Andrew T
Andrew T 18 soat oldin
Gamers are the most awkward people it’s hard to watch
Ethernet Kun oldin
mango looks like he hasn't showered in months
Ethernet Kun oldin
its kinda cute how they've become great friends now :)
Soul Panda
Soul Panda Kun oldin
He is sleepy
Maria Kun oldin
get him on adc
MrGetownedLP Kun oldin
3:12 LOLL Repeared will be missed so much omg <3 <3
MrGetownedLP Kun oldin
Damn coming back to this has me in my feels :") the what a damn good roster
Ayanjit Kun oldin
Cricket: Sachin Cs Go: Shroud Hotel: Trivago
Ayanjit Kun oldin
Forsaken: I have word.exe Word.exe: I have shroud
Brendan Coen
Brendan Coen 2 kun oldin
wow i cant beleive i missed this interview. they gush on the main team so hard xD i love it
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 2 kun oldin
All you need to play aphelios is a phd in astro physics, an advanced knowledge of calculus, and a masters of being an annoying asshole with a microphone
Fifth 2 kun oldin
perkz looks like a soccer player damn
BadRubix 2 kun oldin
Perkz is the only guy who can "Make America Great Again"
Alex Conrado
Alex Conrado 2 kun oldin
New C9 fan lets go Imagine if this single EU Goat actually changes all of NA. Let's go Perkz, ready to smash some NA Noobs?
Edward Rosen
Edward Rosen 2 kun oldin
glhf sad ppl gotta flame ppl for trying to learn the game! Shame on u c9 for allowing it to happen
Hebra 2 kun oldin
Can't beat them, buy them.
Nick Yabut
Nick Yabut 3 kun oldin
I still playing the dead game :<
Super Gaming Tube
Super Gaming Tube 3 kun oldin
Definition of Shroud : The Killer , The rusher The Unstoppable THE GOD OF FPS !!!!
Isame kun
Isame kun 3 kun oldin
thank you so much
Elmer Tanguilan
Elmer Tanguilan 3 kun oldin
He's on the team liquid now :(
Piotr Janas
Piotr Janas 3 kun oldin
James Jordan
James Jordan 3 kun oldin
1:34 “this lucian is so boosted” lucian: bronze i guess they didn’t pay the booster very much
Not PandaBoi
Not PandaBoi 4 kun oldin
cloud 9 has always been the reason i would never quit rl, i always wanted to join c9 to play with these legends, but now, my dream will never be true
Daniel 14 soat oldin
C9 might come back in the future. But don’t think squish, tor, and gimm would team up.
gigo vaxvaxishvili
gigo vaxvaxishvili 4 kun oldin
Perkz gon smurf in NA
Rishabh Panda
Rishabh Panda 4 kun oldin
Jonathan Large
Jonathan Large 4 kun oldin
As a TL fan I was shook
Cerberus 4 kun oldin
i miss hes duo huni
Justins Y's Stepbrother
Justins Y's Stepbrother 4 kun oldin
What game is that? i wanna try it for practicing
Adnan • Kamill
Adnan • Kamill 4 kun oldin
stewie on his own but look at the time!
HK 4 kun oldin
11.75M for Perkz? Bad england sry
alida flus
alida flus 4 kun oldin
poor perkz ending career so early
Papa Stew
Papa Stew 5 kun oldin
this is like when the 73-9 warriors acquired Kevin Durant wtf is this
Jayesh Kamble
Jayesh Kamble 5 kun oldin
Wukong is in free fire too 😘😂😂😂
Tom Soeun
Tom Soeun 5 kun oldin
11.75m meme inc
Aariki Johnson
Aariki Johnson 5 kun oldin
Just gonna put this on .5 speed so I can understand what he's saying
doliio volay
doliio volay 5 kun oldin
Please take care of him, he is a treasure
Kami 5 kun oldin
Zven saying ”you are so boosted” to a bronze lucian? Seems the NA mindset has already poisoned him
Phyx 5 kun oldin
That's one motivated lad
doliio volay
doliio volay 5 kun oldin
Seriously may be my favorite ever.
Terrific Life
Terrific Life 5 kun oldin
Already the influence of Perkz is making effect over the team :))
Seed 5 kun oldin
These people are not humans lol
CCaillet85 5 kun oldin
Can’t wait for Zven and Perkz to flame some noobs
MrFyreUp 5 kun oldin
they should've showed zven dying to baron pit lmao
Pranav Raj
Pranav Raj 6 kun oldin
Aimbot is inspired by Shroud...........
Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman 6 kun oldin
Why are they encouraging agression?
