Episode 184 - The Big Fight
Episode 183 - Candice
Episode 182 - What Guys Want
Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan Soat oldin
goob 2 soat oldin
Honestly? bruh snapped.
Bearcarbs 999
Bearcarbs 999 2 soat oldin
It’s kind of funny this is probably the least dirty song and it’s called DADDY but seriously good song
kgamesallday 2 soat oldin
1:47 has some real adam sanlar vibes
Dean America
Dean America 2 soat oldin
AP 3 soat oldin
Cody finally morphing into Blaze and buying that dirt bike
Ava Klepner
Ava Klepner 4 soat oldin
tmg is the only acceptable youtube music
C3_KiLE 4 soat oldin
Cody's adlibs are TMG for me. That ahoy gets me every time
Elle Williams
Elle Williams 4 soat oldin
I feel so bad when they kick the horses :(
emily evans
emily evans 6 soat oldin
Cody looks like the lesbian of all of our dreams.
Jackson 7 soat oldin
I literally answer cashiers with “good” or “alright” or “pretty good” or “pretty alright” or “swag” or “my dog died today”. And that’s it
genericfirstname 7 soat oldin
Boomer Brian
Boomer Brian 7 soat oldin
So cool to hear “We packing up and pissin’ “ before every tmg music video. PS: I know that’s not what it says. I don’t know what they’re actually saying.
Andrej Antohin
Andrej Antohin 8 soat oldin
This is slowly becoming a UFC/MMA/Boxing podcast lately
Alana Tolliver
Alana Tolliver 8 soat oldin
Stop I did not get a BITCOIN ad on this video, lmfao it fits them tho they talk abt it all the time L m A o
LuceGaming 9 soat oldin
Wait, so you mean I’m not gay, because I like sweet n sour sauce? Phew that was close
rowen shanski
rowen shanski 9 soat oldin
This song sounds very edm ish
Angela Selina
Angela Selina 10 soat oldin
aah i love that cody has found his style, he sounds so good without autotune
Angela Selina
Angela Selina 2 soat oldin
@Dean America ye obv but i think it's much less prominent now
Dean America
Dean America 2 soat oldin
They all have autotune on them
Angela Banda
Angela Banda 10 soat oldin
I cant stop saying Wocky Slush now
Lexi Almeida
Lexi Almeida 10 soat oldin
I am 💧
FLAshley W
FLAshley W 11 soat oldin
They are both HOT DEPO DADDYS!!! Change my mind!
LucyLucyfer 11 soat oldin
cody’s hair is getting longer and noels is getting shorter
Nur Hamad
Nur Hamad 11 soat oldin
Bro Noel could easily be a full time rapper his voice 🤌🏽
Justin 3
Justin 3 12 soat oldin
daddy cody
Max Bush
Max Bush 12 soat oldin
SUCKEYSUCKEY _ 12 soat oldin
Dylan Vaz
Dylan Vaz 12 soat oldin
"I play with real guns no controller." Fire
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 12 soat oldin
Wow. These guys are funny. They should be comedians or something. #epic #chungus #moment
Paraducks 12 soat oldin
Why is this actually so good wtf
Claire Bosch
Claire Bosch 13 soat oldin
Crusing and Brusing Tv
Crusing and Brusing Tv 13 soat oldin
Damn i thought that was leon lush That would be a great collab.
ally 13 soat oldin
yo wtf i stopped watching this podcast for a few months now it’s crazy what the hell😭cool af tho
Jared Donais
Jared Donais 13 soat oldin
Y does Noel look like a dad and Cody look like a club owner in Miami
drew thomas
drew thomas 13 soat oldin
Noel go solo
Commander 14 soat oldin
Blake Panda
Blake Panda 14 soat oldin
this set is so so so so fucking good
gage trout
gage trout 14 soat oldin
i dont know why but the stupid accent noel does has me crying every time he does it
Blake Panda
Blake Panda 14 soat oldin
Concept Definity was a little too gimmicky for me, Visuals were obviously amazing, the beat could have been something harder but it's different I see the idea. If there were to be a scale I would rate this a 5 out of 10 because we have to admit we've heard better from them.
Joey Bebop
Joey Bebop 15 soat oldin
TMG getting it in with the most poppin artist out now. 💪That shit is tough.
Emma Juarez
Emma Juarez 15 soat oldin
Has anyone talked about how there are 2 earths yet?
Martin Shen
Martin Shen 15 soat oldin
4:30 20:00
Harold Yaga
Harold Yaga 15 soat oldin
Bro why does every song slap from them
Jordan Richey
Jordan Richey 15 soat oldin
Molly Harrison
Molly Harrison 15 soat oldin
I clicked before reading the title and literally first line thought “..that sounds a lot like two 10s”
livalil 15 soat oldin
i watched this video hoping they would fall in the pool, i am so disappointed
goldenberry 16 soat oldin
Caustic Liberal
Caustic Liberal 16 soat oldin
almost 1M subscribers!
Cierra Downing
Cierra Downing 17 soat oldin
Ugh wow them as dilfs is even BETTER
Bexo 17 soat oldin
Cody is that,, grey hair????
Bexo 17 soat oldin
wait im slow I just realized it is intentional
benjamin 17 soat oldin
Ok guys. This FUCKS
benjamin 17 soat oldin
Jules Egan
Jules Egan 17 soat oldin
This isn’t meant with any disrespect but do they know the audience can’t hear any audio that plays?
Nin Lan
Nin Lan 17 soat oldin
Wow Cody’s verse was slick
Pinksnoww 18 soat oldin
Noel really didn't need to be that smooth on the beat. The fuck?