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Happy Valentine’s Day!
BLOOPS from 100 countries!
we messed up.
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11 oy oldin
Valerie Hopkins
Valerie Hopkins 4 soat oldin
Is Kara really a blond?
Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee 4 soat oldin
The way that you two took off your N95 masks and immediately touching your face is how you could get COVID! Not to mention I don't know why you two are choosing to travel right now. Think about the front line workers that are putting their lives on the line for all of us.
neutrino456 4 soat oldin
This video screams entitlement and lack of respect for healthcare workers, and a straight up "f u" to all of us that have stayed at home. I'm so so sick and tired of staying at home (mental health hasn't been great) but I do it because I don't want to get me or my family or other strangers sick. If all of us cut non essential travel and social distanced properly for just a little bit we could drastically cut covid-19 cases and finally get out of the situation. But no. People like you travel, and sure, not everyone gets covid. But some of you do. And then this snowballs into the high amount of Covid19 cases that we have now. Just because its not happening to you or your family doesn't mean coronavirus still isn't spreading. With the US having crazy high coronavirus cases right now can't believe you would travel and then upload this content to thousands of subscribers, suggesting them to travel. Unsubscribed. I don't ever want to watch a video from you again
Zayden Buford
Zayden Buford 4 soat oldin
Y’all are almost at 2 mil!! Congrats you deserve it🥳🎉
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 4 soat oldin
You guys are horrible! Ppl are dying due to covid. Why are you traveling your the reason why ppl are dying and loosing there love ones.
Kyle R
Kyle R 4 soat oldin
Been watching since day 1. Never commented until now. Lost all respect. Unsubscribing.
Jennifer MacKinnon
Jennifer MacKinnon 4 soat oldin
I cannot believe there could be two people more irresponsible. In fact with the horrendous number of deaths in the United States I can't even understand how this is allowed.
Sumaya Islam
Sumaya Islam 4 soat oldin
Lol omg
Caitlin Swiney
Caitlin Swiney 4 soat oldin
I could never do that
Mike Lim
Mike Lim 4 soat oldin
I don’t have a problem with traveling by airplane and happy that Nate and Kara are doing their thing. All these people browbeat and complain but if flights are available, and it’s not for essential travel only, then people are allowed to do what is best for them. Live your life and don’t judge others. Judge yo mama.
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap 4 soat oldin
You should visit McCormick n Schmick‘s
It's Mindy and Zoe
It's Mindy and Zoe 4 soat oldin
It is so weird to see the wild Llamas
LeighAnne Bass
LeighAnne Bass 4 soat oldin
lol there is a place called the treehouse in North Carolina too
amparo verdesoto
amparo verdesoto 4 soat oldin
Muy linda tu casa en el árbol
Haley Rowe
Haley Rowe 4 soat oldin
It’s so lush and green! 😍😍 looks so beautiful
Kennedy Starr
Kennedy Starr 4 soat oldin
My claustrophobic self is getting triggered.
Sølar’s Sun
Sølar’s Sun 5 soat oldin
Erwin Wills
Erwin Wills 5 soat oldin
Y’all still haven’t taken down this video or responded to your audiences concerns? Wow
Tom Aitas
Tom Aitas 5 soat oldin
I’m so disappointed. I’m in healthcare and lost a colleague of 20 years to people making bad choices like this one. I’m sad to say I must unsubscribe out of respect to my fallen friend.
Tamara Carman
Tamara Carman 5 soat oldin
That’s crazy!
Funny Day
Funny Day 5 soat oldin
Kids they are selling gum because government the don’t giving them them earning they work for free and government they don’t pay them i am from Kurdistan And i Came to usa Kurdistan they are nice people but they government it fuck it up they pay him monthly and year have 12 months till right know they pay them for 4 months and people need money to they can buy food and pay rent and pay electric and we have to definite electric and they cutting electric all the time some days they don’t see electric at even and you still pay bill even if you don’t have electric bill and you have to pay water bill and too many stuff other don’t look for beautiful stuff like park and those kind of thing what we will do on park if we have like that beautiful government 🙂 i sow your video nice 😇😍
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap 5 soat oldin
I like your glasses! They were so cute!
Marvin Rassam
Marvin Rassam 5 soat oldin
Kids they are selling gum because government the don’t giving them them earning they work for free and government they don’t pay them i am from Kurdistan And i Came to usa Kurdistan they are nice people but they government it fuck it up they pay him monthly and year have 12 months till right know they pay them for 4 months and people need money to they can buy food and pay rent and pay electric and we have to definite electric and they cutting electric all the time some days they don’t see electric at even and you still pay bill even if you don’t have electric bill and you have to pay water bill and too many stuff other don’t look for beautiful stuff like park and those kind of thing what we will do on park if we have like that beautiful government 🙂 i sow your video nice 😇😍
sarah lee
sarah lee 5 soat oldin
Nate is such an inspiration !
JJplaysstuff 6 soat oldin
*flex tape is super strong!*
Ray 6 soat oldin
"Little different from the last time we went kayaking..." *cut* "Whoop!!! Ran into an iceberg!!!" Had me *dying*!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hatterhouse 6 soat oldin
So after 10pm the radiation comes out?
