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Ettevaatust Productions
Ettevaatust Productions 12 soat oldin
I spent two nights in Budapest at a hippy hostel. It was a bit of a druggy scene there with photos of people shooting up heroin on the walls. However, I did enjoy my time in Budapest and went to some really cool places while there. Beautiful city!
Siva Silver
Siva Silver 12 soat oldin
Aum, somehow the vans from Nomadland and this video are a little bit different...
cordellscott 12 soat oldin
All the neighbors will eventually eat each other
Eric Awalt
Eric Awalt 12 soat oldin
Wow! Bunking in a nuclear bunker! They might *need* a nuke to get me out of there! Gonna have to find out what their rates are!
Tanner Phillips
Tanner Phillips 12 soat oldin
I hope you understand how privileged you are. You make great content so I assume/hope you are grateful for just how unique and lucky your life is...And yes. I am so jealous! What an amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing.
twin Gordon
twin Gordon 12 soat oldin
That face for the taste of those crackers priceless 😂!
Michael Collins
Michael Collins 12 soat oldin
I love you grandparents
Kyndelle Harvey
Kyndelle Harvey 12 soat oldin
I wish I can go on a planen
Vira Stefaniya
Vira Stefaniya 13 soat oldin
Your grandparents are a treasure!
deeannec2000 13 soat oldin
I like Kara's flashlight... I have the same one..
lakshmivallabh 13 soat oldin
Zelda Travis
Zelda Travis 13 soat oldin
Omg your grandpa.
Karthick Arun
Karthick Arun 13 soat oldin
Love your videos, this own made me so hungry watching the food items 😍🥙🥟🍿🥞🥡🥠🌭🧂🍐😋🍔🍕🍖🍚🍗🍝🍰🍴
Finesse 13 soat oldin
I wonder when is the best time of year to go so it could look like on Tokyo ghoul op
Matthew Croshaw
Matthew Croshaw 13 soat oldin
I want to go onto a DHC-6 twin otter sometime soon.
Omar Gharib
Omar Gharib 13 soat oldin
Its name is Palestine not israel
Shizzy Deep
Shizzy Deep 14 soat oldin
No sound, no natural light, nothing to look at for miles and you're surrounded by a bunch of paranoid people packing heat. What could go wrong?
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 14 soat oldin
You still a live
Omar Gharib
Omar Gharib 14 soat oldin
Its name is Palestine not israel
Omar Gharib
Omar Gharib 14 soat oldin
Its name is Palestine not israel
Omar Gharib
Omar Gharib 14 soat oldin
Its name is Palestine not israel .
Mary Kleinberg
Mary Kleinberg 14 soat oldin
The Wicked van 🤣 I can't stop laughing at it.
Bronx & Branx
Bronx & Branx 14 soat oldin
You can fix the area, houses, everything and call hollywood/universities to let them rent the space for film. Or you can do the other way, so you know if they are interested and tailor the looks of the place for their basic filming needs.
Sarah Geurink
Sarah Geurink 14 soat oldin
Where do I book this treehouse??
Thomas Tevis
Thomas Tevis 14 soat oldin
Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late
Bricknose House
Bricknose House 15 soat oldin
That thing I put in my mouth for days. That's what he said
Iball nonya
Iball nonya 15 soat oldin
Considering the price to built and outfit your own, $35k + $1k/year in grounds fees is ridiculously cheap. Toss in another $120k to fully outfit one and for a combined cost of $155k (plus that $1k/yr) and it's cheaper - and safer - than any other home on the market anywhere. Of course I'd want to build a garage next to it to house a 4x4, side-by-side, and snowthrower in to keep them out of the weather. And put up a lot of heated solar panels so as to not have to run the generator as much.
Jill Garofano
Jill Garofano 15 soat oldin
I know I’m watching this years later but had to comment that your guides t-shirt said SUNY Cobleskill,which is a state junior college in NY,where I went to college!!
Mary Kleinberg
Mary Kleinberg 15 soat oldin
Bricknose House
Bricknose House 15 soat oldin
Now my lips are hot. That's what she said last night
khongrohk cheamreav
khongrohk cheamreav 15 soat oldin
I don't know why... But nate reminds me of tom brady? 🤔😂🤣
khongrohk cheamreav
khongrohk cheamreav 15 soat oldin
Salute to the both of you!!! I'm cambodian born and raised in the states and i would never eat all that!!! I don't even eat seafood lol
Chris Boles
Chris Boles 15 soat oldin
when Kara started to cry i started tearing up.
chanez 15 soat oldin
encore un pays à rajouter sur ma liste..merci à l'oncle Ben d'avoir meurtri ce pays. à chaque qu'ils ont voulu instauré la démocratie ils ont laissé des champs de ruines et des traumatisme...hâte de visiter cette partie de l'Irak
Gladys Fenick
Gladys Fenick 15 soat oldin
I've stayed at the Hawks Kay Resort, very nice resort with the dolphins, we also went deep sea fishing . Some oft the family also went scuba diving .
Mike squier
Mike squier 15 soat oldin
Did you just say areolas
Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson 16 soat oldin
Can I get a free mug since I ordered a map back in 2020??
