Purple Rose
Purple Rose 3 soat oldin
I love this song
Fizabella 4 soat oldin
Alexs Franciene Ajido
Alexs Franciene Ajido 5 soat oldin
lil dua lipa❤️😩
Advika SHETTY 6 soat oldin
Space Loaf
Space Loaf 6 soat oldin
61 dislikes are people that can't do donuts
Anne Baird
Anne Baird 7 soat oldin
She kinda sounds like an off brand asia. Not too bad. Asia’s voice is bomb af
Liam Harms
Liam Harms 7 soat oldin
Great singing
Liam Harms
Liam Harms 7 soat oldin
Kei 9 soat oldin
i like it more and more every time
Jaiden R
Jaiden R 13 soat oldin
I have been playing this song over and over
Blink editz
Blink editz 20 soat oldin
I thought it was bts bangtan 😂
Margarette Malaki
Margarette Malaki 23 soat oldin
Maegan Worthen
Maegan Worthen Kun oldin
not a kid i literally went to school w dating kenzie ziegler, okay tacoda we see you
Oliva Playsz
Oliva Playsz Kun oldin
I can’t believe you actually made this it’s beautiful you are the one best young singers from dance mom’s❤️❤️❤️
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews Kun oldin
ahhh it’s making me so hungry!!! also i love how aesthetic it is💖😭
Daniel C
Daniel C Kun oldin
Her and Dua Lips should collab
miles Kun oldin
Yo I swear kenzie is amazing. Congrats on 15 million followers and this song is amazing. Everyone get this song to 1 million views😎😊😄☺
ItzAndy 971
ItzAndy 971 Kun oldin
552K views & 46K likes, was that the best we could really do? This should at least have 90K likes & 1M views by now.
Nath Oliveira
Nath Oliveira Kun oldin
estava só procurando uma receita de donuts mas o UZpost recomendou essa música KKKKKKK eu amei <3
Natalie R
Natalie R Kun oldin
Abby expects these girls to grow up famous pro dancers but Maddie, Kenzie and Nia turned into the most talented singers instead and I love ittttt
Ramallah E.
Ramallah E. Kun oldin
Rama Abdelhamid
Rama Abdelhamid Kun oldin
Maya Mavila Arvind
Maya Mavila Arvind Kun oldin
ok I don't get the hate, she's like GORGEOUS, and that's the truth
Roos Lamers
Roos Lamers Kun oldin
i was vibing right away!!
Aamenah Khurram
Aamenah Khurram Kun oldin
no clue who this kid is but this song came up in my shuffle last week and i cant stop listening to it
♡ adi hunter ☽
♡ adi hunter ☽ Kun oldin
was i the only one who imagined johnny rewatching this video over and over XD
dream on a star aldc
dream on a star aldc 2 kun oldin
lets change her most iconic quote on dance moms to “I love dancing but I dont wanna go on broadway all i wanna do is just stay home and eat donuts” kenzie ziegler 2020
Elise Idiart
Elise Idiart 2 kun oldin
0.34- Is that Dylan??
silexzo 2 kun oldin
She went from being a little girl doing dancing with Abby Lee Miller to making songs with Celebs that’s incredible 💖🥺
Emma Ozeki
Emma Ozeki 2 kun oldin
why is no one talking abt that old man whos dancing around with the huge sign-
Juliana Laino
Juliana Laino 2 kun oldin
Mackenzie that’s amazing! ❤️
Bailey S
Bailey S 2 kun oldin
how is it that she is younger than dixie damelio yet makes a more mature and vibes song. like this seems like a song that i would listen to normally but, be happy is like a song that i would here at a 3rd grade class party. no hate to dixie damelio i love her she’s a sweet and kind person i just personally like this song a lot more than be happy
Diego Lorenzo Gomez Burbano
Diego Lorenzo Gomez Burbano 2 kun oldin
No me canso de verlo. Señorita kenzie un abrazo desde Colombia
Saeed Quraishi
Saeed Quraishi 2 kun oldin
I love kenzies voice
Soraia Carliana
Soraia Carliana 2 kun oldin
Willow Ziegler
Willow Ziegler 2 kun oldin
this was playing in rue 21 yesterday!
drln 2 kun oldin
luv thisss
Walkieee Talkieee gucci
Walkieee Talkieee gucci 2 kun oldin
Can we get this to 1m viewssss this is so good and she deserve to have 1M views beacuse she puts effort for this🍩
Dance Moms
Dance Moms 2 kun oldin
Am really happy for what Mackenzie did
Amrutha Padmasolala
Amrutha Padmasolala 2 kun oldin
Is it weird that I thought a song called donuts would be about donuts?
