SharkBeret Soat oldin
Do you have a sore throat right now from all of that yelling?
L. Rivera
L. Rivera 2 soat oldin
Sharp square 2 vs grey bloby thing
TheBoredPanda 2 soat oldin
This is dumb
Jonathan Siller
Jonathan Siller 2 soat oldin
this is what happens when you give hillbillies a slow-mo camera
Purenrgy 2 soat oldin
PUT SMART STUFF IN YOUR BRAIN !!!!... This needs to be on a T-Shirt.
Taha Siddiqui
Taha Siddiqui 2 soat oldin
Inverted Y stick that's all
SATO BOB 2 soat oldin
同盟国の日本から。 あなたたちは素晴らしい。 日本も努力します。
ben reber
ben reber 2 soat oldin
The thing that makes this test very unreliable is rpm. The variation from on test to the next between two different wackers makes it so one could have more stress on the line. If you do full Rev and weed eat you will notice broken string. Drop down to half rev and you can hit the fence all you want and it won't break. Another thing is how much each string weighs having it's energy going into the other and how much exposure. The tips are going to hit harder than having 4 inch of string hitting making them twist and bend and pulled till broken
TheBoltMaster 2 soat oldin
This could be a ‘king of the hill’ episode
Bmann92 2 soat oldin
As a hunter i often turn and tilt my head in different ways to pinpoint sounds when im in the woods. Id say the basic idea is this, when you hear a sound (similar to when you were looking for the drone) turn your head slowly side to side. This gives a sort of evolving sound that helps you better locate the source direction. I guess its something you pick up sitting in one spot for several hours.
Barry Major
Barry Major 2 soat oldin
nice vidio love Jeff's helping . use Jeff more.
Torsten Englisch
Torsten Englisch 2 soat oldin
I do find Destins commentary acoustically pleasing
Timmy 2 soat oldin
Why were there an equal amount of X's?
Jordan Bennett
Jordan Bennett 2 soat oldin
Omg I love the excited announcer voice. I loved this whole experiment game thing
Kauan 277
Kauan 277 2 soat oldin
lol i whas hoping that sharp square would win and he did it lol
ongakuchan587 2 soat oldin
This is what happens when you give country boys technology
George Rex Imperator
George Rex Imperator 2 soat oldin
You know what else removes tattoos? Cheese-graters and sandpaper
Luh Foc
Luh Foc 2 soat oldin
These weed whackers blow
indominus gamer
indominus gamer 2 soat oldin
Is it just me or do I call them weed wackers?
indominus gamer
indominus gamer 2 soat oldin
@Luh Foc ok thanks, I thought I was calling them the wrong name lol
Luh Foc
Luh Foc 2 soat oldin
I think everyone calls it that they are just slow
Caleb Mathias
Caleb Mathias 2 soat oldin
Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the ferrous worm of all?
Snow Mexican
Snow Mexican 2 soat oldin
Murgs 12
Murgs 12 2 soat oldin
l am in complete amazement and awe at what we can do as a species, and we are only getting better.. This is brilliant
flamephlegm 2 soat oldin
This is awesome!
Rodney Cushman
Rodney Cushman 3 soat oldin
What de fak is a weed eater
Toy Jesus
Toy Jesus 3 soat oldin
Is iron safe for worms to eat?
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 3 soat oldin
We don't know if the shape makes a difference because they all had different thickness and quality of wires
matt sch
matt sch 3 soat oldin
Ok ok this video has way too much effort put in it’s always giving your 210% it’s awsome
Yexom 3 soat oldin
Ever wonder what its like to see super saiyan squids fighting in ultra speed for sport? This is it.
Jake Fulton
Jake Fulton 3 soat oldin
Bro he aint joking... that carolina gold bbq sauce is FIREE
hugo d.c
hugo d.c 3 soat oldin
I like how you went all "Broforce" on this video :)
Raid Bhro
Raid Bhro 3 soat oldin
hehehehe, you guys are awesome
Pranit 3 soat oldin
the sound fx man..
ClxderWyd 3 soat oldin
You should do 1000 mph baseball vs 250 mph bat
Jesús Aznar
Jesús Aznar 3 soat oldin
Just asking, could this be the first experiment to counter Enthropy?
Jade Smith
Jade Smith 3 soat oldin
Golf ball physics ❤️
VOW Crafts
VOW Crafts 4 soat oldin
Greatest episode ever!
