melihileri 17 soat oldin
Deeming black hair “dirty” or even just not looking good is criminal. Similarly, expecting that a hair professional is experienced in a certain type of hair is stupid af!
Alexandra Saadi
Alexandra Saadi 17 soat oldin
As the mother of a black daughter... thank you💜
Aleksandar Marre
Aleksandar Marre 17 soat oldin
Jolene Sui
Jolene Sui 17 soat oldin
3 years later today.. EOS market cap is over 13B!
Poose McPoose
Poose McPoose 17 soat oldin
The head touchers seem to be the same mentally of people who walk up and rap their knuckles on my £800 bike helmet when I'm wearing it as a form of initiating interest in it.
Puti Man
Puti Man 17 soat oldin
Snowdon is a hero
Heidi Zehrung
Heidi Zehrung 17 soat oldin
I used to shop for Nursing Home residents. One AA gentleman asked me to get him hair products because he was "out of EVERYTHING" I asked for brands etc. he said "Just get whatever they have in stock". this was BEFORE Google etc so I asked a very nice AA male clerk to help me--I was embarrassed about my lack of knowledge and he was so nice and gathered up a nice selection and said if something didn't work-I could return it and he would grab the man something else. Thank you random clerk! You helped me help the resident! THANKS John-this was great and THANKS LESLIE--I WILL Google it!
Hugo Hormazabal
Hugo Hormazabal 17 soat oldin
Dear US government, stop raising our debt by paying people to stay home and not incentivizing them to get a job.
Kelcie Davis
Kelcie Davis 17 soat oldin
Can we acknowledge how right he got this entire episode.
Nikki King
Nikki King 17 soat oldin
Leslie saying "fucking white people" before walking off camera is just *chefs kiss*
Nikki King
Nikki King 17 soat oldin
I grew up being taught that dreds are dirty and gross, but as I grt older I've come to understand that they are just the opposite. I subscribe to several black hair care channels and I consider it my responsibility to unlearn the prejudices of my childhood.
Nuesh B
Nuesh B 17 soat oldin
In regards to the situation with the girl who was pressured to take out her braids by her district manager of banana Republic, I'VE SEEN MANNEQUINS WITH CORNROW WIGS FROM THAT SAME STORE. Cultural appropriation is a bitch
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 17 soat oldin
“...until all trace of kinkiness disappears” “...back come the kinks” These quotes are discussing hair, but they sound like they’re from a religious sex ed class from the future
frockoff1 17 soat oldin
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the wokest late night talk show host of them all?
Ducky Guy
Ducky Guy 18 soat oldin
my dad worked at two of them and still works at one he’s a Mechanic so he dose not need to deal whit that I think but still dam
Shawn Gross
Shawn Gross 18 soat oldin
Yep, my mom straightened my hair with a hot comb into the 1990s. Went naturally curly in 1993. Freedom!
ERIC CARTMAN 18 soat oldin
fun facts: Not ONLY black people's hair is black, it is also the case for many other groups of people. So the video is specifically discusssing African Americans' black hair. And it is Not even African's black hair, since they are not Americans. --------Eric Cartman
ScootypuffJr. 18 soat oldin
I've googled is Bianca Belair's hair works and still couldn't find a good answer. Can anyone fill me in?
Elizabeth Suzuki
Elizabeth Suzuki 18 soat oldin
Thank you! Great coverage!
e h
e h 18 soat oldin
Okay, can we stop saying "people" try to touch their hair. Say it with me, women, women try to touch their hair. I don't know any man who thinks they can just touch perfect strangers. Likewise I don't know any woman who thinks they can't. Also, if you think retail associates at any store have any power when it comes to what's locked up and not, you've been pretty damn privileged for a while. Shame the right people, this is why woke bs falls flat, it constantly throws the baby out with the bathwater.
Jesse Friel
Jesse Friel 18 soat oldin
5:20 this show is a sign something has gone terribly wrong
BoiledGrassTea 18 soat oldin
Was anyone else hoping for a "Lady Lovely Lox" reboot but with people whose hair didn't just have magical gremlins in it?
