Joanne Davis
Joanne Davis Soat oldin
Her dad has classy taste. The mother has no taste at all.
GAMES BY TWAN Soat oldin
Anthony k
Anthony k Soat oldin
thank you st Expedite
Deborah Asher
Deborah Asher 2 soat oldin
People should marry within their race.
Shraddha Gaikar
Shraddha Gaikar 2 soat oldin
All the dresses were boring
Delianne Vizcarrondo
Delianne Vizcarrondo 2 soat oldin
Her mom is so manipulative ugh I can’t stand her
Sydney Peterson
Sydney Peterson 2 soat oldin
Hi I'm Sydney, how are you guys?! I'm doing great, I'm just informing you guys that I am deaf so I'm wondering if you guys could add close captions to your videos too? please and thank you
Ava Kate
Ava Kate 2 soat oldin
she said “girlfriend” and i go “oh gay yay!” then she said “got married” and i go “oh polyamory yay!” then i remembered people call their friends “girlfriend” 😐
Destiny Soocute
Destiny Soocute 2 soat oldin
Those wedding pictures in that red dress would hit different
lynxx 2 soat oldin
Sounds like a Caitlin Reilly character. 😭💀
Marylovz N.
Marylovz N. 2 soat oldin
The bride is sooo gorgeous and beautiful herself.
Qurrat Ul Ain Dil Muhammad
Qurrat Ul Ain Dil Muhammad 2 soat oldin
Love you #monte 💖
Salomeii 2 soat oldin
isn't that the dress she didn't want to try on? I love that there is soooo much encouragement in this shop! Well done!
Kambria Carter
Kambria Carter 2 soat oldin
ew she disgusts me :(
Ally 2 soat oldin
He's definitely immature but he was honestly just messing around, I like that he cheered up his sister in law in the end. 😊💗💗
Ramona M
Ramona M 2 soat oldin
The dress is frompy
Fer Galván
Fer Galván 2 soat oldin
OMG, awful friends !!! as we can say that these woman are friends of somebody with that selfishness
Ava Kate
Ava Kate 2 soat oldin
ok that dress is STUNNING on her
Callie Francessa
Callie Francessa 2 soat oldin
I just hate how this girl has the audacity to think that she should have been the maid of honor when she was the more difficult antagonizing person i’ve ever seen on this show.
Twisted Jasmine
Twisted Jasmine 2 soat oldin
I'm gawking at that second dress😳
Maggie Triantafillou
Maggie Triantafillou 2 soat oldin
What kind of bride doesn’t pay for her wedding party’s outfits? Europeans don’t do this cheap crap of making bridesmaids and groomsmen pay for their outfits.
PolyMerica 2 soat oldin
A Michelin tattoo, certainly quirky lol
Wilbtube 2 soat oldin
The bride's new-found confidence makes her stunningly beautiful!
Shirley powell
Shirley powell 2 soat oldin
She didn't like her mom dress it a 3
frazzled pots75
frazzled pots75 2 soat oldin
Damn im glad I didn't have a peanut gallery with me when I chose my dress...5 days till our wedding I know my fiance will love everything about it.😁😀😀 Congrats to all future brides and grooms 🎉🎉🎉
Natalie Giles
Natalie Giles 2 soat oldin
I love Gok! His confidence is palpable!! I need a dose of that
juniper o
juniper o 2 soat oldin
it’s her shirt for me
Sharifah Safiah
Sharifah Safiah 2 soat oldin
Sharnie Williamson
Sharnie Williamson 2 soat oldin
"My Mum said" FFS... 🙄 MOTHER - get your head out of your jealous arse and get over yourself!
Callie Francessa
Callie Francessa 2 soat oldin
i’m not trying to judge people’s life choices but i don’t think it’s the best idea to marry at 19 cuz you’re still young and naïve and idk if you’d absolutely know if that was the person you’d wanna actually be married to for the rest of your life.
