Mikey Player One
Mikey Player One 5 soat oldin
like getting voted out even though they said skip is when they say to vote out you
HAX3R3LIT3 S3XY 5 soat oldin
This is kinda misleading. With full enchantments a netherite sword has a higher dps than a fully enchanted netherite axe. So if you pvp with enchantments put away that worthless axe (unless they have a shield, then have it as back up.) And start criting them with your orphan obliterator.
Jennifer Coles
Jennifer Coles 5 soat oldin
I subbed upside down
BroCro2 5 soat oldin
Me amazed after seeing something, What I saw- I saw Skip The Tutorial has 1.4M subscribers, When I saw he's Vedio, I saw he has 1.4M views also. Xd
Wings of fire fan
Wings of fire fan 5 soat oldin
Him: if two people are together it sus Me playing with my friend: bruh
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 5 soat oldin
Me: *Votes sub button* *Sub button was not the imposter* STT: UZpost SAW ME SCAN Me: VOTE STT STILL STT was an imposter. youtube: Yup im banning your accounts :D
Duck the Duckling
Duck the Duckling 5 soat oldin
Siens Nerd101
Siens Nerd101 5 soat oldin
ehem villegers ehem enchants ehem
gamer boy
gamer boy 5 soat oldin
world eater (2 billion explsion power) vs. 3 layers of obsidian (i had to delet minercaft)
Duck the Duckling
Duck the Duckling 5 soat oldin
I already know you cant break a water logged block... BECAUSE IM A VETERAN!!!!!!
Siens Nerd101
Siens Nerd101 5 soat oldin
nobody: i use andisite all the time
Markus Czar Ean Radam
Markus Czar Ean Radam 5 soat oldin
0:04 that game is same from roblox
Sammy Davis-Jacobs
Sammy Davis-Jacobs 5 soat oldin
no one: doesn't complain me: he put the diamonds for the axe the wrong way.
PineWasHere 5 soat oldin
about the last one, torches have a 6 block radius of actually stopping mobs from spawning. So, if there's more than 12 blocks between any 2 torches, then the light level is too low
Kayla the Octo XD
Kayla the Octo XD 5 soat oldin
3:38 Amateur, I been knew that trick since 2019.
Dev 5 soat oldin
I clicked on the wrong video and I cant click off
Bradley Watts
Bradley Watts 5 soat oldin
The mindless bankbook separately program because blizzard reportedly dislike mid a jagged watchmaker. paltry, accessible message
Colt Mason
Colt Mason 5 soat oldin
Fun fact: if u use a firework on your off hand and use a crossbow you will get an arrow from a formwork
poldots 5 soat oldin
Me I knew it's been there for a long time
gaster master
gaster master 5 soat oldin
I just subscribed with my elbow
Jason Lim
Jason Lim 5 soat oldin
the crouching on magma blocks is a feature that mojang purposefully put in the game not a bug
Sword Games
Sword Games 5 soat oldin
"Spare that subscribe button down below" Me running a genocide route: AHAHAHA
Skyrim God
Skyrim God 5 soat oldin
Myth busted u can click them at the same time
TheWesternRobot Content
TheWesternRobot Content 5 soat oldin
introducing CORE, roblox but way better
Noah Popal
Noah Popal 5 soat oldin
Me that plays on bedrock:wow this is worthless
Hirosuki 5 soat oldin
0:26 Roblox 2.0
Viola Napier
Viola Napier 5 soat oldin
Amber Hart
Amber Hart 5 soat oldin
My secret is I pee in the pools to empty my entire bladder and I am not this person
lewis programming
lewis programming 5 soat oldin
6:20 Me: *cry’s in xbox*
Lightning Dragon
Lightning Dragon 5 soat oldin
3:54 - what a coincidence...
William Johnson
William Johnson 6 soat oldin
fun fact the magma block shift thing is probably never gonna be patched since the little messages when you are loading a world even say stuff like shift on magma blocks to resist damage
E 6 soat oldin
I didnt use these
Brizuly 6 soat oldin
Get 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990 subs
*Barks in Cursive*
*Barks in Cursive* 6 soat oldin
The monster sun button one shot me OH NO!
Gabriel Amorim
Gabriel Amorim 6 soat oldin
Soul sand elevator, dolphin grace, riptide trident, depth strider 3
Yan Ge
Yan Ge 6 soat oldin
Dream when he sees this: Easiie
Lollipops Delicious
Lollipops Delicious 6 soat oldin
*Mason Abuse*
WiiSportZresort 6 soat oldin
I subscribed and liked at the same time
Ishotubro973 6 soat oldin
is it just me or does that look coool? 5:40
Nannette Tyfarma
Nannette Tyfarma 6 soat oldin
The last one did not work for me
Emerald Krown
Emerald Krown 6 soat oldin
Its pronounced MO-JANG
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn 6 soat oldin
i subd upsidedown with a moes
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno 6 soat oldin
Thumbnail be like: SEKRET TOOLE>>>>> *enchanted stick*
Emerald Krown
Emerald Krown 6 soat oldin
JedPlays 6 soat oldin
The fastest way to go ANYWHERE IN ANY MAP is a teleportation machine using an ender pearl stasis chamber. You can teleport anywhere in the map instantly using it.
