Broozy 18 soat oldin
Funsized Fireball
Funsized Fireball 18 soat oldin
where sun
J B 18 soat oldin
I'm not surprised by the related aspect. As humans we aren't that diverse. There was a bottleneck in our population at one point. What I am curious about is how many peoplr I might be related to in my area. I have ties from 8 generations ago.
Pavanu Kid
Pavanu Kid 18 soat oldin
Whats with the build limit bruh, 256 is the answer
SSADO- 18 soat oldin
We feel nostalgia because of gta san andreas
Ultra 64 Archive
Ultra 64 Archive 18 soat oldin
"We're all born in outer space you can't actually be born not in outer space or can you?"
Jordan Anscomb
Jordan Anscomb 18 soat oldin
Simple answer......we’d all die
Batur Gercekcioglu
Batur Gercekcioglu 18 soat oldin
he lost me at bill gates, and seems like many more people because this vid doesn't get the usual views
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Candy 18 soat oldin
But solar eclipse would make us blind.
GPM 3 18 soat oldin
Tfw Vsauce sounds and acts like matpat in this vid-
dex tew
dex tew 18 soat oldin
American Ceazaerist society.
American Ceazaerist society. 18 soat oldin
Why u shouldn't go to school tomorrow 0:05
pogchamp 18 soat oldin
alright, the last one isn’t entirely true. i did some googling and the AVERAGE diameter of the planets will fit inside the distance between earth and the moon. however, if you actually put all the other planets side by side, they wouldn’t fit. for some extra info (copy pasted because i’m not smart, unfortunately): At its closest (called perigee), it can be somewhat less than 357,000 kilometres between the Earth and moon’s centres. That's already smaller than the planets aligned, but it gets worse: you have to subtract the radius of the Earth and moon, since the planets have to fit in between them. hope this helps! :)
Santino Demaría
Santino Demaría 18 soat oldin
0:53 dude i laughed so hard when this happened
Josh P
Josh P 18 soat oldin
*kisses* right back at ya playa
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 18 soat oldin
How big would the sun sticker be?
Twitch 18 soat oldin
Uranus blew me away lmao
Chris Peterson
Chris Peterson 18 soat oldin
So to place them to scale in their smallest configuration, including the little speck of debris, I'd only need a wall that's... *checks notes* ~5km long. 😂
Kévin Moutoussamy
Kévin Moutoussamy 18 soat oldin
What if Mary is engaged ?
Gabify 18 soat oldin
Because they didn't turn into a convertible (yet)
Michael Savard
Michael Savard 18 soat oldin
I actually wept at Michael Murphy and Ross McGinnis
pogchamp 18 soat oldin
alright, the last one isn’t entirely true. i did some googling and the AVERAGE diameter of the planets will fit inside the distance between earth and the moon. however, if you actually put all the other planets side by side, they wouldn’t fit. for some extra info (copy pasted because i’m not smart, unfortunately): At its closest (called perigee), be somewhat less than 357,000 kilometers the centers. That's already smaller than the aligned, but gets worse: have subtract the radius the , since the have fit them. hope this helps! :)
revsys413 18 soat oldin
0:05 boomers when someone says pluto isnt a planet
james wilson clayton
james wilson clayton 18 soat oldin
Glen Hopkins
Glen Hopkins 18 soat oldin
Allows for the intrinsic uneventful mind having reason. Result of looking at our narcissistic selves for too long and not at the real Reason we exist. The magnetic CME the sun has planned for us is reasonably reasonable to predict but what reason has the sun got? Because TRUTH needs no Reason.
LiteralClown 18 soat oldin
roughly half.
Nicolas Vogelius
Nicolas Vogelius 18 soat oldin
the Uranus one is magnificent
Anees Ahmad
Anees Ahmad 18 soat oldin
04:40 I knew it. He is a slack guy.
ppgamer24 18 soat oldin
This guy teaches me more than school
Hikari Hitomi
Hikari Hitomi 18 soat oldin
I'm all for protecting the environment, but the idea that we need to reduce emissions to absolute zero of substances that nature releases in copious amounts is absolutely ridiculous. We just need to keep our output small enough to be insignificant, and the more nature releases, the more we can release while remaining insignificant. Further, there are times when doing something that is generally bad, may still be a good idea during special occasions, such as the major power issues in Texas earlier this year, when turning on a few of the old coal power plants would have been really reasonable.
Ninja /!\
Ninja /!\ 18 soat oldin
my poem took inspiration from Vsauce is it or am I
Golden .M
Golden .M 19 soat oldin
that little kiss in the end is perfect
pogchamp 19 soat oldin
how did nine of us know the last one
DBK 4165
DBK 4165 19 soat oldin
Ngl super awesome 👏
hmprobob 19 soat oldin
Ecstasy was created the same year the titanic sunk?!
Aid 037
Aid 037 19 soat oldin
“It takes energy for you to exist” See you aren’t worthless
V. Hansen
V. Hansen 19 soat oldin
That is the first time I’ve ever laughed at a Uranus joke. Dork
Flat Mooner
Flat Mooner 19 soat oldin
The scariest thing is your beard and that uncomfortable voice
Emppu T.
Emppu T. 19 soat oldin
Shout-out to Pluto !
Isaac Campos
Isaac Campos 19 soat oldin
OMG the ending 😂😂😂
Δημήτρης Αιώνιος
Δημήτρης Αιώνιος 19 soat oldin
tint1122 19 soat oldin
Wheres the Sun Sticker?
