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4 oy oldin
Kingston has a sex toy
Vegan thanksgiving
In the studio
5 oy oldin
Herb Talk
5 oy oldin
I’m in the woods
HFtak 5 soat oldin
Bryson Potts "NLE CHOPPA"*
Jay-Slime 5 soat oldin
nle choppa the goat mannnn!!!!
Jaz Rebona
Jaz Rebona 5 soat oldin
He ain't transforming into bumblebee he transforming into dababy
dominik123 5 soat oldin
Mazen Askar
Mazen Askar 5 soat oldin
łGodlyXAimł 5 soat oldin
nle this y u da goat
Kaiden Alling
Kaiden Alling 5 soat oldin
smiling on my mugshot because i know my bun money good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DRAWIFY 5 soat oldin
netflix : are u still watching somebodys daughter : 2:06
Cj blue
Cj blue 5 soat oldin
This nigga hit the Xbox #2:21
Spencer Does stuff
Spencer Does stuff 5 soat oldin
I’m happy he came back from spiritual music to this type of music this the best hype song
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 5 soat oldin
"Final ⚠️".
Junior Parka
Junior Parka 5 soat oldin
NLE Choppa is so awesome in his music career i just love the way he sing his songs.... He's a one of a kind keep it up ''NLE CHOPPA''
Yem Joks
Yem Joks 5 soat oldin
do nle love god
Boom Jirawat
Boom Jirawat 5 soat oldin
Mariut Adrian
Mariut Adrian 5 soat oldin
Juliana Wanja
Juliana Wanja 5 soat oldin
My best rapper nle
Tk Break
Tk Break 5 soat oldin
This song fire
Armando Mejia
Armando Mejia 5 soat oldin
what happened to positive nle?
Rene Mendoza
Rene Mendoza 5 soat oldin
This fire like this up if you still listen to it 2021
Rexinator 5 soat oldin
Nle’s bars are better than mine
Joao Fernandes Da Silveira
Joao Fernandes Da Silveira 5 soat oldin
SpyltSoup 5 soat oldin
Choppa taking nun but dubs this year
lazyaf 5 soat oldin
Ayeeeeee 8mil on goddddd
white _eagle 6466
white _eagle 6466 5 soat oldin
2.14 smooth ass verse man
Nickoy Cummings
Nickoy Cummings 5 soat oldin
Neddy Fishing
Neddy Fishing 5 soat oldin
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Flavio Menna
Flavio Menna 5 soat oldin
Fire song choppa🔥🔥🔥 You are a future goat💜💜💜
C productions
C productions 5 soat oldin
Best beatox remix
OweDee Gaming
OweDee Gaming 5 soat oldin
Send yo homies onna Drill, They never make it back
AI jayden
AI jayden 5 soat oldin
Choppa be killin beats @ 6 in the morning. 🔥
osob aways
osob aways 5 soat oldin
Bianca Whyte
Bianca Whyte 5 soat oldin
Bianca Whyte
Bianca Whyte 5 soat oldin
He cop Davey drip
Ik haat k3 Ik ook
Ik haat k3 Ik ook 5 soat oldin
MDN FENDII 5 soat oldin
He really got the neck in da vid🤣🤣🤣
Ajani Larcheveaux
Ajani Larcheveaux 5 soat oldin
Omg nigga my finger nails dirty caus I’m still a grave digger
Venkat Raghav
Venkat Raghav 5 soat oldin
Man has been trending for a week, absolute legend 🐐 🐐
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 5 soat oldin
Bro NLE be making so much dances 🔥
Davyd Costa
Davyd Costa 6 soat oldin
kazekage 6 soat oldin
0:46 🧐
Khammyy Seng
Khammyy Seng 6 soat oldin
neva send a threat on the internet just to prove a point 💯🔥😭
Alex osullivan
Alex osullivan 6 soat oldin
I got a glock finnna pop it on yo block,, is gonna be on the next FIRE song
Alex osullivan
Alex osullivan 6 soat oldin
Legally blind the best fucking line ever!!!!!
mobilisenmobili 6 soat oldin
18 now huh 😏 🤔 Shii DM me or sumthin!? 😋
wyatt watley
wyatt watley 6 soat oldin
Itzxchi 6 soat oldin
Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
victor 6 soat oldin
man the guy in the orange got me laughing so hard 🤣
Hyoma 6 soat oldin
Choppa doesn't miss !!
Solo Dreamsz
Solo Dreamsz 6 soat oldin
Just subcrisbed
Nicolò Ferradini
Nicolò Ferradini 6 soat oldin
This song without blue face is fire. Sorry bluface but your voice is a shit...
Okema Hayes
Okema Hayes 6 soat oldin
2:32 hard
Mrays 6 soat oldin
NLE do be right tho, don't send a threat on the internet just to prove a point
BRICKO GAM3R 6 soat oldin
Dis sound like his beatbox
Vegnesh Rao
Vegnesh Rao 6 soat oldin
Sheesh this is hard af. No 🧢
Blakos Off
Blakos Off 6 soat oldin
Tete 6 soat oldin
I got smoke coming out my headphones 🎧 this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥.
King Racks
King Racks 6 soat oldin
This track too hard!🔥🔥🔥
Gathika Munasinghe
Gathika Munasinghe 7 soat oldin
Man he really influences me to be a rapper 🙏🙏🙏 can't get that shit off my head now bruh 🤧 luv dis track too 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nate Mac
Nate Mac 7 soat oldin
I usually don't fuk wit young rappers but this lil nigga went pork belly h.a.m I can't be mad at this 1
Callumpro 7 soat oldin
Gathika Munasinghe
Gathika Munasinghe 7 soat oldin
This shit too lit 🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥🔥 man I be listening this shit 12 hrs a day 🍿🍿🍿🍿
vito homes
vito homes 7 soat oldin
This goes hard🔥🔥
lorg 7 soat oldin
Nice music but u dance like u having a seizure
Akato 7 soat oldin
My man lowkey look like lil baby or is it just me
Kianoosh Ebrahimi
Kianoosh Ebrahimi 7 soat oldin
Jimbo Script
Jimbo Script 7 soat oldin
I've played this probably 50 times today, cant stop listening!!!🔥🔥🔥😈😈😎
Abdullah. xoxo
Abdullah. xoxo 7 soat oldin
nle on top
KWAYYY 7 soat oldin
Dropped out of school just to chase my music career all I ask you is to subscribe and listen 🎧 to my music ❤️ GOD BLESS !!!
Kido46663 7 soat oldin
This is one of the hardest songs ever made , NLE Choppa verse 💯👊🏼
TGmuller 7 soat oldin
He is a legend already tf u niggas talking bout NLE the fucking goat ‼️🐐
xNo-Namex 7 soat oldin
Ricø •
Ricø • 7 soat oldin
@NLECHOPPA Bruh u rlly just helped me wit dis whole video... I started meditating and writing n my own lil book too bruh
lyb koria
lyb koria 7 soat oldin
" My fingernails dirty' cause I'm still a grave digger " NLE onna new wave fr