Curtis Rosenthal
Curtis Rosenthal 6 soat oldin
Hilarious scene with the stinky tofu!
Cyberpunk _D-Va
Cyberpunk _D-Va 6 soat oldin
Vegemite is really nice with cheese as well. Love vegemite
Amir Idrizi
Amir Idrizi 6 soat oldin
I visited last year New York and very beautiful unforgettable adventure. I recording vlog at NYC if you have time please watch inside of my channel and don't forget to drop subscribe =D
Madison Adams
Madison Adams 6 soat oldin
Who else thinks that Kara looks 80 times more beautiful without makeup
ADIE WARD 6 soat oldin
Are you too so in love
PJM 6 soat oldin
Hmm, mixed feelings on this one. Not hating on you guys, you've done nothing against the rules so your call. But Vegas? I probably wouldn't have risked the potential negative blowback on Vegas.
Jess Turner
Jess Turner 6 soat oldin
I just want to say Iv seen you guys grow and mature before because of backlash and I hope you guys are ok after all these comments. you guys made a mistake and i just hope your mental health is still ok. <3
Katie Lemos
Katie Lemos 6 soat oldin
That square is oldest known Sudoku! 😂
Nat & Madi
Nat & Madi 7 soat oldin
you guys are SO CLOSE to 2 million!!! I am so excited for you to reach it. I keep checking to see if you've reached 2million and every day you're closer. WAHOO I'm rooting for you. Lots of love.
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien 7 soat oldin
All college campuses look alike, essentially.
Cyberpunk _D-Va
Cyberpunk _D-Va 7 soat oldin
What a lovey gesture and so kind of you. Brought tears to my eyes, what an amazing young lady
Paul O'Toole
Paul O'Toole 7 soat oldin
I think you should go back to the National Parks and point out to them that the world has changed and they are losing money. It might be worth seeing if they have a commercial photographer form and seeing what that is like. As that might be closer to what you are actually doing. There must be hundreds if not thousands of UZpostrs positively promoting the national parks and they could be paying a little to do it. The reason they are not is because the National Parks are stuck in the past and have not noticed how the world has changed. You might have made a mistake in not going to court because you could have used their form against them by arguing that this is what they think is commercial filming. You could then point out the number of videos on UZpost mentioning the various National Parks. I agree you should be charged however I also agree that if the system is set up for Hollywood level filming they must just be losing a fortune. I have had several conversations with people at historic places and it drives them nuts people using their spaces for professional work without clearing it and paying for it. I know one place is a famous wedding venue and everyone wants to get photos in front of this famous view however no one wants to pay for it. I guarantee if you live in the UK you would not know the place however you would know the view. The drone licence might make your life easier because you should use it to prove you know what you are doing at places that by now are fed up of them.
The Foxes Moon
The Foxes Moon 7 soat oldin
Let me ask you this;. Do you even care about what is going on in the world? Cause your actions are saying no. I hope you two read the comments , specially the ones from the doctors , nurses, healthcare workers that are saying things to you. Take a long time to think on it. You know you have well -had, a large following here and this is the example you want be for them? specially the younger people, and those you influence the most? Or did you forget you influence people? .. just things I wonder about with you two. Where I am we are locked down, stay at home order.. you can get fined a fair amount right now for going out and doing things that are none essential and you two are out doing this? I just wonder what really is going through your minds on deciding to make this trip. Did the 'fun' outweigh the risk of loosing lots of subs and the chance of getting sick ?
Boya 7 soat oldin
16:34 Aptal amerikalı kafasını nasıl vurdu.
Boya 7 soat oldin
Oha yorum tutmus arkadalşar saolun
Buğra Kaskun
Buğra Kaskun 7 soat oldin
nice greek comment
A Dash In Stone
A Dash In Stone 7 soat oldin
Nate, dude you're way cooler than Mike Rowe. ❤ The Dash
maryam 7 soat oldin
The real name of this country is Palestine
Lilbear Games
Lilbear Games 7 soat oldin
Can we just appreciate that guy waving to the camera in the background 😂🤣
Brenda Ryan
Brenda Ryan 7 soat oldin
Those funiculars are amazing. I am so glad not to have to climb up these steep cliffs when I travel.
allthesehappycolors 8 soat oldin
Don’t feel bad about flying Kara and Nate. According to the American Medical Association: “ The airflow in today's aircrafts have been measured at three times the amount mandated for infection control rooms in hospitals,” said Drs. Shoor and Ortega. “It takes the ventilation system of a plane about six minutes to reduce the number of viral particulates in the air by 99.9%. “This fact alone reduces risk significantly compared to office buildings, restaurants or homes,” they added.” I’m more likely to catch COVID working at Target. Plus y’all wore your masks properly and sanitized. Then when you were in Vegas you stayed in a hotel room all by yourselves far off the strip. I still love y’all and I don’t plan on unsubscribing anytime soon. XOXO Love from IL
Johnny Campana
Johnny Campana 8 soat oldin
It’s not fresh eyes “it called control freak”
Larry Larry
Larry Larry 8 soat oldin
Never ever thought of riding a bike as being so scary! Love your videos.
