theKWOKA 14 soat oldin
Used Google lens to translate Instagram caption..instead of just tapping "see translation"....
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 14 soat oldin
I am curious what does the arabic text say
Nik Lane
Nik Lane 14 soat oldin
It’s PAT-ent not PAY- tent
Raijin 14 soat oldin
Lel my friend send it and it did nothing and my friend try it and crash lel
Ahmed Al Adraj
Ahmed Al Adraj 14 soat oldin
Who tried it and it
Rat Kackis
Rat Kackis 14 soat oldin
The Last one, (try it) has modified hex data with a line of code, which overrides the system by destabilizing it and hogging the ram. A known issue within discord.
SunnyVal3 14 soat oldin
Is it funny that I'm watching this on an LG stylo 5 ?
Harshwardhan Patil
Harshwardhan Patil 14 soat oldin
vardhan sanka
vardhan sanka 14 soat oldin
Great job @pgtalal🔥
Steven Andrews
Steven Andrews 14 soat oldin
When tutorial??
Nick Drinks Water
Nick Drinks Water 14 soat oldin
Next level invention will use water
JJ Brown
JJ Brown 14 soat oldin
Jalapeño Sheino
Jalapeño Sheino 14 soat oldin
Do note 4 phones die from this? I'm wanna check before losing my phone
Evan Ottman
Evan Ottman 14 soat oldin
7 million let’s gooooooo as Dababy would say
Sipsonchips 14 soat oldin
I think it depends on the software, I can open it without lags on a 3gb ram android
Mr Xetri
Mr Xetri 14 soat oldin
I watched this on android, nothing happened! Why?
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 14 soat oldin
I came as fast as I can
AriThe Log
AriThe Log 14 soat oldin
Would buy that for the Nuclear Charger
VidHoard 14 soat oldin
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 14 soat oldin
I really liked the crazy science stuff that exists out there! PLEASE KEEP THIS SERIES FOREVER
play.boi_klin 14 soat oldin
Cyberpunk 😹💔🚶🏾‍♂️💀
Sumanth Acharya
Sumanth Acharya 14 soat oldin
Hey Sherlock 🔫
Houk BiH
Houk BiH 14 soat oldin
Hey , its battery saver good or bad? Im using android , and when i turn on normal battery saver i can use phone 30-40% longer, it is good or bad for my battery to take it on all time?
Agent K
Agent K 14 soat oldin
Some men just want to see the world burn....
gaurav Chudasama
gaurav Chudasama 14 soat oldin
@Mrwhosetheboss If You try By viewing Story on Instagram website this will not happen especially That 3rd story Device doesn't crash. Sir how It is possible? And one more thing I am able to pause the story too.
ScxrDoom 14 soat oldin
this didnt kill my legendary galaxy s4 (my secondary phone) im a proud owner... obviously didnt try it on my main redmi note 8 lol btw if your wondering yes i do have a custom rom on my s4 wont be using touch wiz lmao
Mithu Halder
Mithu Halder 14 soat oldin
Not only poco X3, every phone having miui 12 have these f***ing ads
trashcleaner 14 soat oldin
Iphone is safe cuz ..idk, mom doesnt allow kids to play with knifes. Not first time I see stupid things that kills iphones without any virus.
[ Elijah ]
[ Elijah ] 14 soat oldin
proof android is more powerfull
Raja Shoaib
Raja Shoaib 14 soat oldin
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 14 soat oldin
The Echo Show is not a smartphone gadget. It's a standalone spy tool for Amazon.
timothy clancy
timothy clancy 14 soat oldin
But the OnePlus makes them all look like a joke in charging.
Vishal Kashyap
Vishal Kashyap 14 soat oldin
it runs good on pc or phone via browser
LORDNANOS YT 14 soat oldin
In my narzo 20 pro i have 65 watt😂
Nisarg Ahir
Nisarg Ahir 14 soat oldin
I loved this new video
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 14 soat oldin
Here in russia we eat spoons and then eat our food
Kanishka Chakraborty
Kanishka Chakraborty 14 soat oldin
Someone actually managed to hack stuff with HTML. What a time to be alive.
