IDriss Mouhssine
IDriss Mouhssine 15 soat oldin
Jasmine 15 soat oldin
Why did they choose to upload this...
Nehemiah Edwards
Nehemiah Edwards 15 soat oldin
i like how people are still hating after the situation has been situated. the chef revealed it was a joke, charli and dixie said sry. if you don't like them no one cares what you think. its what counts the most.
Sanja Pavlovic
Sanja Pavlovic 15 soat oldin
Omggg so cute dogggg
Bella Buck
Bella Buck 15 soat oldin
Did anyone notice Charli’s reaction
Autumn Sills
Autumn Sills 15 soat oldin
Dixe just passing her used lemons to her dad* still love u dixie just saying
Izanne Prinsloo
Izanne Prinsloo 15 soat oldin
my mind is blown by what i just watched
「Ari-Chan 」
「Ari-Chan 」 15 soat oldin
Everyone in comment section: *CaNcEl ChArLi* Me: *Damn this video is making me hungry.*
brandon peña
brandon peña 15 soat oldin
El chef se ve que es una gran persona no merece ese trato se paso la mae 👍
VALE GARCIA 15 soat oldin
What? How is it designed? Ah, your sister's attitude made me angry 😤
ღBlossom Teaღ
ღBlossom Teaღ 15 soat oldin
Charlie being sarcastic & fake laughing & being sassy/rude. 1:37 fake laughing 2:37 fake laughing&clapping 2:32 Fake grin 4:31 Fake laughing 4:47 grossed out 6:04 sarcastic while saying "so good" 6:13 playing with food 10:37 rude to her sister 15:02 Wishing for more fans 15:11 Sass face Thanks for your time bye!
لالي والكل يحلالي
لالي والكل يحلالي 15 soat oldin
اشتركو في قناة منصور المبارك من العراق قناتهم مره تجنن انشر انشر اشتركوا في قنات زينب صباح من العراق قناتها مره جنن انشر0
Mila Daugherty
Mila Daugherty 15 soat oldin
I mean some of this hate is WAY to much, but like seriously I feel bad for the chef
Tenzin Desang
Tenzin Desang 15 soat oldin
i hate this family so much.
Emilia No wag
Emilia No wag 15 soat oldin
sireosly he tried white pepper like 10000000000000 timees
Stephany Martinez pardo
Stephany Martinez pardo 15 soat oldin
Es una falta de respeto pierdes otra suscritora charli
Stephany Martinez pardo
Stephany Martinez pardo 15 soat oldin
AOMINE DAiKi 16 soat oldin
Omg wtf is this literally there's a guest and u throw up in frnt of omg wtf do they think they r huh...just earning some money thru a useless app makes them think they do wat they wanna do and don't care about what other ppl hav problem with...and the fact that they act like they don't care what James is speaking and just carry on with the food...omg if i was James i would just just leave but only thnk the chef and just leave.
brawl BOI
brawl BOI 16 soat oldin
that little prick has not idea how hard it is to cook.
Ana Sofi
Ana Sofi 16 soat oldin
12:40 Does Dixie just picked her nose and then eat the bugger???? How old is she??
Allyson Dinges
Allyson Dinges 16 soat oldin
THE PEOPLE ON HERE. STOP BEING SO RUDE. seriously stop. The "problems" that you guys are pointing out is stupid. They are being normal human beings, and you cant judge them for that. The way Dixie acted would be a NORMAL reaction. What other teen would eat a SNAIL without throughing up. And plus Dixie even said it was a joke. When Charlie asked for chicken nuggets any normal 16 year old would do the same. Stop judging them and telling charli to kill her self because of the way they acted. I dont care if they are influencers it still is not ok that people are basically bullying them for this. And telling someone to kill themselves is 100% wrong no matter what. STOP MAKING THIS A BIG DEAL. STOP JUDGING PEOPLE FOR ACTING NORMAL. It is not ok.
