Watch Dogs: Legion Review
PlayStation 5 Unboxing
Replay - Dead Space 2
Replay - Bioshock Infinite
Replay - Spore
3 oy oldin
Jer B
Jer B 10 daqiqa oldin
I beat it on PS3 so many times. I got it coming with my bundle and I want to trade it in for another game. Possibly trade it in for TLOF and Ghost!
The One
The One 16 daqiqa oldin
Definitely the best in the series thus far. I hope it sticks with Ubisoft Toronto. They’ve clearly got the formula down to a satisfying T.
Ciciupipiltin G
Ciciupipiltin G 16 daqiqa oldin
I loved the way he talks about the game <3
lone2k 17 daqiqa oldin
I'm kind of sad. Please add the 6th archstone, Bluepoint. It's what I have wished for since the original game. DLC perhaps?
Random_Acuity 18 daqiqa oldin
I have the original demons souls, and I’m more hyped for this remake than I am for cyberpunk 2077
Michael Barajas
Michael Barajas 20 daqiqa oldin
Yosemite Sam: It's mine! Oh, I'm so happy, I've never been filled with so much joy. I feel like I'm about to-- Burmese Turtle: SHUT UP!!!
IV 28 daqiqa oldin
Such a shame that the dragon god fight is going to be a huge disappointment all over again
MaadLuck 30 daqiqa oldin
So glad they're in tune with the game sense. Fuck difficulty options
The Golden Stalfos
The Golden Stalfos 33 daqiqa oldin
wow. this is really disappointing. like most fans I was expecting changes to balance and the introduction of new content but it looks like that would be too much work for them. its sad honestly.
Debaser Chaser
Debaser Chaser 36 daqiqa oldin
Mr. Moore speaks with such respect and love for the original game and the remake, it is great to hear him speak. I guess making remakes as opposed to new IP takes away any ego involved and leaves room for love of what makes the game great and how it could be even greater.
Just_Pants 37 daqiqa oldin
this guy is a goddamn genius
Justin Dunbar
Justin Dunbar 39 daqiqa oldin
You guys literally asked every single question I wanted to and then some. Fantastic interview!
Drew Dahlen
Drew Dahlen 49 daqiqa oldin
im a little upset they didnt ask if the controls were updated like a multi direction roll etc. but this was an awesome interview.
Glun - Murong
Glun - Murong 51 daqiqa oldin
damn i like the skin its pretty awesome!!
praveen g prakash
praveen g prakash 52 daqiqa oldin
Guy on the bottom is too stubborn and mean lol
2prize 53 daqiqa oldin
urlovinphantom 53 daqiqa oldin
Better than I thought it would be and is definitely going to bring me more entertainment than marvels avengers unfortunately
khonor Mcmagomedov
khonor Mcmagomedov 53 daqiqa oldin
Trash game
0nXYZ 53 daqiqa oldin
Dude every question I had about the port was answered in this one video. The dude who works at Bluepoint sounds like a big fan.
Andrew S
Andrew S 55 daqiqa oldin
Hey that’s me
MagicConch1989 Soat oldin
I didn't like how it ran on my pc should i get it for ps4
Tino brown
Tino brown Soat oldin
Been playing for about 8 hrs, so far it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. It looks great on the xbox one x. I know it’s gonna look sick on the Series X with raytracing.
Julian P
Julian P Soat oldin
Can we get Bluepoint to remake Prince of Persia instead of the straight garbage we're getting?
Coded Niche
Coded Niche Soat oldin
WD2 is better 🤷🏽‍♂️
Timppa 3
Timppa 3 Soat oldin
Did they make duel wielding viable like in DSII and III?
GodBlessYou2008 Soat oldin
2:05 愛知県警かよw
Joshua Lexington
Joshua Lexington Soat oldin
The interviewee simply oozes love and passion for the game. Love to see it
D Mc
D Mc Soat oldin
The gripe I had about Demon Souls was the lack of info about certain aspects of the game, for example, Tendency. Had absolutely no idea what that was about, hopefully this time around it is explained a little better.
