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Arcimoto is going to be doing so many great things coming up! Specially now that they work with Sandy Munro
Derek Freeze
Derek Freeze Soat oldin
Wade Soat oldin
I would really like to have automated driving taxis but depending on the cost, I don't have a car payment and live close to work I spend I spend roughly $5 a day counting insurance for my car if it's any more expensive than that that's a no-go for me
Vassilis K Papadakis
Vassilis K Papadakis 5 soat oldin
All Elon technology and Boston Dynamics. I wonder why....
Student Account
Student Account 6 soat oldin
This is probably true. I know of other cases. The policy is to protect the GDP, industry and economy. This has happened with other products.
lakshmisha k.s
lakshmisha k.s 7 soat oldin
Come to Himalayas. You will find many unclaimed unnamed peaks
Narayan My Soul
Narayan My Soul 8 soat oldin
Yeah and the age reversing gene therapy and Crspr is also coming in this decade for sure. There will be no education schools any more ppl will download information in neuralinks brain.
Ramiel 2 soat oldin
Sure but just like now it doesn't matter what you know; without a certification you are a nobody... Someone should change that certification thing.
Erik Johansen
Erik Johansen 11 soat oldin
blah blah martketing go buy it yourself..
Unicornul Sarvy
Unicornul Sarvy 15 soat oldin
Looking back at this video, i think tesla will do things we havent thinked about yet
Weneedaccountability Please
Weneedaccountability Please 16 soat oldin
Why is Elon Musk allowed to have control of the efficiency of vehicles in order to cause more charging thus more energy drained from the electrical grid to which Tesla owners hook up?
tengal15778899000 16 soat oldin
Wow I could not believe that you guys like this man so much he is Evil the thing that I want to do if you are a Christian you will know what I mean the mark of the Beast
Elbio Emilio Peña Almonte
Elbio Emilio Peña Almonte 17 soat oldin
Excellent and well educated critique. So well done I posted the link of this video in the comments of the movie. And I suggest everyone who watch this video: Do the same ...
Colin Frampton
Colin Frampton 17 soat oldin
Hi Guys , Just when you think Australia has been lagging behind in EV transport, Had a ride on a small autonomous Smart Shuttle Bus being used in the state of Queensland Australia the small Bus has been in use on a small island of Karragarra for some time to transport people around the Island and is being used in Raby Bay Foreshore Park it's part of a project of the local Council and the RACQ to help people understand the role autonomous vehicle technology and how it will meeting transport needs in the future for small community’s ” NOW YOU KNOW www.racq.com.au/Live/Articles/NS-261120-RACQ-Smart-Shuttle-driving-into-the-future-at-Raby-Bay
Hotrodchevy 18 soat oldin
That sounds awesome less cars on the road means more road for me to enjoy cause I will never get into an auto driving car thank you
Paul Chiu
Paul Chiu 18 soat oldin
Ok ... hopefully finally we can settle the “earth is flat” this decade
William Rahn
William Rahn 19 soat oldin
Across the country how often does any one do that? How about some random town to another random town in another state. Telsa because of all the chargers would make most trips possible not much of a hassle. This would vary especially in the mid west.
Kevin Holtkamp
Kevin Holtkamp 19 soat oldin
49:10 I hope those were copies
norbert1111 19 soat oldin
Hey guys you just jumped the gun. With the new post trump era at hand I expected many to show their sunny side. This episode really delivered on what I soon hope will be a new band wagon of truth and humor. Thanks for the boost.
Flipside Digital Creative
Flipside Digital Creative 20 soat oldin
You dorks are way out of focus. LOL. Good video tho.
David Crabb
David Crabb 20 soat oldin
Cybertaxis could take 4 or 5 trips in the morning.. and then dump power to the grid all day. keeping enough for rides at end of day. it is available for short trips at 5pm. tesla will know if a rider needs to go to 40 miles at 5pm and give that ride to a fully charged cybertaxi. then after 10pm the cyber taxi charges at night for selling to the city the next day.
