Animation Week 2020
29 kun oldin
Pokémon GO Fest 2018
Utsav Bajracharya
Utsav Bajracharya 3 daqiqa oldin
The thumbnail lacks something. Plus Ultra
light_brawl 23 daqiqa oldin
I live in mid of nowhere... so this doesnt help that much
Mercedes Garcia Navarro
Mercedes Garcia Navarro 46 daqiqa oldin
So creepy
Pokémon Tamil Nadu
Pokémon Tamil Nadu 48 daqiqa oldin
More PokéBalls a?😵.... Already I am tossing all PokéBalls to get free space on my Backpack. In this, they are giving more PokéBalls? Try giving more BagSpace too. Then I will be happy
Maria Otohime
Maria Otohime 50 daqiqa oldin
Oh. My. Gwaa.... When?! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
Gokul akash
Gokul akash Soat oldin
There are no pokestop near me
Matheus CM
Matheus CM 19 daqiqa oldin
Даниил Поздняков
Даниил Поздняков 2 soat oldin
YAAAAAY! Where can i get Zyguard? He is so cute!💖
Apostol3009 2 soat oldin
It looks like country`s presentation on eurovision.
I am Shaymin
I am Shaymin 3 soat oldin
When will Sylveon be?
Kurt Haspela
Kurt Haspela 4 soat oldin
"More pokeballs..." Me inside my house and still on lockdown *Okay, have fun*
Ishant 4 soat oldin
Bring more pokestops in India
Manju Devi
Manju Devi 4 soat oldin
Thanks i got 14 pokeballs from spinning the first pokestop of the day
HL621 5 soat oldin
Not the balls,the free storage ;-;
Platinum Awra
Platinum Awra 5 soat oldin
Pls add Mega legendary to game 🙏😀
Kevitso Rhutso
Kevitso Rhutso 5 soat oldin
Everyone here is talking about *Greninja* while I stick to *Chesnaught*
Strong Hold
Strong Hold 5 soat oldin
Niantic be like: Let's ignore those who have not even pokestops to get a single ball, and give more balls to those who have pokestops
BluewolfR 5 soat oldin
when you just ran out of space on your cellphone and can't absolutely spare any more memory at all.
Michael Parliaros
Michael Parliaros 5 soat oldin
Please, you can put in the Pokémon go gen 8 and gen 9?
Deanna Herron
Deanna Herron 5 soat oldin
Love it
GоMуNкYл 26
GоMуNкYл 26 5 soat oldin
Bishal Chakraborty
Bishal Chakraborty 5 soat oldin
Plz make pokestop and gym in our area as there is no pokestop and gym
YorzoYam 6 soat oldin
Imagine 2021 halloween with mimikyou
Pratik patil
Pratik patil 6 soat oldin
Hell yeah
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go 6 soat oldin
sourabh Savekar
sourabh Savekar 7 soat oldin
But my place not pokestop
yogi babu
yogi babu 7 soat oldin
Why you not add pokespin in Pokemon go
LOGAN gamingYT
LOGAN gamingYT 7 soat oldin
Please increase the number of poke stops and gyms in india
Matheus Coutinho
Matheus Coutinho 7 soat oldin
0:23 já cheguei nessa marca faz tempo
Warg 8 soat oldin
I prefer potions than this
MiLo Cawa
MiLo Cawa 8 soat oldin
I dont even have a pokestop near me
Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma 8 soat oldin
Me:who haven't even a single pokestops in my my whole town and only green land and noting more. Also Me:Crying intensifies as Its been ages since I fight at gym as I level up only by caughting same pokemon everyday and gifts to thanks to my unknown frineds who send me pokeballs and neccessary items via gifts
SeS !
SeS ! 9 soat oldin
bladimir amador
bladimir amador 9 soat oldin
0867 9703 2685 mi ID ando iniciando de cero, acepto solicitudes!
Drew Clark
Drew Clark 9 soat oldin
Would be nice if froakie was more common so I can finish that task
ツqwerky 10 soat oldin
I thought they meant like premier balls in stops or like heavy balls😂😂
AmberFlame -w-
AmberFlame -w- 10 soat oldin
No one: Literally no one: Me: *Will Sylveon be here now?*
Instinct 77
Instinct 77 10 soat oldin
Who else is watching this video for memories from 2016 when Pokémon go was alive
Sebastián Navarro
Sebastián Navarro 10 soat oldin
I need pokestops xd
fabio pagalan
fabio pagalan 10 soat oldin
gives us more froakie
Tony Fuego
Tony Fuego 11 soat oldin
Y’all remember the Hess truck commercials?
