Justin Bieber - All Bad
Hamburgeristan 6 soat oldin
10 years later
Freestyle Moves by TRIPTI
Freestyle Moves by TRIPTI 6 soat oldin
Blind Wishbone
Blind Wishbone 6 soat oldin
That keyboard reminds me of Bush - Letting the cables sleep. This was a moving performance. Get it JB
andrios Insan
andrios Insan 6 soat oldin
Rajeswari Mohapatra
Rajeswari Mohapatra 6 soat oldin
I really miss the old Justin !!
Tanish Raz
Tanish Raz 6 soat oldin
𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨
Tonta él no te quiere
Tonta él no te quiere 6 soat oldin
シStealth356 6 soat oldin
Promi Mallik
Promi Mallik 6 soat oldin
Most favourite song ever❤️
Akanksha Pandey
Akanksha Pandey 6 soat oldin
Just sensing his journey from here to there ❤️
Y05 RC
Y05 RC 6 soat oldin
I'm not even a Justin Bieber fan. But this song, And this video is everything 💛
Tonta él no te quiere
Tonta él no te quiere 6 soat oldin
khushi 6 soat oldin
I fell like justin is describing his life from the start of his career to now.
Cookies back;
Cookies back; 6 soat oldin
Onde eu vim parar Jesus
Tanishka Jayant
Tanishka Jayant 6 soat oldin
We miss this Justin Bieber but the matured one hits differently But this one's hot differently
Lisa Pulo
Lisa Pulo 6 soat oldin
Aku suka sma lagu nya
Han Tran
Han Tran 6 soat oldin
this post has been released for 10 years
I LIKE YOUR CUT G 6 soat oldin
Nah the song is okay I just hate justin bieber
😍 love this song
Warner music and vevo music playlist videos
Warner music and vevo music playlist videos 6 soat oldin
Warner music and vevo music playlist Videos.
Mellow Shrooms
Mellow Shrooms 6 soat oldin
I posted 4 ither comments and this is my murder confession comment i killed someone during a play in florida i swear if this one blows up
Sonitt Saikiaa
Sonitt Saikiaa 6 soat oldin
Comment sections are usually not this positive!! 🍓🍓🍓 LOADS LOVE TO JUSTIN
Narayan Singh rawat
Narayan Singh rawat 6 soat oldin
I found the song which is wrost than i dont care
Brian Gómez
Brian Gómez 6 soat oldin
pues no te sientas así y ya
James Maxey
James Maxey 6 soat oldin
I’m crying right now
andrios Insan
andrios Insan 6 soat oldin
Song ,s cool
Mr Popcorn
Mr Popcorn 6 soat oldin
its getting to my favorite time of the year, lol. i forgot halloween ever existed lmfao.
Brittnay Roblox
Brittnay Roblox 6 soat oldin
I’m here from dracotok .-.
Salo Channel
Salo Channel 6 soat oldin
Whata nice song!! This is one of his Best songs ever! Full of reality... What do You think about my cover? uzpost.info/vision/video/pcB_y7OgdmawqWg.html
Baril uchiha pech Brandon
Baril uchiha pech Brandon 6 soat oldin
2023 ca VA être précis je suis la personne qui confirme que jamais j'oubliais ce moment xxx 😘😊🙁😓
Prabudha Udanshive
Prabudha Udanshive 6 soat oldin
Hadassah 6 soat oldin
I feel like ive seen Justin grow up. ive grown up with him. I pray, in the future, we can both continue to grow in God as we grow into our later years. God bless you, Justine and your lovely wife 3> also, the hair looks so normal :0 I love it
Zoey Plays
Zoey Plays 6 soat oldin
i rember this song and his hair and everthing it hurts watching this :'(
Ali Kabeer
Ali Kabeer 6 soat oldin
I never pictured Jacob Tremblay playing Bieber, but he did a good job
Elliot FN
Elliot FN 6 soat oldin
Ok wtf why is this song lowkey good now😂😂
Kidrauhl Forever
Kidrauhl Forever 6 soat oldin
512 thousand comments...if you found mine you’re a legend❤️
shruti singh
shruti singh 6 soat oldin
brilliant song!!!!
