I Tried Lifeguard Academy
I Tried Parkour
2 oy oldin
I Tried FBI Academy
I Tried Fire Academy
I Tried Police Academy
What I Eat In A Day
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Michelle's 8
2 yil oldin
Avengers: Uber Pool
Chloe Eller
Chloe Eller 9 soat oldin
Will you please try roller skating Love you Michelle 💙
Tamia Madera
Tamia Madera 9 soat oldin
This made me happy because I’m really short and I really want to become a runway model, This video is the most inspiring thing ever to me.. keep going girls you rock
WHITE—RANGER2482 9 soat oldin
Cool phone but Samsung better LG lacks of updates
NavyStorm 9 soat oldin
Garrete's breakfast: Sausages and Eggs Benedict Michelle's breakfast: Wtf even is that
LIL PERVERT 9 soat oldin
they all just looked at her with disgust when she got OC sprayed lololol
Forever Kenzie
Forever Kenzie 10 soat oldin
my only critique is you are quite stiff in the shoulders when you walk
Roblox Games
Roblox Games 10 soat oldin
I didn’t know you have a gaming channel
Louise Ferreira
Louise Ferreira 10 soat oldin
Hufflepuffle Hustle
Hufflepuffle Hustle 10 soat oldin
Can I just have Michelle as my life coach please TvT
De lá pra Sá
De lá pra Sá 10 soat oldin
Omg, I'm so proud of u 👏👏👏👏
Brianna Dennis
Brianna Dennis 10 soat oldin
Faye Duss
Faye Duss 10 soat oldin
i love loyd
Katie Webster hayes
Katie Webster hayes 11 soat oldin
I would've said HELL NO
Angelika Goulas
Angelika Goulas 11 soat oldin
This is so funny 😂 I want a another!
MimDiesel 11 soat oldin
if he watched your channel, he wouldn't have doubted your ability
LMH Brown
LMH Brown 11 soat oldin
The rink isn't really that cold i figure skate with skate winnipeg
Kate Gaming
Kate Gaming 11 soat oldin
Wait is this for real? They yell that much? Omg
Noe Dactyl
Noe Dactyl 12 soat oldin
Why no cc :( btw I loved the video! ❤️ You're such a hard worker! 💖😘
kumar7359 12 soat oldin
I got mine shaved before a surgical procedure.
Rianna Richmond
Rianna Richmond 12 soat oldin
Very inspiring 💜
Ayana McCain
Ayana McCain 12 soat oldin
You did sooo good omg I’m so proud of you❤️❤️
Insan3_Cr3ation 12 soat oldin
Ugh olivia is so freaking adorable... I'm in love 😝 and when she appeared with those glasses girl 😍😍😍
annie mcnuggets
annie mcnuggets 12 soat oldin
When Garrett and Jannele asked what you want to see i said Michelle
Inspire Others
Inspire Others 13 soat oldin
This woman is a living Barbie I mean She has done every single job I can think of Keep it up Michelle
Dawn Lytten
Dawn Lytten 13 soat oldin
Michelle: this is the first video I've watched of you. I'm very, very impressed! You showed the vulnerability of a truly beautiful art form. I could see you put your heart into making sure this audience "lived" with you, as you worked to become a ballerina. You were spot on! Raw emotion . . . done with feeling and grace. Thank you!
Siphiwe Mathebula
Siphiwe Mathebula 13 soat oldin
I can’t believe that she said the f word
Study to Success
Study to Success 13 soat oldin
I dance ballet 6 days a week it is hard very hard
Haedyn Bland
Haedyn Bland 13 soat oldin
Honestly I think if you weren’t a UZpostr you would be a good police officer
sxppfire !!
sxppfire !! 13 soat oldin
3:25 WEAK, I did a 300 meter sprint in 6th grade for 48.08 seconds 6:55 I AM GETTING FULL POINTS HAHAHA *now that I'm thinking about it, one of my classmates did it for 39 seconds because to get an A you need to sprint it for less than 40 seconds..*
#catloverrr 13 soat oldin
“We want to kill the space between us.” Not in these times
Sofia Mata
Sofia Mata 13 soat oldin
What you should do next is how to train like a professional artist
Alexandra Johnson
Alexandra Johnson 13 soat oldin
She did amazing for only 6 weeks.
