Crystal Tangen
Crystal Tangen 3 soat oldin
Mmmm yummy sub button taste like cheetos
Mr McFriddleman
Mr McFriddleman 3 soat oldin
Title: Cheetos are COW FOOD Me: I’m ok with that
Linuigi Man
Linuigi Man 3 soat oldin
In that case, it is the best cow food I have ever had
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 3 soat oldin
MatPat: “Look, I made a Stephanie sandwich!” Stephanie: “Oh my God, shut up!” 🥵
Unknown 3 soat oldin
Livestock feed? Mat, you have broken me.
How To Doge
How To Doge 3 soat oldin
Just realized does that mean cheese puffs are considered vegan?
Addison Stuck
Addison Stuck 3 soat oldin
Fact: a new product for farmers is now a Soy press that makes food for them too. P.s. also tasty I should try cheese on them. Also they press out the oil that can be uses for cooking and to run their equipment.
CrazyRobloxianFriends 3 soat oldin
I got Rick rolled by an add
Sofia-Rose Gionomo
Sofia-Rose Gionomo 3 soat oldin
My actual favorite friendship, Mat and Ro ❤️
Nathan Mills
Nathan Mills 3 soat oldin
I’ve feed cows hundreds of times and I don’t think not once in my life I said, I should feed a cow a cheese puff
manglefowalife 3 soat oldin
ahmed maher
ahmed maher 3 soat oldin
1:92 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of 𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘆 . 𝗰 𝗼𝗺 #fundailypay
brendan linkfield
brendan linkfield 3 soat oldin
JK HGGNS 3 soat oldin
Come on guys, what are we doing here. Look at that title. Do you think a video about whatever this is needed to exist? Have you ever asked yourselves whether you might have jumped the shark?
Nolan Farrish
Nolan Farrish 3 soat oldin
I can't wait to remember this video when my kids are like "Hay dad let's go to the Cheeto store to buy Cheeto Bugers and Cheeto Juice."
Rocking Amaan
Rocking Amaan 3 soat oldin
Warning :angry Stan comment
Kirby Blasters
Kirby Blasters 3 soat oldin
MichaelYT 3 soat oldin
Stop calling us cows
Pregame Shuichi Saihara
Pregame Shuichi Saihara 3 soat oldin
Okay but like un popular opinion I dislike the normal crunchy cheetos but absolutely adore cheetopuffs hah
Ivan Barragan
Ivan Barragan 3 soat oldin
I thought that thing only happened in mexico but it seems like you guys do it as well, which I feel kinda weird because I still feel like chettos should stay as snack and not as an add up to the food; idk, I´m still wondering on how or even try one of those things in a near future (but I am guilty of eating hot dogs with cheesy Ruffles; I don´t remember if there is some of those snacks in the US, it´s been I while since I go there, but yeah, it is delicious and even doritos on a sandwich but that is more like "kids" food if that term exist or something like that)
Apple Jack
Apple Jack 3 soat oldin
Corn flakes are cow feed as well
MLMLee 3 soat oldin
Hey, I live in Wisconsin :D
Jwilly Productions
Jwilly Productions 3 soat oldin
Fistfull Coronation
Fistfull Coronation 3 soat oldin
Doesnt this happen a lot tho? Like bubblegum was car tires first?
Artin Shojai
Artin Shojai 3 soat oldin
The Food Theorists: Cheetos are cow food! Me eating cheetos while watching this video:👁️👄👁️
Aaron Salmonowicz
Aaron Salmonowicz 3 soat oldin
you should watch Hilda S2E11 this reminds me VERY much of that episode XD
R.a. Wheeler
R.a. Wheeler 3 soat oldin
No human was made to consume vegetable oils, yet we do seems harmless until you see how sick people get from eating that stuff. Yet, it will still be in the foods we eat because A. it's cheap B. easy to use for manufactures and of course C. it's abundant.
Benoit Turcotte
Benoit Turcotte 3 soat oldin
I am Fruity Yummy Mummy, voiced by Jason Statham.
Chris Gundry
Chris Gundry 3 soat oldin
I’ve... never actually had Cheetos.
Jack Carpin
Jack Carpin 3 soat oldin
4th grade drop out janitor is rich proof that school is bad for your career
who you? 10 years ago
who you? 10 years ago 3 soat oldin
Jumpman 3 soat oldin
So now I guess I can just get some cow food as a cheaper alternative...
