Secret_XxGhostss yt
Secret_XxGhostss yt 3 soat oldin
Omw to poland
Nining Tatin
Nining Tatin 3 soat oldin
im leaving earth.
astrall. • 10 years ago
astrall. • 10 years ago 3 soat oldin
bro? russ is smiling while torturing people?
Marina Silva
Marina Silva 3 soat oldin
Amazing! Loved the stars at the end!😍
Mark Harris
Mark Harris 3 soat oldin
The term "gender" is now completely meaningless.
Qarib Arib
Qarib Arib 3 soat oldin
The agnostic guy looks smart
stop the world I want to get off
stop the world I want to get off 3 soat oldin
If I were Spanish, I would not be mourning the departure of some of these unsavoury characters.
Sujith Vaddi
Sujith Vaddi 3 soat oldin
Haroon Daman
Haroon Daman 4 soat oldin
Can't they just fight back? Is that lot allowed?
mo Bi
mo Bi 4 soat oldin
These look like natives
Dogearc 4 soat oldin
hes just filming people getting torture XD
Lance Eulo Miano
Lance Eulo Miano 4 soat oldin
Lok Pat
Lok Pat 4 soat oldin
Kisi indian media channel me himmat nahi hai ye dikhane ki
SmilingIpad 4 soat oldin
Seinfeld got this right
Istana Angin
Istana Angin 4 soat oldin
I don't care bout it. The problem with this video is we don't know if they are marry or not.
Jack Albright
Jack Albright 4 soat oldin
If ANYONE so much as turns too quickly toward me with a syringe… I will understand it to be violence and a direct threat to my life. I will be BRUTAL in defending myself and I will fight tooth, nail and to the death!! ☠️ NEVER will that poison enter my body!!!
Ashok nur Nur
Ashok nur Nur 5 soat oldin
কি হইছে এরার
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith 5 soat oldin
I remember years ago the Japanese descended on Hawaii raising the real estate so no one could afford to live there especially the natives to the state. It’s a very unaffordable place to live I’ve read.
They don't see themselves as immigrants, more colonisers. I predicted British homes in Spain would plummet in price. Those that voted Brexit deserve to lose their money.
world amazing , Covid19
buzzsaw301 5 soat oldin
So you cant fight back you just get slapped around for fun? These women have daddy issues big fkin time
EX0stasis 5 soat oldin
For all those Americans reading this: “Pavement” = “Sidewalk”
pat allison
pat allison 5 soat oldin
You'd never get bored of stamping on their faces would you.
Simon Grey
Simon Grey 5 soat oldin
We need a new film to revisit this in 2021. Hope it gets commissioned.
The Animate
The Animate 5 soat oldin
I will attack if I join this and I mean ATTACK
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus 5 soat oldin
One, thing I do not understand is that she was already on the run for few days and away from home, where did she borrowed money to get on the plane? Credit card? Maybe. Hope they are safe.
balvinder singh
balvinder singh 5 soat oldin
Don ellis
Don ellis 5 soat oldin
Okay what is that one drop rule they have here in America?
Cel Tic
Cel Tic 6 soat oldin
*or easier why don't they just invite immigrants in? plenty of people around the world who are displaced by violence & climate change and would love to live in Greece despite its economic toils - especially compared to where they live now. the Earth doesn't need more people*
Manvendra Srivastava
Manvendra Srivastava 6 soat oldin
This is devastating. Majority of people are dying due to lack of oxygen. ।।ॐ मृत्युंजय महादेव त्राहिमां शरणागतम, जन्म मृत्यु जरा व्याधि पीड़ितं कर्म बंधनः।।
Edward Newgate
Edward Newgate 6 soat oldin
Should have canceled kumbh mela festival
Mantis_ 6 soat oldin
Okay look, I don’t really know what to say but how the actual heck is this legal? It’s physical and mental torture.
wonderingheights 6 soat oldin
Not sure why - with the millions that Hawaii rakes in from millionaire residents - that they can't build these folks some homes.
Eric Homen
Eric Homen 6 soat oldin
Easy they dont want to become infertile or sterile
Zael Steven Sabado
Zael Steven Sabado 6 soat oldin
this is alegal what hapen thre are died
Mohamed MidOo محمد ميدو
Mohamed MidOo محمد ميدو 6 soat oldin
Noelle Martin
Noelle Martin 6 soat oldin
very smart women....
