Kunal Bissa
Kunal Bissa 3 soat oldin
Hi 21 i wanna play game !
WELD REAPER 3 soat oldin
The only song I can fuck with the rest are for the birds....
clutts1k 3 soat oldin
21 pulled a DJ Khaled
Mior Anwar Aizuddin
Mior Anwar Aizuddin 4 soat oldin
i just love sultan directing music video. He got his own style.
kadh100 4 soat oldin
everything he does sounds the same!
Em Ily
Em Ily 4 soat oldin
This shit hard asf 🙏🏼‼️
DANNY D 4 soat oldin
21 Savage 🔥
CJ Gaming
CJ Gaming 5 soat oldin
How many time you want to play this banger on your Speaker? Me: As always, A lot
HipHopFirst 5 soat oldin
This and the mortal kombat song are legendary
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 5 soat oldin
21 should do a whole tape with horror movie instrumentals.. shits heat
Kc_DireWolf 5 soat oldin
🔥 🔥 🔥
The Cypher
The Cypher 5 soat oldin
Jigsaw soundtrack xd
Marlon Robinson
Marlon Robinson 5 soat oldin
Rick Flair... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Connor Johnson`
Connor Johnson` 5 soat oldin
that j cole verse one of the best features of all time
Chief MUSIC 5 soat oldin
Oliver Saddy
Oliver Saddy 6 soat oldin
Gang gang .....
Ertoguk 6 soat oldin
Imma let em spin like a spiral
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 5 soat oldin
Jorge Parra
Jorge Parra 6 soat oldin
daaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnnn homssssss .....its hardd
jaiden jones
jaiden jones 6 soat oldin
Why is this song blowing up right now
Victor Eduard
Victor Eduard 7 soat oldin
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega 7 soat oldin
21 Savage the only rapper that can give u Halloween vibes on April
SeekoGT 7 soat oldin
O, okay...
Blaqrob _619
Blaqrob _619 8 soat oldin
This beat hit different and if you listen closely you hear the saw them in the background🔥🔥🔥shoulda had a feature tho like big sean and 2 chainz
Jony corrtez
Jony corrtez 8 soat oldin
When I grow up I want to be like 21 not hated by a community and humble
Jalen LaCourt
Jalen LaCourt 8 soat oldin
Jigsaw: Let’s play a game of 21 21 Savage: Bet check the ball bih 🔥🔥🔥
Masamuno Freddy
Masamuno Freddy 8 soat oldin
Millionth view?
steven khemraj
steven khemraj 8 soat oldin
He killed that mortal Kombat joint, now this!?
Carolinas SweetTea
Carolinas SweetTea 8 soat oldin
Shit I start doing the itsy bitsy spider dance on this shit 😫✨💪💪💯
Savingsbytheshell 8 soat oldin
🔥 can’t wait for the new saw.
vDxrp 8 soat oldin
this song is still one of the best songs around
prodjorgeg 8 soat oldin
come out and play
prodjorgeg 8 soat oldin
pg vs pg
prodjorgeg 8 soat oldin
rip 2 rip
Aylu almeida
Aylu almeida 8 soat oldin
DayDream4Life 8 soat oldin
Oh god I want to see this movie even more now. 21 KILL ‘EM! Damn he workin that straight jacket and apron.🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
prodjorgeg 8 soat oldin
Tristan Gabbard
Tristan Gabbard 8 soat oldin
Chris Rock walks into the room. Jigsaw walks out, "wanna play a rap song" Takes off the mask... Plot twist: its 21 savage
Panchito 9 soat oldin
How has this not blown up
ShyneGuttaOnDaBeat 9 soat oldin
Click link to support
ShyneGuttaOnDaBeat 9 soat oldin
Jay Day
Jay Day 9 soat oldin
The ad I got after the song was for the movie.
Kyle Carbon
Kyle Carbon 9 soat oldin
21 21 21
DAVIDZIN! 9 soat oldin
I love saw.
Aria 9 soat oldin
They say you are what you eat... 21 Savage been eating lizards since he was 2
Emiliano Lopez
Emiliano Lopez 9 soat oldin
What’s up Omar British 21 Savage
Deetrio 9 soat oldin
You're going to make me call K*** and tell her you on it again lil Bruh!!!
