Christina Quiroz
Christina Quiroz 16 soat oldin
omg i love her even morrrre now! she’s adorable 😍 cannot wait for live shows again! Go Ari, Go Ari! 👏🏻👏🏻
Brandon 16 soat oldin
Good to see Spike Lee sing back up.
KayRze 16 soat oldin
I come back and watch this at least 3-4 times a week
Darius Molark
Darius Molark 16 soat oldin
excellent. most beautiful!
Christina Douglass
Christina Douglass 16 soat oldin
Tiago Mota
Tiago Mota 16 soat oldin
Good vibes!!
Markial Gardner
Markial Gardner 16 soat oldin
10:30 o my GOD
Irene Chang
Irene Chang 16 soat oldin
0.75 version makes cozy
Tyler Royster
Tyler Royster 16 soat oldin
The fact that nobody noticed H.E.R humming a crazy run at 19:24 is killing me !!!
Rincón del Sabor
Rincón del Sabor 16 soat oldin
Pray with Our Feet
Pray with Our Feet 16 soat oldin
Her voice is amazing! Authentic music!!! Yassss! Beautiful Queen!
Akis Veyron
Akis Veyron 16 soat oldin
Amazing performance!
yotoeben 16 soat oldin
Gyo TV
Gyo TV 16 soat oldin
where i can send you the document for the adoption?
Kendra Brown
Kendra Brown 16 soat oldin
Wow, my heart, ears, and soul really needed this today.
Sean Rimada
Sean Rimada 16 soat oldin
Felt that soul. Thank you :-)
Bella Junghwee Ryoo
Bella Junghwee Ryoo 16 soat oldin
No..... I mean No.... Why is this only 15 minutes!????? And only 33K ppl like it?!!?!?! The artistry put in here deserves 33M.
J Victoria
J Victoria 16 soat oldin
Missed them sooo much! I am pretty sure armys will cry sooo much when we get together on their concert. Keep healing a lot of hearts through your music. Thank you Big Hit for raising them well and pls protect them always. I hope Spring Day is coming soon. 😭 Boranghae BTS 💜
Maile Carballo
Maile Carballo 16 soat oldin
Does anyone know exactly where this building is?? The vibes are immaculate with her voice
Kim James
Kim James 16 soat oldin
go!! bts go!!
Kurt Garcia
Kurt Garcia 16 soat oldin
Literal chills when the children choir comes in near the end of "Heir Apparent"
Amymarie Ling
Amymarie Ling 16 soat oldin
Thank you for sharing
Daniela Martínez
Daniela Martínez 16 soat oldin
So beautiful!
Skobo Lebina
Skobo Lebina 16 soat oldin
Matt Willoughby
Matt Willoughby 16 soat oldin
Amazing voice. And she's on XL Recordings, which is cool.
LP 16 soat oldin
875 idiots
hunter 16 soat oldin
Just absolutely BEAUTIFUL that was just..yes 🤌🏽yes👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽
Apple Chili
Apple Chili 16 soat oldin
Talent on top of talent.
kate0960 kate0960
kate0960 kate0960 16 soat oldin
this hits in my soul.
Gyo TV
Gyo TV 16 soat oldin
her voice is really really clean... wow
Mikha Chan
Mikha Chan 16 soat oldin
I've always gotten serious Imogen Heap vibes from her. Love her sound so much!
Mafeflca 16 soat oldin
doing a Tiny Desk on the world's biggest desk.... this is so Maia, i love it
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 17 soat oldin
Jasmine Hoskins
Jasmine Hoskins 17 soat oldin
Hendrixleft 17 soat oldin
then there is real songwriting... wow
Ken Doll
Ken Doll 17 soat oldin
If u think Chloe sounds like Beyoncé then u can’t hear hunni 😍😍😍
Seth Sanchez
Seth Sanchez 17 soat oldin
Why does her singing style remind me of Joji?
B.L. Simpson
B.L. Simpson 17 soat oldin
Hendrixleft 17 soat oldin
from Mac to Reckful to all the other young minds that die young... Earth misses you guys..
jalynmoses 17 soat oldin
j jones
j jones 17 soat oldin
Michael the LEGEND!
