I Am Terrified Of This Man
Episode 4: The L Word
EPISODE 3: The Betrayal
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Getting Cancelled
Cringey Imagines 3
The TikTok Mafia
Are Men Really Trash?
The E-Boy Invasion 2
BOXBOY: Revisited
The E-Boy Invasion
Country Memes
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Cringey Imagines 2
Pranks with Bae
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Instagram Magicians
Roasting My Subscribers
Cringey 1D Imagines
My Tattoos Explained
Who Is Lil Miquela?
Meetings at Netflix
Bradley Ferguson
Bradley Ferguson 13 soat oldin
But what does 1 like = ???
Phillip Law
Phillip Law 13 soat oldin
Have you ever said what the fuck that's what there whole channel is
Maddie Reed
Maddie Reed 13 soat oldin
“Where’s my car?” “That’s a great movie.” The most underrated joke of the video 💀
Zoe Rebecca
Zoe Rebecca 13 soat oldin
how could the author of that jungkook one do our kookie like that 🥺 OFF WITH THY HEAD
Mariam Adel
Mariam Adel 13 soat oldin
11:47 I dont wanna be mean but... His arms said 🐍
Aesthetic Builds
Aesthetic Builds 13 soat oldin
My humor is kneecaps
You got Bill Cosby'd
You got Bill Cosby'd 13 soat oldin
4:08 tiktok community: but fuck dean
Sebastián Eliseo Suárez
Sebastián Eliseo Suárez 13 soat oldin
"You stupid censored!"
Cambrie Leach
Cambrie Leach 13 soat oldin
He keeps saying except for that one time but what was that one time
BowenMacMonkey 13 soat oldin
You ruined my life Kurtis. Im a dolphin now man. Damnmit
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon 13 soat oldin
me waiting for "folks"...
Mariam Adel
Mariam Adel 13 soat oldin
I dont know why, but that rape joke really scared me. I'm just imagining myself in that situation.. It really made me cringe..
janelle a
janelle a 13 soat oldin
i got a cancer ad on this video. it's your fault.
Gresa D
Gresa D 13 soat oldin
Him making his eyes so big when acting like the crazy dude is taking me out 😂 also gassing the car up 💀
possessed squirrel
possessed squirrel 14 soat oldin
da vinky my vinky
Stefania Styles
Stefania Styles 14 soat oldin
Holiday Fartcruise
Holiday Fartcruise 14 soat oldin
He really ruined ventriloquism as a whole.
zee 14 soat oldin
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon 14 soat oldin
You give off Harry Styles vibes
Stefania Styles
Stefania Styles 14 soat oldin
jatie vlogs are so annoying i’m so sick of them like ew
Jesse Thompson
Jesse Thompson 14 soat oldin
He is into insexst.
Stefania Styles
Stefania Styles 14 soat oldin
kurtis what is that chocolate milk mustache on your face
Lawlsomedude 14 soat oldin
"WHO AM I? WHAT AM I?" -Everyone after watching this movie
Crazybl51 50
Crazybl51 50 14 soat oldin
give me thy shoulder
Liffia 14 soat oldin
"see to my saw" "blood related" kork? is that you
Bernieboy78 14 soat oldin
My guy, you forgot the shirt tuck:(
Foss ForUs
Foss ForUs 14 soat oldin
Its like the male equivalent of the Wendy Williams show jesus christ
Yep I am Karoline
Yep I am Karoline 14 soat oldin
This is crazy... one year later I’m curious if mr. Balls did it....
Mariam Adel
Mariam Adel 14 soat oldin
6:03 Yeah, Ed Sheeren is an adult, but he's also ED FUCKING SHEEREN! Imagine watching your friend be cradled by her boyfriend *ed sheeren.* Just another tuesday. 😂
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 15 soat oldin
Christian Mingle They have no Pringles Repairing all those villages with Christian shingles But gurl, you'd be better off Christan single.
Aman Bisht 12D 10
Aman Bisht 12D 10 15 soat oldin
I thought you were going to reference countryy boyyyyy i love youuuuuu ahhaaaoon (britney spears vocal fry) aah.
Majestic Genes
Majestic Genes 15 soat oldin
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 15 soat oldin
“I’m the doctor of the hospital” I’m the teacher of the school I’m the politician of the government I’m the kurtis of the UZpost
Opäl Crossing
Opäl Crossing 15 soat oldin
*3 white cis dudes walk out* "tiktok bad"
my dude
my dude 15 soat oldin
No more muscle prisons!
Abigail Barter
Abigail Barter 15 soat oldin
Let's just comment on the beautiful nail polish on Jacob's nails.. that is a lovely color my guy
janet goode
janet goode 15 soat oldin
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia 15 soat oldin
Get well soon Jacob. You’re such a funny and chill dude even with cancer. Stay strong and we all wish for safe and speedy recovery ❤️❤️
Undead dissection
Undead dissection 15 soat oldin
Some people dont feel the pain on certain parts of the body. My arms didn't hurt at all. My leg on the other hand did....