ozan Putra
ozan Putra 6 soat oldin
Lagunya buat air mata netes😓
Mick Vella
Mick Vella 6 soat oldin
FUCK ME he is the hottest man ALIVE holy shit that last bit.... I actually died I am writing this from the grave. I LOVE YOU JUSTIIIIIINNNNN 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tana senkam Tana senkam
Tana senkam Tana senkam 6 soat oldin
PHIRE 6 soat oldin
this might be the only justin Bieber song I actually like and feel
Inez Mandagi
Inez Mandagi 6 soat oldin
11M dislikes, oh god I'm scared
Yawke 6 soat oldin
First time watching this video 🤣
Chuy y jamal Y otros
Chuy y jamal Y otros 6 soat oldin
Aquí eta su comentario en español 😐🤣🤣
Bunni 6 soat oldin
This is heartbreaking 🥺❤️
Sofia Victoria
Sofia Victoria 6 soat oldin
Nostalgia's the worst and yet the best feeling at the same time.
hey fella
hey fella 6 soat oldin
why do i listen to this song lmao
Farhan Badilla syam
Farhan Badilla syam 6 soat oldin
justin bieber the perfect artis
Tanner Holland
Tanner Holland 6 soat oldin
Mariano Calzada
Mariano Calzada 6 soat oldin
Valla canción de
Aiden Plays games
Aiden Plays games 6 soat oldin
The likes are rising! Let’s go
Prathamesh Devane
Prathamesh Devane 6 soat oldin
I just don't understand why so many dislikes for this wonderful song!
Tanner Holland
Tanner Holland 6 soat oldin
Messfanfare 6 soat oldin
I never got into Justin Bieber. I never disliked him just wasn’t into his music but this makes me hurt for him.
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma 7 soat oldin
5 years song sorry
TanvirEditz 7 soat oldin
When They Got Messy Go Lefty Like Lionel Messi!!
Kellyn Muñoz
Kellyn Muñoz 7 soat oldin
Desde que tengo 12 años amo a justin, ahora tengo 22 y ya no estoy tan pendiente de sus cosas coml antes pero me da paz esta canción y saber que va por buen camino. Soy Bieber 💝
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma 7 soat oldin
Nice song
ryan van tonder
ryan van tonder 7 soat oldin
thank you Justin you making us realise that being rich and famous isn't isn't everything in this world
Me Erika
Me Erika 7 soat oldin
This made my day, Justin Thankyou jg
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma 7 soat oldin
I am aryan ILU BRO
Laura Bernal
Laura Bernal 7 soat oldin
my heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry you went through this.
Petra van den Bergh
Petra van den Bergh 7 soat oldin
Dear Justin, please don't commit not living like Avincii and all the other greats. Don't continue singing if it is causing your downfall. May you experience a Godly peace and fulfilling in your life. The length of the night is irrelevant since the morning is coming. Sometimes the night is necessary to rest.
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar 7 soat oldin
😭😭😭😭 I am so lonely
Diksha Dwivediii
Diksha Dwivediii 7 soat oldin
Something special ....For someone special ❤️
entnixe 7 soat oldin
In your face sape kata bieber dulu
Jacobi Daniels
Jacobi Daniels 7 soat oldin
8 years and I still can’t find this water park
Kenzii Brooks
Kenzii Brooks 7 soat oldin
Why Justin remind me of Archie 😭.
Monserrat Leiva acuña
Monserrat Leiva acuña 7 soat oldin
Que llore dice 😪
Kelly Bounma
Kelly Bounma 7 soat oldin
idc this song and all of justin bieber's music will always be a bop
Ivan Fernandez
Ivan Fernandez 7 soat oldin
Emily Lopez
Emily Lopez 7 soat oldin
Te amo bebito, te veré de nuevo algún día.
heena kaushik
heena kaushik 7 soat oldin
His vooce 😭❤️❤️🔥🔥
Ash Ali
Ash Ali 7 soat oldin
When I saw this I remembered “the Bieber fever “ When everyone was obsessed with him Never knew he felt that way That really broke my heart
Fajriyan Muhammad
Fajriyan Muhammad 7 soat oldin
This song remembers my grandfather, where he was a laborer who was always kind to anyone, even when he was still alive, he always opened his door house for poor people to eat at his house. I was very sad when I saw this video clip. My grandfather passed away in 2010. And I am very sad for his departure .. He worked as a kitchen staff on a private ship owned by the Japanese state. When he died, many people came to his funeral. And most of the poor people who are often helped by him. I was very sad when I saw this video. And sorry if my English is not good, because I was helped by the google translation.
Sanchita Gautam
Sanchita Gautam 7 soat oldin
Any one from India 🇮🇳
Vitória Simmer
Vitória Simmer 7 soat oldin
Karatê kid
yanina romero
yanina romero 7 soat oldin
Anani Nino
Anani Nino 7 soat oldin
Aminath Shafeega
Aminath Shafeega 7 soat oldin
Who is watching in 2020