Right Back Instrumental
Raven Berry
Raven Berry 47 daqiqa oldin
Raemya Terrell
Raemya Terrell Soat oldin
They need make a album 😩😔💛💚
Princess_ Nazzy
Princess_ Nazzy 2 soat oldin
I freaking died when jazz kicked armon 💀
PKT_15 2 soat oldin
Blacks with Skin bleached ( vybz kartel) :( :(:(
Princess_ Nazzy
Princess_ Nazzy 2 soat oldin
Yo I was ctfuuuu 💀
Pat14-jahcarr17 !
Pat14-jahcarr17 ! 2 soat oldin
We back baby finally
Diamond Green
Diamond Green 3 soat oldin
when youtube was good
SMB- Fixmylie
SMB- Fixmylie 4 soat oldin
October 2020?
Naee Neezy
Naee Neezy 4 soat oldin
2020? 😭😭
II NviiShxn II
II NviiShxn II 5 soat oldin
This nigga did not raise his hand
Jaayla Angee
Jaayla Angee 5 soat oldin
I’m dead asf trey loved singing 😂
Carmen Plascencia
Carmen Plascencia 5 soat oldin
Yesssss 🔥
Shay Wilson
Shay Wilson 6 soat oldin
Shakia Shakia
Shakia Shakia 7 soat oldin
This never gets old
Shakia Shakia
Shakia Shakia 7 soat oldin
I wish it can go back to this this new shit sucks
Jasmine Pooh
Jasmine Pooh 7 soat oldin
Ahado Abdi
Ahado Abdi 7 soat oldin
I love ❤️ trey’s voice he can sing Dammm
Ahado Abdi
Ahado Abdi 7 soat oldin
Yessssss Periodtt 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lerihya Hart
Lerihya Hart 8 soat oldin
Oh yea that’s like them things at church🦒😂😂
MI'CHAELA BURRUSS 8 soat oldin
yall wrong
Ohh DeAndre
Ohh DeAndre 8 soat oldin
Daily Life with BREE
Daily Life with BREE 9 soat oldin
2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰
Trxll_ Talents
Trxll_ Talents 9 soat oldin
Back and better 😈#onthegang
Daily Life with BREE
Daily Life with BREE 10 soat oldin
I got chills I love y’all voice 🔥🔥🔥❤️
ARIANNA COOK 10 soat oldin
yall foul
jerome andrews
jerome andrews 10 soat oldin
Still listening from since 2017🤩🤩‼‼⭐⭐⭐
Shandon Porter
Shandon Porter 11 soat oldin
Jenna Eileen
Jenna Eileen 11 soat oldin
But the part with senia and essy🥺🥺
Keniah Angel simon
Keniah Angel simon 11 soat oldin
I wasnt prepared for "Armon and trey , Chris and Queen" 👀 👀
Simone Turner
Simone Turner 11 soat oldin
I just seen this on fb this shit fire 🔥
AlexOchoa 11 soat oldin
Can someone make a slowed and reverbed version
Peacies Amin
Peacies Amin 12 soat oldin
iizzy Washington
iizzy Washington 12 soat oldin
So u telling me Jazz saw hid 🥩
Gabby D
Gabby D 12 soat oldin
NIYA’S TV 12 soat oldin
👁👄👁 me waiting on trey part
Chris Konsul
Chris Konsul 13 soat oldin
Dudes acting uneducated and like a kid
Janyah Wiley
Janyah Wiley 13 soat oldin
Just watching old videos to make UZpost feel like home again 😭
Crystal Solomon
Crystal Solomon 14 soat oldin
Omg..I'm here for memories 😔😔
Roseariea Davis
Roseariea Davis 14 soat oldin
2020 anybody
SHAN. 15 soat oldin
Teared up a lil. I love you guys
Phatbulous Jazz
Phatbulous Jazz 15 soat oldin
I'm still listening October 2020
The Only Robloxians
The Only Robloxians 14 soat oldin
I listen to all their songs everyday ❤️✨
Tru3 Lif3
Tru3 Lif3 19 soat oldin
Who remembers when they just did mashups and now the best duo ever
Tru3 Lif3
Tru3 Lif3 19 soat oldin
Army Troop since day one
JOYĖFUL MOMENTS 19 soat oldin