Richard S Wiggins
Richard S Wiggins 21 soat oldin
So this is all about who can tell a lie and get away with it, by making some money on the side. Its called legalised thief
Freudian 21 soat oldin
Good show but don't care for the silly stuff.
siamsurf 22 soat oldin
Starting with 3 sponsor messages is really pushing it...
doclees11 23 soat oldin
$30k to $50k 2 seater vehicle with limited cargo space and no repair infrastructure. Great science experiment but very limited market. As much as I would love to see it happen I have little hope it will happen. From what I understand electric motorcycle tax credits are only $2500. Unless the new administration changes things it will only compete with the electric smart car. Oh wait, that's dead in the US too. Cost and convenience is what moves the market. This has too much competition at that price point and its limited convenience.
doclees11 Soat oldin
@N. Bruce Nelson There is no lie about the price. This company likes to push the solar panels and the incredible acceleration so I used those options with the lowest range and highest range battery pack. Then you add tax and delivery and round up. Have they guaranteed that price is locked in? Yeah, we see sooo many people camping in a subcompact car. Pre-orders mean nothing. Until bill is paid and the vehicle delivered it hasn't happened. Elio had over 65k. Right to repair? Exactly what does that mean and what will be repairable? To me it means that there is no one who will or know how to repair it. You ever work on an EV? Not me. I understand it was the intellectual property the company bought back in order to resurrect the aptera. If that is software I'd doubt you get to see that. 110 mph. And where besides a track can that be used legally? About as useful as 750 hp street cars. All marketing gimmicks. The never charge gimmick. A max charge of 40 miles a day. So that means longest day in an area that has clear skies. Well I guess if you are camping off-road and already used up your battery this could be handy. Moab here we come. Understood that it takes less juice and little time to charge which is great. At best this will be a boutique vehicle. With all US EV sales of a little over 1% maybe the Aptera is still ahead of its time.
N. Bruce Nelson
N. Bruce Nelson 8 soat oldin
Why lie about the pricing to try and make your point? You can get a 250 range model for $25.9. As far as infrastructure, they give the right to repair and will exceed Tesla's admittedly low bar. You won't find the Smart car at 110 mph on the highway, which this can do - or sleeping a couple in climate controlled comfort on a camping trip, while using about 1/3 the power of other EVs. That is why there are already over 7000 preorders since they opened in December, and still growing fast.
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan 23 soat oldin
Do one on the hyperloop. Elon hasn't lied to anyone about this 👊🤣👍
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan 23 soat oldin
Movie is also on amazon prime...
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan 23 soat oldin
BTW your straw man arguments are terrible
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan Kun oldin
U 2 have now idea what it takes to mine. Even decades after a mine closes, people in surrounding communities can face serious health risks from drinking contaminated water. so I guess if we fuck up other people's water source and we get green energy it's all good.. what the answer is I'm not sure but we need to do better.
trampfossil Kun oldin
How about clear heads up display screens
Jeeto Kun oldin
For the new GM logo, of course the logo is the first step... you gotta put your logo on all the investor slides to get buy-in to do what you want, and have the new logo to put on your fancy ad campaigns to help pay for it... so yeah the logo is pretty important to a company who has to communicate with their investors and consumers
Jeeto Kun oldin
And the color is more of an "electric" blue lol
Robert Angel
Robert Angel Kun oldin
“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”
Jeeto Kun oldin
Don't think of it as "Hyundai" but probably more their Genesis brand. Apple Genesis.
Robert Balejik
Robert Balejik Kun oldin
the answer is miolten salt (thorium) reactors and in far future if not fusion, than concentrated solar (not PV) + using surplus energy to produce alcohol (or dimethylether) from atm CO2. That's 100% renewable, batteries are def not the answer
DJ Spy Pizzas
DJ Spy Pizzas Kun oldin
Officer looks at 40 sign... Accelerates to 80.. Next day:You are fired.
Ai Ai
Ai Ai Kun oldin
Some one tell them keystone Xl would save millions of tons shipping oil.
Danielle Girl From NY
Danielle Girl From NY Kun oldin
Human and Plants breathe CO2
Stephen Brackin
Stephen Brackin Kun oldin
Almost no one will have jobs in the future: uzpost.info/vision/video/cLapkLVpaGeQhoU.html :-)
Robs Repairs
Robs Repairs Kun oldin
Monty python skit was amazing! 😍
Lenard Durand
Lenard Durand Kun oldin
The giant oil/ automobile companies are no fools. The world will change to electric cars but BEFORE that will happen the great money reset is going to take place (i.e the USD divorcing its oil dependence). The Tesla co will be the scapegoat for the fall of 100's and thousand of jobs in manufacturing and maintenance of cars and - guess what - the giant auto companies will suddenly be ready to produce their own electric cars. Yes, they will lag for a short while whilst Tesla moves into the vacuum but it will be nothing serious to their planning. Their electric cars and plants are ready, don't be fooled. What we should think about is the enormous job losses and businesses going bankrupt. It will be an immense "chain of disaster" for small business and labour. And - as usual - we will not be warned by the so-called specialist (economists and other financial analysts) and disaster will be upon us - as the man on the street - before we know it. Nothing to rejoice about. And yes, governments will fail their citizens, again.
