salim al-toobi
salim al-toobi 17 soat oldin
Norvurox 17 soat oldin
How often you wanna get Goosebumps while you looking that Trailer? Me: Yes
TheChosenDragon1 17 soat oldin
Hey why don't you guys fix the ps5 horse sound effects.
ELXTEVYLE 17 soat oldin
Whose the voice actor
Red Wolf IRL
Red Wolf IRL 18 soat oldin
Fyi this is Ireland like all the time. We're all just a bunch of cultish druids.
chow 18 soat oldin
this is cool and all but where the hell is far cry 6
All is Vibes.
All is Vibes. 18 soat oldin
The update that killed the game.
brady dearden
brady dearden 18 soat oldin
This dlc should be free for all the things you guys messed up in this game Ubisoft
Argyll Rose
Argyll Rose 18 soat oldin
Now I want an ac game in medieval Scotland
Eric Tung
Eric Tung 18 soat oldin
i just lost the game
DJEAZA 18 soat oldin
I swear to god ubi if I there's 50 collectables in a single area I'm going to eat the dirt on my finger nail
Soapy_Ice-water 18 soat oldin
Still no one handed swords
sadarum hogai
sadarum hogai 19 soat oldin
man need the name of the song of this trailer is epic
Noah Burch
Noah Burch 19 soat oldin
Fans: can you bring back cops. Ubisoft: yes however nothing you enjoyed from it. Fans: can we have spies? Ubisoft yes but it’s the cop mode basically. Fans: can you add some fun modes Ubisoft: we’ll just give you hot wheels without the hot wheels. I like that there’s content. However not listening to feedback is annoying. Ubisoft this game has potential please stop efing it out trying to copy every racer under the sun. You have everything for a great game just do something unique which is the reason we bought this game.
Azhar 19 soat oldin
attacker : oh no he's hot
pignessman 7
pignessman 7 19 soat oldin
He's right you know
SWERD 20 soat oldin
Honestly wish Rainbow would get back to the Vegas style
Steady Cuzzin
Steady Cuzzin 20 soat oldin
The Legend of Beowulf use to be on my map. But then it disappeared off my map and under Quest. It happened on the 2nd month of the Release of Assassins Creed Valhalla. I have the Ultimate Edition. Not sure if it's a mission for being a Season pass owner or not. But it's so freaking messed up I can't ever experience it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
ARSO 20 soat oldin
Watching this trailer actually is a reminder of just how much this franchise forgot about it’s identity. I’m not one to complain, this looks like a beautiful expansion to a witcher like rpg title, but honestly just take away the assassin’s creed name in the title at this point, it’s such a disgrace....
TrickyCM10 20 soat oldin
Kinda bummed they went for a half assed Irish accent but I guess Americans wouldn’t be able to understand it
TheSamurix16 20 soat oldin
Very excited.
Sebsy 20 soat oldin
If I’m being honest, I was sad when Horatio died
In Nomine Dei Nostri
In Nomine Dei Nostri 20 soat oldin
He sounds more like Russian ..
B Dre
B Dre 21 soat oldin
I really have to give the developers of this game credit for bringing weight back to the player character, after Odyssey he basically felt like the clear character was floating along. Huge props
B Dre
B Dre 21 soat oldin
This girl hosting obviously knows nothing about Assassin's Creed. I've ordered and assassination with hidden blade, and she thought it was the dagger
Luca Provinzano
Luca Provinzano 21 soat oldin
It’s all fun and games until Vortiger comes out of his chamber
NASCARFAN93100 21 soat oldin
This is gonna be fun
B Dre
B Dre 21 soat oldin
After playing over a hundred hours on PS5 in sweet 60fps, this frame rate is tough to watch
drosedropped50 22 soat oldin
Is that Anne Bonny from AC4 voicing this?🥺❤️
The Oni
The Oni 22 soat oldin
Seriously, this a elite skin?
Ole Jakob Hauge
Ole Jakob Hauge 22 soat oldin
Sheamus better be a hidden feature in this DLC. Brogue kick ability included
FodSpeed 18 soat oldin
RICHY J 22 soat oldin
should of made a wizard of oz dlc
Jaded Old Joe
Jaded Old Joe 23 soat oldin
Cool, can’t wait for 20 hours of gameplay comprised of 18 hours of puzzles...
ok ok
ok ok 23 soat oldin
That music.. Its heavenly
James Grant
James Grant 19 soat oldin
2WEI is the one who made it.
Chance Taken
Chance Taken 23 soat oldin
Real nice of you guys(and gals) to push back the release of this to the public, but giving early access to your pet UZpost channels.