The Water Nation Magazine
The Water Nation Magazine 6 soat oldin
Jishon Croom
Jishon Croom 7 soat oldin
I’d rather live and win nothin then possibly die
Sel Viek
Sel Viek 7 soat oldin
Throughout the interview Mr. Dawkins sounded like a fervent agnostic. Then he ends it with "why we are here" and how science explains it. Seems like he is on the spiritual path.
Hitman 29
Hitman 29 7 soat oldin
The only person that could pass this is probably a Russian special forces soldier
Chocolate Rain
Chocolate Rain 7 soat oldin
With all of the time and effort he and they put in to live in these tunnels why could THEY not put same effort in getting a job and a apt or home?????????
Ricky None
Ricky None 7 soat oldin
If u see the videos and still go u deserve everything your gonna get. Don't blame the people doing it blame the participants
mohdaziz mohdsaad
mohdaziz mohdsaad 7 soat oldin
create by amercan
Onion Potato
Onion Potato 7 soat oldin
Owen Jones cannot see that he is the new Mary Whitehouse.
Neon Wolf
Neon Wolf 7 soat oldin
I like this interviewer because he wasn't rude or condescending when he so easily could have been
Annette Jones
Annette Jones 8 soat oldin
Interesting ! If that's what you feel than by all means be real !❤
Dizzie Willey
Dizzie Willey 8 soat oldin
I can’t watch this , it’s too horrible.
Dizzie Willey
Dizzie Willey 8 soat oldin
Poor child. This should be stopped. Mutilation like this is terrible. Not necessary. Why do they do this ?
toka ahmed
toka ahmed 8 soat oldin
وطني الذي عان كثيراً 😢😭😭
Iloveass 22
Iloveass 22 8 soat oldin
Breaks my heart to hear he lost his mother and brother while in prison, add up to that torture and mistreatment.
Priscila Menezes
Priscila Menezes 8 soat oldin
Meus sentimentos Índia! 🇧🇷
Marié telléz
Marié telléz 8 soat oldin
Rochelle Dae-Rok
Rochelle Dae-Rok 8 soat oldin
Man they doing California like this to. No more governments.
Onion Potato
Onion Potato 8 soat oldin
The election was stolen. The mainstream media lies.
Onion Potato
Onion Potato 8 soat oldin
The smug elitists at The Guardian are dripping with contempt for anyone who doesn't think like they do.
Onion Potato
Onion Potato 8 soat oldin
After a year of on-and-off lockdown, I'm feeling like the government is the enemy and not the virus.
María B.
María B. 8 soat oldin
I think its great there are less people, the environment doesnt need more
Bishal Bist
Bishal Bist 8 soat oldin
azhar muhammad
azhar muhammad 8 soat oldin
Hella2693. 9 soat oldin
She a feisty old lady, she even looked mean in her baby picture lol.
CadeTs3 9 soat oldin
"I just like to entertain people" **proceeds to show brutal torture**
Catherine Ewonkem
Catherine Ewonkem 9 soat oldin
I blame the government.
River Huck
River Huck 9 soat oldin
This is ridiculous like I feel bad for his kids, there in the back yard saying the devil words like dude really this is how u raise ur children as a Christian I can’t I just can’t
4th Chairman
4th Chairman 10 soat oldin
I can't stand Owen Jones but I love Jonas Nay so it's a compromise lol
Q. B. Inc.
Q. B. Inc. 10 soat oldin
Travel studio music song atoz video 198TV198
Travel studio music song atoz video 198TV198 10 soat oldin
Happy 👍📺💖
KonoSpongebobDa 10 soat oldin
I would do it but i just need to sneak in my ak 47 and a grenade with some med kits
Celeste Nicaragua
Celeste Nicaragua 10 soat oldin
😥😥 hoooo Dios cuanto dolor este desastre mundial parece Apocalipsis.....😥😥😥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sang wOo
Sang wOo 10 soat oldin
It started when the Church encourages the government to discourage Filipinos to ban contraceptives.
lee owen
lee owen 10 soat oldin
When sentenced, he should have got another 10 years for those tattoos.
Bibi Persaud
Bibi Persaud 10 soat oldin
Nature's way of depopulation! Birth control for everyone starting now!!!?
ExploreAndBeyond 10 soat oldin
I’m sorry no no no no I’m not doing this if I can DIE
Nixelus 10 soat oldin
military recruiters be like: *hi whales do you like violence?*