What Color Is My Hoodie?
It’s pronounced GIF.
BlueG 22 soat oldin
wave their flag?
BlueG 22 soat oldin
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 22 soat oldin
As this year has seen, people are more desperate to survive than the live. Survive into a world or tyranny than to live before the change is fully implemented.
Noshadowkick 2006
Noshadowkick 2006 22 soat oldin
it's Accurate alright
Bob 22 soat oldin
*glad that the UK ruled Malaysia*
Tom de Whalley
Tom de Whalley 22 soat oldin
It's perfect
Hadley Brine
Hadley Brine 22 soat oldin
Similar thing when I tandem jumped. At one point you're inside the plane thinking, whoa, this is gonna be amazing. And then they open the doors. And you have to move. And then you have to throw yourself into gravitational oblivion. My head felt like it was in my guts.
Rubix FF
Rubix FF 22 soat oldin
How they get camera after recording to upload on youtube.
ROYFIGHTER 22 soat oldin
David García
David García 22 soat oldin
"I'm out of petrol" "There's a garage down the road" "Thanks, I was so thirsty!"
Justin Herbutte
Justin Herbutte 22 soat oldin
Wind turbines are THE worst waste of money in the modern world. They don't work most of the time and if they do they don't produce enough energy to power a cell phone.
Plλyer 22 soat oldin
im surprised that drinking water isnt illegal
Meiesphas 23 soat oldin
Regular show fans would love this town
Anas saleh
Anas saleh 23 soat oldin
They wanted to test the emergency system and there was no volunteers... till Tom came
Rob Eagle
Rob Eagle 23 soat oldin
I’ve visited this amazing place before :D!
Someguy 23 soat oldin
No ones talking about how the subtitles are colored
Dan Latt
Dan Latt 23 soat oldin
"Dont try this at home" damn. I was just about to break out my enormous air tight biodome
Rainy Razbear
Rainy Razbear 23 soat oldin
So a UFO
David 23 soat oldin
hell that is dangerous imagine after looking at these you mistake a red traffic light for a green light.
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 23 soat oldin
It’s fun watching leftists have no clue about anything
potato potato
potato potato 23 soat oldin
well it isn't exactly spot on edit: it now is
Pup Wolfy
Pup Wolfy 23 soat oldin
You are the person I wish I could be on UZpost.
Trollip0p 23 soat oldin
a way to possibly smoothen a progress bar is to artificially do so, instead of showing the exact amount, every time the progress bar increases, gently increase it to the new amount. so if the progress bar is making janky but constant progress, it will still look smooth.
Nikhil Koli
Nikhil Koli 23 soat oldin
Hi jeb🙏🏻
Sessa107 23 soat oldin
2:45 why are those signs so sad though?
Connor Prosser
Connor Prosser 23 soat oldin
1 million seems like less then a penny
Sweep 23 soat oldin
Anyone else hear the super high pitch sound at the end screen?
Warren Portsmouth
Warren Portsmouth 23 soat oldin
Yay, keep the tourists away. More space for the locals
Dutch mapping
Dutch mapping 23 soat oldin
I mean if you do good things for your community should get rewarded.. But not in this way
Barbosa Fabricio
Barbosa Fabricio 23 soat oldin
Him: *Talks about 1900 not being a leap year* Me: *immediately forgets about the rest of the video*
matje103 23 soat oldin
can someone explain to me why its warmer in the upper part of the atmosphere compared to around 10 to 20km? I always thought it went progressively colder the higher up you go?
Emil Örn
Emil Örn 23 soat oldin
Hey Tom. Great video. Just wanted to share with you how Kolbeinsey is pronounced . Read as an Englishman it is like this: Colbains-hey (minus the "h") Ey is shortening for Eyja which means island in Icelandic so this is in fact the Island of Kolbeinn (which is a mans's name)
Mason Tatum
Mason Tatum 23 soat oldin
Where can I get some of those hallucinogens? Barbara and her husbands have been awful to me lately and I need blackmail
okazon69 Kun oldin
1:44 - glad to see the proper direction toward the exit!
David Cat
David Cat Kun oldin
she's a major tory
Elegator Kun oldin
TL;DW: Military Rappelling Kids™️
StevieStyle Kun oldin
28,921,856 views rn
Sherlyn & Son
Sherlyn & Son Kun oldin
Easier method: just sort by length and go one by one starting from the absolute longest word in the English language to the longest English word that can be written in 7 segment displays.