Cello Strings
Cello Strings 15 soat oldin
Sponsorships that make me want to die: raid shadow legends, ray con earbuds, square space, hello fresh, express vpn, and surfshark.
Rama Piedrabuena
Rama Piedrabuena 15 soat oldin
14:44 I want those shirts so bad
Adri Appelt
Adri Appelt 15 soat oldin
Honestly Noen Eubanks is the only Eboy who I can stand. He isn’t problematic and is really grateful for his fans. He seems the most normal and down to earth despite the success he’s had.
soapy gee
soapy gee 15 soat oldin
steph more like dumb omg I hate this woman
Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron 15 soat oldin
“Not all men” Yeah Spy from TF2 would never do that
the cheese in the back of your fridge
the cheese in the back of your fridge 15 soat oldin
thank you for posting this on my birthday
cami apperson
cami apperson 15 soat oldin
i’ll take her ex
melanatedzen 15 soat oldin
I’m not like most girls I’m a Demigirl
Katelyn Graygate
Katelyn Graygate 15 soat oldin
I feel like every time Bryan said something it was like he was trying to turn her off
MargaRat 15 soat oldin
Kurtis is just mad cause he's a fake charizard boy
Simply CeCe
Simply CeCe 15 soat oldin
eeeeeeEEEEEEEeee *bottlenose dolphin noises*
abelgster 16 soat oldin
Love the video. Also, looking at all these comments, it’s crazy how everyone is on this moral high ground. Guarantee none of you are as perfect as you’re trying to make yourselves look.
Katie B
Katie B 16 soat oldin
My favorite part is that Kurtis used to genuinely like 1D
Kiera Haggarty
Kiera Haggarty 16 soat oldin
6:00 They ain’t picking up anybody either
karina the Gucci queen
karina the Gucci queen 16 soat oldin
I'm dying of laughter on the jungkook one with the flame minion
Oliver Dhakal
Oliver Dhakal 16 soat oldin
plz start a youtube channel together where you just do shit like this you two are the Best Banter Boys
vas happenin
vas happenin 16 soat oldin
10:50 u kinda hit that note
ariana ferreira
ariana ferreira 16 soat oldin
“Not all men” I know Christopher Bangchan and Kim Namjoon would NEVER
tyrell 16 soat oldin
karina the Gucci queen
karina the Gucci queen 16 soat oldin
Kaylie Heath
Kaylie Heath 16 soat oldin
Leon and mrs lush are also S tier
Jewelvana 16 soat oldin
It feels like he's watching his brothers cringe videos or something and making fun of them
Elijah Gil Nunez
Elijah Gil Nunez 16 soat oldin
his subscribers did him dirty how does this only have less than half the views all his other vids got its funny 😂
Floppy 16 soat oldin
Why did they look and nod at each other like that when the guy said he was an organ donor that was fucking terrifying
Jay_P ¿
Jay_P ¿ 16 soat oldin
I legit thought the girl in the thumbnail was a barbie doll or smth like that at first
Iris Stevenson
Iris Stevenson 16 soat oldin
9:33 that impression is spot on
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn 16 soat oldin
I'm a Supernatural fan, and I swear, that picture with Robert Downey Jr. was on my FB except it was Jensen Ackles holding a shirt about the show Supernatural. I had that same one with different shirts, like wtf is wrong with Facebook.
Hannah Goodchild
Hannah Goodchild 16 soat oldin
Sexual furries are very much a minority, furries are much better, not even all of them have fur suits some just draw and stuff, but for some reason all the media sees is the bad parts, furries get so much hate and it's terrible, they can be who they are just like any alt person or cosplayer, going out in public is fine. They are just being themselves, can you image getting that much hate because of who you are??? I love you kurtis and I know this is an old video i just think people domt get it :)
Second Account
Second Account 16 soat oldin
The fact that they posted a vid called "How well does my fiance know my body" I-
Maegan B
Maegan B 16 soat oldin
have you thought about doing a video on roma army
attisyn norton
attisyn norton 16 soat oldin
he is like the more uncensored version of ryan trahan
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn 16 soat oldin
And the ad right next to the video is a weirdly specific christmas tshirt...
Gaia Carvalho
Gaia Carvalho 17 soat oldin
harry potter pureblood families:
evf 17 soat oldin
Honestly lost respect when he was defendbtge pronouns people
Hyper’sSpace 17 soat oldin
Anyone else just want to give Jacob a hug?
vas happenin
vas happenin 17 soat oldin
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima 17 soat oldin
the new rolls royce toyota
Jungkook Juice
Jungkook Juice 17 soat oldin
He was a barber... She was Kurtis' hair.... Never meant to be together....
Monika tripathi
Monika tripathi 17 soat oldin
That prank was actually good, loved it😂
Kevin Gumede
Kevin Gumede 17 soat oldin
He's literally -24years old, leave him alone. He's living 24 years before he's born
JazzyJacy 17 soat oldin
i'm so happy for jacob :(