Mr.Clean Senior
Mr.Clean Senior 14 soat oldin
What if Dr Brenner is 1
Shahan Ahsan
Shahan Ahsan 14 soat oldin
Boahs screw im going all out,WB is producing actual crap,they don’t what their doin at this point,Zack doesn’t deserve them,as much as haters would want to disagree Zack has gotten way more power since the Snyder cut,so yah but still of course Snyder cut Got less ratings in the opening week,but the hundred thousand subscriptions came in the same week sooooo......
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 14 soat oldin
Wonder since we've seen alot of Saw in the Animation series if we'll ever see Jyn Erso
rad tad ghost dad
rad tad ghost dad 14 soat oldin
I haven't watched you guys in years. Still as funny as the day I found you
michael elis pollard
michael elis pollard 15 soat oldin
Rogue Theory: A Quiet Place is a prequel series to Edge of Tomorrow, haha.
Armaan Mohsin
Armaan Mohsin 15 soat oldin
I am a simple man i see the reel rejects i click.
B₩illiams 15 soat oldin
She could have nightmares or she’s searching for Hopper like Mike was waiting for a sign in S2 but I do love your guys theories
Nayaaa the god
Nayaaa the god 15 soat oldin
this season is definitely going to be darker im so impatient😭
KNARFX PLAYZ 15 soat oldin
Andrew said no in an interview so I might not watch shit
Kalin Knight
Kalin Knight 15 soat oldin
Lol think about the 4 hour long movie for a min...that’s probably why wb dnt wanna continue with zack...cause movies theaters are coming back 😭
Kate Van D
Kate Van D 15 soat oldin
Papa bad.
Tracerfire 15 soat oldin
It's going tp be so incredibly hard for them to top season 3 for me. Season 3 snuck up out of nowhere and slapped you in the face with greatness, especially after the wet fart that was season 2.
Cinematic Goodness
Cinematic Goodness 15 soat oldin
I felt so bad for Debbie and Mark in this episode. The man they once believed to be a caring father, a loving husband, and a proud hero turned out to only be a mass murderer hellbent on conquering the planet for his own race of technologically advanced brutes. They learn of all of this in one day. The amount of pain the two of them go through just hurts to watch. Side note: the show isn't called invincible because he is on a physical level. Like what everyone is saying, his inner strength and determination are what makes him invincible. His beliefs, like his father, cannot be shaken off for new ones. But unlike his father, he values all human life above all else, his belief being that all life is sacred and worth protecting. Mark is morally and spiritually invincible.
Uk Reaction Guy
Uk Reaction Guy 15 soat oldin
i Ready For Season Four Of Stranger Things
James Burns
James Burns 15 soat oldin
I wonder if the counter that fell down that game read out 4/7 is that a forth of July release tease.
cherrell j
cherrell j 15 soat oldin
Took me a minute to realise what you guys were doing at the beginning, god I'm slow today 😳😅
Slasherx90 Gaming
Slasherx90 Gaming 15 soat oldin
I watched this trailer earlier, was waiting for your reaction! As always, great reaction! Can't wait for this movie!
Haa Bat
Haa Bat 15 soat oldin
wow. Henry got fired? wow 🤬
They’re saying that they’re excited about the teasers to the point of twerking in excitement 🤣
jorje vanelle
jorje vanelle 15 soat oldin
While I love you guys, this video is super annoying. Don't need to disrespect characters, they have fans, including me.
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 15 soat oldin
Apparently Tom kane, the narrator (plus a few other voices from clone wars) suffered a stroke last year that left him largely speechless.
Srijen Bhatia
Srijen Bhatia 15 soat oldin
Eleven still doesn't have her powers as of before the start of this season......So it makes it even more exciting.
Sombra Memer
Sombra Memer 15 soat oldin
I think they released a 4k trailer of Josstice League just to enrage the Snyder fans to keep spam watching the Snyder Cut.