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 16 soat oldin
12:40....Umm am i the only one that noticed that dixie picked her nose.....and then ate her booger????
kristine asis
kristine asis 16 soat oldin
Wtf is dis attitude amelio!!!!
Regina Morbert
Regina Morbert 16 soat oldin
Charli, I mean.... Your really kind and all... But this is just not one of your liked videos
Liz F
Liz F 16 soat oldin
James literally had to take over their outroooooo hahahaha
KingKyle1 16 soat oldin
Now let's guess who wants to eat with them next
Teddy Maclemore
Teddy Maclemore 16 soat oldin
okay but what did they do to that dog??
FarzadN SUS
FarzadN SUS 16 soat oldin
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 16 soat oldin
Liz F
Liz F 16 soat oldin
It literally feels like I'm sitting at a super awkward dinner. People are definitely blowing this out of proportion though. It's really not a big deal. Disrespectful, yes, but clearly they were just being comfortable in their own home and thinking it was funny.
Tristán 16 soat oldin
it's not funny, they suck
Muyenga Doreen
Muyenga Doreen 16 soat oldin
Love you guys❤️❤️
Lalea 16 soat oldin
Did she just pick her nose -
Willy Calixtro
Willy Calixtro 16 soat oldin
Shame on you..dont have any manners..
Dark Turtle
Dark Turtle 16 soat oldin
they so damnnnn stuppidddddddd
Ryan Troiano
Ryan Troiano 17 soat oldin
They act like brats. Literally act as if they’re 8 year olds. Grow up, and humble yourselves. Very entitled little girls that get everything they want. It’s a shame that young kids look up to these poor role models. Parents should know how and when to discipline their kids.
Ryan Troiano
Ryan Troiano 17 soat oldin
Shame on the parents... they let them act this disrespectful in public. Can’t imagine how they are without the cameras constantly on them. Talentless.
Trinity Robinson
Trinity Robinson 17 soat oldin
Yall really mad b/c she threw a snail up I would have thrown it up too
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 17 soat oldin
they said pizza like millions of times 😭
Shivam Patil
Shivam Patil 17 soat oldin
This entire clip shows how poorly they are raised 🙏
Yildirim Silan
Yildirim Silan 17 soat oldin
every numbers b
charli damelio
charli damelio 17 soat oldin
omg is this real please make a vedio and let dixie fly real
Ynah Mo
Ynah Mo 17 soat oldin
If I ever acted the way they did even in my grown ass age, I would catch my mothers backhand and fly me back to Philippines lmao.
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones 17 soat oldin
How old are they !!!!
flora mary
flora mary 17 soat oldin
i dont wanna be rude but Dixies laugh makes me aggressive
José Falcón Bermejo
José Falcón Bermejo 17 soat oldin
No han comido paella en su vida
Zara Magoon
Zara Magoon 17 soat oldin
My heart melted when I saw the dogs and it melted even more when I saw the kittens❤️❤️❤️
Salma Abdelhamid
Salma Abdelhamid 17 soat oldin
dixie is hungry so she only say ohh yummy haaa
Andjela Bozickovic
Andjela Bozickovic 17 soat oldin
James is the best hear omg you girls how you can to say that things
Lily Ritz
Lily Ritz 18 soat oldin
The food looks so yummi😍
ꜱᴛʜᴇᴘ ꜱᴜʙʟɪᴍɪɴᴀʟꜱ
ꜱᴛʜᴇᴘ ꜱᴜʙʟɪᴍɪɴᴀʟꜱ 18 soat oldin
Bld son re maleducadas las pibas no las tenia así:/
Emilio Perez
Emilio Perez 18 soat oldin
Why is Charli being but hurt like she’s 5
شدون عبدالله
شدون عبدالله 18 soat oldin
sadgirl._.savannah s
sadgirl._.savannah s 18 soat oldin
dixie could have just put the snails aside and not eaten them but she just HAD to do the most
Genesis A Davis
Genesis A Davis 18 soat oldin
hancheesong! 18 soat oldin
The only person I like is marc is humble and have manners while the others “...” but tbh I feel like They have no manners only Marc I mean the others had no manners and was eating while Marc was so kind to talk to James but idk anymore
Elisabetta Maglio
Elisabetta Maglio 18 soat oldin
lol no
lol no 18 soat oldin
This shit was confusing af lol.