Avigayil Carmon
Avigayil Carmon 17 soat oldin
it's so fun to discover an artist that automatically becomes one of your all time faves
Reynaldo Pino
Reynaldo Pino 17 soat oldin
Panamanian first listenning, and now im fan of your music, great minimalism arrangements, everything feels soulful!
j jones
j jones 17 soat oldin
Zacardi ....ooooweeee!!
Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp 17 soat oldin
This would sound great over a grainy california surf film.
Charlotte Lemieux
Charlotte Lemieux 17 soat oldin
So Beautiful! Thanks for that
Jeff Merritt
Jeff Merritt 17 soat oldin
This girl is gone on ego crazy gone. This song is garbage and lost
Hit la rosa ❤️🤍❤️
Matt Cenac
Matt Cenac 17 soat oldin
Jeff Merritt
Jeff Merritt 17 soat oldin
OMG this poor girl is under so much pressure. She shows up. Quite remarkable. Remarkable
Jasmine Hoskins
Jasmine Hoskins 17 soat oldin
So fireeeeee
DelcR007 17 soat oldin
Blessed be 👌🏽
Samuel Alidarso
Samuel Alidarso 17 soat oldin
So there was no BBQ sauce I guess? :(
Yama Maya
Yama Maya 17 soat oldin
Really nice voice. omg i became an army hahaaa. love you so much guys.
Vicky Likes This
Vicky Likes This 17 soat oldin
That's a big desk
Sudo Pierre
Sudo Pierre 17 soat oldin
I'm glad Mxmtoon here
ChiTown Tex'n
ChiTown Tex'n 17 soat oldin
Spiritual_ Babe_
Spiritual_ Babe_ 17 soat oldin
Love me some jazmine 😍 🔥 a vocal monster ✨
Straw Berry
Straw Berry 17 soat oldin
I'm all smiles watching this!
ChiTown Tex'n
ChiTown Tex'n 17 soat oldin
She's dope!
Julian Caruana
Julian Caruana 17 soat oldin
The way she sings “home edition” and the rest of the opening introduction 🤩🥺
Teddy Pender
Teddy Pender 17 soat oldin
Her tone is sooooooo rich!!!
Paul Murray
Paul Murray 17 soat oldin
Daniel Cherry
Daniel Cherry 17 soat oldin
Y’all know shaggy is Robb bank$ dad
Mattia Marchi
Mattia Marchi 17 soat oldin
Fernando Pogonze
Fernando Pogonze 17 soat oldin
Este en vivo es de lo mejor de lo mejor
Fab 18 soat oldin
Background singers killin it.
Ahmed Ghoneim
Ahmed Ghoneim 18 soat oldin
i pressed on this by mistake, but it wasn’t that huge of a mistake
Ahmed Ghoneim
Ahmed Ghoneim 18 soat oldin
10/10 would recommend
I’m always drunk!
I’m always drunk! 18 soat oldin
This looks like one of those abandoned businesses in Irvine
Elizabeth klaers
Elizabeth klaers 18 soat oldin
What a great little set ! It sounds amazing stripped down. Love all her songs<34
Shenae LeGrand
Shenae LeGrand 18 soat oldin
The background vocals are unmatched. Anytime one person can carry all of that >>>♥️ wow
Ro Kennedy
Ro Kennedy 18 soat oldin
This what I am talking about!!! Needed some beautiful voices in my life!!!
Susanna Link
Susanna Link 18 soat oldin
you are right, my heart cant stand a chance
Andrés García Corcuera
Andrés García Corcuera 18 soat oldin
Saca el Ayahuasca PERUUUUU
Art Standard Time
Art Standard Time 18 soat oldin
Sign her up for a Disney movie
Denis Mugi
Denis Mugi 18 soat oldin
had the first song on replay the last few days, she's a new artist to me but her voice and melody on that track are just moving 💯 tried listening to the original track but the live version is just spectacular 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Simone Djamann
Simone Djamann 18 soat oldin
Miki Ramanak
Miki Ramanak 18 soat oldin
I always thought that this song encapsulated the joy and innocence of a pre-9/11 world.
Cora García
Cora García 18 soat oldin
omg I love this!
preston peace
preston peace 18 soat oldin
Real music never dies. This was beautiful.blessings