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Powder milk
indusara 456
indusara 456 8 soat oldin
Can you make free fire caractors Please
finboy089_ gaming
finboy089_ gaming 8 soat oldin
In the boxes there are all the dead bodies the imposter kill
Myrthe 8 soat oldin
holy darn
Rizwansayyed Munshi
Rizwansayyed Munshi 8 soat oldin
But we cant do this haha😂
Loco Facts
Loco Facts 8 soat oldin
Did he fart @ 14:53 ?
Sabrina Elliott
Sabrina Elliott 8 soat oldin
Why did you not make the cafeteria
Luci de Andre
Luci de Andre 8 soat oldin
The boxes are actually where the impostors are stored. It’s meant to be a secret, and they’re not meant to get out. The corporation’s tactical division wants those creatures. But alas, they do get out.
Shantanu Rawat
Shantanu Rawat 8 soat oldin
Omg very very very 👍😊👍 nice
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How many times is this guy gonna say “Beautiful”
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We’re did you get the knife I want one
Aljon james Mendoza
Aljon james Mendoza 9 soat oldin
all you need to do is the caf, security, upper engine, electrical, lower engine, and the reactor
Penélope Guillén Ibarra
Penélope Guillén Ibarra 9 soat oldin
Amori 9 soat oldin
I would not be patient enough to make such small things and place and glue everything this is impressive
Jorge Alberto Escobedo Larios
Jorge Alberto Escobedo Larios 9 soat oldin
why don't you make metalhead of the tmmt
Davi Leal Luccas
Davi Leal Luccas 9 soat oldin
Moço você não viu que faltou um trecho de luz na adimistração
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Nguyen Hoang
Nguyen Hoang 9 soat oldin
Nguyen Hoang
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Trét uy
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Thank you Stan Lee 😭😢😢😢👍😎
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Thats an amazing ider
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Could you give us the blue print for it!
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where did you find those map pictures?
Jon Pagel
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Next creation: end dimension
Mikey E
Mikey E 10 soat oldin
Yeah the ruins
Léo-Martin Fillion Léveillé
Léo-Martin Fillion Léveillé 10 soat oldin
Or The new party trooper skin
GameSlayer 10 soat oldin
Yes. More skeld. Maybe some characters too...
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13:42 you don’t have to know guns to tell that is a shotgun I know he says it later on
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Me and my fam watching this🐵🐵🙉🙊🐵
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Where is the Gaster Blaster?
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Dang he is good bro Btw clay claim I will add you just Reply to my comment your username and I will add you btw my username is TowableBean62
Agus Diaz
Agus Diaz 10 soat oldin
hellow soy español no ay imagenes en la descripsion para aser el mapa de the skeld como lo voy aser si no ay descripsion para imprimir el mapa pon descripsion aora o estare desepcionado porfavor pon la descripsion
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wait wait wait...... dislikers? why are you guys disliking it? can you guys answer me?🤔🤨
Cassie Regalado
Cassie Regalado 10 soat oldin
*watching this vid* me: imma try this game👁️👄👁️
Matthew Schmitt
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There is a secret if you change your clock on the device to april 1st 2021 then the map will be inverted if that helps any
Doneston 11 soat oldin
You should make some one piece ships! Like the Baratie
tyler 11 soat oldin
Henny stick man
Ghostly Gaming508
Ghostly Gaming508 11 soat oldin
For a recommendation i would say finka or lion fighting back the chimera virus or o e of the monsters.
Faris Fawzan
Faris Fawzan 11 soat oldin
can you make the electrical , upper engine , lower engine , security , reactor and medbay
Melana Bondar
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This kinda helped me bc I need to do a project like this for school
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Elison Faialaga 12 soat oldin
Nice clayclaim I watch all your videos and I like the black panther the best, Keep up the good work😃
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The best intro
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Ilan Guiotus 12 soat oldin
JAWZ_8000 12 soat oldin
Can you create sky from fortnite plz
Lol I'm a docter
Lol I'm a docter 12 soat oldin
Make Meliodas from 7 deadly sins please
Midas de oro
Midas de oro 12 soat oldin
Midas, Midas ¡midassssss!
Ch Eu
Ch Eu 12 soat oldin
Could you do a Among Us map (the skeld map) part 3
James09tyler Bennett
James09tyler Bennett 12 soat oldin
Who else skips like half the video but still love him
Justin Findell
Justin Findell 12 soat oldin
make more among us!
HENRY BIANCO 13 soat oldin
11:20 ah, yes. the ship runs on milk.
Brandon Landis
Brandon Landis 13 soat oldin
Brandon Landis
Brandon Landis 13 soat oldin
3:14 SOME?!?!?
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BooM Borgoyari 13 soat oldin
this should go to unintentional asmr.
IronKronoXD 13 soat oldin
You should make an Among Us board game!
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Layla Bug G 13 soat oldin
Why do u curse my mom heard u and now I can't watch u 😠😠😭😭😡
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What is gunt
Trey C
Trey C 14 soat oldin
Can you make shadow Midas ?
XYZ Rush
XYZ Rush 14 soat oldin
Do the cams and reactor and the lower engine next
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Revail Content 14 soat oldin
Hey can you try making some fnaf figures
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9th grade school 666
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Make trench from rogue company
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Iam buy
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The boxes are filled With Stuff sillys
Marco T
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Do Among Us Map And Do: Lower Engine, Security , And Reactor Please.
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Can you give me new swich controlers beceus i have drifting ons :(
mitkoriz 14 soat oldin
Can you give me some new controler becuse myn is drifting
Dennis Tiu
Dennis Tiu 15 soat oldin
How about you make the electrical upper engine down engine and cafeteria
Charles Calvin.
Charles Calvin. 15 soat oldin
What about the vents...?
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This is very great!
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This guy needs to be more popular
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Make jackal or moxie or tachanka
Drew DiBenedetto
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Mozzie I meant
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Son espectadores 😡
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ƃood nɐǝsɐ
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its so funny , your german acent.