I can't do this anymore.
Slime Art Challenge!
Sunita Sharma sunita sharma
Sunita Sharma sunita sharma Soat oldin
Favourite Princess Belle and Elsa
Taryn Taryn
Taryn Taryn Soat oldin
Taryn Taryn
Taryn Taryn Soat oldin
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez 2 soat oldin
all of them !!!!
Ra & Jaffi
Ra & Jaffi 2 soat oldin
Me when I see the title/thumbnail: hiiiii sisters!!!
Anoorah Akhtar
Anoorah Akhtar 2 soat oldin
Off sooo much
Anoorah Akhtar
Anoorah Akhtar 2 soat oldin
Oof I ment
yuliawati setiawan
yuliawati setiawan 2 soat oldin
yuliawati setiawan
yuliawati setiawan 2 soat oldin
O b
yuliawati setiawan
yuliawati setiawan 2 soat oldin
yuliawati setiawan
yuliawati setiawan 2 soat oldin
axjanae 2 soat oldin
Every since her styled changed she’s been wayyy more confident and I love it 🥰
Elizabeth Lozano
Elizabeth Lozano 2 soat oldin
I wasn’t born to be a princess I was born to be a queen
Ayla Shinaz
Ayla Shinaz 2 soat oldin
im still here ;0;
Eliana Shima élève
Eliana Shima élève 3 soat oldin
Swap clothes ft gabi next
Eliana Shima élève
Eliana Shima élève 3 soat oldin
Swap clothes ft gabi next
Seanna Frey
Seanna Frey 3 soat oldin
I love all the princess❤
Anastasia Kamrodeen
Anastasia Kamrodeen 4 soat oldin
Who here in 2021??!!!!
Lyssa Baby
Lyssa Baby 4 soat oldin
why am i just realizing rachel KINDA looks like Anne Hathaway from Princess Diaries
Isabella Lam
Isabella Lam 4 soat oldin
But the girl is so don’t have any boots well
Isabella Lam
Isabella Lam 5 soat oldin
Um.......make with your best friend hahaha Maybe you have a best friend hahaha😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅
Ana Arroyo Villanueva
Ana Arroyo Villanueva 5 soat oldin
I jate the other vids ewwwww
Nika 's world
Nika 's world 5 soat oldin
I love her outfit swaps
Raquel Alhaqab
Raquel Alhaqab 5 soat oldin
Ngân Anh Nguyen
Ngân Anh Nguyen 5 soat oldin
Daniella is EVERYTHING
Kerry Miles
Kerry Miles 5 soat oldin
Anoint google in year 4
Alexa Y
Alexa Y 6 soat oldin
teacher: 53x76 and divided by 11 me: takes 2 mins to do the problem only to get 349 remainder 9 **2 minutes later** teacher : what is the mitochindria? me: ThE mItOcHoNdRiA iS tHe PoWeR hOuSe Of ThE cElL Looks like we're going to the 5th grade with Mrs.Frizzle!
Paradise Stein
Paradise Stein 6 soat oldin
Omg-I just realized she was that girl on Dr.Phil-I am shocked
Adrienne Gilpin
Adrienne Gilpin 6 soat oldin
Xz?msoq j))
Eva K
Eva K 6 soat oldin
Rachel your hair looks like Gabbies hair
Hyper_mocha 313
Hyper_mocha 313 7 soat oldin
It’s been 78 years hair grows Me: then. Why does meh hair grow in 2 seconds Also me : but if it was 78 years they would’ve been like old old old old
Gabriella Hanson
Gabriella Hanson 7 soat oldin
Alaina Craig
Alaina Craig 7 soat oldin
It looks so good
Orla Shittu
Orla Shittu 7 soat oldin
Here from 2021
Night Random
Night Random 7 soat oldin
Nightingale21 7 soat oldin
she looks like a spice girl, in the best way
Julia Caserta Baster (Student)
Julia Caserta Baster (Student) 7 soat oldin
do orbeez nex6
Natalie Young
Natalie Young 8 soat oldin
“Sometimes we forget about our (ASS)ets” omg Bethany 😂
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 8 soat oldin
Ok but her personality is THE BEST
Ryan George
Ryan George 8 soat oldin
10 million Orby‘s in a hot tub so fun
