Thomas Charter
Thomas Charter 4 soat oldin
Lew Later did the infamous “bend” test...he tried as hard as could and he couldn’t bend it. Apparently Apple is finally learning from all their past mistakes.
A1 Credit
A1 Credit 4 soat oldin
Will probably not have a case. Why put a wig on something so beautiful!
Karim Larson
Karim Larson 4 soat oldin
that's not a security camera that's a new toy for my cat 🐈 😂
musikSkool 4 soat oldin
To everyone complaining about the sledgehammer. The hammer could weigh 20 lbs, and at the end of the handle, that makes a force of over 150 lbs on his hands. A baseball bat weighs under 2 lbs, and the weight is evenly distributed, not all at the end like that hammer.
BRBallin1 4 soat oldin
Even if it were indestructible a case still helps by adding grip. Something hard and smooth is too slippery and that rubbery grip makes it nicer to hold
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini 4 soat oldin
Mid tiers are always, always problematic. I prefer or the base model, or the top. I always skip middle tiers 👌
Uk Vaper
Uk Vaper 4 soat oldin
Why conveniently disqualify the back? It looked a wreak after a short drop. Smells like a biased ‘Keep Apple Happy’ review 🙄
Frank Miller
Frank Miller 4 soat oldin
So from what I'm seeing from research is that the xr is lowkey better than the x Hear me out. Better battery. A12 compared to A11. Camera is better from my personal experience. Easier to hold without case because of aluminum casing. This is just from my experience. Also I'm buying the xr and not the 12 because I'm not gonna spend 1200 dollars on a phone that's the exact same as the other two before it. Take this all with a grain of salt it's just my opinion .
J-GO 4 soat oldin
would someone please give me the links to UV manufactures mentioned in the video, because there are a lot of companies with same names, I'm from europe so when a do a google search for example for "smart UV" I get a big list of UV light manufactures with the name "smart UV" and I don't know which one is the correct manufacturer or if anyone can recommend a europe company or even better a U.K. company, preferably where i won't have to sell my BOTH my kidneys to afford their product, (one manufacturer was listing prices in to thousands of dollars for a simple uv light)
Freak Cr
Freak Cr 4 soat oldin
Cute look 😁
Ñøøbā Gâmîñg
Ñøøbā Gâmîñg 4 soat oldin
What if someone hacked this chip after planting in brain 😂 I am not doing it 😂😂🤣
Ankit 4 soat oldin
Ooooooo my f god 😂😂😂, oooooooooo mannn
sadeeq ishan
sadeeq ishan 4 soat oldin
Hahah marketing at best al always CNET 🤣🤣🤣. Face drop is not perfect one 🤣
theGreys 4 soat oldin
What is that stand model from 2:57
Alistair 5 soat oldin
Glass is glass and as we all know, glass breaks
Moraad Mustafa
Moraad Mustafa 5 soat oldin
I love my note 20 ultra, one of the best phones I see, note 3 and 20 ultra is the best, I had iphone 8 plus, 6s plus, samsung note, note 2 and 3, and 20 ultra. Blackberry curve. But the one I loved and will never give up on note 20 ultra out of these my phones, note 20 ultra 512gb and 12 gb of ram is the best in history. It feels like telescope 50x rather than the s20 ultra 100x but not optical and clear. The strongest phone ever n20u.
Prabash M V S
Prabash M V S 5 soat oldin
No Problem Pichai you're the only smartest guy in the room, don't worry about stupid they don't even know Google and Apple are different!! Crazy people..!
nixvet 5 soat oldin
Is apple trying to use cheat codes or something
IRFAN SHINAS 5 soat oldin
കള്ള പന്നികൾ🙁
Amy Holley
Amy Holley 5 soat oldin
All these elite billionaires care about their own and themselves, and that's about it. Smh. Very sad.😞😓
Kim Buk Tot
Kim Buk Tot 5 soat oldin
Too gentle for this out while you go all out with note20... wow.... what a bias
grillomia 5 soat oldin
I have one of those things and it works just fine. This guy is purposely trying to make it sound bad. I think his video is very bad!
cross thread cody
cross thread cody 5 soat oldin
Lol jokes on you. Creating that is 25%+ less efficent than just using electric motors.. im rooting for hydrogen but this isnt it.
scenemore 5 soat oldin
wouldnt they improve on design faster without a paywall for alpha testers?
Lil Anti Chris
Lil Anti Chris 5 soat oldin
9:35 🤦🏽‍♂️ the way ur heart feels when you check ur phone to see the damage but praying its ok 😂😂😂
itsGuy 5 soat oldin
Why not make the back with the ceramic shield as well? Come on Apple
Cartoon Expert
Cartoon Expert 5 soat oldin
*All that for only 75 people* 🤔
Lil Anti Chris
Lil Anti Chris 5 soat oldin
I cringed when she scraped it on the rock 🤪
Jef Pduct
Jef Pduct 5 soat oldin
The crack on the back disappoints me. DANM
Vai Ficar de Fora Dessa
Vai Ficar de Fora Dessa 5 soat oldin
I'm dying for having this phone, and u are scratching it omg
Bill Hoang
Bill Hoang 5 soat oldin
I knew this day will come since the release of the 3000 series.
TEC Displays Vason Shaw
TEC Displays Vason Shaw 6 soat oldin
this's nice
•Minty Bøba•
•Minty Bøba• 6 soat oldin
I think y’all have to delete apps to get iOS 14 idk how many tho, probably 6 or more🤭.
TheCriticalMassOfTheFallacy 6 soat oldin
2:45 share button unnecessary. Looks like a cheesy turbo function on a cheesy controller smh
Mich Washington
Mich Washington 6 soat oldin
I would never 👎 ever ever use my iPhone without a case😲
Cal Lee
Cal Lee 6 soat oldin
I get your argument with the download games, BUT it also removes ownership and the ability to buy and resell old games completely which imo is a huge part of the gaming experience especially for budget minded gamers such as myself.