Ivanna Salgado
Ivanna Salgado 2 kun oldin
Donuts is my favorite song right now. 🍩🍩 It really gave me 90s vibes though.
rita sparks
rita sparks 2 kun oldin
From i just want to stay home and eat chips to this
sevval celepci
sevval celepci 2 kun oldin
She deserves more views :(
SRINIVASA RAO Jannu 3 kun oldin
Very nice song
MR POST MAN 3 kun oldin
Why does it sounds like I went back to the 80s?
Skullz 101
Skullz 101 3 kun oldin
U get my like , cool vid gorgeous 😏
awsome video i loved it your a amazing singer i had a idea you should do a music video with mellisa dancing in it with you im your biggest fan
yeah funniest epasoide
Lama Amazing
Lama Amazing 3 kun oldin
i am so hungry
Selena Stephens
Selena Stephens 3 kun oldin
I love it girl, you are blowing ❤❤❤❤
Chana's Jewish Life
Chana's Jewish Life 3 kun oldin
This is the best song I’ve every seen in my whole life. And Kenzie you are so pretty and such a good dancer and is amazing at everything. This is how much people think the same thing as me. 👇
Carolina Stella Rabello
Carolina Stella Rabello 3 kun oldin
Khanyiso Mlindi
Khanyiso Mlindi 3 kun oldin
Girl this song deserves more views
Sim B
Sim B 3 kun oldin
The guy kinda looks like Shawn Mendes from a side profile 😂
Janiha Smith
Janiha Smith 3 kun oldin
Donuts and exhale are my two favorite songs
i Ryu
i Ryu 3 kun oldin
Isn't song addictive?
Tehilla Salumu
Tehilla Salumu 3 kun oldin
3:17 is the thumbnail teeehee
Salsabil Itaoui
Salsabil Itaoui 3 kun oldin
I don’t even understand the song
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 3 kun oldin
Next song should be "Stay Home and Eat Chips"
eddmat 4 kun oldin
I love donuts so much that’s why I love this song🍩
Alina Ivanov
Alina Ivanov 4 kun oldin
no one: me doing donuts coming back this song: 💖🍩💖🍩💖🍩💖🍩💖
Nayonika Kapoor
Nayonika Kapoor 4 kun oldin
Idk how u can make a song sound so good like wow
Noorhan 4 kun oldin
This song is so catchy ngl
sol_choque uwu
sol_choque uwu 4 kun oldin
I love
I love this song so much I just can't stop listening to it.
Polly s2
Polly s2 4 kun oldin
Dance mons
Janea Cubon
Janea Cubon 4 kun oldin
Kenzie is pretty and also the dog in the background at 1:13
PAULISLIT xxx 4 kun oldin
Kenzie this song was FIRE 🔥
MVR 4 kun oldin
Amelia Parker
Amelia Parker 4 kun oldin
I love your new video #donuts I love it and I love u Kenzie your so awesome!
Daddychill 4 kun oldin
Wait, this song is actually good like why doesn't this have a lot of views?
Random E
Random E 4 kun oldin
Giving Dua Lipa a run for her money here!
Abigail Pérez
Abigail Pérez 4 kun oldin
Ya me gustoooo tu canción prra
Rosalinda Eshmon Eshun
Rosalinda Eshmon Eshun 4 kun oldin
This is amazing o
Brooke Meier
Brooke Meier 4 kun oldin
I love you kenzie
Nhi Tran
Nhi Tran 4 kun oldin
We can relate to this “I want to stay home and eat chips” More like “I want to stay home and eat donuts” young Kenzie finally grown up before our eyes 😭🥱
i Ryu
i Ryu 4 kun oldin
Who listens dozens of times?
Mark Watson
Mark Watson 4 kun oldin
Pathetic ashamed to have watched it
Staley Meier
Staley Meier 4 kun oldin
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful Kenzie is like, im so jelly.
nesh 5 kun oldin
kinda mad she didn’t have cars doing donuts in this vid
nesh 5 kun oldin
so in love w this song
jhalak godhwani
jhalak godhwani 5 kun oldin
Who is happy that kenzie sended Johnny a donut cover and gifts
Aparna Anand
Aparna Anand 4 kun oldin