Qwhat9 Soat oldin
Please make PHOTO MODE optional. Being able to pause the game changes it too much from the core design. The sense of urgency would get diminished.
goddessofkanto Soat oldin
The loading screens are the best way to calm down after getting your ass handed to you , so I don’t know how i feel about instant load screens lol
LMBG - Ps Gamer Canlı Yayın
LMBG - Ps Gamer Canlı Yayın Soat oldin
Is this ps4 or ps5
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore Soat oldin
I like how everybody just blacked out when they said "we don't want to have lower skill players to have a bad experience, we don't want higher skill players to have a bad experience" and all they took from it was "catering to bad players"
marconator123 Soat oldin
" There are no plans to add the Sixth Archstone World" hello darkness my old friend...
Akhilesh Vijay
Akhilesh Vijay Soat oldin
Haha....the newest comment is now 2020 (me)
RacingCart - RC Playz
RacingCart - RC Playz Soat oldin
Funny how it takes the new COD being crap for people to truly appreciate MW 2019.
Excursion Comics
Excursion Comics Soat oldin
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Артём Лузик
Артём Лузик Soat oldin
I will play 30 fps for sure. Fuck 60 fps. I want awesome looking game, not 3 polygons with 5000 fps. It's not some brainless multiplayer garbage like CoD
GunStreets Soat oldin
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Soat oldin
I smell a sixth archstone dlc
Dukefazon Soat oldin
1:43 - so permadeth is only 2 option now, ON and OFF? No ONF?
GAME OVER HD Soat oldin
I can't wait to play Demon Souls day one blue point on Masters at remakes I wonder can they make the getaway remake for the PS5 that would be another day one game exclusive
Aj the trex
Aj the trex Soat oldin
I love how genuinely happy the man sound to have his cat back
Aj the trex
Aj the trex Soat oldin
Also the sweat shirt is dope
Mad Joe
Mad Joe Soat oldin
I disagree about the magic. In Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I, it was basically the easy mode. Well, I can't wait to get that remake!
直杜津村 Soat oldin
Bruh the guy sounds like joe bald rogan
Daniel Holladay
Daniel Holladay Soat oldin
I’m in love with this old bald man.
jesse mccaughey
jesse mccaughey Soat oldin
Actually was hoping with the remake theyd put in a difficultly option. I know from is never going to do it because fuck accessibility
Lsamaru 57 daqiqa oldin
Lmao what a loser, go play other game that have that. Or just try to learn the game mechanics you know?
Taha Naili
Taha Naili Soat oldin
I cant waut ti this came to come out cuz i cant wait for it even though i will pre order it
Roxas nelson
Roxas nelson Soat oldin
wait what 1:38 !! did eveloper said original PS3 version running on PS5 called Legacy version
Eggnogg Soat oldin
I feel like miles morales is gonna get the black suit🤯🤯
TheDudeofDudes Soat oldin
Original devs: "We have made a unique one of a kind new tactical, realistic shooter that revolves around an attack and defend mechanic and destructible environments!" Ubisoft: "That sounds great guys, but can you make it more... Autistic? My kid loves that kind of stuff."
mel b
mel b Soat oldin
ziggyziggler Soat oldin
A bit disappointing that they had the chance to add sixth archstone but didnt...
Graylin Hamilton
Graylin Hamilton Soat oldin
Will we get to see Venom or symbio spider-man
Jesse Ordonez
Jesse Ordonez 2 soat oldin
ACG said this is a sell. I'm buying when it's on sale.
Teerth Upadhyay
Teerth Upadhyay 41 daqiqa oldin
Same here man.
Max Laval
Max Laval 2 soat oldin
I'm kinda disappointed with legion I feel like the entire game was built around the play as everyone feature which comes with a lack of storytelling. I liked the 2nd one more... But the all-time best is the first one... //<3
MaunzQuisitor FD
MaunzQuisitor FD 2 soat oldin
So what is with the icon for the cat's ring 😂, is the dev's cat Looks again to me 🤣🤣.
T Johnson
T Johnson 2 soat oldin
The boss Stan Lee used to work for dont deserve him because at first when Stan Lee created spider-man the boss don't like it just because Peter is not perfect, but when the boss discovered that the fans loved it the boss was like nevermind keep making those. I mean BRUH at first you don't like it and now its okay just because you discovered that the fans liked it.