Jeithro Wagwag
Jeithro Wagwag 12 soat oldin
Niantic: *we've got some ✨exciting✨ news for you 👉👁️👅👁️👈 guys 😍 lots of POKEBALLS!!!! 😩😝😍🥰 Yes that's right!!! SO MUCH POKEBALLS!!* oh and pokemon from kalos region are here as well no biggie
Ariel Fernando Chavez Q.
Ariel Fernando Chavez Q. 12 soat oldin
Traducir Pongan las pokemonedas y cambien Los gimnasios para solamente pve así será mejor y mucha gente volverá a jugar su juego
Smoaky Plays
Smoaky Plays 13 soat oldin
Love how i cant find a froakie for my life
ALXNDR THE GRT 13 soat oldin
Adding more types of pokeball's from the game would be better.
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 13 soat oldin
We’ve all been played
Strange Banana Boye Inc.
Strange Banana Boye Inc. 14 soat oldin
Already got 6 Thanks god meowstic is here
MysticBug 14 soat oldin
I need sylveon in pokemon go
Oshee :D
Oshee :D 14 soat oldin
Don't make me hope with these pokestops
Depressed Bender
Depressed Bender 14 soat oldin
Man I just want Yveltal or maybe even a 100% Zygarde?!
Alejandro Armijo
Alejandro Armijo 15 soat oldin
No mamen ustedes siguen jugando Pokémon go XDDDDDDD?
G4M3R D4N 15 soat oldin
R0CKETD0DGER 15 soat oldin
Me who has like 6 pokestops in my town
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 16 soat oldin
Kalos Pokémon AND Cumulative Community Day? Definitely gonna need those Pokéballs! 🔴⚪️
Gavin Henry
Gavin Henry 16 soat oldin
How about new poke balls for a change
Марк Настев
Марк Настев 16 soat oldin
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Phil O'Toole
Phil O'Toole 16 soat oldin
Where’s sylveon
Stephen Trevis
Stephen Trevis 16 soat oldin
Isn’t anybody going to mention that this is just like the Coca-Cola Christmas vans???
Luna Stafford
Luna Stafford 16 soat oldin
lookin at the pokemon in this trailer, i see there's no sylveon, who was exactly the pokemon i was waiting for. niantic, give us more eeveelutions we NEED them
Toxtricity 16 soat oldin
RANDY HACKER 16 soat oldin
I live at a gas station and I have no data so I can’t walk around and get pokestops pls put one at my house
pg sharp
pg sharp 16 soat oldin
I actually want to see one of those poke ball trucks in real life
Rodrg Vq
Rodrg Vq 17 soat oldin
Yo no tengo ni una pokeparada en un radio de 7 km de mi casa :'v
pk plays
pk plays 17 soat oldin
where is the download link?
Eric Goesling
Eric Goesling 17 soat oldin
I rather have the more berries
Giuse Mac
Giuse Mac 17 soat oldin
Why don't you upgrade that every time a pokemon is transferred it will give back the pokeball we caught it with?
ShadowDragon688 17 soat oldin
Cool but can we get more types of pokeballs. Master ball, quckball, netball etc.
Fabio Teixeira
Fabio Teixeira 17 soat oldin
Didn’t even show the new ball
Zenithpals 18 soat oldin
Zygarde:chill Everyone: greninja greninja greninja
PandaCubes 18 soat oldin
I thought they were putting more tires of Pokéballs in the game bruh
Idkwhatiam 18 soat oldin
Good guess ima go catch that greninja who whooshed trough the phone
Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Jacobs 18 soat oldin
what was the point of uploading this video if it just showed us nothing lol
Vašek Otta
Vašek Otta 18 soat oldin
i thinked it will be coming master ball...
W.D GASTER 18 soat oldin
To the 80 people who disliked .... go away you don’t appreciate good content
Mio 18 soat oldin
I hope it's dusk balls
dom-inus 18 soat oldin
bruh I legit don’t have any poke balls, I don’t have any poke stops near me, AND I can’t even leave my house, HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO PLAY
Plant Gang
Plant Gang 18 soat oldin
They really made more Pokeballs seem like the biggest game update of the century
ToOnZ 18 soat oldin
Where is diancie lol