Outcry Premiere TVMA
carbon.the. christ
carbon.the. christ 6 soat oldin
Brandon looks like he could take Ray
Picon FB
Picon FB 6 soat oldin
tu le vas a ganas a Gervonta , demuestra Leo Santa Cruz de que estamos hechos los mexicanos🇲🇽
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed 6 soat oldin
Floyd has millions but can’t get his daughter some chapstick 👀👄😂
PING1 6 soat oldin
Two good guys, respect to them.
Gambarizing 7 soat oldin
Also, Leo seems like a geniunely good person. Humble and respectable. Don't ever change, bro!
Gambarizing 7 soat oldin
Those are some high intensity work outs his coach has him doing. If he trains like that regularly he should be able to make weight with no problem. Hell, I'm losing weight just watching him. I'll have to incorporate some of it in my own workouts. lmao
Darian Carvajal
Darian Carvajal 7 soat oldin
Man I wish I could do this for a living. I don’t even want to be super rich I just want the grind lifestyle and title
KING TJ C 7 soat oldin
Dalila Espinoza
Dalila Espinoza 7 soat oldin
Soooo ready!!
Jonathan Beltran
Jonathan Beltran 7 soat oldin
Margarito style
Rog 7 soat oldin
Song name at the end ?
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones 7 soat oldin
This deserves a lot more publicity then it is getting!
Caesar Augustos
Caesar Augustos 7 soat oldin
gayweather looks old
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera 7 soat oldin
All i see is YES MEN around Tank...lol Leo going to out work Tank but i believe the Judges will be very bias...and i mean very very very very very Bias.
Ron-Jacques Dessalines
Ron-Jacques Dessalines 7 soat oldin
Tank literally No Mas’d Gamboa, and it didn’t get called.
Jay Lu
Jay Lu 7 soat oldin
Much as I like kid he dnt stand a chance against teo
Matthew Hidario
Matthew Hidario 7 soat oldin
🇺🇸 vs 🇺🇸. I love it. Going for Santa Cruz. California all day
MrVikingsfootball09 8 soat oldin
man, boxing with a break in the feet, where its where all the leverage starts...no use of feet/pivoting equals no use of leverage...than add no use of movement...its like fighting handicapped, against one of the best fighter to boot...NO CAN DO!!!
J M 8 soat oldin
Santa Cruz is a humble dude!
BOnbOn89 8 soat oldin
Eduardo Medina
Eduardo Medina 8 soat oldin
Any one know the name of the track at the beginning of the Santa Cruz bit???
Eric Flow
Eric Flow 8 soat oldin
Fuck the fight may his dad heal
Edgar Omar Sanchez Medina
Edgar Omar Sanchez Medina 8 soat oldin
Any one has the name of the song playing at the ending of the episode
Shade23753 8 soat oldin
Dumbass risking the fight by wearing a mask on his chin. SMH. That said , Que Dios le bendiga a su padre!!
Stephen R
Stephen R 8 soat oldin
I’m for the guy that doesn’t beat his chick.
Joel Serna
Joel Serna 8 soat oldin
Man i cant wait!!!
youngling 8 soat oldin
I love how seriously America takes their sport. They hype each other up so much during training. One of the many reasons why the US have some the best athletes.
ThatDudeJessie 8 soat oldin
Wait im confused. leo and davis are on the same Money Team???
marcos palomino
marcos palomino 8 soat oldin
hebroner is still popular thanks to maidana. he needs to cash out and fight thurman he would lose by desicion , but he would make good money.
Allen Watkins
Allen Watkins 8 soat oldin
Looking forward to the fight
Wyndamn 8 soat oldin
Ray Lewis did Colin Kaepernick wrong.
John Howard
John Howard 8 soat oldin
I want to see tank Davis fight at 140
Speedy Speed
Speedy Speed 8 soat oldin
Both have alot to prove i cheer for both I cant choose on this fight
Taj Peterson
Taj Peterson 8 soat oldin
I Ray lewis was one of my defensive coaches back in my high school years. And something so simple as “do your job” can effect and shut down any offense. That’s amazing love this segment.
twinscoupe 9 soat oldin
Damn Leo is fast but tank hits hard . Gonna be a great fight
Cool _ Cat
Cool _ Cat 9 soat oldin
Tank is my idol and favorite fighter but Santa Cruz I pray for you dad #god bless #go tank
ThatDudeJessie 9 soat oldin
Broner crying rn
Giovanni B.
Giovanni B. 9 soat oldin
1:19 "The time has come to step out of an icon's shadow." Meanwhile, half the runtime is Floyd Mayweather
Dr Saz
Dr Saz 9 soat oldin
I feel like you guys could squeeze in one more ad 🤨
Giovanni B.
Giovanni B. 9 soat oldin
Is this ALL ACCESS: Davis vs Santa Cruz or ALL ACCESS: Mayweather vs Santa Cruz? Floyd has never let Davis shine alone, it's been happening for years. He always wants to be the center of attention when Davis is fighting. Don't know why Gervonta doesn't tell him something
スペイン語 9 soat oldin
PVの有用性が再確認できるな テオロペに続け!