Mike squier
Mike squier 16 soat oldin
Those boots look like chick boats
AutoHoax BABTruther
AutoHoax BABTruther 16 soat oldin
Seems like an easy place to be surrounded and made into a prison of preppers
alex rad
alex rad 16 soat oldin
It’s all good until theirs a wild fire
oldschooldrumcorps 16 soat oldin
Need a way to escape if you have would be so easy to lock you in from the outside for example
Js Travelers
Js Travelers 16 soat oldin
So if the community is so safe, why do all the men wear a holstered gun? Looks like a really bad neighborhood to me.
Shadow Laviolette
Shadow Laviolette 16 soat oldin
WOOOOO #House Pfizer!
Saleh Malaeb
Saleh Malaeb 16 soat oldin
Have u guys ever went to a country where the people seemed unwelcoming or hostile....especialy knowing u were Americans?
Frank Battle
Frank Battle 16 soat oldin
Love the Buc-ees outfit!!
Sam Goldberg
Sam Goldberg 16 soat oldin
Kara:(pressing random buttons) also kara: (accidently presses seat ejection button)
Mohmmd Ahmd
Mohmmd Ahmd 16 soat oldin
Fauk Isreal
danielgormanphoto 16 soat oldin
I actually applaud you for getting the vaccine. I didn't think you believed in it tbh.
Rashidul Islam
Rashidul Islam 17 soat oldin
The most hatest country in this world! Undoubtly Israel 👎👎👎
Marty Kong
Marty Kong 17 soat oldin
WOW! What a great share and video! Too cool to go home for all the right reasons, FAMILY! Your niece was precious and certainly will only have 1 first birthday, and you are so fortunate to still have Grandparents to help out and share life. All the BEST to you, family and friends, hope we ALL see better days soon! Cheers from PNWest :)
thenext poetician
thenext poetician 17 soat oldin
Well, a year's supply won't cut it if the sun micronovas mid-century during the next gsm, Gleissberg cycle, cosmic ray maximum. It happens every 12,000 years on average. The scale of history taught in school is nonsense, as the recent Guliya ice core study makes plain. What's going on is an extermination protocol by the ruling class selecting the most compliant order followers. Figure out the rest.
Frank Battle
Frank Battle 17 soat oldin
Love this video!
plm4462 18 soat oldin
Glad all you guys are testing the shot. Will be watching to see your side effects. Hope u stay healthy
Tim B.
Tim B. 18 soat oldin
I live in Scarborough! Great job capturing the beauty of Maine!
Osama Zabin
Osama Zabin 18 soat oldin
Hi I'm a big fan of you guys but I just want to tell you that it's not called Israel, it's called Palestine
Sharon Cohen
Sharon Cohen 18 soat oldin
I literally LOL when nate said "nobody wants soggy lamb balls" 🤣🤣
It's Mindy and Zoe
It's Mindy and Zoe 18 soat oldin
The scenery is so incredibly beautiful
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez 18 soat oldin
“i wonder what’s in it” 😂😭
vaso opel
vaso opel 18 soat oldin
did I miss something? where are the UNDERGROUND bunkers?
keith stone
keith stone 19 soat oldin
8:13 the reason you came here
Monique Draaisma
Monique Draaisma 19 soat oldin
Witch county did you like the most?
Gabriel C.
Gabriel C. 19 soat oldin
Enjoy a little bit and toss the camera dumb ass
O K 19 soat oldin
I think they’d work in a nuke attack. Providing the Russians up dated their target list now that base is closed and it was no longer a primary target. You’d button up, and wait out the fallout inside. The door and walls may be a bit thin though, you need 2ft of concrete or 4 feet of earth to keep your radiation dose down to 1/1000.
Zyndicate 19 soat oldin
I just took one of those tests Kara took and instead of being a 9 I’m a 2
Victoria Guerin
Victoria Guerin 19 soat oldin
This is why I lived in Geneva for 9 years but never travelled in Switzerland. The people who run this hut have their guests trapped on the edge of a glacier and they charge so much for a bottle of WATER that their victims feel compelled to risk their lives to get out of there! The French Alps are right over the border and much more affordable. You can get lovely fondue in Annecy for half the cost of Switzerland. Just skip this country unless you have to be there.
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 19 soat oldin
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)
Bina Gautam
Bina Gautam 19 soat oldin
Big fan from Kathmandu may good bless u both
Torgeir Brandsnes
Torgeir Brandsnes 19 soat oldin
The lappish word for Tipi is Lavvo.
I Truly Believe Do You
I Truly Believe Do You 19 soat oldin
When GOD comes for you there's no place you can hide!!! This is what happens when you spread evil all throughout the world, scared to death because they know evil's on it's way back!! Isn't that a close community, why walk around with guns?!!! If you ppl thought to spread peace around the world, you wouldn't need to worry about bomb shelters now would you?!!!!!
Tripex LND
Tripex LND 19 soat oldin
Corona virus watching this video be like: WAIT...THAT'S ILLEGAL
Rebecca Lockley
Rebecca Lockley 19 soat oldin
There's a country inside a park in Vienna, Austria. If you visit on a weekend, they'll stamp your passport.
Teona Eades
Teona Eades 19 soat oldin
Your parents are totally awesome ! Good for them .