100 Drops - [Spellbreak]
100 Drops - [Chess]
One Day - [Iron Man]
100 Drops - [Among Us]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]
One Day - [Midas]
11 oy oldin
Lava Lord345
Lava Lord345 18 soat oldin
Shoutout to LTN's Fridge is likley something he had to say on stream
Lava Lord345
Lava Lord345 18 soat oldin
Now the question is, what will be the season 6 location? Boney Burbs? Colossal Crops? The Spire? only time will tell...
FinnTheKitten II
FinnTheKitten II 18 soat oldin
A way to DESTROY you're ears Go in creative, Get make fireworks go to you're settings, Go to controlls and remap you're right mouse button and replace it with and key then hold down said key. Bye bye ear drums
Deverest 18 soat oldin
After 1000000 days: The whole world is filled with emerald im proud of myself
Caleb Page
Caleb Page 19 soat oldin
Can you give us 200 drops spellbreak plz
MaLeah Reavis
MaLeah Reavis 19 soat oldin
200 days of Minecraft with tors
MaLeah Reavis
MaLeah Reavis 19 soat oldin
200 days of Minecraft
Levi Walker
Levi Walker 19 soat oldin
as good as this video is, i feel like it ruined Minecraft on UZpost. Anyone now can just throw together a hardcore 100 days challenge and get an easy 1mil+ views, I haven't seen original content for Minecraft in a while.
Nurul Izza Isa
Nurul Izza Isa 19 soat oldin
I'm watching this in 2021 not 2020
FFX SAVAGE 19 soat oldin
You are like fearless you don’t post a lot or ever
josh likem
josh likem 20 soat oldin
Luke should do a series on the game called My Time at Portia
Alan Jacobs
Alan Jacobs 20 soat oldin
IDK if Spellbreak is conducive to creating more content but please make another Spellbreak video! I started playing after I watched your video and it's a blast! I just won my first 9 exile game! That's a lot for a mediocre player like me.
Cali Parker
Cali Parker 20 soat oldin
A fun fact: the nether actually used to be flat in super flat worlds! I’m not exactly sure when this was changed, but my best guess is during the nether update.
Carlie Hayes
Carlie Hayes 21 soat oldin
S i s
Cristofer De Verteuil
Cristofer De Verteuil 21 soat oldin
tors calm down with the 1. swearing 2. COW SLAUGHTERING
chuck shadows
chuck shadows 21 soat oldin
I don't want to die to a baby zombie philza cries in the background
iBuyCheats 42
iBuyCheats 42 21 soat oldin
2:30 Did he just say gooder?
Creeper 21 soat oldin
Him: yup! I died but my game crashed and I got brought back to life!
Ltftegvbvthr G
Ltftegvbvthr G 21 soat oldin
Bro play run 3 on coolmath
L C MAY 21 soat oldin
3000 day?
L C MAY 19 soat oldin
@des has swag please explain how this is rushing him?
des has swag
des has swag 19 soat oldin
he has a wife and a baby daughter if he were to film 300 days he would have to neglect his family so give him time
Slyzo 21 soat oldin
46:08 should've said "I made an iron farm" would've been funny af
Samuel Bangiyev
Samuel Bangiyev 21 soat oldin
When the fire nation attacked
person who plays things person
person who plays things person 21 soat oldin
we all think that this guy is good (which he is :) ) but he is not as good as philza minecraft who played for 5 YEARS
Digifox08 22 soat oldin
don't worry, we all pronounce elytra like that. Any other way just sounds... wrong.
Gamer Cupid
Gamer Cupid 21 soat oldin
They is right UwU
Kirby lover
Kirby lover 21 soat oldin
your wrong
Nicholas DJV
Nicholas DJV 22 soat oldin
Luke, at the start of game 83: Feeling pretty fresh at the start of this game! Me: Notices which skin he’s wearing. He knows. Should get an Icon skin with either and emote or emoticon with a Minigun in it. Then do a fat collab with a certain beamy boy.
Janessa Lopez Nunez
Janessa Lopez Nunez 22 soat oldin
I like your 100 videos.
Stefen Peterson
Stefen Peterson 22 soat oldin
I had a minny heart attack when he said 2 year celebration
NitroMorg 22 soat oldin
3000 Days OR BAD.
Lukepar3 Gaming
Lukepar3 Gaming 22 soat oldin
Orlando Castellano Torres
Orlando Castellano Torres 22 soat oldin
minecraft when?
Gankslicks 22 soat oldin
waiting for a new halo video day 56
ALRICK TIONG MING ZHE Moe 22 soat oldin
12:26 ahhh
Tasha Steimle
Tasha Steimle 22 soat oldin
11:35, LTN I don't know what you mean, that's how you pronounce it.
Gamer Cupid
Gamer Cupid 21 soat oldin
I say it elytra that way
Kirby lover
Kirby lover 21 soat oldin
no your wrong it’s actually not
UwU 22 soat oldin
Thank you now i wanna play minecraft
EnderManGamerMan 22 soat oldin
The dragon is not a he it’s a she
Jack Lu
Jack Lu 23 soat oldin
3k days please :)
toxic ram
toxic ram 23 soat oldin
He said Eva it's poilet bruh
Boop Doop
Boop Doop 23 soat oldin
He's just a billionaire manipulating the market and not paying his employees or taxes
Preston’s biggest fan Benesch
Preston’s biggest fan Benesch 23 soat oldin
Go back to Minecraft
Lee Chilcote
Lee Chilcote 23 soat oldin
Dark Ninja321
Dark Ninja321 23 soat oldin
Can you do 200 days with tors
Logan Feist
Logan Feist 23 soat oldin
Guys at day 577 he gets a angry eyebrow panda
Adrian Arrington
Adrian Arrington 23 soat oldin
"i also tried to get a weapons smith but he decided he wanted to be a farmer. Oh well its his life." Lmao if only my parents were like this. 10/10 Line and a new sub my man.