Sharna Burbridge
Sharna Burbridge 8 soat oldin
I’ve seen to many horror films to go anywhere near a corn maze 😂
Logan Zawistowski
Logan Zawistowski 8 soat oldin
Im so sorry, the person who reported u I just crazy.
Annie Macleod
Annie Macleod 8 soat oldin
I missed the bit in the video where you explain _why_ you’re traveling? I truly hope there was a good reason which made it a necessity, that you aren’t able to share with us. But I’m worried that you are just trying to continue with your pre pandemic life as best you can without stepping back and evaluating if that’s appropriate or morally correct, especially in a country as hard hit as the US. I get the impression you do what you want as long as its “allowed”. But in times like this we are all sharing responsibility and needing to count on each other, considering what is right as well as what is possible. Maybe you need to adapt, just like everyone else. Come up with projects that keep you in one place for an extended period of time. Food for thought?
cmcer1995 8 soat oldin
Did you guys know that the activity level of Mount Yasur has been at Level 2 since Oct 2016, the same level as White Volcano that did erupt and killed several people in Dec. 2019. Next level is an eruption. New Zealand got caught not doing the right thing there.
Logan Zawistowski
Logan Zawistowski 8 soat oldin
Thx for all the vids, you r so inspiring! it's my dream to travel!
Cyberpunk _D-Va
Cyberpunk _D-Va 8 soat oldin
I would have been an emotional wreck seeing Orca’s beautiful, just stunning 😍 Awww poor Nate, ouch 🤕
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 8 soat oldin
Have you reached out to your senators from your state?
Dadj08 8 soat oldin
None of this complaining matters if they still have 1.99 million subscribers. Stop supporting people who don’t care.
Jihed Amor
Jihed Amor 9 soat oldin
Sharna Burbridge
Sharna Burbridge 9 soat oldin
Ipsy and Mipsy
Ipsy and Mipsy 9 soat oldin
Amer Mokdad
Amer Mokdad 9 soat oldin
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Jessica Bair
Jessica Bair 9 soat oldin
Do your thing... this is how you make a living. I’m gonna keep watching .
Gregmetsrl 9 soat oldin
I agree i wouldn't got to vegas now myself but i wont judge them negatively, I highly doubt most of the people complaining have lived a life of total isolation for the past 8 mths and have not seen anyone outside their household. Everyone has taken some risks
Amer Mokdad
Amer Mokdad 9 soat oldin
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Turgut Say
Turgut Say 9 soat oldin
Pislik o pislikler asagyami atilir cop yokmu.
Ms. Mac
Ms. Mac 9 soat oldin
I love you guys soooo much!!!
Tbonetim 9 soat oldin
There are actually 14 million Jews
Elaine White
Elaine White 9 soat oldin
Only just found you guys. It's wonderful to watch the interact ion between you and even in the darkest of issues you always find a positive. I love the way Kara needs caffeine . Just like me X
Maddie k
Maddie k 9 soat oldin
A lot of people are continuing with their daily lives despite the pandemic. I work in food manufacturing so I've had no choice but to continue working and even working overtime. If you can abide by the travel and quarantine guidelines then be all means please do. But some things like vacations aren't necessary right now. I understand Kara and Nate's whole income is to travel but they could have easily fixed the van. Stop going to backyard shops and doing diys then maybe things could last longer.
Kajus Pajaujis
Kajus Pajaujis 10 soat oldin
Im from lithuainia guys it is really cool in the capital and jonava and Kaunas so yeah
KIWI小扳手 10 soat oldin
Stay well & safe!
Linda Cassell
Linda Cassell 10 soat oldin
No I like to see you have fun!
jordan minor
jordan minor 10 soat oldin
Great vlog. I can't wait to see the rest of the Vegas video.
Sheila Kaye
Sheila Kaye 10 soat oldin
Absolutely love you guys and your happy! You literally enjoy each other as much as your travels! Refreshing and inspiring! I'm turning 66 this year and plan to drive Route 66 to celebrate. So glad to have come across your channel. You guys definately make this a Subscribe necessity simply by being authentic you. Thank you. Blessings, Sheila
Serphire Walker
Serphire Walker 10 soat oldin
You should try and come to Australia 🇦🇺 the weather is beautiful right now xxx
Hillary Reeves
Hillary Reeves 10 soat oldin
He really said “people are choosing to sit together for no reason” when he’s literally in an airport...for no reason lol. How hypocritical
Mariez_Berriez 10 soat oldin
NEARLY 2 MIL!!!!!!
Shriya Prakash
Shriya Prakash 10 soat oldin
Mert Mihyaz
Mert Mihyaz 10 soat oldin
I love you 💛❤💚 (2021)
Cool Fighter
Cool Fighter 10 soat oldin
1 places Amazon prime won't go
Danielle Carlson
Danielle Carlson 10 soat oldin
i think its hilarious that Nate always makes the coffee
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce 11 soat oldin
When Nate says "supposubly" FACE PALM.