Cal Lee
Cal Lee 6 soat oldin
Normally I’d go with the cheaper option but the Disc drive and the storage are the driving factors for the series x over the s for me.
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface 6 soat oldin
The basles on the note 10 plus are ugly
Bea Mar
Bea Mar 6 soat oldin
How do you make a slide show with your pics that use the whole screen and not just a tiny square and how do you post without it taking forever? What are the main differences between the pixel 3xl and pixel 5xl?
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface 6 soat oldin
Sorry but a note 10 plus is a downgrade from my note 20 ultra
L245 6 soat oldin
Nice a MacBook Air most powerful and cheaper whit silicon
Mostafa Mo
Mostafa Mo 6 soat oldin
I don't get the point of a large speaker attached to a low end tablet. What made these things so popular?
smorkpoder 6 soat oldin
So dropping it pixelates it? Or is that just a big FU to your viewers?
DawsenScript 6 soat oldin
CBS all access will have nick jr shows which are on noggin plus cbs all access has shows you want to watch not just baby shows that don’t even appeal to parents at all. Sesame Street is the only one that’s tries to keep parents not bored by having celebrity guest stars and references to tv shows and movies adults like.
AM Vlog
AM Vlog 6 soat oldin
In reality, no one is really doing these tests. Use a case and tempered glass for protection or buy an accidental damage insurance.
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav 7 soat oldin
Finally!!! Pixel is beaten fair and square. The output on iPhone seem so nice actually. Next comparison - Pixel 5 vs Xperia 5 II or iPhone 12 Pro vs Xperia 1 II.
noname 1379
noname 1379 7 soat oldin
Let's just keep in mind that he only funded this project and he has no clue how to build this His only an investor reading off a script
Joshua Rios
Joshua Rios 7 soat oldin
Anyways gaucho sprint tmobile new cameiras wooiid ford uiehll macias flex callate chara wooiid stims ciayyyh pick pocket takeover
JESUS CERVANTES 7 soat oldin
How is this wireless you need a cable and a brick so this is not wireless magsafe ain't wireless as a samsung user I have a wireless samsung fast charger and I still need a brick and cable to do the charging so its not wireless but a gimic from Apple to make money I myself love my USB C port as it does super fast charger at 25w over my note 20 ultra taking 2 hours at 67% to get to 100% as in super fast charging it takes 45mins
Nicole 7 soat oldin
The people of Congo suffered just so u could do this😔
Iubdn jdi Heim
Iubdn jdi Heim 7 soat oldin
Colson Xu
Colson Xu 7 soat oldin
I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I used to never drop my phone and all my used phones are mint. Apple said it is the hardest iPhone but I dropped it from the height of my knee and it shattered into pieces.
Clarence Boddicker
Clarence Boddicker 7 soat oldin
*PUFF PUFF* Yeah man, dude.. *PUFF PUFF*
Diener Lima
Diener Lima 7 soat oldin
That’s painful.
pateljigneshn1 7 soat oldin
Whatever you all said but pixel has upfront this time as it’s even with down grade processor but Camara and video are also awesome.. as somewhere pixel is ahead and somewhere Apple ahead so.. no comparison btw pixel is little bit cheaper that iPhone .. and always processor has certain years of capacity to sustain upgrades and you have buy new phone so that’s Apple technics to make money whereas android is up to few years having updates and they are not costly as Apple so even after some time you can buy new phone.. besides all android phones’ price comes down after some times but Apple never reduce the price so..
Bill Britt
Bill Britt 7 soat oldin
Yeah, Skynet is here using Giggly salesmanship to get us accept this.
Sheesha Love
Sheesha Love 7 soat oldin
Blackberry problem is there cameras they are very blurry and it doesn't compite other phones, if blackberry smart they should try to sell budget phones with flashy looks like how xiaomi and all the other chinese brands do
Pa P
Pa P 7 soat oldin
Can this bunker withstand and recover from an emp blast?
Jhardy0786 7 soat oldin
When will this be ready for someone with lower back pain and sciatica that does not go away and I don’t want to take pain meds they cause just as many problems Thanks
Light of The World
Light of The World 7 soat oldin
*_i dropped my oppo A 57 more then 100 its still survives without scratch idiots stop wasting your money on i phones_*
Matt Betta
Matt Betta 7 soat oldin
People just want to fly it
Supeguero 7 soat oldin
This is the only game I’ve actively went out of my way to platinum it was an amazing adventure, don’t listen to this guy
Md Sharif
Md Sharif 7 soat oldin
Stephen Downs
Stephen Downs 7 soat oldin
hope to buy one someday
Seunghyun Nam
Seunghyun Nam 7 soat oldin
give me the phone if you are going to break it
Doug Rambo
Doug Rambo 7 soat oldin
Bring back Mollywood!
Soham Rahul
Soham Rahul 7 soat oldin
"3:22" I just got a free gift card code from *** 📌📌 Thanks me later 😍💳 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Platoon 7 soat oldin
The mark of the Beast
Kuttir 7 soat oldin
Plastic always looks soo much better literally always. Glass/shiny backs look cheap and tacky.
Daniel Dawson
Daniel Dawson 8 soat oldin
Abdulrahman Khaled
Abdulrahman Khaled 8 soat oldin
Can you do drop test video with silicon case?
Leo Milay
Leo Milay 8 soat oldin
Then why did you not try long enough to fall it screen first flat on the ground?! Are you tired?
Max G
Max G 8 soat oldin
yeh that shin curve is rediculous ....dont remember that in the movies