ThunderBuddy 23 soat oldin
Prefer male Eivor, he reminds me of Obi Wan Kenobi
Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard 23 soat oldin
The Fact of the matter is Most Ubisoft Games Suck. The ONLY Great Spectacular Game from Ubisoft is the Assassin's Creed Franchise. All there COD like Games Suck an Online gaming Is A boring waste of money in General. I have a feeling Skull and Bones is getting turned into a lame online game and Ubisoft is probably going to start focusing more on online games more because they can do a lot less and make a lot more just like Activision an Xbox does.. Games like Assassin's Creeds Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order the first two rebooted Tomb Raider's God of Wars Spider-Mans The Witcher games Ghost of Tsushima Control Just to Name a few is where gaming is at its best brightest funniest and most immersive. Not lame online games like Call of Duty pubg fortnite the division Halo Star Wars Battlefront Ect ect.. Gaming is dying because developers are having less an Less Vision and want to do as little as possible to make as much as possible..
Tjkill 214
Tjkill 214 23 soat oldin
Back when assassins creed was actually about assassins and not the people who knew them.
Dan G
Dan G 23 soat oldin
Music is on point. Love them drum beats.
Coty Mccollum
Coty Mccollum Kun oldin
2:24 why doesn’t the Albion guards in game look that slick?
Callum Ager
Callum Ager Kun oldin
The imagery of Eivor riding a giant cat in contrast to the series humble begins. It’s really sad to see.
NoHudJudge 21 soat oldin
Very! From removing the crossbow in AC1 due to historical inaccuracy, to riding giant cats, unicorns, wolves.
Coty Mccollum
Coty Mccollum Kun oldin
Kinda wish the guards looked like what they did here, more realistic.
sym Kun oldin
the absolute irony of ubisoft making a game about piracy
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior Kun oldin
Putting female Eivor in promo material isn't going to make people start playing as this ugly beast.
Scott Allen
Scott Allen Kun oldin
1:48 woah
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Kun oldin
Meh idk yet, but if you don't know where Ireland is you might be a moron and nothing to brag about🙄 and why is her mic so damn loud only plus that other one isn't there making unfunny jokes Already finished the main game
Danilo Oliveira
Danilo Oliveira Kun oldin
The Witcher 3 mod dlc hahaha
Gage Crooks
Gage Crooks Kun oldin
Fiorezy Kun oldin
So it is just another useless alliance quest that has nothing to do with Assassins
SkyrimInMyPants Kun oldin
delayed to 2022 i hope this means NO PVP. seriously though please let this mean they are going away from a ship pvp game that no-one asked for and instead making an open world pirate action-rpg game. More of Black Flag that is, without the ac parts. If it’s still a pvp game then meh.
Dholqol Bruks
Dholqol Bruks Kun oldin
Éireann or Éire instead of Ireland which is the given name by the bloody English. Some of it should have been in the Irish language. Also, the accents aren't very convincing.
Guillem Moreno
Guillem Moreno Kun oldin
1. The game's in English, so it makes sense for them to call it Ireland. 2. People do speak in Irish. 3. The accents are Irish.
Anung Un Rama
Anung Un Rama Kun oldin
Close your eyes and it's a warhammer game
Harrison Ellis Vlogs
Harrison Ellis Vlogs Kun oldin
Was gonna get it. Saw this trailer now I'm not.
Kenoashire !
Kenoashire ! Kun oldin
Can y’all please add the fenyr hypersport or the bolide?
Dd Kun oldin
Marcus Kun oldin
Just started back playing and there is a butt load of stuff I haven’t done. Now they’re announcing more is coming.
Mintybois Kun oldin
God damn this looks gorgeous! Cant wait to make more alliances!
BoomBaLatty21 Kun oldin
You know i wished you had put female divot in all the other trailers, you made me think that male rigor was canon and i picked him instead. And now I’m too used to him.
alison cattroll
alison cattroll Kun oldin
Lyfe Kun oldin
Easily one of the worst Assassins creeds ever made, my mans is riding a lynx. What happened..
Kevin B
Kevin B 21 soat oldin
Not sure what you've been playing but it's definitely not the worst.
Kenny Dziengiel
Kenny Dziengiel 22 soat oldin
😭 that's for you
grown kid
grown kid Kun oldin
Now i can get this game back again
Vincenzo Garofalo
Vincenzo Garofalo Kun oldin
HeartBleeds4U Kun oldin
I hope as an Easter egg there will be a Leprechaun boss fight voiced by Warwick Davis
TheLethalPredator Kun oldin
Abdihakin Mohamed
Abdihakin Mohamed Kun oldin
Ah ireland the country I live in
Phantom_115 Kun oldin
When theres no assassins in assassins creed
Hunk of Spunk
Hunk of Spunk Kun oldin
"Something's wrong, foul, CURSED!"
On god
On god Kun oldin
this series really at a downfall and 12 year olds just don’t get that 😂 i bet there’s at least 10 new bugs with this new update, classic ubisoft support team they’re so goated
Nathan Phelan
Nathan Phelan Kun oldin
Can't wait to drive the new Koenigsegg
I Darkstar X
I Darkstar X Kun oldin
Oh I thought it was For Honor