Karma Chameleon
Karma Chameleon 18 soat oldin
Ah yes, burning hair, I remember that smell. And the loud sound of a hair dryer next to my head and its heat on my ears and neck. *shudder*
MoCooper247 18 soat oldin
I love to go to a barber and the stylist never done black hair is ready and willing to try, let me be clear, if she were to mess up i could easily fix it myself with that said not one has messed up with me, talking thru the process with me was enlightening, and that helped me coach my battlebuddies in the military cut the ethnic guys, some got to be really good and charged a decent price to cut haor
DON CUMBERBATCH 18 soat oldin
Basti S
Basti S 18 soat oldin
The hair dressers the lady called don't really seem racist to me. I mean, if they don't know how to treat it properly, why should they do it? They probably would have messed it up anyway. It's not like they said "we don't serve your kind", they've just been honest and basically said we don't have much experience and can't do it properly. That's a fair statement imho
KiddPhilly 688
KiddPhilly 688 18 soat oldin
All this bullshit about hair makes me really glad I started shaving my head 10 years ago when I started balding. You haired normies can have it.
Alivia Blount
Alivia Blount 18 soat oldin
John Olivier has a wash day - bitch give me life
melihileri 18 soat oldin
The dude was bald, I’m sure he doesn’t know about white women’s hair either lol
potatopotatoe 18 soat oldin
Even here in my home continent. There's straight haired white people often just staring at how gravity defying curly/kinky hair can be...
Eltezznn 18 soat oldin
no one cares
MzMaverick !
MzMaverick ! 18 soat oldin
I have rarely met a black person who hasn't been criticized for their hair.. and usually starting in elementary school. It's ok to be curious, so learn if you wanna know so bad. Stop asking if it's real or can I touch.. if you don't equally ask that of every white/other races etc, then don't ask me. It comes off very ignorant fyi. Your favorite celebs freely express their hair choices with no criticism. Show everyone that respect.
MoCooper247 18 soat oldin
My knowledge of black hair you would think would come from my sister or mom but it comes from a college students speech and I realized the products used are very important.
MoCooper247 18 soat oldin
This past year I’ve grown out my hair as if I could get away with having my hair, not having barbershops open was my chance; I recently shaved it and the people that wanted to touch my head went up. My parents wouldnt allow me to grow my hair further than a barbers # 3 blade
Vee p
Vee p 18 soat oldin
This dumbass has gotten so much worse 😄
Quinton Wilson
Quinton Wilson 18 soat oldin
Vaccine requirements are just as racist as ID requirements for voting. In both cases you need a working car and some time off, which is super difficult.
Jeff Camire
Jeff Camire 18 soat oldin
I love how Liz Wheeler talks about breaking down traditional "Gender Roles". Funny several jobs that were considered traditional "Male" gender roles have been taken over by women without dissolving the American family. Like for instance on-air personalities at major news networks.
Fisher Dickens
Fisher Dickens 18 soat oldin
Thank you JO. I learned a lot, already knew some. Was worried there'd be people mad that a white guy was talking about Black hair, but saw none of that. Did not appreciate, however, the 3 people at the end screaming swear words at the 'GD white people'. To what purpose? I would never treat anyone of any color so disrespectfully. No-one deserves that. Not funny. Not at all.
Eric Mollison
Eric Mollison 18 soat oldin
The bit at the end is a not too subtle expression of frustration with ignorant yet curious white people which I've heard in other contexts so I recognize it. It's not "funny" because they are at least somewhat serious. I guess If black people asked me what kind of bleach I use and how I make my hair almost straight and why I think perms make hair curly, it might get old.