LORDNANOS YT 14 soat oldin
Watching after his video how fast this phone charges
Amish Gaming
Amish Gaming 14 soat oldin
12 hours ago he had 7.1 million subs but now he have 7.11 million subs
LORDNANOS YT 14 soat oldin
Watching after his video how fast this phone charges
WarGaming X10
WarGaming X10 14 soat oldin
A sus
The Sarvan
The Sarvan 14 soat oldin
Victor Besnoux
Victor Besnoux 14 soat oldin
i just have to say that cat is hella cute
Aufiryal fadhlillah
Aufiryal fadhlillah 14 soat oldin
I was sow proud to be user android
Em P
Em P 14 soat oldin
only affecting iphones ? what a hero
Andrea Velasquez
Andrea Velasquez 14 soat oldin
All i have to say is your channel has been around my whole life 2011 is the year i was born
apathy 14 soat oldin
0:30 hello kitty
T.Raaghul Ganesh
T.Raaghul Ganesh 14 soat oldin
Nice cat
Hind Premium
Hind Premium 14 soat oldin
He is a Saudi 😂🇸🇦❤
kasem Alakili
kasem Alakili 14 soat oldin
من زمان بتابع اول مرة بشوف مقالات عربية
Sudhanshu Rajbhar
Sudhanshu Rajbhar 14 soat oldin
Well I guess he should report this bug to Facebook Bug Bounty program (, they might even reward him for this Edit: Didn't watched the video fully before commenting :)
Aruna Kumari Pedapati
Aruna Kumari Pedapati 14 soat oldin
Memes be like "Give this kid a medal"
DYLAN CHAHMIRIAN 14 soat oldin
hes obvy a smurf bra
Chamuditha Kalhara
Chamuditha Kalhara 14 soat oldin
Plz add subtitles 🙄
Russel curt Demetrio
Russel curt Demetrio 15 soat oldin
Got me in rick rolling! Haha
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews 15 soat oldin
Lol the cat on the desk
CCD-Ring _YT
CCD-Ring _YT 15 soat oldin
05:43 For the fourth phone we have the eight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jeffry Salazar Ureña
Jeffry Salazar Ureña 15 soat oldin
Qasim Rasheed
Qasim Rasheed 15 soat oldin
Kenneth Kent
Kenneth Kent 15 soat oldin
Keep up the good work 👍
Rhinofire06 15 soat oldin
as someone who hasn't watched the entire video yet, I think I like the black berry the most
Rida Elmouakkia
Rida Elmouakkia 15 soat oldin
The meaning of the phrase in Arabic, see the story after that, and the second is something once sweet..👏🙋🏻‍♂️
Low Spec Gamer
Low Spec Gamer 15 soat oldin
*So Android is powerful than iOS😂🙏*
Katelyn Hughes
Katelyn Hughes 15 soat oldin
what happens if you put a non- transparent case on it? lol
Talal Abalkhail
Talal Abalkhail 15 soat oldin
The goooogle translation tho They both are saying "things that are very nice"
Dakota Pritchard
Dakota Pritchard 15 soat oldin
Looking for games that can work on snapdragon 665
Andrea Velasquez
Andrea Velasquez 15 soat oldin
This is how a spoiled kid is phone collection looks
Andrea Velasquez
Andrea Velasquez 15 soat oldin
This is a robbers favorite house
Cherise Chettiar
Cherise Chettiar 15 soat oldin
me to my iphone 7 after he described why it was happening: "rip"
Seiso Uto
Seiso Uto 15 soat oldin
Ayy this can be the new benchmark for android let me tell you
Nik Lane
Nik Lane 15 soat oldin
Apple needs to get on the ball
Sihab Molla
Sihab Molla 15 soat oldin
This maybe your first video🙄🙄
DYLAN CHAHMIRIAN 15 soat oldin
"iPhones anti_virus and software is stronger"
Aedan O’Kelly
Aedan O’Kelly 15 soat oldin
Read your emails
Netherite 2
Netherite 2 15 soat oldin
Have a 6gb oneplus phone but didnt crash
Pawcio250000 15 soat oldin
Its's always iPhone
Cat Cat
Cat Cat 15 soat oldin
Don’t even talk about Siri, all she says is “here’s what’s I found on the web” it is unbearable. Edit: I’m writing this on an apple, so if you don’t see me posting call 911
it's me
it's me 15 soat oldin
Anton Pogonin
Anton Pogonin 15 soat oldin
The thumbnail looks weird.
Aedan O’Kelly
Aedan O’Kelly 15 soat oldin
I did it 😃
Leo Reyes
Leo Reyes 15 soat oldin
Me with my 12GB ram S20: does not crash My friend with a 6GB ram IPhone 12 Pro Max: BYE BYE