Daryl Dixon - Topic
Daryl Dixon - Topic 2 soat oldin
retarded xbox fan in comments: HURRR DURRRRR HALLO INFANNITYITE
cloudbloom 2 soat oldin
Sounds fucking amazing, the original is in my top 3 favorites of all time I'm so excited for this
Leo Craveiro
Leo Craveiro 2 soat oldin
What Villain was that? Rhino?
Chaz Gilbert
Chaz Gilbert 2 soat oldin
Gorrus 2 soat oldin
I hope you do a sick stunts of miles morales
CouncilMan O.D.
CouncilMan O.D. 2 soat oldin
Should I get the PS5 or XBOX
The.Real.Frosty.G Soat oldin
You are asking the wrong question. Get a PC.
Dukefazon Soat oldin
Yepp Yepp
Yepp Yepp 2 soat oldin
Get a PS1
J.R Shiels
J.R Shiels 2 soat oldin
Taking away a main protagonist is the worst thing they did. They could have kept the mechanics but let you play as the main character
AlexPlaysGames Soat oldin
Lmao that's literally just Watch Dogs 2.
Cmajorseven 2 soat oldin
I really like this interview. I can feel that Gavin Moore is really caring about making Demon’s Souls Remake right and true to the original. At the same time, he seems really excited talking about new stuff that enhances the game for this next generation of power and capability. Personally, i cannot wait to play this game and enjoy it to the fullest.
Jorge Alejandro Cárdenas Mora
Jorge Alejandro Cárdenas Mora 2 soat oldin
i ligit laughed so hard that i fell of my chair 2 times in a row lol dude nice video keep up the good work!
Kyale Gibson
Kyale Gibson 2 soat oldin
I’m on my way to go get it right now!! LETS GO!!!!!!!
Getdeez Sacks
Getdeez Sacks 2 soat oldin
I already got the cash burning in my hand right now waiting to cop this game :)
Nerothos 2 soat oldin
His comment about being disadvantaged early-game as a magic user confuses me. Picking Royal as your starting class was by far the easiest way to get through the original, especially at the start of the game.
Christian Mulligan
Christian Mulligan 2 soat oldin
Holy shit I thought Game Informer messed up and dropped a huge spoiler in the title of the video, 'venom' powers are Miles' abilities, not the symbiote, got it.
ThePhoenix 2 soat oldin
crazy that ksi is in this game
Lil Nolimitsonta
Lil Nolimitsonta 2 soat oldin
Wait really?
Romeo Alpha
Romeo Alpha 2 soat oldin
Please don't make the photo mode pause the game :/
Nero Mystyra
Nero Mystyra 2 soat oldin
Rest in Peace Sixth Archstone....Maybe Lance McDonald will recreate you someday
Artur R
Artur R 2 soat oldin
Arghh, why did you drop the boss fight spoiler?! Skip this part 7:44-8:16, if you have never played demon's souls before. That apart, you guys blessed us with a lot of new material. Bravo!
Howard Amosa
Howard Amosa 2 soat oldin
Infamous vibes 😂
Alejandro 2 soat oldin
Ubisoft = Game discarded
Awveen Tashfiq
Awveen Tashfiq 57 daqiqa oldin
thats just lame
Callum Brown
Callum Brown 2 soat oldin
These games are awesome man but when are fans going to see news on next gen fighting games!
omgcandy16Kimicari0 2 soat oldin
To hear Moore talk dismissively about Demon's Souls camera system and how excited BP was to "modernize" it really doesn't paint a positive picture of their approach to remaking the game. It clearly wasn't a problem if the game's reception was so successful, why fix what isn't broken? If you were interested in showcasing the changes to the UI, why not include that in the gameplay previews instead of contextless clips that misrepresent the game to new players?
Portable Gamer
Portable Gamer 2 soat oldin
How the hell is Game Informer getting so many interviews?
Baptized In Fire
Baptized In Fire 2 soat oldin
I walk around for hours scanning people and looking for tech; this rate I’ll be at 1000 hrs of playtime before I even start let alone finishing the main storyline. Should be fun going after the platinum.