Jake Mendoza
Jake Mendoza 17 soat oldin
Speaker Knockerzz vibe
Rob Jones
Rob Jones 17 soat oldin
Absolute garbage
Nikita D
Nikita D 17 soat oldin
Roddy aint do time like 42 dugg
Offwu 18 soat oldin
42 Dugg's whistle is iconic fr
Sam Eh 30
Sam Eh 30 18 soat oldin
What’s the name of the song at the beginning
Dallas Life
Dallas Life 18 soat oldin
Jacöb K Lemüs
Jacöb K Lemüs 18 soat oldin
Rock Song in Background is... Scorpions - "No One Like You"
Todinho Tvz
Todinho Tvz 18 soat oldin
I from the Twitter
bigbean 19 soat oldin
That whistle bout to make me act up
Anass 22
Anass 22 19 soat oldin
1:46 Dua lips
鼠狼狈为虎猪与 20 soat oldin
42 lead
Krish Kurma
Krish Kurma 20 soat oldin
I feel like a listened to this song like a month ago
XeRo 20 soat oldin
DAMN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LIL_LIM 4144
LIL_LIM 4144 20 soat oldin
y r u burning the flag bro u dont have respect
mark west
mark west 20 soat oldin
42 Lil Wayne jr
Gue 21 soat oldin
Goddam roddy fuckin destroyed this beat
Ken Washington
Ken Washington 21 soat oldin
Dugg is like the 2021 Easy E.
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy 21 soat oldin
Had this in loop for 2 days😂😂
Berry Donavan
Berry Donavan 21 soat oldin
put em pigs right n the trunk
Kam Yates
Kam Yates 21 soat oldin
Dugg killed this
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni 21 soat oldin
I've not seen this Roddy guy in a minute fam watch him ghost again after this for like another 6 months 🤧🤧
Niche Cliché
Niche Cliché 21 soat oldin
all it takes is 10,000 hours. you got this ❤️
Niche Cliché
Niche Cliché 21 soat oldin
this shit bouta pop tf off fr 🔥🔥
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 21 soat oldin
what is the intro to this song called
Luke's Fishing
Luke's Fishing 21 soat oldin
Who’s here after seeing Steve Will Do It vibe to this song
Saucy Dubs
Saucy Dubs Kun oldin
Marc Sivak
Marc Sivak Kun oldin
Why 42 voice never break yet 😢
Reeco Kun oldin
I came here from milan
Lloyd Banks
Lloyd Banks Kun oldin
Two of the shortest rapper
wot the fok
wot the fok Kun oldin
Myke Gedime
Myke Gedime Kun oldin
The way Roddy Smoothly slid into the beat Bruhhh 🔥
King Ty 100
King Ty 100 Kun oldin
42 definitely slept on too much 🔥🔥
Jesse Jungman
Jesse Jungman Kun oldin
They so small bruh
RemingtonBeats Kun oldin
Roddy Bodied this feature%
kovex85 Kun oldin
damn, cant stop listening to this
Tyrone !
Tyrone ! Kun oldin
Kamiyah would’ve went dumb on this
babyfacenoahh Kun oldin
This is the music video that got shot up
Spade Ness
Spade Ness Kun oldin
Who is snow bunny girl @2:38?
Savage Lil Kid
Savage Lil Kid Kun oldin
Roddy Rich Ruined The Song :/
Rocky Horror
Rocky Horror Kun oldin
I love how they burned that shitty ass rag
Rocky Horror
Rocky Horror Kun oldin
1st time hearing him 🔥🔥🔥
Maliha Akter
Maliha Akter Kun oldin
robby is different boy
Boi Boierson
Boi Boierson Kun oldin
What is the song playing at the beginning
vídeo do insta
vídeo do insta Kun oldin
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Kun oldin
Roddy is a different type of goat his style if music is too high . God bless all those here today and the days to come
Ahmad A
Ahmad A Kun oldin
We gonna ignore the fact that lil da baby is da baby but in lil baby in another way?
Ahmad A
Ahmad A Kun oldin
Ahmad A
Ahmad A Kun oldin
Ferrari lol
The next “beatbox”
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Kun oldin
Yo roddy changed tho🔥🔥🔥🔥
Buzzmosis Kun oldin
Who’s here after hearing it from SteveWillDoIt and NELK 😂 🔥
Babyface Steph
Babyface Steph Kun oldin
42 dugg make Roddy look tall😂
Rayshawn FN シ
Rayshawn FN シ Kun oldin
42 dugg sounds like the blackest blackman
Curan Morrison
Curan Morrison Kun oldin
Bruv😑 how yo best song got the wackiest video lmao still fye🔥🔥
Emilio Perez
Emilio Perez Kun oldin
Honest Liar
Honest Liar Kun oldin
Yall niggas late sleeping while that whistle was blowing from the get go
Jeremy Fox
Jeremy Fox Kun oldin
42 Dugg changed his voice to Kodak's
kwazae wilson
kwazae wilson Kun oldin
This that typa song where u like wait ik this song wait waaaaaaait no I dont but this shit 🔥🔥🔥
Serrian the great
Serrian the great Kun oldin
BLAZE Kun oldin
Aaahoooh why do I keep stubbin my toeeeeee
Aiden Quintana
Aiden Quintana Kun oldin
1:58 what kinda gun is that 😂
matthew swinton
matthew swinton Kun oldin
I been trying to find the rock song for so long now. Not first time I heard it but I can’t remember the name any help
that poor rollce royce
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming Kun oldin
This shit too fire 🔥
isaac madrigal jr
isaac madrigal jr Kun oldin
Yo roddy changed tho🔥🔥🔥🔥
Darius m
Darius m Kun oldin
🔥 📛
Christopher Yzaguirre
Christopher Yzaguirre Kun oldin
That whistle tho🔥
mr J
mr J Kun oldin
Perdita Samuel
Perdita Samuel Kun oldin
Whoa 😂😂
Zach Immerfall
Zach Immerfall Kun oldin
dugg > roddy
Hotan1me Kun oldin
2 short people make a song
Jay Irizarry
Jay Irizarry Kun oldin
it wasn't easy to leave you alone It's getting harder each time that I go If I had the choice, I would stay There's no one like you I can't wait for the nights with you I imagine the things we'll do I just want to be loved by you Like the song I dig Switch up .sorry but not sorry Scorpions 🦂 I grew up on .How yall fuck up Greatest of all time hit Record 😅
James Sams
James Sams Kun oldin
The flow was so nice!!
daniel gebremichael
daniel gebremichael Kun oldin
Yo I can’t wait till Roddy drop another song it’s gonna be a banger 🔥
DontBrickDex Kun oldin
Roddy goes 💫🚀🔥
Johnny Price
Johnny Price Kun oldin
When bro says “2018 the year my dog died” hit 2 hard
Cherry mcCall
Cherry mcCall Kun oldin
okay it's giving miami vibes lol
rayee2x !
rayee2x ! Kun oldin
if 4’2 was a person
The Chioras
The Chioras Kun oldin
Soso Sanchez
Soso Sanchez Kun oldin
Sampling The Scorpians.. Yass!!!
Audrie Bumcrot
Audrie Bumcrot Kun oldin
Roddy hits differently tho 🥶💎💦🧊