James Fancy
James Fancy 19 soat oldin
The day has finally come & mars is surprisingly small while venus is surprisingly large in comparison.
Δημήτρης Αιώνιος
Δημήτρης Αιώνιος 19 soat oldin
Lucas Gosz
Lucas Gosz 19 soat oldin
1:38 haha sussy
Andrey Lebedenko
Andrey Lebedenko 19 soat oldin
If letters, then: E = mc^2 If pictures, then CMB image
Carl Skarman
Carl Skarman 19 soat oldin
Sergio Pedercini
Sergio Pedercini 19 soat oldin
Race Bannon
Race Bannon 19 soat oldin
Why don't you cover your face with the Sun
Rhyse Can’t drive
Rhyse Can’t drive 19 soat oldin
Love the but shot
Santino Demaría
Santino Demaría 19 soat oldin
23:24 that background music reminded me of: How To Count Past Infinity, minute 19:02
Samantha !
Samantha ! 19 soat oldin
we could just.. use that graph thing.....
Leandro de Souza Lima
Leandro de Souza Lima 19 soat oldin
There s a huge distance between Earth and the Moon! I wasn't aware of it
Francisco Cansanello
Francisco Cansanello 19 soat oldin
My sister walked on me watching this and legit thought I was in class
Szilveszter Sáfár
Szilveszter Sáfár 19 soat oldin
We're in... deepSauce! :)
KNOCKINGJACK 19 soat oldin
It's all fun game until someone pass by you with a Uranus sticker in their *Bhutt*
zettaexa 19 soat oldin
typical uranus joke
Oliver 19 soat oldin
Michael? Where did you go? :(
Chris Hector
Chris Hector 19 soat oldin
_predictedscroll _
_predictedscroll _ 19 soat oldin
The tans were taken out and shot by a brave and valiant few.
Crack Head
Crack Head 19 soat oldin
This video FOUR me was made FOUR years ago
Anirudh Kashikar
Anirudh Kashikar 19 soat oldin
This reasoning will never be implemented. A lower population is only the solution.
Matt 19 soat oldin
Wow what a video
HotNut 19 soat oldin
GamezGuru 19 soat oldin
All you've done, with a number of increasingly complicated examples, is demonstrate that infinity divided by a whole number is still infinity. This is neither clever nor useful...
Gaming Jude
Gaming Jude 19 soat oldin
Don’t watch McKamey Manor (please you’ll regret it.)
Arkthul 19 soat oldin
Funny that this is in partnership with Bill Gates, an unaccountable feudal dragon holding back the decentralization, democratization & open-source future. He could literally create a modern completely decentralized democracy by politically taking over (winning elections) in a country like Greenland or other small ones, and start a revolution similar to the Renaissance, to spread across the world. Also, latocracy sounds stupid, its still incredibly centralized and up to the whims of random people. Decentralization is the answer (an anarchist true democracy state). Clearly decentralization has proven to work better (modern feudal democracies > feudal monarchies in terms of economics, tech, science, social freedoms & rights, etc.); works very well in tech (open-source stuff like Blender, Linux; Shenhzen) even when held back and not supported by anyone in the actual industry (Linux for example). The answer is patents being owned by all people who created them (so for example George Lucas wont be the only one holding Star Wars but all those who worked on it would); workplace democracy to the fullest and every person in the company being a shareholder equal to (or at least close to) the value of work they provide for the company; the removal of capital and the promotion of actual value-generating work (science, tech, labor, etc.) instead of shareholding, investing & other forms of leeching off of the labor of others without doing anything; Thursday & Friday being voting days for all sorts of local (Thursday) & global/countrywide (Friday) issues, where people might decide on sentences for local criminals (still given the evidence for and against by the prosecution & defence, essentially only removing the judge & juries centralized & biased system), where people might decide what to do with local funds, how their local communities should be governed, etc. The answers are really simple. Bill Gates is in direct opposition to most of these systems and has actively worked against them. Fuck that asshole & his book. He's either an idiot and unknowing or he knows these things and is just evil. Same with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, political leaders, etc. I'd say hopefully there's a Hell waiting for the tyrants but then God, the creator of this evil & stupid world, would be the biggest tyrant ever so I'm not sure there being a Hell would be a good idea... I guess there won't be justice in the end and the Smaugs won't die. But at least we'll all rot in the ground equally. Cool vid though, despite all my ramblings against Gates.
Daniel Martín
Daniel Martín 19 soat oldin
You are joy.
POLTERGUY093 19 soat oldin
Uranus 😂😂😂
fariznizam 19 soat oldin
i normally didnt type that much but when got a laptop or a computer i wanna type a long text
Sahida Riaz
Sahida Riaz 19 soat oldin
I'm watching this at 3AM
Hunter Nease
Hunter Nease 19 soat oldin
You said Uranus wrong:(
Celtic Fox
Celtic Fox 19 soat oldin
0:06 There's no memes, kid. Now get in the van.
MxpleStorm 19 soat oldin
Wow I wish I could lucid dream...
FSX Video Clips
FSX Video Clips 19 soat oldin
I died when he made the uranus joke and when he ended a video with a kiss, my entire zoom class stared at me for 2 whole minutes
kilroy987 19 soat oldin
I can see how the Doomsday Argument could be used to manipulate anyone in to a way of thinking, for anyone who chooses to use it that way. Be wary.
Sawy Bawy
Sawy Bawy 19 soat oldin
4:54 New Alexandria from Halo Reach
SuperBloxian 502
SuperBloxian 502 19 soat oldin
In Defense of Comic Sans: *Undertale* that's my only excuse..