Timotius Gunawan
Timotius Gunawan 6 kun oldin
Finally a non cocky midlaner for c9..
Press X To Jason
Press X To Jason 6 kun oldin
"We'll be getting into the studio this year, guys" 2020:
R BC 6 kun oldin
I kind of like this Jack guy.
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 6 kun oldin
Please make more!
MDenRyu 6 kun oldin
Wait, they're not watching bot games? 😱
Apøllo 6 kun oldin
I can't wait until the 6th release of cs series when he has grand children and he will show that ak and he will tell stories of his great plays and memories of his friends as they all sit together and they roast marshmallows outside with the team tim,jake,mike,N0thing ,doodle nad everyone else.
Elliott Ress
Elliott Ress 6 kun oldin
ItsEhGame 6 kun oldin
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 kun oldin
Wayfare Studios
Wayfare Studios 6 kun oldin
Step 1: Play locked camera. Step 2: communicate until team tells you that your mouse is dead center on character. Step 3: communicate like a clock, ie; @2 o'clock, etc. If player is familiar with mouse sensitivity, I imagine it'd be a lot more accurate.
payupak ruanwong
payupak ruanwong 7 kun oldin
can i have workshop map?
Durotar 7 kun oldin
Best content idea!
Reacciones de Twitch
Reacciones de Twitch 7 kun oldin
Subtitle spanish please
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 kun oldin
Goddammit i never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for this cocky little bastard. Let's go Perkz we're excited to see big things from you
Pandabro 021
Pandabro 021 7 kun oldin
I want fudge and blabber to do this
Vincent Gunawan
Vincent Gunawan 7 kun oldin
I can already see Blaber & Perkz doing one of these
Pat Green
Pat Green 7 kun oldin
I am triggered. As a bard player, this person has played like 2 games total and has never watched pro players apparently... jesus...
TheJerbol 7 kun oldin
calling someone boosted in bronze 3 is kinda dumb KEKW
Thothrax 7 kun oldin
Holy shit this was so frustrating to watch, when I was still in bronze I knew this shit. How are people this oblivious
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 7 kun oldin
That was the most alpha welcome video I've ever seen. Not a C9 fan, but will be watching closely now, because of Perkz.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 7 kun oldin
Honestly amazing
TheHardest 7 kun oldin
bruh i thought my video playback speed was like x1.25 or smth. they talk so fast XD
David Lee
David Lee 7 kun oldin
Great. Another victim for the LCK/LPL
Yousor0 7 kun oldin
I had to stop watching midway bro. My body can't handle this vid
Strudel 7 kun oldin
Ok, watching Zven suffering was hilarious
LEC KoreLana
LEC KoreLana 7 kun oldin
OMG. This hurts my eyes! However, we all were beginners at some point.
Saint Lotus
Saint Lotus 7 kun oldin
Oh you had them watch TSM clips.
Rowan 7 kun oldin
it looks like he has 300 ping, he has 7 lmao
Zachary Patton
Zachary Patton 6 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure that’s not his ping. Zven and Vulcan are using the spectator client. They aren’t playing a recording
DonRaider999 7 kun oldin
Sometimes i play in plat and some players havent unlocked as well. Must be a bug
RayisOkay 7 kun oldin
I love how Vulcan just activated teacher mode while Zven said "nobody's safe from getting roasted out here"
Aitor 7 kun oldin
NA is screwed. Expect this guy to change all by himself the whole NA server. Can't wait for Worlds 2021 (btw i fucking hate, new shop)
Troy Harper
Troy Harper 7 kun oldin
I mean they called it flaming but this were mostly good tips and advices. Like for everyone in iron and bronze these are some good tips I asume. Like the guy only plays for one season so nobody prob told him what to do. If he takes what Vulcan says seriously he can improve massively from this video. It is like a free coaching session.
Alex Lian
Alex Lian 7 kun oldin
When can I unlock the mini map
The Croatian Lad
The Croatian Lad 7 kun oldin
Zven is so overreacting it's insane just chill, Vulcan was good, deff has good some pointers specially at the end, actually the whole video but I like it how he sums it all in the end what bard is doing wrong.
Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 7 kun oldin
not that funny flaming people who are that bad at the game and have no ideea what they are doing
Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 6 kun oldin
@Avasic who said anything about not wanting to improve?
Avasic 6 kun oldin
Nice excuse. If you suck and don't try to Improve better uninstall and try the games you're actually good at.
muntymunt 7 kun oldin
"this lucian is boosted" what boosted to bronze 2? lol
boosted has 2 meanings yw