Nfl Kobie
Nfl Kobie 20 soat oldin
This was when UZpost was good
Alanas World of Games
Alanas World of Games 20 soat oldin
wizoneneverlandblink Kun oldin
3:47 19:41
Lynniyah Reynolds
Lynniyah Reynolds Kun oldin
You see what she says this is just saying that she kissed her no she kiss him
Official Cam
Official Cam Kun oldin
Admin sound like durk
Life With asia
Life With asia Kun oldin
Yess toosii lmfaoo If you know you know 😭😭
Taylor’s Channel
Taylor’s Channel Kun oldin
I love y’all please like my comment ❤️
taquia shelby
taquia shelby Kun oldin
Yaktowns finest ❤
m.xiouxiii Kun oldin
1:30 Purrr trey the choreography 🔥🔥🔥on fire dancing like Chris brown
Janiya Wise
Janiya Wise Kun oldin
Who's here in 2020
Princess_ Nazzy
Princess_ Nazzy Kun oldin
Y’all all stupid in these comments yall knew they went out.
WaVy O
WaVy O Kun oldin
Throwback man miss the world how it used to be
Nena Kun oldin
You know what they always say “if it’s meant to be, they’ll come back”.
Nena Kun oldin
The conversation they having is SOO DEEP‼️😩 I’m loving it!!!
Alezae Fernandez
Alezae Fernandez Kun oldin
good prank armon
Ciani and Jazmin Show
Ciani and Jazmin Show Kun oldin
Aaliyah Parkinson
Aaliyah Parkinson Kun oldin
Yesssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kamora Ali
Kamora Ali Kun oldin
If y’all family y’all need to stop talking about her and help her take a bath
Terria Loper
Terria Loper 11 soat oldin
its was a prank stupid u are so late like there were just playing around people cant take jokes
Kamora Ali
Kamora Ali Kun oldin
That’s not funny because you don’t now if it was really stinky or not
kall me kollo
kall me kollo Kun oldin
Oooo armonnn part 🔥🔥
Kamora Ali
Kamora Ali Kun oldin
Girl this is a prank
petty pretty c
petty pretty c Kun oldin
the wig tho
melaninsubs Kun oldin
Michelle Pate
Michelle Pate Kun oldin
I love Armon and Trey They So Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
m.xiouxiii Kun oldin
Who else miss trey and armon with braces
Karmen Nickole
Karmen Nickole Kun oldin
I fw that one !
Armando Dijkstra
Armando Dijkstra Kun oldin
Aight just hop in the stu with Chris Brown dammit
Keityrion Hill
Keityrion Hill Kun oldin
Deasia Monae’
Deasia Monae’ Kun oldin
YASSSSSSSS‼️ They’ve been gone for tooooo long !!! 😩 I’m glad they’re back 💯💪🏾 . Their music so real & raw man 💖.
dave marrero
dave marrero Kun oldin
Kay Music
Kay Music Kun oldin
I miss these times
official. Naiirah
official. Naiirah Kun oldin
f yall who didnt like and comment and sub this song hit i been here sense day one
Austin Milligan
Austin Milligan Kun oldin
2032 anyone?
mariya jonesTM
mariya jonesTM Kun oldin
I love all yall music I know all y'all songs I even know the lyrics every time I'm going thru some I lesson to y'all songs I like y'all songs plz like this comment plz I'm a big fan I wanna meet y'all so muchhh
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Kun oldin
Who been here since day one 👇
samonique wright
samonique wright Kun oldin
It’s hard🔥 gang gang❤️❤️❤️
Ronisha Thomas
Ronisha Thomas Kun oldin
Shii I'm watching this again and damn