M 14 soat oldin
Even Ryan Garcia could beat Mario and we probably wouldn't be surprised. So why should we be surprised if Tank beats Mario😳😳‼
Abdullah Gs
Abdullah Gs 15 soat oldin
Why is the fckin commentator saying wilder won? what a fuckin bozo, have someone that knows something about boxing ffs. the guy got outboxed for 12 rounds
dawa tshering
dawa tshering 15 soat oldin
Such a thorough beating
dawa tshering
dawa tshering 15 soat oldin
That freaking referee sucks , always biased
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 16 soat oldin
oponent of davis idiot dont want to box davis...what kind of a boxer
Dsrin Bermudes
Dsrin Bermudes 16 soat oldin
What happened to fighters with that extra, holy field mike Tyson, sugar ray leonard
Dsrin Bermudes
Dsrin Bermudes 16 soat oldin
No fighting skills , just a one punch wonder , no balance, no timing, no offense ,no defense
Tall Gates
Tall Gates 16 soat oldin
MidWest B-ry ひ
MidWest B-ry ひ 16 soat oldin
One of the best fights I seen in a while. I wanna see more of Briones as well
Arturo Solutions
Arturo Solutions 16 soat oldin
Nery is a beast
jurceree jurceree
jurceree jurceree 16 soat oldin
"ส้วม ขนาดใหญ่" ทั้งคู่..หมดกันละ เสน่ห์มวยยักษ์สมัยนี้..กูไปนั่งดูชาวนาเขาเกี่ยวข้าว ยังสนุกและตื่นเต้นกว่า..อีห่าลาก! "
jose Rodolfo Ramirez
jose Rodolfo Ramirez 16 soat oldin
Caleb won't stand a chance with Canelo
ToxicToons13 17 soat oldin
0:40 to 0:45 what the fuck
Rj Plameras
Rj Plameras 17 soat oldin
Hes gonna beat that overweight drug cheater
Snusunns Nejnusns
Snusunns Nejnusns 17 soat oldin
A champion gets up when they can’t
Kra'zzy 17 soat oldin
I wish I had powers to make the female commentator shut up she's annoying and biased af🤦‍♂️
Thich Lassie
Thich Lassie 18 soat oldin
Not a fan of Wilder but I'm perplexed by how Breland decided to stop the fight with Wilder getting comboed in the corner vs Fury but not here vs Ortiz when he looked much worse here.
Sobon Vann
Sobon Vann 18 soat oldin
J 18 soat oldin
I honestly don’t see what Caleb Plant could bring to the table with Canelo.
Td 18 soat oldin
Boy does have some fast f****** hands
Majin Gamer
Majin Gamer 18 soat oldin
Wilder lands a bomb and knocks Fury down: Ppl in comments: 🥱 Fury gets back up Ppl in comments: "wow he's so great, how, omg Fury is the best"
The fighting senator is too gentlemen not to hurt his opponents through the word spoken by the mouth...And the fighting senator is very religious and loving person...God bless you always senator Manny Pacquiao.
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 18 soat oldin
bip bip bip bip bip bip correcaminos
Td 18 soat oldin
Caleb plant you definitely have skills you just need some movement in your head and some different defense than getting to that stationary position that you keep getting into cuz one overhand right is going to hurt a lot if it gets through
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog 19 soat oldin
I remember being really perplexed by Mike Lee's appearance in those Subway commericals growing up. I followed boxing enough to ask "Who the fuck is this guy? And why is he being wheeled out to represent boxing in these commericals along high profile athletes from other sports?" I still don't understand it. He must've known someone at Subway HQ.
Seba SF
Seba SF 19 soat oldin
Era de castaño clara
rusdayati idrus
rusdayati idrus 19 soat oldin
Hopefully he learns something from his brother's devastating self destructive behavior. Brandon is nice to watch as he comes to fight it out all his best. Hoping his career will be much more successful than his brother Omar.
Tom Sanchezz
Tom Sanchezz 19 soat oldin
Nery beats casimero so easily🇲🇽 Nery would lose Figueroa or Fulton but it doesn’t mean he can beat nery. Nery was a beast at 118 and beat much better guys Pac needs to build more schools in Philippine since fans there have no brain
JT Creative
JT Creative 15 soat oldin
Nery beats Casimero so easily? as if Casimero is an amateur? Wow that's a lot! A lot of cocaine in your brain HAHAHA! Maybe he will win; anything can happen in Boxing, but I don't think he will beat Casimero "so easily" my child.
Rodel Layug
Rodel Layug 19 soat oldin
This is very exiting fight if nery fight toe to toe.brandon eat alive nerry.but i think nerry use his mind he use the ring punch and run. Becoz nerry know how brandon power ang hand speed . I hope nerry do not run they will bring us great fight.
oreo 25
oreo 25 19 soat oldin
those figueroa brothers give me the creeps.
Rbms 5
Rbms 5 19 soat oldin
12:35 why does he keep trying to fuck every opponent he fights🧐?
John Butner
John Butner 20 soat oldin
Chris got robbed
🤴🏿👑KING-J EMPIRE31 20 soat oldin
He's not ready for canelo yet, two more fights
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 20 soat oldin
Alvarez is slow as fuck !
Andres Melendez
Andres Melendez 20 soat oldin
The worst thing that could happen to a fighter is to believe in his own hype. Marrero should push himself and say man is the 5 Round and I haven’t put a dent on this guy
Ronald Reynolds
Ronald Reynolds 20 soat oldin
Andres Melendez
Andres Melendez 20 soat oldin
I don’t understand these Boxers Marrero shaking his head every time He gets hit. Trainers should teach these Boxers how to cut the ring
Pedro Castillo
Pedro Castillo 20 soat oldin
Steven Breon
Steven Breon 20 soat oldin
Nice body shot
Jay Gallaza
Jay Gallaza 20 soat oldin
those body shots 🔥
El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco 20 soat oldin
Esta pelea deveria tener la atencion de la jente por nada del mundo me perdere esta pelea con respeto a canelo y a otros boxeadores esta es una pelea que en anos no a avido team figueroa vamos brandon si se puede !!
El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco 20 soat oldin
Llo conoci a Brandon y es un chingon buena persona me gusta como pelea no eh ido al gymnacio pero conosco a su papa tambien brandon tiene mucha stamina y si pega duro aparte esta grande va a nokear a nery
Vaquero Vegano
Vaquero Vegano 20 soat oldin
Vaquero Vegano
Vaquero Vegano 20 soat oldin