DatVloggingCorgi 3 soat oldin
He stole Cheetos then made them a billion dollars I guess no lawsuits
eatdatcat 420
eatdatcat 420 3 soat oldin
Wait are u telling me someone out pizzaed the hut? Impossible
XxIceManxX713 3 soat oldin
Fun fact in & out is also in Houston tx
Hillieo 3 soat oldin
The skill share adaptation: *NO. NO. NOOOOOOOOO*
Febreze AirFreshner
Febreze AirFreshner 3 soat oldin
Are you calling me a cow? Wow.. 😒
epicgamer for Life
epicgamer for Life 3 soat oldin
PoisonFangTheWorld 3 soat oldin
oh so is that why i like them so much?
Thunder 9901
Thunder 9901 3 soat oldin
Vlog theory
Pizza Cuber
Pizza Cuber 3 soat oldin
As an Indian who sees dozen of cows everyday, I can confirm that they do like when I feed them Cheetos.
Tavia loves art
Tavia loves art 3 soat oldin
prisoners must have been eating good back then.
Royale Dolly
Royale Dolly 3 soat oldin
Me, who always eats cheetos: not surprised.
Fishiku 3 soat oldin
Jei Cattiling
Jei Cattiling 3 soat oldin
I actuaally dont like cheetos :(
Lamelo Ball
Lamelo Ball 3 soat oldin
I eat Cheetos before every game
T_Fong Drums
T_Fong Drums 3 soat oldin
*reads the title* So that’s why these were my exes favourite snack
Stepside1986 3 soat oldin
Where I live (South Central Pennsylvania) I hear it referred to as soda, pop, and soda-pop. The most common though is soda.
De'Lisa 3 soat oldin
Who now wants a bag of Cheetos?
Sam Cote
Sam Cote 3 soat oldin
This just in: MatPat discusses gentrification as if it was a good thing
Hala pain Yo
Hala pain Yo 3 soat oldin
In my opinion. Legit all pizza can out pizza the hut. Pizza Hut is just garbage
CCB 3 soat oldin
well there is cheese in it so...
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 3 soat oldin
I know..l that’s why I don’t eat it
Blazen Games
Blazen Games 3 soat oldin
Nah tbh chitos are more for drinks
Yoongchi Loo
Yoongchi Loo 3 soat oldin
9:09 Mat pat : lobster and caviar was once prisoner's food Me : huh nani Also Me : *face drooling crazyly Again Me : man those prisoners are eating good food wow
ELC Cummings
ELC Cummings 3 soat oldin
video makes sense
the fact that i was eatting cheetos while watching this make me puke in the bathroom ngl its true
Dameon Adkins
Dameon Adkins 3 soat oldin
Wait so it's not cow food it's made from the cleaning thing
BA Q 3 soat oldin
Everyone watching this video that loves cheesepuffs Oh no Anyways (eating 3 bags of cheetos)
Zarc 3 soat oldin
"He's now a vice president..." And this is the moment that I thought this man was the vice president of the United States, and for that small moment I was only mildly surprised
Droogon 3 soat oldin
Me looking at the title: That’s some good cow food.
Sam Welch
Sam Welch 3 soat oldin
Mesut Özil is the best man to ever live viva Fenerbahce
Deezho Fueel
Deezho Fueel 3 soat oldin
SassyPotato 3 soat oldin
Someone should make a candy that look like tide pods.
TheMontrealGirl 3 soat oldin
i personally hate the puffed cheetos. i only like the other ones
Memecream 3 soat oldin
Domino's, pizza hut, little caesars, and 7/11, in that order is the best. Fight me if I'm wrong
swearslot 3 soat oldin
she is just crying and you are just there chilling
D0gEiSg04T 3 soat oldin
Wait so am I a cow...
Timothy Dunaway
Timothy Dunaway 3 soat oldin
I think that the color to flavor association is making your taste buds choose specific parts of the froot flavor this theory comes from my color blind cousin who struggled with red and green colors but managed to get other ones correct
Rachel Bekker
Rachel Bekker 3 soat oldin
Not matpat calling me a cow 🙄✋🏻 jkjk
Brittany Foster
Brittany Foster 3 soat oldin
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 3 soat oldin
Ask prisoners about cheetos they use them and doritos to make tortillas
faze pug
faze pug 3 soat oldin
Hey what’s 78 backwards 🥶🥶😳😳😤😭😭😇😂😂😂😂🤣😂
Rohan Kanhai
Rohan Kanhai 3 soat oldin
Nobody: Matpat: So, hear me out, *Cheetos*
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 3 soat oldin
Beyond Seeing
Beyond Seeing 3 soat oldin
Castodas 3 soat oldin
And people thought I was weird for eating cheetos in my PBJ sandwich (not with...IN-between the slices of bread). 😅
FreddieJo 3 soat oldin
As someone from Wisconsin I feel a weird sense of pride over this
Lithium 3 soat oldin
Ya I don't get delivery food its not as good.
lootownica 3 soat oldin
That "food snack for idiots" made my day xD