Lizi Kostava
Lizi Kostava 18 soat oldin
Charlie, remember that I love you very much and lovers, please come to Georgia, please, you have so many fans and followers, all Georgians, I am also Georgian, but I write and speak freely.
Lizi Kostava
Lizi Kostava 18 soat oldin
And it's because of you I learned to write I love you I love you never forget to never remember and dream and see you hope 💯 ♥ ️ ♥ ♥
Lizi Kostava
Lizi Kostava 18 soat oldin
Charlie, remember that I love you very much.
Giulia Sposito
Giulia Sposito 18 soat oldin
This family is so strange
Sofia Mota Mundo Kids 2
Sofia Mota Mundo Kids 2 18 soat oldin
Hi im from Brazil
noel pine
noel pine 18 soat oldin
i respect the d'amelios cuz i never unfollow her because she says the follower are 'even numbers' and i think the snail is kinda disgusting for me and dixie and i love dino nuggiesand i dont think the chef dont know about dino nuggie
Sunflower Baby
Sunflower Baby 18 soat oldin
its the lack of table manners for me...
Frances Landicho
Frances Landicho 19 soat oldin
That two seems like brats and their parents doesn’t seem to mind their bratty attitudes🙄
hiedi sullivan
hiedi sullivan 19 soat oldin
the dog is so cute
Mayu Sato
Mayu Sato 19 soat oldin
The d amelio sister's is disrespectful their chef
אחמד מדיעם
אחמד מדיעם 19 soat oldin
diamond eliane
diamond eliane 19 soat oldin
nobody: the damelios: *disrespecting the chef* me:*unfollow, unsubscribe, never watch them again* that's mad embarrassing bro
Cheryl Samayra
Cheryl Samayra 19 soat oldin
So whatever is going about this video is not that serious after seeing the whole video I realised that there was nothing serious and even if Dixie did not like the food all the people commenting that stuff about Dixie doesn't have the right to tell her what to eat after I saw Charlie's live , the way she was apologizing that she never meant to make anyone sad they are supposed make funny videos for us and this defines who they are what they do but what ever going on about this video is not good they also are human beings and they have their right to live no one can threaten them to die
Aesthetic Lover
Aesthetic Lover 19 soat oldin
Dixie is so dramatic when she ate the snail
Azkia Dwizulfa
Azkia Dwizulfa 19 soat oldin
el mundo de santina
el mundo de santina 19 soat oldin
Charlie d'amelio sos re exagerada encima sos re mala y te crees la dueña del mundo sos la peor si te vas de tik tok me importa verga
Sophia i
Sophia i 19 soat oldin
why is she always sticking her tongue out & making these weird faces
Merjem Niksic
Merjem Niksic 19 soat oldin
Dude, Charli just said her followers are just nubers?!?
Dai Rabello
Dai Rabello 19 soat oldin
Charli already has 100mi
Liona 1969
Liona 1969 19 soat oldin
Wow dis probs gunna be the first nd last celeb 🤣🤣🤣
Kylers Benzon
Kylers Benzon 19 soat oldin
I don't love Charli and Dixie 👎👎👎👎👎
Felicity Joy Papasin
Felicity Joy Papasin 20 soat oldin
chiara bonino
chiara bonino 20 soat oldin
napoledanoo ajahhahaha
Hey Everyone
Hey Everyone 20 soat oldin
Alguien buscando un comentario en español
iya ph
iya ph 20 soat oldin
We all know charlie is not a perfect person...So alot of her fans unfollow her in about 1 Million.. Remember... Be grateful that your lucky to have an own chef.. Or else they will leave you..
Weané Johnson
Weané Johnson 20 soat oldin
Hey guys please dont put hate on charli she almots lost 1m on tik tok she just made a joke