FlowerToFlour Kun oldin
Listen, this is an amazing idea. I'm going to be keeping up with this company. This vehicle serves many many consumer bases... Imagine having a car version of a scooter, I fill up once every 2 weeks for 1 gallon of gas on my scooter normally getting about 120 m/pg. I love pulling up next to large SUV's and trucks that have been leaning against their vehicle. Get off my scooter, put a gallon in the tank and ride off in a minute or 2. Not as a "im better than you" kind of thing, because I know during the winter I fucking hate it. But, as a scooter owner, thats the only complaint I hear from people. Winter, Speed and Safety of a 2 wheel vehicle. This is more than this car.... this is going to become an industry. Lots of companies are going to be inspired by this. Now, heres the audience you might not have thought you'd hit. Conspiricy Theorists, people who grew up with Mad Max and Road Warrior. Imagine how many doomsday theorists are going to want this thing. Hell, I want one as a scooter driver. I honestly think this will be my first vehicle when I get my driving privilege's back. I'll also benefit from being able to save for this purchase much quicker than most as my vehicle's monthly cost is roughly 5 dollars in gas if i'm being conservative and 10 dollars if i'm on vacation and its the middle of summer and im riding around the state's back roads and mountains. People are going to love this. Now, youre also going to pull the futuristic sci-fi look fans. All in all, theres already 3-wheel motorcycles people love.
Brandon Walks TO
Brandon Walks TO Kun oldin
If you look up ProLite Campers they are going to full Eclectic Travel Trailers they have 2 out now Prolite 12v & a Prolite E Volt No onboard Gas needed
ichi tensho
ichi tensho Kun oldin
idk if youve been camping this decade but ppls uses powerpacks and or generators to have power in the middle of the woods lull its nothing new...
Sam Lyons
Sam Lyons Kun oldin
Death Valley ?
It’s not a car. Classified as a 3 wheel motorcycle, that’s how you get away with no safety equipment and you can make them light as hell.
N. Bruce Nelson
N. Bruce Nelson Kun oldin
You are not talking about Aptera, then because it is designed with front and rear crush zones, front and side air bags and full safety features. It will be crash tested and given a rating before production begins. As far as weight, the 400 mile range model will weigh about 1800 lbs - around the same as a Gen 1 Honda Insight, that got 4s in the crash test ratings with much older safety tech.
Steven James
Steven James Kun oldin
Where was this video in my recommended feed a year ago? Evs ftw
John Dewey
John Dewey Kun oldin
I think it is great that you are guiding, inspiring ... the young generation to think about our interesting times and their participation in it.
Donald Burkhard
Donald Burkhard Kun oldin
They should provide solar inverter with power walls and have with or without.
Donald Burkhard
Donald Burkhard Kun oldin
Tesla still needs the larger vehicles so inside is minor, it is the power train that is important. Therefore battery pack and motors will change.
John Dewey
John Dewey Kun oldin
One of you guys, yells louder than the other. I keep on adjusting (lower) the volume. That Iowa shop is cool. Tesla should have Tesla WIFI parties (with masks and coffee through a straws).
Ridger Wolf
Ridger Wolf Kun oldin
A friend of mine bought the showroom Model X around christmas so i figured something was up.
John Young
John Young Kun oldin
Emissions=Murder? Jesse, you just earned your millennial badge!
Albert Kim
Albert Kim Kun oldin
They perhaps moving production to Texas or another place
Saablives Kun oldin
Federal doesn't apply because y is too expensive for that insensitive. But you do get that 8000 for [email protected]@.
plebiansociety Kun oldin
On the safety report, Tesla's data only includes Tesla vehicles with the NHTSA includes all vehicles. So if a Tesla drove 1 millions million miles and hit someone it in a non-Tesla it would count the same as 2 drivers hitting each other at 500k miles each because the accident counts twice, one for each driver.
Kent Olsen
Kent Olsen Kun oldin
Toyota's "cost of doing business" is our childrens lungs. Never drive an ICE vehicle again. There are better options. Nice ones, that are availble right now.