Carmen Carrion
Carmen Carrion 8 soat oldin
You look great in blonde
Teddy._. Rawr
Teddy._. Rawr 8 soat oldin
I didn’t even know who Nikita was 😂
susan stansbury
susan stansbury 8 soat oldin
Cysgaudgsgxfbfhthdbfhfhfhfbfhhdhfhfhfhhhhhhhhhhhbut he ha indie why Fjoadjajdjejdnejj
Kyla Battisti
Kyla Battisti 8 soat oldin
Love the Outfits
Ryan George
Ryan George 8 soat oldin
Very pretty Pool
Shyanne Marvin
Shyanne Marvin 9 soat oldin
Wow are you do ing
Cayla Majette
Cayla Majette 9 soat oldin
squad goes bula ca
Liz style
Liz style 9 soat oldin
OMG her dog is so cute
Master 9 soat oldin
I love all Disney princesses
Thedeer 9 soat oldin
I like how she lifts up her leg every video just like casually showing how flexible she is btw no hate I think it’s pretty 😂🤣
Madalynn Daugherty
Madalynn Daugherty 9 soat oldin
Ok. But Rachel’s style is 🔥. You can’t tell me any different
Uyanga Ochirbat
Uyanga Ochirbat 9 soat oldin
Uyanga Ochirbat
Uyanga Ochirbat 9 soat oldin
Tulay Shaban
Tulay Shaban 9 soat oldin
Her: im a scorpio Me: yass were twins
Kelly-Ann Poulin
Kelly-Ann Poulin 9 soat oldin
Agi Thuthunyane
Agi Thuthunyane 9 soat oldin
i love ! Nikki and gabi 😘😘
Kyla McClellan
Kyla McClellan 9 soat oldin
I haven’t seen Bethany Nita’s in so long sense I was 5
Breanna S
Breanna S 10 soat oldin
Who only knows amber because of sam and Colby
Charlotte Guyton
Charlotte Guyton 10 soat oldin
Vince Aragon
Vince Aragon 10 soat oldin
I feel like the world's smallest hotel is the world's largest hotel
Cupcake Gaming
Cupcake Gaming 10 soat oldin
My favorite princes is bell
Effie Hui
Effie Hui 10 soat oldin
You look amazing
Britanny Nicole
Britanny Nicole 11 soat oldin
At the minute 13. Dasies dress that Rachel was wearing when you are up close the orange is pink but when you zoom out it's orange
Tori Carson
Tori Carson 11 soat oldin
I’m surprised no one threw up
Larry Donegain
Larry Donegain 11 soat oldin
She spent to much
Sarackless 11 soat oldin
The white outfit with the sunglasses and the bag/belt (what is it called?) 😍 where did you buy that bag/belt?
Umaimah Patel
Umaimah Patel 11 soat oldin
W33B_Animat3s 11 soat oldin
Rachel is the queen of doing adds in the middle of the video
Amanda Brassard
Amanda Brassard 11 soat oldin
Can you please do more of these videos
Alma Suljic
Alma Suljic 11 soat oldin
When you to did the 2 outfit you lokte soo good so good
Alyssa Dana
Alyssa Dana 11 soat oldin
Best outfit swap ever
Alyssa Dana
Alyssa Dana 11 soat oldin
Omg she perdicted the pandemic she said “ wearing a face mask to pretend I’m mentally healthy” OMG lol
Ogiimaabineshikwe B
Ogiimaabineshikwe B 12 soat oldin
3:03 I know damn well that lil bit didn’t moisturizer anything
Adrina Chiappe
Adrina Chiappe 12 soat oldin
You should do a outfit swap with Gabi
xLiliLuvx 12 soat oldin
Doesn’t she look like lele pons? Just me? Okay.
ellielittle 12 soat oldin
i can’t be the only one stressed about her hair part being uneven LMAO
izzy 2006
izzy 2006 12 soat oldin
I préfères it better before she added more toner
Raquel Gonzalez
Raquel Gonzalez 13 soat oldin
Natalie Foss
Natalie Foss 13 soat oldin
i would DIEEEE to have E-girl/Grunge type of style😩
aana Shaikh
aana Shaikh 13 soat oldin
Paige Callaghan
Paige Callaghan 13 soat oldin
Paige Callaghan
Paige Callaghan 13 soat oldin