Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
Learning What Love Is
Gender Reveal Parties
Ellen's Fall from Grace
The Console Wars
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Disney Channel Musicals
The Real Drew Gooden
YouTuber Books
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What is Rick Lax doing?
The JayStation Unraveling
Jumping the Shark
11 oy oldin
I'm Disappointed
Overwhelmed by Choice
Arrested for Clout
Is SNL Even Funny?
Stuff Nobody Says
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Halloween vs. Christmas
"Dark Secrets" on YouTube
Reacting To My Old Vines
Vine: Where Are They Now?
Top 10 Top 10 Lists
Are We Really Doing This?
Good cop/Bad cop
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Bernardo Bretas
Bernardo Bretas 9 soat oldin
I had never heard of a “small cart fee” that sounds absurd to me
Pixel 5
Pixel 5 9 soat oldin
Dansabot 9 soat oldin
Bro all rules of affection in schools can be oofed by gay couples. Lol
Revolver Parker
Revolver Parker 9 soat oldin
The shockwave that went through my head when i figured out the full house refrence on computer behind him
Marley Ota
Marley Ota 9 soat oldin
drew gooden has no idea how bad 2020 will get at this point
Armonz2408 9 soat oldin
watched this while trying to write my first video, perfect timing lol
Sara Hisham
Sara Hisham 9 soat oldin
Does anyone know if hellofresh has halal food ? Cause I am genuinely interested 🙂
Carnoraptor53 9 soat oldin
I must be messed up because I never watched spy kids
Cara Feeley
Cara Feeley 9 soat oldin
Italian Anakin.
Erif The fox
Erif The fox 9 soat oldin
I understand metal is not big But if you watch shows like Ayreon Epica Sabaton ...... powerwolf They have effort This is lazy
Lew Channel
Lew Channel 9 soat oldin
i love twix
Jfr Films
Jfr Films 9 soat oldin
These channels were committing mass genocide on my kind, thank you for exposing them
Matty Mason
Matty Mason 9 soat oldin
Books... that was the perfect description 👌
Taylor 9 soat oldin
This video reminded me to cancel 3 free trials 🙏🙏🙏
The one true Colby
The one true Colby 9 soat oldin
Futurama knew when to end a show. Just saying.
Lord Kongming
Lord Kongming 9 soat oldin
I don't agree with you about Stonehenge. It's one of our national landmarks and a preserved piece of history from our pagan ancestors. Not really sure why you took exception to that :/
Daisy 9 soat oldin
I always thought she was rude
Bird Wing
Bird Wing 9 soat oldin
Thanks for commenting on this! The “I went missing” prank isn’t funny since there’s families who actually had loved ones go missing and they still are missing. Something like that should never be taken as a “cute lil prank” when it’s a very serious matter. 💯
Solo-G DZ
Solo-G DZ 9 soat oldin
Wtf is Boyd Holbrook doing in that movie ? From Logan to this!
Karen H.A.
Karen H.A. 9 soat oldin
I like the concept of the knight one
The one true Colby
The one true Colby 9 soat oldin
Simpson's probably should die a few seasons ago. And south park should die in a few seasons as I heard its slowly going down hill. But then again since comedy central is canceling tosh.o then I think south park is the only good show left on there.
fraise_the_milkbread 9 soat oldin
Mans was 45 when she was 15
Random SloMo
Random SloMo 9 soat oldin
"I'm not a woman..." Not currently... 🧐
Stefan Tkalcic
Stefan Tkalcic 9 soat oldin
In my house it's "What do you want to order?" or "Let's order Cosmic"
hokkaido osaka
hokkaido osaka 9 soat oldin
off topic like waaaay off but has anybody watched part 3 of disenchantment lol
Arish Baig
Arish Baig 9 soat oldin
how about u use common sense me: but that would ruin the plot!
Config 9 soat oldin
What The Actual Fuck Is A Garbage Store
Pedro Maldonado
Pedro Maldonado 9 soat oldin
I had a girl-crush on Lavagirl
Follow Da Drip *_*
Follow Da Drip *_* 9 soat oldin
.“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”
Tristram Zeiss
Tristram Zeiss 9 soat oldin
I think this is slimecicle’s older brother
Spooky Nigga
Spooky Nigga 9 soat oldin
this is bootleg edp445
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 9 soat oldin
Human Shrek 📯 📯 🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 👂🟨👁️👃👁️🟨👂 🟨🟨👄🟨🟨 🟨🟨🟨
Harlo Is Human
Harlo Is Human 9 soat oldin
Hi! I just wanna say maybe u should turn to Jesus because he will heal you and he loves you have a nice day!
Meliy Con-Roma
Meliy Con-Roma 9 soat oldin
i liked a girl named jo...