nomind 9 soat oldin
that bell sound is some quality content
Leander Jefferson
Leander Jefferson 9 soat oldin
Is that bruh that does magic
Dawson Truitt
Dawson Truitt 10 soat oldin
Bro this is fucking lit
TrAprAp 10 soat oldin
Brazilian 💚💛💙👌👌❤
Can Gokdemir
Can Gokdemir 10 soat oldin
21 Savage the type of guy to sell his gun to buy a knife.
aja williams
aja williams 10 soat oldin
This songs tells you about your feelings this song catch my heart l.and I’m my moms phone
Meme Nation
Meme Nation 10 soat oldin
Rohan Pandey
Rohan Pandey 10 soat oldin
21 snapped but j Cole carrief
Lazarus Lazuli
Lazarus Lazuli 10 soat oldin
plot twist : 21 savage is the jigsaw killer
SanYsl 95
SanYsl 95 10 soat oldin
FUTURE ..21 Savage, the best to do horror movie type or scary videos
sup 10 soat oldin
"my youngie got that body she still piss in the bed" best lyric of 2021
Claire Oostmeyer
Claire Oostmeyer 11 soat oldin
niggas dont drink milk
DIY Tutorials And More
DIY Tutorials And More 11 soat oldin
The spiral is a pizza gate symbol 🤙🏼
Jason Leucht
Jason Leucht 11 soat oldin
Er war einfach in dem Livestream von LETSPLAYTV‼😂❤
ibrahim namiq
ibrahim namiq 11 soat oldin
some niggas make MILLIONS .. other niggas make MEMES
Cristel Florian
Cristel Florian 11 soat oldin
4:49 is my fav part
Angelo Basso
Angelo Basso 11 soat oldin
New Haven ct #👆
Hamza Hussain
Hamza Hussain 12 soat oldin
Guys bro died from a stabbing in london and he didnt even post about him lol
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 12 soat oldin
I love offset dancing he's so cool
Nisa 12 soat oldin
21 goes hard
Halllaaa 12 soat oldin
Everything I do, I be ten steps ahead (ten) My youngin' got them bodies, he still piss in the bed Keep the code of silence, don't repeat what I said (21) Keep all the baloney, I just came for the bread (on God) My hood known for wildin' and I don't promote the violence I done been through all the trials and tribulations, now I'm smilin' (21) Say he wanted smoke, we at the table doin' the plottin' We gon' slide, wet your shit up, make it home 'fore you hear a siren (big facts) I'ma let 'em spin like a spiral (straight up) I don't got no love for no rival (straight up) Put him on the news, he went viral (pussy) I took a number two with my rifle (pussy) Every car I'm in, I got the title (on God) Slaughter Gang, I turn a model to a hiker (big facts) I know they want me dead, I got a Kel-Tec in this Viper (21) I hit all the vibes on the low 'cause I'm a sniper (21) He don't want no problems and it's obvious Call me soft 'cause I laugh when I body shit (on God) We play hot potato with the opps, we be droppin' shit (21) Givin' out free smoke 'cause we got a lot of it (21) Tryna feed the fam, I was trappin' in the cold (21) Dropped a mixtape, turned around, I was on the road (on God) You can't give me no amount of money for my soul (21) He weren't really no robber, he got killed 'cause it wasn't his role (facts) MAC .90 pokin' out my Goyard (Goyard) Diamond bag pokin' out my Louie V (LV) Nigga, fuck your Glock, we shoot big chops (big split) Seven-six, .308 and .223 (21, 21) I'ma let 'em spin like a spiral (21) I don't got no love for no rival (pussy) Put him on the news, he went viral (pussy) I took a number two with my rifle (21, 21) Every car I'm in, I got the title (straight up) Slaughter Gang, I turn a model to a hiker (straight up) I know they want me dead, I got a Kel-Tec in this Viper (straight up) I hit all the vibes on the low 'cause I'm a sniper (straight up) I make sure the beef get Swiss cheese (21) I'm from 20-East where they killin' thieves (big facts) Stones got my ears feelin' like Christmas Eve (big facts) Before you bend over, baby, get on your knees (big facts) Drive by, jump out then we tie-dye (21, 21) Say a nigga' touch me, that's a lie, lie (big cap) She fried, she fucked the gang, we call her five guys (five guys) I'm so high, I almost thought I skydived (skydived) I'ma let 'em spin like a spiral (straight up) I don't got no love for no rival (straight up) Put him on the news, he went viral (pussy) I took a number two with my rifle (pussy) Every car I'm in, I got the title (on God) Slaughter Gang, I turn a model to a hiker (big facts) I know they want me dead, I got a Kel-Tec in this Viper (21) I hit all the vibes on the low 'cause I'm a sniper (21)
Isaak Ix
Isaak Ix 12 soat oldin
Shout out kid Hazel mn21 made music for Mortal Kombat a TV show and saw in the span of 2/3 years
Ronald vidaL
Ronald vidaL 13 soat oldin
Dominica American
Walid Izda
Walid Izda 13 soat oldin
Hat fler erfunden !
yungdaggerdick 13 soat oldin
what is this bro
Ryan 13 soat oldin
Best 5 minutes I’ve ever had
Emmy_Kendo 13 soat oldin
AgentBanana 13 soat oldin
I was waiting for 21 bruh
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 13 soat oldin
And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4)
Berna 14 soat oldin
SKARI 14 soat oldin
Ezz ddin
Ezz ddin 14 soat oldin
2021 this shit never get old 🔥🔥
New Type Of Flex
New Type Of Flex 14 soat oldin
Shit horrible.
HahaLolXyz :0
HahaLolXyz :0 14 soat oldin
Where does this man J Cole get this 🔥shee bro.