GinnySiska 15 soat oldin
DARK >>> Stranger Things but oh wait you never saw that masterpiece because buhuu evil subtitles
Singtingz 15 soat oldin
I learned from Wandavision to not get hyped up from internet rumors.
raulimalfoy 15 soat oldin
i think 8/kali/eleven's sister is gonna die somehow considering the 8 ball with the number 8 contains blood splattered on it
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 15 soat oldin
I despise whoever that 1 dislike is..
Mr. Oates
Mr. Oates 15 soat oldin
Damn I can't wait!
FrozenTundra88 15 soat oldin
16:31 Omega could possibly be a naturally growing clone like Boba without the growth acceleration. This assumes all five enhanced clones were part of the same batch. If not, the difference in age isn't relevant.
Rathsmack Boogaloof
Rathsmack Boogaloof 15 soat oldin
How have y’all not hit a million subs yet? I seriously don’t get it.
Brendan Mc
Brendan Mc 15 soat oldin
11 is now 29 years old...feel old yet?
After Life
After Life 15 soat oldin
Nice acting
xstemz 15 soat oldin
you should react to AWAKE movie trailer!
Yusuf Bey
Yusuf Bey 15 soat oldin
Jerry Jones and the head of WB are the same person I’m convinced
OfficialNataly 15 soat oldin
Teaser came out today on May 6th, 5 + 6 = 11
Max Rachel
Max Rachel 15 soat oldin
I'm late cause the storm was hitting my town😅😅😅
Eric Camou
Eric Camou 16 soat oldin
Usually I would be scared of horror movies but watching these scary movie trailers with you guys makes me feel not afraid of scary horror movies
Brock Brock
Brock Brock 16 soat oldin
Jai Bhim bhauu
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald 16 soat oldin
So help me if they push this back I’m gonna flip.
Morgan Richardson
Morgan Richardson 16 soat oldin
A world where Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou are dating is a world I need to live in.
Kevin Plump
Kevin Plump 15 soat oldin
Drake Brunette
Drake Brunette 16 soat oldin
It was a mess but it had some moments. It definitely doesn’t suck. The casting was pretty damn solid and X-men fans get a few nods we thought we’d never see in a live action film. I thought it was a very average C movie.
Geobot 3000
Geobot 3000 16 soat oldin
I honestly thought this movie came out already 🤣🤣🤣
Araani M
Araani M 15 soat oldin
Its one of those movies that was supposed to come out in 2020 so they released the trailer last year and it had its world premiere, but yeah the deja vu feels real lol
jacob martinez
jacob martinez 16 soat oldin
Greg’s impersonations are so spot on 😂
Isaac Espinoza
Isaac Espinoza 16 soat oldin
I saw this trailer in the theater when I saw mortal kombat
Tyler Vining
Tyler Vining 16 soat oldin
They found the monsters weakness in the first movie. Now they are trying to spread that to other people who may be unwilling or untrusting of that solution.
HARP SEAL 16 soat oldin
Didnt this movie already come out??
Ezell Daniels
Ezell Daniels 16 soat oldin
Looks dope aff!! 🔥
Morgan Richardson
Morgan Richardson 16 soat oldin
Greg & John crack me up. This opening really took me out. QUIET HARDER
Overlord Swapi
Overlord Swapi 16 soat oldin
in Czech republic we don't have HBO Max we have HBO go, and only very few hbo max movies get there Snyder Cut got there, and not only that, we have even czech and slovak dub for it and to this day it's the most watched movie on there
LifeOfNate 16 soat oldin
I honestly forgot this was coming out. Thanks to the pandemic.
Cash Aura
Cash Aura 16 soat oldin
Not sure if this is a flashback or a current timeframe. just because when we last saw the rainbow room they might not of had this set design planned.But that frame of El does look like she's younger or atleast been shaved. Also in the other little teaser it looked like on the second flash of video there may have been a speedster. I doubted myself but the way it flickers is different than the rest. Idk I'm just hoping we get enough time with all our characters.
Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan
Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan 16 soat oldin
Really but now iron man can beat Batman's ass cuz he got the nano plasma shield suit so iron man got bulkier to break Batman's neck like a twig
Sol Perez
Sol Perez 16 soat oldin
React to HUL Control Room Stranger Things Teaser Trailer
L C 16 soat oldin
This movie is one of those that hits different in the theatre. Im so ready to go back to the movies.
AJc1 16 soat oldin
I wonder if one of them ever had to fart. 🤔
The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 16 soat oldin
Lol I’m sure there’s a Friedberg & Seltzer parody just waiting to answer this question 😅
Mohit Rounak
Mohit Rounak 16 soat oldin
I wish DC was owned by a studio that respects their directors and allow them to show their vision without any major interference.
Ubiquitous_Star 16 soat oldin
I read a theory about one of the kids (number 1 I think) being the mindflayer. Sounds messed up and far from true but I love it. There’s definitely more about the lab that needs to be explored.
Asha Smith
Asha Smith 16 soat oldin
This, Antlers and Halloween Kills are my most anticipated movies for this year
HeikkiP 16 soat oldin
It'll be fun to see this is in the theater. Cillian Murphy is a very cool addition
Matty-D 16 soat oldin
Haa.. nipple chills. That was my band in college 😎🤘
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas 16 soat oldin
Doink Productions.
Doink Productions. 16 soat oldin
00:02 when you sit down after eating some rotten food
Jiraiya The Sagesaiyan
Jiraiya The Sagesaiyan 15 soat oldin
Me: *Ahem* I'm pointing my finger at you, yeast chicken
Antonio Scordo
Antonio Scordo 16 soat oldin
I only intend to watch one more DC movie cause the Rock is in it. After that I am done.
Lil Burger
Lil Burger 16 soat oldin
I need to see this movie! We have been waiting for a year!
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas 16 soat oldin
Movie produced, directed and acted by Jimmy Woo. Awesome.
LifeOfNate 15 soat oldin
Didn’t John krasinski direct the first one? Edit: lmao I got it just now. The office reference
The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 16 soat oldin
hahahahaha. took me a minute then I remembered: ASIAN JIM!
Maryam the Unicorn Edits
Maryam the Unicorn Edits 16 soat oldin
I love this channel u guys explained it so good! <3
Mumuni 16 soat oldin
Everyone!!! 🤫🤫🤫😬
BIG BOI TRENT 16 soat oldin
That mind flayer theory, about all the kids becoming the mind flayer, makes sense, because it wanted eleven so bad in the last season.
Indra Adhyaksa
Indra Adhyaksa 16 soat oldin
Cillian Murphy is Human Torch? Djimon Hounsou is The Thing?
Ulises Ruiz
Ulises Ruiz 16 soat oldin
I just want to say guys that appreciate the content. Thank you for posting so often. I trying to do the same with my UZpost channel and it quite difficult.
Little Bastard
Little Bastard 16 soat oldin
Love you guys ♥️
Mon Dat
Mon Dat 16 soat oldin
You’re my favorite UZpostr
Shawn Kuhn
Shawn Kuhn 16 soat oldin
Late as usual😂😂 Jkjk, I love you guys reaction
Amz_Daredevil 16 soat oldin
Excited to see ya videos ...always waiting it will awesome as heck if this comment gets like by reel rejects
Ell Taylor
Ell Taylor 16 soat oldin
This Film looks amazing!
shlok rathod
shlok rathod 16 soat oldin
I broke my mouse playing online chess...
We Are Heroes
We Are Heroes 16 soat oldin
Let me finish the Stranger things trailer video first!!
The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 16 soat oldin
Haha we’ll be here ;)
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer 16 soat oldin
Hi early
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 16 soat oldin
Yo love the videos keep it up
Asha Smith
Asha Smith 16 soat oldin
This film looks amazing. Loving the fact that Cillian Murphy is in this.
Griffins. 16 soat oldin
M early I, love you both, love the humor! that's it see ya!