Deanna Keay
Deanna Keay 14 soat oldin
she rlly advanced so quickly i know this myself because i am a figure skater, and yes @ Michelle Khare you get blisters when getting new skates it is called breaking into skates but im so proud of how much you have progressed through out those 2 months good job
Anya Schlegel
Anya Schlegel 14 soat oldin
i have been doing balllet for 8 years
Gerri Flynn
Gerri Flynn 14 soat oldin
Only these people can turn a proposal into an interview/spy movie
Simone Watts
Simone Watts 14 soat oldin
that looks like so much fun
GREVEN 14 soat oldin
their impressions are EVERYTHING
Dominique Lawson
Dominique Lawson 14 soat oldin
Shes so cute
Samuel Marquez
Samuel Marquez 14 soat oldin
Next up I tried navy seals buds?
Martha Turner
Martha Turner 14 soat oldin
" Ya I was once involved in a chasing of a stolen tank" **he says like it is nothing** Me: 👁️👄👁️ OMG!!! WHAT!!
Eddie Christiansen
Eddie Christiansen 14 soat oldin
That feeling when a youtuber gets a better setup than you just for a single video lol :(
Brian Gonzales
Brian Gonzales 14 soat oldin
Who would you rather have as a lockdown buddy? 🤔
Mystic Bow
Mystic Bow 14 soat oldin
Yup that's the kind of girl I want to date and married. The one who save life and not take life.!
Brian Gonzales
Brian Gonzales 14 soat oldin
I know many people, including myself, wanna feel guilty, but that's not really fair either. There's always someone worse off than you, but at the same time there's always someone living way better than you too. Appreciate what you Do have and Help others if you Can. But don't feel "guilty" simply cause you were born into an average life. You're not gonna get your 100 Gallons a day down to 5, but even if you make an effort and reduce it how ever much you can, that's already better.
Skyler Howell
Skyler Howell 14 soat oldin
the man that stole the tank thought he was in gta lmaoo
StinkyDoodle 14 soat oldin
A idea for a video is "" I try Roller Derby'' ! If you don't know what that is I recommend searching it up!
TRENT GRODY 2024 WCHS 9 14 soat oldin
i could totally see Michelle in uniform she looks badass in it
Lukas Jancauskas
Lukas Jancauskas 15 soat oldin
Assuntay Cleaver
Assuntay Cleaver 15 soat oldin
Train...lol so sitting in a chair and clicking and drinking Dr. Pepper.
meerabai007 15 soat oldin
This is so inspiring❤❤❤🇹🇹
Princxssly 15 soat oldin
idiot idot
idiot idot 15 soat oldin
Not All Police Are Bad.
Daniel Cielak
Daniel Cielak 15 soat oldin
I found your tell, whenever you are imposter you just don't shut up. you should probably fix that
Jonathan Gregg
Jonathan Gregg 15 soat oldin
I would love to see her try seal training
Brandon Metivier
Brandon Metivier 15 soat oldin
next you should try a ski patrols.
FireRaptor 66
FireRaptor 66 16 soat oldin
The yelling would do me in
Leksa Wendell
Leksa Wendell 16 soat oldin
Train like to be a professional rock climber!
Richard Almeida
Richard Almeida 16 soat oldin
Michelle is awesome lady. She can do anything god bless her.
Sylvia Kimuri
Sylvia Kimuri 16 soat oldin
Nyinyi ni nyoks😂😂
Radha Patel
Radha Patel 16 soat oldin
Go to the air force
Natalie Hoffman
Natalie Hoffman 16 soat oldin
trying to imagine the soreness she felt the next few days using those unused muscles
FireRaptor 66
FireRaptor 66 16 soat oldin
Just watching this made me nervous great job
yourshitsweakx100 16 soat oldin
Can you train as a professional rock climber. You can try lead climbing or top rope or even bouldering. Rock climbing is so fun!
Natalie Hoffman
Natalie Hoffman 16 soat oldin
me and michelle at 25 years old *claps hands and jumps up and down like a kid in a candy store* "oh my god yeah. i was hoping we would go on the trampoline today" i love when adults are kids at heart.
tonya x
tonya x 17 soat oldin
bro i’d laugh so loud and the instructors would probably yeet me but whatever
Erni 17 soat oldin
everyone was so on point with their impressions
Justa Computa
Justa Computa 17 soat oldin
Life guards are in such good shape
Scotty 17 soat oldin
Adlene Nelson
Adlene Nelson 18 soat oldin
Doing research so I can transition to being vegan but lowkey seems like everything organic is more expensive 🙄 but you only get one physical body ‼️ so it’s whateverrrr