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OstoryTeller 16 soat oldin
i miss tex so much!
Sir Aran
Sir Aran 16 soat oldin
Blake is a cat girl. Time for head pats.
Redneck Dedon
Redneck Dedon 16 soat oldin
Bruh Felix is like a psychopath
Nathan Zadrozny
Nathan Zadrozny 16 soat oldin
**Nora asking questions** Me: Does Rie Takahashi wear the same undergarments as Megumin?
gogeta blue
gogeta blue 17 soat oldin
So the ships were Tabi x snake Tabi x Niel Tabi x Erin Erin x snake Erin x Neil Neil x snake Gwen x Dave I guess Jeremy x sasha And the final one max x nikki
Microwaved Ice Cream
Microwaved Ice Cream 17 soat oldin
And the winner of “most convoluted love triangle” goes to...
Dakuu75 17 soat oldin
So... when is the Red VS Blue video game gonna happen? -because at this point... better than Halo.
Dakuu75 17 soat oldin
Billions and billions of years... and he never learned english... He did that on purpose and we all know it. XD <3
Dust-Man's Stage
Dust-Man's Stage 17 soat oldin
imagine not using your hood until *just* now
MysticDragonWolf 17 soat oldin
This show got me into Halo
Justsomegirl 17 soat oldin
0:20 Watts and Jacques are in prison together? This will be interesting
Does anyone think that Snake's voice sounds a little bit like Zuko? Lol
M E L O N E 17 soat oldin
0:20 Watts receiving bitch treatment .
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games 17 soat oldin
This is THE funniest episode!
Lilian Drake
Lilian Drake 17 soat oldin
Just imagine Ruby having a infinite supply of pillows to throw at Yang!
bg5igmachi 17 soat oldin
Idk why I die laughing at the part when Lopez says “bueno”, but I can’t help it. 😂😂😂😂😂
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt 17 soat oldin
See, I don't really think Carolina was THAT bad in the period they set this in. MAYBE if it was right after the fight with CT, but even then...
Camera Kitty
Camera Kitty 17 soat oldin
TheTimePronX 17 soat oldin
The ending was sicko!
Valigus 17 soat oldin
Honestly this season was definitely the weakest specifically with ruby half of what she did in the latter half of the series was either straight up mean or just dumb specifically their plan and basically everything she said to qrow who she knows is having a lot of difficulty feeling betrayed by the only person who gave aphid purpose and feeling as if he is a curse in everyone around him etc...
Dayton Lee
Dayton Lee 17 soat oldin
so they making more of this or what
Camera Kitty
Camera Kitty 18 soat oldin
Awwwww, Sarge made a friend!
Valigus 18 soat oldin
Why did qrow hop on the summon Ah cloud vs captain falcon
Shawn Crabtree
Shawn Crabtree 18 soat oldin
I notice that in one of the earlier episodes, Neil talks about a love quadrant being a possible future adventure.
hugebass1 18 soat oldin
Here in 2020 making my 4th re-watch of this series
Valigus 18 soat oldin
I love the baby he is so dramatic Also I love how Maria used her semblance to shut up Weiss Why is qrow blaming himself he was the only rational one who didn’t wann go along with this terrible plan
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games 18 soat oldin
Dylan: Caboose is terribly injured and probably dead! Caboose: Oh no! Not caboose! We need to go rescue him! BEST PART!🤣
Lisa O' Brien
Lisa O' Brien 18 soat oldin
just bring back the whole squad caboose wash tucker sarge grif carolina simmons and for gods sake church! donut doc lopez
StarlaFox YT
StarlaFox YT 18 soat oldin
Always will find it funny how the main antagonist is just a crazy ex wife.
smiler :D
smiler :D 18 soat oldin
Did anyone notice how they watched episode 13 and this is episode 13 of camp camp??
cry baby
cry baby 19 soat oldin
My only hope is to see my sunny monkey baby boy soon
Valigus 19 soat oldin
Ruby’s speech has to be the stupidest things she has ever said, because they pretty much have always at nearly every point needed an adult to come help and save them I struggle to think of a time where anyone other then Blake honestly accomplished much with no adults
derek winters
derek winters 19 soat oldin
Caboose is everyone’s home if he wasn’t in blood Gulch then the red and blues will still be in that same canyon forever if he wasn’t bigger then they would not be the guardians of the universe so I guess caboose is faith and I’ll take that One phrase from church ain’t that a bitch
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 19 soat oldin
as awesome as this is, what does any of it have to do with RvB?
QJR LV 19 soat oldin
Neptune: Besides no one likes cartoons Me: Bu.. My mind: Nope. Don't say it
Katrina Erskine
Katrina Erskine 19 soat oldin
Heyyyy that Look in Nora’s eye at 0:33, where it looked like it changed from a smug “I’ve got this” to fear... Is Nora going to die? Please discuss.