Na Omi
Na Omi Kun oldin
Hey Zac Jes. Another great fun video. I am proud btw to be a Tesla fanboy and why wouldn't you be too. None of these other companies/cars would exist if not for Elon and we all know that. I am rarely keen on the "xyz beats Tesla" titles unless they are clearly tongue in cheek or actually true in a fair sense. It usually ignores the fact that most other companies are comparing their maybe-one-day cars to current Tesla models. Further, in the case of the "Porsche shattering the canonball record" in-depth episode, like gee whizz, was it a comparison of cars of similar model years at a similar price points, and the difference was the time of a pee break so why "shattered"? The Aptera seems like an excellent vehicle which I would like but it not appear to address the same market segment as model 3, perhaps similar to Tesla's upcoming smaller car. Keep up the excellent efforts .. ps did I miss the mention of solar option for cybertruck? Toronto Canada
Barnabas Busa
Barnabas Busa Kun oldin
Would it be possible to have the polls organized in somewhat orderly fashion? It’s impossible to see the results which got the most votes which got the least votes when they are randomly ordered.
MMA Wahab
MMA Wahab Kun oldin
This didnt age well ehh? I hope everyone here put their money where their mouths were. I made A TON fading you idiots.
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Kun oldin
electric should be 4/5x cheaper? right?? 100 MPGe vs 20 MPG gas ?? numbers don't add-up, do they?
Joachim Frey
Joachim Frey Kun oldin
Hi Zac and Jesse, 60GHz Millimeter waves provide a much higher bandwidth and speed of reaction. In the 5G Mobile Systems it's known the Millimeter waves are stopped by any obstacles, such as trees and and walls. Having said that, for a car to recognize any objects, it will be much faster as the systems used so far.
Cameron Kun oldin
22:50 - Crimes punished by fines are only illegal for poor people, corporate crimes punished by fines only illegal for small businesses.
Cameron Kun oldin
08:45 - The one thing you guys are not factoring is that the NHTSA data is including all of the vehicles on the road that are in disrepair, a major cause of accidents. Mechanical malfunction is a significant portion of what keeps that green line down. The number of miles driven between accidents in vehicles that are operating at 100%, as all Teslas are still doing at this point, is much higher than that green line.
Mike Harvey
Mike Harvey Kun oldin
So as a child of the 80's from Nottingham UK, the whole Monty Python Spacs joke is a little... awkward shall we say. Let's just say if you shouted 'I don't like spacs!' In public you'd get quite a few dodgy looks these days 😬 might be a Midlands thing though. 😊
Chris K
Chris K Kun oldin
2021 and EVs have won!! GM has caved but that battery conspiracy....they will fail.
Arianta Sariedi Munthe
Arianta Sariedi Munthe Kun oldin
All Tesla Part In this car haha
Arianta Sariedi Munthe
Arianta Sariedi Munthe Kun oldin
@N. Bruce Nelson Tablet function same with Tesla So technology is Tesla too
N. Bruce Nelson
N. Bruce Nelson Kun oldin
Tesla, Mercedes and probably other companies use parts from the same 3rd party suppliers.
Javier Ambrocio
Javier Ambrocio Kun oldin
You know..its nice that gm is acknowledging EVs. You have to give them credit for that. Yes, they have produced emissions that our Gen have to deal with, but it is the cost of this tech transition.
Your Beauty Pro
Your Beauty Pro Kun oldin
No solar inverters is HUGE I am in photovoltaics industry IT IS HUGE FOR US and even bigger for customers, it's like to have at last ENGINE produce in own factory for own usage not outsource !!!!!
Joel Pierce
Joel Pierce Kun oldin
Great stories, guys. Todd Shaw in Iowa, "If you build it they will come!"
Shawn G
Shawn G Kun oldin
You can't keep it at an exact internal temperature when you leave the car? I hate getting into a hot car, seems like it should be standard.
sam guapo
sam guapo Kun oldin
Love it. You're subscribers and viewers are increasing :)
CowLevelCrypto Kun oldin
GM = Game Lost . New Logo = bleah...
Bob Holland
Bob Holland Kun oldin
You know this pause with the S and the X I imagine this has something to do with the casting more than anything else everybody's talking about the three and the Y casting nobody said anything about the S and the X .
G M 2 kun oldin
Lol Sandy can you also try summing the car from a tight parking stall?
jasonwidegren 2 kun oldin
Oh, man, I hope that spicy solar cell thing turns out to be true!
Spotz Fourme
Spotz Fourme 2 kun oldin
Todd is awesome!
Spotz Fourme
Spotz Fourme 2 kun oldin
What do you do for a living sir? Uhh I plug in the boat! Lol
Spotz Fourme
Spotz Fourme 2 kun oldin
I’m on the floor laughing at this celestiq? Lol
justin murphy
justin murphy 2 kun oldin
Ozop Energy Solutions. (OZSC), (“Ozop” or the “Company”), has announced that its fully owned subsidiary Power Conversion Technologies Inc. (PCTI) has announced a development partnership with Zeem Solutions to work on high power charging solutions to address the medium and heavy duty commercial EV market.