Conner Reed
Conner Reed 23 soat oldin
This needs an update
Genesis Herminigildo
Genesis Herminigildo Kun oldin
I am not bad in swapping the card
Green Guy With Mustache
Green Guy With Mustache Kun oldin
8:53 he has 74 days left
Helyx Kun oldin
200 DAYS?! When?? :D
Vivek Yandamuri
Vivek Yandamuri Kun oldin
RedRising 717
RedRising 717 Kun oldin
That started all 100 days
Ryan's Games
Ryan's Games Kun oldin
No u
The PeePee PooPoo Man
The PeePee PooPoo Man Kun oldin
Pov: your waiting for 3000 days
Nicholas Fairbrother
Nicholas Fairbrother Kun oldin
200 drops? Like if you agree
Ian MacLeod
Ian MacLeod Kun oldin
this video literally shows how many sore losers there are in this world. someone give a shoutout to the champs who didn't quit when losing.
Cole Stoner
Cole Stoner Kun oldin
why did you kill a llama
Indi B Blitz
Indi B Blitz Kun oldin
3000 days PLEASE I BEG YOU
des has swag
des has swag 19 soat oldin
he has a wife and baby he would have to neglect his family for a stupid video give him time
Jack Weis
Jack Weis 19 soat oldin
Yeah I want it too but give him some slack these things take time
Dylan Carr
Dylan Carr 22 soat oldin
But to be fair I took him 6 moths or 4 mouths to make 2000 so we’ve got time
Dylan Carr
Dylan Carr 22 soat oldin
Lol I’ve been waiting to
NitroMorg 22 soat oldin
Miiagl Kun oldin
How can you be so evil bro ? You kill everything alive you can see
Marllon Andriell
Marllon Andriell Kun oldin
kars Kun oldin
Alternate title: why Fortnite was 18+ for 273 hours
jafa? Kun oldin
wow im still seeing comments from like '20 minutes ago' impressive how good these videos are.
Gabriella Betancourt
Gabriella Betancourt Kun oldin
finally someone who ACTUALLY pronounces elytra right thank you Luke
Kirby lover
Kirby lover 21 soat oldin
no that’s actually not right
Dylan Carr
Dylan Carr Kun oldin
Luke the notables most used word: I like to do it the Safeway if I die it’s over
e Kun oldin
wheres the 3k day at!?
axra t0b1
axra t0b1 Kun oldin
On day 26 he got a god apple out of a chest and he just ignored it xd
Jake Oliver
Jake Oliver Kun oldin
There's a huge storm outside and I put this on and I feel much better. Thank you.
Arttops Kun oldin
I only got this in my suggested today! Why UZpost, why must you be rubbish?!?
Groovie man
Groovie man Kun oldin
"All this village needs is a little bit of love" Speed runners: I'm about to end this mans whole career
Dr Minecraft
Dr Minecraft Kun oldin
my left ear: :( my right ear: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Shrekmeme845 Kun oldin
Everyone gangster until you find out this vid has more views than the original 100 days
lveal24 Kun oldin
I love this
Colby Heckers
Colby Heckers Kun oldin
Sorry it won’t come out until this year 😂
Tian Gundro Brurberg
Tian Gundro Brurberg Kun oldin
You are a noob😑 The black stone fortress is called bastion.
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast 23 soat oldin
ur the noob cuz he said it correctly later 🤦
_a-_ Kun oldin
at 32:22 he calls them "bastions" so you probably should have payed more attention before criticizing him
Blue Hatter Ninja
Blue Hatter Ninja Kun oldin
This took a while to record so it was probably because it was new
Serdar Kozhas
Serdar Kozhas Kun oldin
nick ko
nick ko Kun oldin
It's already been 4 months where's 3000 day?
Hugh Cochrane
Hugh Cochrane 21 soat oldin
@Just a Boi who watched JJBA thank you for saying what I was saying
Just a Boi who watched JJBA
Just a Boi who watched JJBA Kun oldin
Are You Dumb? If You do the math it’s 3 weeks to do a 1000 days in Mine craft imagine playing 504 hours in a row without sleeping having breaks eating or just anything really. Stop being ungrateful
5DollarPhil Kun oldin
Colby Heckers
Colby Heckers Kun oldin
“So it’s really hard to die on easy” me with probably over 200 deaths on easy on CE: 😐
JCPlays 3
JCPlays 3 Kun oldin
This is basically a Minecraft version of that one anime (it’s called “I’ve been killing slime for 300 years” or something like that)
GabeTV06 Kun oldin
Where is tier 100 of season 5
Matty games
Matty games Kun oldin
Do 100 drops In warzone
Marie Bosk
Marie Bosk Kun oldin
A respawn anchor, is for respawning in the nether, you charg up the anchor, and then when you die you respond where you place the anchor, but I don't think it works in hardcore mode:)
D3kdave Fortnite
D3kdave Fortnite Kun oldin
Plz part 2
Eyeforwar 0012
Eyeforwar 0012 Kun oldin
BET I’ll start downloading then resume the video
Eyeforwar 0012
Eyeforwar 0012 Kun oldin
Still 25 minutes for the download the video was faster then download
Tbsdbs16 Kun oldin