Fishy 4 soat oldin
this is pointless but i love it
Robert Moon
Robert Moon 4 soat oldin
I live in Hsv and I just cut my toenoff with a lawnmower. No high speed footage though. 🤣
Dane Bridges
Dane Bridges 4 soat oldin
J to the ROC know what i'm sayin
Josiah Akridge
Josiah Akridge 4 soat oldin
I have to do this Monday 🙃
scrimp 4 soat oldin
grey blob
Gareth Andrew
Gareth Andrew 4 soat oldin
Sharp Square wins Flawless Victory
Moses Landaverde
Moses Landaverde 4 soat oldin
the ball was going so fast in slow mo you could see the air that is cutting through it
OG WEASEL 4 soat oldin
No this is my luck!! I just bought 800’ of weed eater line yesterday!! And it’s not the good stuff 🥲🥲🥲
Leematic 4 soat oldin
Video starts at 9:50 Video could have been 2 minutes long
Gareth Andrew
Gareth Andrew 4 soat oldin
Spaghetti junction is in Birmingham, UK
Ryan Ruchkall
Ryan Ruchkall 4 soat oldin
Roses are red, violets are blue, the moment you’re looking for is 13:32
Ratnadeep Saha
Ratnadeep Saha 4 soat oldin
This happens when you fails in physics is high school but ends up getting a job as physics teacher in that high school 😂
Martin Kuliza
Martin Kuliza 4 soat oldin
6:18 i was waiting to here..............FLAWLESS VICTORY..... SUBZERO... WINS LOL
melbclimber [GD]
melbclimber [GD] 4 soat oldin
Video starts at 3:30
Monsieur Nugai
Monsieur Nugai 4 soat oldin
“Dont try this at home” 😔
Bart Broekhuizen
Bart Broekhuizen 5 soat oldin
I thought i was watching the process of DNA strands being ripped apart... Apparently this is recorded at a different scale.
Møller, Mathias
Møller, Mathias 5 soat oldin
I've been waiting a long time for this video to hit my feed
CurativeBark 181
CurativeBark 181 5 soat oldin
Can you please read off a collage lecture with that voice, “EVERYonE SwITCH to PAgE 217!”
Rachael Steele
Rachael Steele 5 soat oldin
I see this in the shower all the time!!! And I'm watching this now? Its 2021 :)
Daniel Doyle
Daniel Doyle 5 soat oldin
This was a great explanation in engineerspeak for something that I always thought I knew intuitively... This. Was. Great. 😁
Yuri A. G.
Yuri A. G. 5 soat oldin
5:53 I'm having a seizure when watching this part
Эмельен Лазер
Эмельен Лазер 5 soat oldin
06:25 start 07:05 end
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris 5 soat oldin
check out danish archer Lars Andersen, he is absolutely insane.
Dylan 727
Dylan 727 5 soat oldin
next time have them spin the same way and then do it.
Mihkel Teuli
Mihkel Teuli 5 soat oldin
Dave Remillard
Dave Remillard 5 soat oldin
You asked for questions so here goes. I have a Kubota zero turn mower set up for mulching. The problem I have is the grass builds up on the underside of the mower deck so bad that I can only get one mowing of less than 1/2 acre before I need to jack it up and clean the underside of the deck. What, if anything can I do to lessen this problem? Blades are sharp, grass is dry, I've slowed down my speed and have gone to the point of spraying Pam on the deck which does help slightly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Geo BignTall
Geo BignTall 5 soat oldin
"Free to say Whatever I want he says" lol 🤣😆 on UZpost! So he thinks
Electricity taster
Electricity taster 5 soat oldin
Imagine the penises we would have if our ancestors would have competed in this way with their penises.
k1d 5 soat oldin
Australia calls them "Weed Wackers" because they wack weed
Steve Bonds
Steve Bonds 5 soat oldin
There was some technical jargon used that we need to have defined. Just how fast is 'stupid fast'?? And what constitutes 'a ton of baseballs'?
DreamsCatcher101 5 soat oldin
Did he figure this out?
Emily An
Emily An 5 soat oldin
his throat must hurt after announcing all those rounds props to this champ for doing that for us
morbikdon 5 soat oldin
I love his energy!
Aditya Bairathi
Aditya Bairathi 6 soat oldin
fritz 6 soat oldin
blue dude
Emily An
Emily An 5 soat oldin
That was informative and fun. Thanks
zexi 6 soat oldin
Its like beyblade but dad edition
Berkay Erdoğan
Berkay Erdoğan 6 soat oldin
My two choices made it up to final lmao
MåcGyver 6 soat oldin
You weren't drinking at all were you? You seem to be Schlieren your words.
DaTux91 6 soat oldin
If you lend your golf club to Destin, make sure to say a proper emotional goodbye to it.
Steven Mcgaughey
Steven Mcgaughey 6 soat oldin
in australia most people call it a whipper snipper
Breezy Tree
Breezy Tree 6 soat oldin
What's 1+1 weedeater
Johnny Clancy
Johnny Clancy 6 soat oldin
Is there anything better than this? Just guys being dudes.
Thomas Autengruber
Thomas Autengruber 6 soat oldin
„Hey it‘s me, Destini.“ You should settle whatever beef you have with whoever writes your subtitles!