Mr. Mojo
Mr. Mojo 9 soat oldin
Omg I thought the same thing shark boy he has a beard
al Smith
al Smith 10 soat oldin
why didn't they rename them Shark Boy Lava Girl they had the chance for Lava Lady or somethin'
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi 10 soat oldin
This is so funny
Creative ink studios
Creative ink studios 10 soat oldin
Oh Drew add a commercial when you say interrupted by commercial
elena fackler
elena fackler 10 soat oldin
i need everyone to remember that elijah wood was in spy kids 3. at the peak of his career. HOW
SpeakDaTruth11 10 soat oldin
Bad as the movie is at least it's kinda sweet instead of mean spirited.
Theo Blackett
Theo Blackett 10 soat oldin
Haha "cool your jets" dadum shhh cuz money plane
shorty fourty
shorty fourty 10 soat oldin
I haven't seen it
Maldonado Avocado
Maldonado Avocado 10 soat oldin
Carson Cathey
Carson Cathey 10 soat oldin
Why does he call us guy? I thought we were Kevin😞
Rylan M.
Rylan M. 10 soat oldin
Nice video Danny
Elliott Lentz
Elliott Lentz 10 soat oldin
Maybe she has alcohol poisoning because she drank a whole bottle of wine
Radiant Holyman
Radiant Holyman 10 soat oldin
Capitol Rioters ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fox, has killed democracy
ciarra c.
ciarra c. 10 soat oldin
drew gooden is my comfort person
bellla life
bellla life 10 soat oldin
0:45 no one going to talk about how he said ginger?
ciarra c.
ciarra c. 10 soat oldin
i think i actually watched the sequel a few years ago- i was still a kid so i liked it, but i didn’t like shark boy/lava girl so i didn’t admit it😫‼️‼️
Pickles 10 soat oldin
Bruh they look super rich why they crying over $200
•Ashley• 10 soat oldin
I watched it it was super cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Mr. MarKofski
Mr. MarKofski 10 soat oldin
The thumbnail of this video alarmed me for a sec
sweaty claps
sweaty claps 10 soat oldin
Imagine being annoyed at a children film that my 2 year old sister watch’s because it’s ment for children and your like 25 and your being annoyed when it’s not ment for grown ups like how dumb are you
Sarah Chris
Sarah Chris 10 soat oldin
ciarra c.
ciarra c. 10 soat oldin
did anyone else get the joke in the intro? “welcome to the inside of george lopez, i’m your host...george lopez” because a host, is a body, and you’re on the inside of their body....
Vipere 10 soat oldin
I can't believe Drew and Amanda actually met on vine... Love is real ♡
SafetyWaffles 10 soat oldin
So glad Drew agrees that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie, as it is. Also, why is Drew so afraid of pronouncing ExpressVPN correctly?
fraise_the_milkbread 10 soat oldin
3:30 why was that a pretty good accent
Emerald Krown
Emerald Krown 10 soat oldin
hello other Gregs
Le Pie
Le Pie 10 soat oldin
“How do people like this who have (no offense sunny) absolutely no talent make it into a group as popular as Team 10.” It had never really bothered me that people who have no good things about them are so rich, but now it kinda does
Austin And Lucas's Channel
Austin And Lucas's Channel 10 soat oldin
Before this video i got an ad for doordash
Haohmaru HL
Haohmaru HL 10 soat oldin
I bet that minion crap is 100% made by a female..
BubblegumGod 10 soat oldin
Shotz 10 soat oldin
5:30 Oh sh*t he’s right
Paulo Moulin
Paulo Moulin 10 soat oldin
"wait,main characther,what are you doing" oh yeah,that famous line
David J. Wallace
David J. Wallace 10 soat oldin
Damn- Stuart Stone roasted and toasted Drew.
Pixelxy8 Videos
Pixelxy8 Videos 10 soat oldin
The kid who's family was racist was actually a bully who was getting bullied by the people who who he bullied.
Elijah E
Elijah E 10 soat oldin
Oh... March.... we were so young and naive...
Blueberry Bear
Blueberry Bear 10 soat oldin
Drew: what would be a good hashtag for this video? The hashtag: SLAAAAVE
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 10 soat oldin
How Did This Get Made did a fun episode on Gooby. This movie is a movie that's for sure.
Tua, the tuatara
Tua, the tuatara 11 soat oldin
8:42 dont understand why this tiktok is bad 😤 he is an meme icon in brazil lol
Lazy_ Weeb
Lazy_ Weeb 11 soat oldin
I got a 911 lone star ad
King Lewis
King Lewis 11 soat oldin
So, in the narrative of this video, who is filming the kid? Is it the other kid or... Like what
Jerkish 11 soat oldin
Hi danny
Tauva TV
Tauva TV 11 soat oldin
People don't be giving a fuck
KindLittleBunny 11 soat oldin
I get second hand embarrassment from griffin and dixies scenes.
Ken H
Ken H 11 soat oldin
No, no it is not, hasn't been since the mid 90s
senność 11 soat oldin
You know what's the worst? I know they are shitty movies, but i still love them, even if normally i whatch other genres xd. christmas movie are my guilty pleasure. they are like butter on a hot toast (when you just turn off your brain for a while). still love your your analysis though.
Claire Smith
Claire Smith 11 soat oldin
and a year later and she still is at 14.9 subscribers