Isabelle C
Isabelle C 2 soat oldin
Shane isn't your support system, he's controling you, plain and simple !!!
Sharnie Williamson
Sharnie Williamson 2 soat oldin
I LOVE the mother! So supportive, a real beautiful woman herself! 💖
Penha Silva
Penha Silva 2 soat oldin
Monte se superou kkkkkkk
chad khan
chad khan 2 soat oldin
Crap show, and brides are full of kuck..
Isabelle C
Isabelle C 2 soat oldin
When she say's " he better" like the dress broke my heart, as this man seems to be very controlling and opinionated.
Bri H
Bri H 2 soat oldin
wow i love both of the ballgowns she picked out, especially the last one. it was so beautiful
simum 7
simum 7 2 soat oldin
Her body is box type, so I guess she should wear a belt something floral and more fabric on the waist side if she dieing to get a jumpsuit, or a low cut florie pop up ball gown is best!!!!
Love British Shows
Love British Shows 2 soat oldin
She should’ve went to David’s bridal. Plenty of choices around that budget and a whole lot under $1000 including Vera Wang
We Do Talk About What ARMY Stands For
We Do Talk About What ARMY Stands For 2 soat oldin
I really like the first dress top on her. Really pretty with her neck-shoulder shape.
Penha Silva
Penha Silva 2 soat oldin
A noiva estava linda em todos, porém a outra estava ,rodada de ciúmes dela. Kkkkkkkkk
XDX PRESHY 3 soat oldin
The second one looked gorgeous~~~! Really fit her ^^
Valentina22 3 soat oldin
Que estupidez! Con esa cantidad puedes pagar toda la universidad de una persona o dos.
Cat Lucker
Cat Lucker 3 soat oldin
She has an amazing body! Those dresses probabaly never looked that good before!
Kesa Pohahau
Kesa Pohahau 3 soat oldin
not to hate but all the bridesmaid dresses looks ugly in my opinion like literally
Brandi Dean
Brandi Dean 3 soat oldin
I lost 120 and need to lose about 200 more, so I feel her!
Bunny Magic
Bunny Magic 3 soat oldin
I like the first one!
MCShelster Arts&Graphics
MCShelster Arts&Graphics 3 soat oldin
Kaaaaaren alert
lettuce b frank
lettuce b frank 3 soat oldin
Oh my gosh, what horrible friends, mother, and stepfather. The only supportive one is her daddy. Makes me so angry!
Katherine 6
Katherine 6 3 soat oldin
They’re like really nice to each other
Kay C
Kay C 3 soat oldin
I love her line of dresses BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️
Yaretzi Neri
Yaretzi Neri 3 soat oldin
Getting married to a woman in a library in a black wedding dress is my new life goal This girl really knows how to dream
Nicole Anne Flores
Nicole Anne Flores 3 soat oldin
Thas ugly
Pamela Zimnizzle
Pamela Zimnizzle 3 soat oldin
I hope she realizes how beautiful that dress really is on her. The color, the shape - everything is just gorgeous on her.
WESLEY TRADER 3 soat oldin
I didn’t think I was color blind but that “pink” dress looked white as snow to me
The Sugar Addict
The Sugar Addict 3 soat oldin
She picks the hardest color to work with and starts gas lighting all of her friends because the dresses supposedly don't look right. Also, Me throughout this episode: OMG every word that comes out of this bride's mouth is biting.
kathy lawler
kathy lawler 3 soat oldin
im honored back is to be truly Christ-like
jpinx22 3 soat oldin
23??! 😳🥴
Go home
Go home 3 soat oldin
God bless you all!! This show is full of beautiful people inside and out!
kate t
kate t 3 soat oldin
i died when she looked at the camera with the death stare
Randa El Zeini
Randa El Zeini 3 soat oldin
I hate tattoos they just spoil any look.
beatqueen1 3 soat oldin
How sweet! I liked it better on Janaya though 😬
Marcela n_n
Marcela n_n 3 soat oldin