Tom MacDonald - Angels
5 oy oldin
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Trucker Beetle Bailey
Trucker Beetle Bailey 20 soat oldin
I’m way down here on your oldest video on your UZpost page making a comment so nobody sees it currently. When do you think you’ll be going on this new adventure? **Bryan Bailey
Warehouse Worker
Warehouse Worker 20 soat oldin
i grew up listening to all kinds of music . but tom you are a inspiration 100
darlene robertson
darlene robertson 20 soat oldin
I'm coming up on my 10 year and I wish this song was around when I was getting sober it would have made it so much easier.
Elena Mitchell
Elena Mitchell 20 soat oldin
Great!! Great! Amazing you are Tom M!👍
Psevdomin 20 soat oldin
Great track. Hello from Russia.
Matthew Damour
Matthew Damour 20 soat oldin
True words
Ryan Bowers
Ryan Bowers 20 soat oldin
Imagine a world where this song has not been heard by everyone. That is the problem. Yet cardi b is recognized. God please save us!
Kneeland Daniel
Kneeland Daniel 20 soat oldin
Love this dude so much cuz he only speaks facts
Brianna Persinger
Brianna Persinger 20 soat oldin
This guy is the prophet we need. He speaks nothing but truth and people hate him for it
Spiritual Taurus
Spiritual Taurus 20 soat oldin
Billions of us, small group of evil scum. Things are changing, and we are waking. We've lost spiritual battles but we will win the war. Stay strong brothers and sisters and Let's kick elite Ass!! Expose these fucks. Tom McDonald is a legend!!💪🏻🤟💚