No Mercy Mashups
No Mercy Mashups 17 soat oldin
*Why did Microsoft buy Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars?? They could’ve played it for $25 😐*
Piggy oik
Piggy oik 17 soat oldin
4:09 I think that's Coral Castle
CuddlyQuinn 17 soat oldin
its a world type
lucas m
lucas m 17 soat oldin
Memory unlocked:yogscast
DogiesEveyone 18 soat oldin
I would like to know the cordnents for the tallest mountain
Kevin Phillipp
Kevin Phillipp 18 soat oldin
Why did you remove zombie pigman
JEMIS GAMING 18 soat oldin
maybe P0LAND
slinja 18 soat oldin
Once I had a world where the village was half a ravine
Cliché the Cat
Cliché the Cat 18 soat oldin
Ethoslab, anyone? He’s still going strong with his vanilla Let’s Play series! :’)
TheFunWasHere 18 soat oldin
Since bedrock is so glitchy I once had a seed in which a village spawned underground with a zombie spawned inside it
Mega_LucarioFTW 18 soat oldin
This seed 1669320484 still works like a charm (Tested on 1.16.221)
The Animating Gamer
The Animating Gamer 18 soat oldin
I like how this is almost as long as the history of the entire oofing world. One game.
حجي صالح برجس
حجي صالح برجس 18 soat oldin
It's obviously technoblade
根ずこ Nezuko Kamado
根ずこ Nezuko Kamado 18 soat oldin
who else was here from beta or before :)
Amer azis Atuel
Amer azis Atuel 19 soat oldin
Stoopid Microsoft should just install Minecraft for free in google
Adres4900 18 soat oldin
Dragon_QTPie 19 soat oldin
I dont get the same vibes from Bill Wurtz tbh
Ewen Saavedra
Ewen Saavedra 19 soat oldin
the history of the world i guess sipover:the history of minecraft i guess
Swai-Anne Rowlings
Swai-Anne Rowlings 19 soat oldin
i still remember when the boys in my grade would race to borrow minecraft books from the library... simpler times
Fun Fun
Fun Fun 19 soat oldin
"Completely randomized" Half a second later: "All determined by a specific number called the seed"
It's Time To Dule!
It's Time To Dule! 19 soat oldin
The end tho
John Matthew Muyano
John Matthew Muyano 19 soat oldin
I knew it that sci-craft has things that make the Minecraft world cry lol
Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias
Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias 19 soat oldin
10:40 lmao XD Sheep f***er 9000!
Noamori Rosemam
Noamori Rosemam 20 soat oldin
9:30 where the melon of safety
Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition
Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition 20 soat oldin
Sipover: bring minecraft to the bathroom Me at 2015: Rookie
The Lusogerman
The Lusogerman 20 soat oldin
Omg i got a 1 in 14000000000 seed with my friend a while ago and didn't even know it
FreaKGaming YT
FreaKGaming YT 20 soat oldin
Deadlox just sucks now :/
Slatsky August
Slatsky August 20 soat oldin
Sky house
Robin Bernas
Robin Bernas 20 soat oldin
Minecraft is older than me for 1 month
Kat Valentine
Kat Valentine 20 soat oldin
Ultramarine looks great
Tails plays bmgo
Tails plays bmgo 20 soat oldin
Gold was green before
Tùng Hoàng Nguyễn
Tùng Hoàng Nguyễn 21 soat oldin
Dream 2021: *boat glitch*
Trash Human
Trash Human 21 soat oldin
I'm a bit disappointed The Mindcrack Server was never brought up. Guudeboulderfist, BdoubleO100, VintageBeef, KurtJMac, Pauseunpause, those guys were my childhood
Master LuLu
Master LuLu 21 soat oldin
You know you can go inside the Minecraft logo in the tutorial world right?
Su Su Tv Star
Su Su Tv Star 21 soat oldin
I also got a village spawned on a little insland and I also found the pink sheep in it 🐑
dorian alston
dorian alston 21 soat oldin
man i can't wait to play hive
dorian alston
dorian alston 21 soat oldin
river's are a biome stupid
kun setio
kun setio 21 soat oldin
wait you and me just saw herobrine
Yiğit Kaymak #saveralph
Yiğit Kaymak #saveralph 21 soat oldin
5:54 i scaring from this sound
Gaming with Tuca
Gaming with Tuca 21 soat oldin
Launching yourself vertically NICE
Lolo Alexandria
Lolo Alexandria 21 soat oldin
I love your videos!!!!!