BOXING LEGENDS TV 9 soat oldin
I had 115-113 Lipinets.
Gorilla Mafia
Gorilla Mafia 9 soat oldin
How can you order this fight without cable?
The Cyclone
The Cyclone 9 soat oldin
My dumb friend thinks that Mayweather paid McGregor to lose
Alex ‘
Alex ‘ 9 soat oldin
Bruh, pause the video at 4:43, and look at his fingers lol
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 9 soat oldin
A big honest smile in a fight has always terrify me.
joshblue32 9 soat oldin
4:39 don’t hit me don’t hit me lol. Marshall went across the middle and lol
28 G
28 G 9 soat oldin
Is that Galliene at 25:01
crog09 9 soat oldin
why floyd there...... again!
Lowes1420 9 soat oldin
Kill Monger
Kill Monger 9 soat oldin
Hawkins got the breaks beat off him!
Eugenio Rodriguez
Eugenio Rodriguez 9 soat oldin
They should give this fight for free like the Loma vs Lopez there alot of people that don't have money to pay the bills and rent and they going to have money to pay ppv the next bud Crawford fight it going to be free too
Kill Monger
Kill Monger 9 soat oldin
Marrero should have one.
Kill Monger
Kill Monger 9 soat oldin
Clayton should have one
Allen Carter
Allen Carter 9 soat oldin
I don't care what nobody say he took that injury like a beast
Sun Down
Sun Down 9 soat oldin
Yo, this is amazing! If Ray teaches Football, he might greatly increase the general viewers enjoyment of Defensive Football.
Cesar Zuluaga
Cesar Zuluaga 10 soat oldin
I'm praying for Leo 🙏 I hope he can pull a Lopez.
AntiSquad NewPage
AntiSquad NewPage 10 soat oldin
Calvin cheating man 😂😂😂
Jobins vids; Explore the Beauty
Jobins vids; Explore the Beauty 10 soat oldin
What a great video,MMA should be known as Fedor’s World, actually It Is
ADRIAN Soto-Perez
ADRIAN Soto-Perez 10 soat oldin
Sometimes I feel like Floyd just be talking about nothing but because he’s such a legendary figure I listen anyway lol
lilbondeck100 10 soat oldin
I love this, need more
Standard way
Standard way 10 soat oldin
Coner stuppid
Z.S.J.K 10 soat oldin
Tank bullys another smaller guy , won’t be buying the ppv, hope santa cruz wins.
Yousuf 132_
Yousuf 132_ 10 soat oldin
Conor mcgregor is such a great personality. He knows how to lighten up a crowd
Ernest Nieves
Ernest Nieves 10 soat oldin
Anyone know how much the fight is ? can't find an answer anywhere guess they make you get showtime before they tell you
Icekilla3Hunna 10 soat oldin
I love watching these all access events
Kxe Wws
Kxe Wws 10 soat oldin
Mark is a cool dude! #Jets
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez 10 soat oldin
Im excited beacause the Maywether school is against the great mexican style. Davis is going to run an try to counter punch, that is his only chance, one punch. If he gets desperated and tries to brawl leo is going to kick his ass not to mention that Leo already know that against grestness he must box to the disrance, Frapton and Mares both Great boxers not less than Davis.
Roy Steward
Roy Steward 11 soat oldin
he hit in the balls and knee him in the nuts
Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton 11 soat oldin
God Bless the American Dream
Dragonfly Dolemite
Dragonfly Dolemite 11 soat oldin
21:39 why they lie to him like that? Bad trainers tell him the truth. He got his ass kicked. The world know you beat him. Tf we did not. The world watched a different fight from them.
Joie Sugayen
Joie Sugayen 11 soat oldin
I do resfect u Man, just do ur job, a boxer... but, u no have a chance againts Tank.. Goodluck
HDaviator 11 soat oldin
Ray should be a coach in the NFL.
Love ThySelf
Love ThySelf 11 soat oldin
Beautiful baby girls!!! When we start living for something other than ourselves, we have realized our true purpose. God and family. Its all that matters.
Joejet 11 soat oldin
If u can resolve this big challenge , Ryan García has been asking a fight with u Gervonta...
ruchittenme 11 soat oldin
I freaking hate the Showtime Announcer with a freaking PASSION!! All of the dumba$$ oneliners non freaking stop, I call him Mr. Mute bcoz every fight I watch on mute not to hear that POS.
Storytelling by
Storytelling by 11 soat oldin
xtcthc hkfhjj
xtcthc hkfhjj 11 soat oldin
Dam that was a bad injury he was asking his corner to stop the fight. They didn't listen to him. His trainer is a idiot.
Truth in Life Woken
Truth in Life Woken 11 soat oldin
man covid19 robbed us from 2020,
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard 11 soat oldin
No doubt in my mind that someone that lost to Frampton will be stretched out, and I like Leo.