Hutchy 6 soat oldin
They had smooth stone
Purple Cabbage Productions
Purple Cabbage Productions 6 soat oldin
0:15 what if you pause it
spiddolf 6 soat oldin
minecraft but you start at the end
Pizza Child
Pizza Child 6 soat oldin
Hey you have learned how to make the game easy
Late night Creature
Late night Creature 6 soat oldin
I started playing mc in with my best friend in early 2010 We were young
manny ignacio
manny ignacio 6 soat oldin
You had 100 Pokemon MISSINGNO's in minecraft in this video
ThrasHumouR 6 soat oldin
Skip the TUTORIAL: makes a TUTORIAL of how to impress your friends. Me: visible confusion
hackcraft_ 6 soat oldin
did you forget ilmago's query?!?!?!?!?!
Jaret Simmons
Jaret Simmons 6 soat oldin
Ha, get phoned, I Subscribed With my Elbow And rang the bell Icon with my elbow.
Josh W
Josh W 6 soat oldin
Wow who needs products for hair-loss if your playing mine craft lol 😆
Pamcakes FB
Pamcakes FB 6 soat oldin
You can also put the looting sword in your off-hand and kill mobs with another weapon and the looting will still take affect
VedicNebula 6 soat oldin
yeah but im on pc so i flipped it and it broke
Kai Shadow Bonnie Glitchtrap William And Vanny
Kai Shadow Bonnie Glitchtrap William And Vanny 7 soat oldin
When you said upside down I thought you were gonna say so go upside down and click it
Meeperstheredpanda Alpha
Meeperstheredpanda Alpha 7 soat oldin
I used the trident in the rain until I reached sky limit, then I did levitation 255 for one second. I haven’t fallen back down yet, and when I move, the game acts like I’m on ground level. I think I broke through the sky limit
Meeperstheredpanda Alpha
Meeperstheredpanda Alpha 7 soat oldin
Rockets don’t work on bedrock for elytras
꧁Spectrum Studios꧂
꧁Spectrum Studios꧂ 7 soat oldin
"Hit that subscribe button before I hit the ground" Me who is already subscribed "Ok buddy"
Emrys Hudnall
Emrys Hudnall 7 soat oldin
the 1=8 block thing is not a discovery
Frederick Acker
Frederick Acker 7 soat oldin
GameTime With Aryan
GameTime With Aryan 7 soat oldin
Amazing Video, Loved It ❤❤❤
Steven Turchin
Steven Turchin 7 soat oldin
i subscribed up side down some how
sean punii
sean punii 7 soat oldin
"Sub with your elbow" Me on a gaming PC without touch screen: I am four parallel universes ahead of you.
Le Moi Lee
Le Moi Lee 7 soat oldin
Did it
Riley Benton
Riley Benton 7 soat oldin
Double carpet is Java exclusive btw
vash suarez
vash suarez 7 soat oldin
Using a fortune 3 to any two-tall flowers will make it drop more.. mentioned by silentwisperer on his flower farm..
DemonFigs 8 soat oldin
I've been in some public lobbies where I'm the last person left with brown and red (just using them as examples) and I end up being the vote that matters. They sometimes just say that it's the other and don't give me any information so I have to back through the chat and find anything that could tell me who the impostor is. Like if brown asked "where?" earlier in the game, I would go off that for my vote. That should be proof that one word can make a difference in the game.
haffaman 8 soat oldin
The foregoing accelerator pathologically subtract because surname unfortunatly disagree between a awake slipper. raspy, truthful jury
JP Studio35
JP Studio35 8 soat oldin
just buy a shader :|
-Berri Buns-
-Berri Buns- 8 soat oldin
Omg if someone killed my cow I would be so sad
zanthimos 8 soat oldin
I looked up that debug keys thing on the wiki, but it says it's for java edition only. I'm on bedrock. Is there stuff for bedrock?
moflare is always sus
moflare is always sus 8 soat oldin
I always do card swipe first try:D
pixelatorAdvantures 8 soat oldin
U can also see r pet move a bit when u o task
DrFeelGood 121
DrFeelGood 121 8 soat oldin
Imagine putting thorns netherite armor on a wandering trader and putting him in your friend’s base 😂😂
txiong09 8 soat oldin
The magma block crouch isn’t a bug it’s a feature
pixelatorAdvantures 8 soat oldin
Yep like n subscribe nah, kist likescribe
Quasi emu
Quasi emu 8 soat oldin
2:05 it’s all fun and games until you get sent back while mining diamonds