Aniruddh Kun oldin
British accent sucks American accent is the best 😎😎
James Negus
James Negus Kun oldin
I’ve climbed it
Gamin9 Wizard
Gamin9 Wizard Kun oldin
1:38 Sounds perfectly Iike Germany.
Christo Kun oldin
one screw to hold the arrestor together, so where is the backup for forgetting that? training manual. riiiiiiight
Femke Van Wageningen
Femke Van Wageningen Kun oldin
This town whas a mess during covid regulations 😂 Sometimes half a store whas open, and the other half closed becouse of the different covid regulations of the 2 country's🤦‍♀️
Lolepiking Kun oldin
Gisslade vajdijon
Setyo Budi Utomo
Setyo Budi Utomo Kun oldin
They refused to use a nuclear power plant event before the Cernobyl disaster 😮 Imagine how's their reaction after that disaster
Wishvesh Chaturvedi
Wishvesh Chaturvedi Kun oldin
Thank God the cimbal hit the cliffside.
roger van Bommel
roger van Bommel Kun oldin
Really, rm -rf / will fail, rm -rf /* or rm -rf / -no-preserve-root will work
Senas Taksioras
Senas Taksioras Kun oldin
100% right for a year, this isn't even possible, this is god's work
gabitzu34 Kun oldin
1 year later and still 100% accurate. Good job Tom!
Me pronouncing G I F
Charisse Aliviado
Charisse Aliviado Kun oldin
aint this the earliest sighting of a rickroll
J Crif
J Crif Kun oldin
Love it, pumps must run forever and they go to a place where you can hear a pin drop because they are not running, they show flood areas without water. But they must run forever..
Divansh Singh
Divansh Singh Kun oldin
ellen and hank explaining planets jaiden: wat
DollunTheSavage Kun oldin
As someone who has done a little bit of canyoning, to go down, you only need one rope to be safe. (Assuming your not a compleat moron) Second, wouldn't you want to repell down. it's faster and definitely funner.
Arie Arie
Arie Arie Kun oldin
This guy probbably has the best job in the world
Boothy B
Boothy B Kun oldin
Anxiety 📈📈📈📈
Denjaminable Kun oldin
so if I'm following you right, and I think I am, the point of this video is that chewbacca speaks only in uvular trills?
Eric Keane
Eric Keane Kun oldin
How do I get this job?
B A Kun oldin
hah wish I could earn money like that
Ben _
Ben _ Kun oldin
Still 100% correct
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Kun oldin
Tom Scott is this generation's Adam Hart-Davis, and I mean that as the biggest compliment
iDontProgramInCpp Kun oldin
I know
daniel burges
daniel burges Kun oldin
Mubashshir Rizwan
Mubashshir Rizwan Kun oldin
Fred Dinbah would have brought his own ladders.
DarkKnightCookies Kun oldin
I didn't even now two spaces after a period was a thing? I
michaelangaloe Kun oldin
P1LYP Kun oldin
She's good at presenting.
Rob Samus
Rob Samus Kun oldin
James Bissick
James Bissick Kun oldin
Malcom Dryer
Malcom Dryer Kun oldin
..."because that's the colour your trousers will go if you accidentally hit yourself with it"...... How delightfully British
GreySlasher63 Kun oldin
Wow a year goes by fast!!
Vagabundork Chaos Magick-User
Vagabundork Chaos Magick-User Kun oldin
"There's 5 minutes and 10 seconds of video, and we've got through 1 minute and 24 seconds." How the heel did you do that? This is sorcery and the inquisitions will be notified.
A R Kun oldin
Tom can you make 45 minute videos pwease uwu
Mohammed Shabin
Mohammed Shabin Kun oldin
vee waiyawuth
vee waiyawuth Kun oldin
Fun fact: all the wind you feel is created by these turbines. The same thing happens in space at a much bigger scale and we call that solar wind!
Michael Gallrauner
Michael Gallrauner Kun oldin
Cudos to the cameraman too and didn't no the word abseil is used in English.
عبود gamer
عبود gamer Kun oldin
You had arabic on the thumbnail
BilliamTrillion Kun oldin
Well I'm back again and it's still 100% accurate
Willtabix Kun oldin
On the 6/5/2021, at 9:19 am GMT, it was exactly correct
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Kun oldin
I was expecting this to be another "More confetti" video
Andrew Nesham
Andrew Nesham Kun oldin
Thanks. I'm going to have nightmares now.