Astro cat
Astro cat 21 soat oldin
Learning In school:👎 Learning from Sipover:👍
stan exo for clear skin
stan exo for clear skin 21 soat oldin
what are the cords for the first one?
Patience Rose
Patience Rose 21 soat oldin
Game sense and technoblades game sense is more better than dreams by like 1percent
Patience Rose
Patience Rose 21 soat oldin
Im sorry but who won the duel against dream and technoblade
John Jairo Santos
John Jairo Santos 21 soat oldin
Hey how about you check I want fortress seed you will find Badlands biome please check it
Lonely Doggo
Lonely Doggo 21 soat oldin
0:25 sounds like 5b5t
Doll Ifer
Doll Ifer 21 soat oldin
You're so rude I used to be your fan why did you say my bridging is useless
CATCUS CACTUS 21 soat oldin
Y o u c a n s p a w n f * c k i n g- Me:WHAAA? Me:I wish I had a PC and born earlier and then...yea I’m out of WORDS
ILike2Edit :D
ILike2Edit :D 22 soat oldin
6:06 Dream Bottom text
AugustTheNinja GR360
AugustTheNinja GR360 22 soat oldin
8:25 mineplex bacon brawl
Norol 22 soat oldin
10m views in 1 week😳
Ann Enright
Ann Enright 22 soat oldin
5:02 “Launch yourself *up* horizontally” *cough v e r t i c a l 🥖🤌
Ninja Productions
Ninja Productions 22 soat oldin
It’s called superflat
Sempai :c
Sempai :c 22 soat oldin
Salgor Agarus
Salgor Agarus 22 soat oldin
The first one is basically the Eternal Cylinder
Hassam Razzaq
Hassam Razzaq 22 soat oldin
B AVH 22 soat oldin
I cannot believe how long I been playing this game 👁👄👁
Susan Gauthreaux
Susan Gauthreaux 23 soat oldin
Aaaaaand the coordinates for where to find each world's crazy "thing" was not shown. 😔 And the seed for Bedrock doesn't work (at least, not for Java).
Tucker Mitchell
Tucker Mitchell 23 soat oldin
Some dude copy's history of the entire world: *_"Bill Wurtz has entered the chat"_*
Double Triple
Double Triple 23 soat oldin
i remember when i was little, i used to do the minecart rocket experiment and i would go flying up high, sadly they removed it so it got boring and got over with it
Silky Robinson
Silky Robinson 23 soat oldin
The ending tho
Ahmed Amri
Ahmed Amri 23 soat oldin
10:09 why there is stikbot lol
Fat_Al's Gaming
Fat_Al's Gaming 23 soat oldin
once i was ten years old
MPAS TV [Darkmode]
MPAS TV [Darkmode] 23 soat oldin
By the way, Did you know that Minecraft has been around for over a decade now?
Rocc 23 soat oldin
2:44 creative mode
Maximiliano Garcia
Maximiliano Garcia 23 soat oldin
i am glad for being part of the majority of minecraft's history and for it being part of my childhood and teenage years
Nobodyyy Kun oldin
The days of cops and robbers will never be topped
Anna Sweet
Anna Sweet Kun oldin
Pig seen is MY favorite painting NOT Sipover's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lolbit FnaF
Lolbit FnaF Kun oldin
Lmaoo 11:14 I Think it looks like a-
Maddox Bellrose
Maddox Bellrose Kun oldin
Um, Minecraft story mode.
Nathaniel Capitano
Nathaniel Capitano Kun oldin
Bro you didn't need to make me cry like that on the first one
ChipmunkGamez Kun oldin
12:30 *yep pretty much*
SnakeTitan Kun oldin
Minecraft is very awesome
Bubbles chan
Bubbles chan Kun oldin
the people who believe in herobrine watching this vid: IT'S HEROBRINE'S WORK
Konify Kun oldin
*3 experienced players* I think you mean 2
Waffles Xtreme
Waffles Xtreme Kun oldin
How about the stone egg
Dotsch Goubbra
Dotsch Goubbra Kun oldin
Enderportal fully working is actually 4094:1
Emmanuel Andrade
Emmanuel Andrade Kun oldin
Ruv Kun oldin