LilRadRidingHood 19 soat oldin
one of these days when im feeling wild im just gonna eat cheese and drink carbonated milk
Al 19 soat oldin
Doyle giving up the sword was probably a smart move. If he died and let the sword fall, Felix could've just retrieved it and not have to worry about killing him.
paul crowley
paul crowley 19 soat oldin
Im from Boston and i call soda soda. Pop is like what my grandparents called it in the 30s
Eren Denburg Niederhoffer
Eren Denburg Niederhoffer 19 soat oldin
Hope to see more muscle for female characters in the future
Ian Helm
Ian Helm 20 soat oldin
1:47 Oh I love ironic humor
Valigus 20 soat oldin
I feel like qrow is by far the saddest(mortal) character in the series, his sister betrayed him, he curses everyone around him and he drinks to deal with it and nobody seems to understand except maybe ruby. I also get the idea qrow recognizes the apathy grimm and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has often encountered them before.
The Eastside
The Eastside 20 soat oldin
So this is was tex looked like? She looks very nice lmao
Jack Robert
Jack Robert 20 soat oldin
Is season 18 of red vs blue coming?
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games 20 soat oldin
Doyle was no Leader or a Soldier... He was a goddamn Hero.
Daniel Gannon
Daniel Gannon 20 soat oldin
I don't even recognize my own face
Valigus 20 soat oldin
So were the 4 maidens their kids or were they just young women he gave power because they reminded him of their kids Regardless that means he is cured with eternally seeing reminders of his now dead and forgotten children Also come on emerald turning away from Salem is just the most obviously foreshadowed thing ever
Spartan 2341
Spartan 2341 20 soat oldin
Is caboose talking about five nights at Freddy’s?
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 20 soat oldin
Luxury Løsers
Luxury Løsers 20 soat oldin
I'm excited thanks for doing this
D3lta Wave
D3lta Wave 21 soat oldin
Bow chicka bow wow
Dakuu75 21 soat oldin
Donut's enthusiasm and up-beat attitude is admirable, honestly. Especially despite the shit everyone gives him.
Al 21 soat oldin
So... Caboose is Goku?
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games 21 soat oldin
And i thought Pyro was a psycho! She's literally singing while ripping someone apart!
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 21 soat oldin
What episode is the planet orgy?
Brian Carter
Brian Carter 21 soat oldin
Shakey cam doesnt work it just makes everything out of focus and annoying.
Angela Wood
Angela Wood 21 soat oldin
(creepy ass music plays)
Winston Xavier
Winston Xavier 21 soat oldin
I saw asking myself the same thing church
Al 21 soat oldin
1:11 So uh, Death Battle of Tucker vs Sora when?
puppyhowler 22 soat oldin
the humans: try to destroy a literal god the god: doesn't get destroyed the humans: *shocked Pikachu face
Vinnrek 22 soat oldin
SK8 the Infinity gives me mad Air Gear vibes
Al 22 soat oldin
Fun fact, collective punishment is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.
Crispacito 22 soat oldin
at this point im only excited if yang dies, but shes a main character so she probably wont D;
-Senko San-
-Senko San- 22 soat oldin
Recommended content that was actually really funny xD
Vulturine 564
Vulturine 564 22 soat oldin
Insert Spiderman Meme Here
Reaper Of the plague
Reaper Of the plague 22 soat oldin
Acho que sou o único brasileiro que conhece e viu essa serie
Jack Ball
Jack Ball 22 soat oldin
"We're gonna need a new insertion point" Bow chika bow wow
Felix Gallegos
Felix Gallegos 22 soat oldin
Rwby volume one has PS1 graphics
pop5678eye 22 soat oldin
The reason these armors were never popular is because of the lack of a prominent codpiece.
Sand Pope
Sand Pope 22 soat oldin
Whenever Pyrrha says "I'm sorry"...... CRY A LOT
Explosivo 3021
Explosivo 3021 22 soat oldin
I really want Ozpin in Oscars body to look at Cinder and just be like, “you are nothing like the Fall I are embarrassing”
Al 23 soat oldin
Tucker's come so far from making double entendres.
Explosivo 3021
Explosivo 3021 23 soat oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Mistrals Continent kinda looks like Yang doing a jump kick sticking her arm up high???
rick gilbert
rick gilbert 23 soat oldin
D3lta Wave
D3lta Wave 23 soat oldin
XD cut on captions and go to 2:41
Valigus 23 soat oldin
Why wasn’t Nora the first person they had fight hazel like come on
Aantuan Hernández
Aantuan Hernández 23 soat oldin
AAm halo game
Kristopher Pring
Kristopher Pring 23 soat oldin
I have a good bud name Chad, and he is probably one of the best people ever. I think Chad James is a similar level of cool. My you be a skate voice.
Banana Joe
Banana Joe 23 soat oldin
I'm ready for this shit show
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games 23 soat oldin
I'm really liking the Unicorn Doomguy!