Aspirant 18 soat oldin
Please do an unbiased episode on what's going on in Israel and Palestine, The atrocities Israel is doing on palestinians.
potatopotatoe 18 soat oldin
11k dislikes. You know what's still well and alive🙄
Crystal Hairston
Crystal Hairston 18 soat oldin
John my burning hair day was Saturday, for church on Sunday 😂😂😂😂. Also, HOW do you know how slay a lace wig😂😂😂😂😂😂.... I'm black and I can't slay a lace wig😂😂😂😂😂
Marc Colten
Marc Colten 18 soat oldin
Was surprised there was no photo of Angela Davis in court with a raised fist above her Afro. At the time that said it all - Afro = revolution.
Samuel Dillinger
Samuel Dillinger 18 soat oldin
This is a hit piece, John. I dont even watch Tucker but you're blaming him for who listens to him. That's rediculous.
Daily Devotiona Diva
Daily Devotiona Diva 18 soat oldin
I love John Oliver so much for doing this episode. ❤
Rose Lipton
Rose Lipton 18 soat oldin
Waiting for your take on the latest actions in the middle east!!
CROPTIC BUDZ 18 soat oldin
its even a problem in black countries that was colonised (jamaica) dredlocks and other natural hear styles isnt accepted in certain places even in some schools
MarioX1818 18 soat oldin
Only if black Americans knew that Jamaican kids touched my hair often when I lived there.
MarioX1818 18 soat oldin
Oh ok, let me google it istead of showing appreciation and starting a conversation. Also johnny Oliver just said " leave it natural, braid, straight it, do whatever you want" .... He forgot to emphasize "only If you are not white", as he did about the movie thing. Equality for all, but no it you are white, don't ask about, dond do it yourself
Eric Mollison
Eric Mollison 17 soat oldin
I feel like you are missing several points. A conversation can be prefaced by googling things and the expert might prefer that. And white people aren't explicitly the subject of this video, but I don't think we should feel discriminated against for that. Maybe we could have a video to teach black people that perms can make hair curly. Maybe I'm a bit sarcastic but I can't help being a smart ass sometimes.
IZzy Bizzy
IZzy Bizzy 18 soat oldin
stores lock up the products that get stolen the has nothing to do race unless you focus on race.
501st Vaders Fist
501st Vaders Fist 18 soat oldin
Who cares truly?, its just hair i fail to understand why anyone would complain about this on either side, why should i have to understand their hair, same can be said as to why would i care about what their hair looks like for any reason lol
Zorander 18 soat oldin
I am white and met the same hair discrimination throught my life from Burger King to Office (and many many different jobs in between). Companies all over the world think they have the right to tell people what type of hair style is okay and what type is not. All companies should fuck off aswell! And don't even get me started on facial hair... Companies really have to learn they do not own their employees!
DAVID LEAMAN 18 soat oldin
That "Shocking" game could easily be adapted for the USA. Steal their intellectual property. .ca
ZOMG Gaming!
ZOMG Gaming! 18 soat oldin
to be fair this isn't only a black problem within the business world if you have anything other than the standard clean cut look they don't want you. its annoying that people cant look how they want and be judge on their character instead of their appearance.
Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
Miss Pat Van Driver Lady 18 soat oldin
I believe we have entered a new stage in the tragedy of American race relations, entitled, "White people make genuine effort to not be racist jerks, causing black people to develop migraine headaches.".
Brian Dean
Brian Dean 18 soat oldin
"Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair?" White people "Who is the host of this show?" A white guy.
Daywalker 18 soat oldin
The over 11K people that hit the thumbs down is proof that it's not that they aren't aware of the info in this episode, it's that they know and they don't care. These people are making a conscious choice to be hateful, discriminatory, and unaccepting.
rebbie 18 soat oldin
I don't think I've lived a single day in my three decades on earth where I haven't thought about how my hair is going to be perceived by some white people. It's exhausting.
ZephyrFluous 18 soat oldin
As an equine furry, I'm offended on behalf of horses
Jessica Benner
Jessica Benner 18 soat oldin
13:22 press to rewatch for each of the actor's reactions
JZ Thompson
JZ Thompson 18 soat oldin
"It brings back memories" Yes, it does. I can't say more. 5:45?
sagwa18 18 soat oldin
Does anyone have the link to the black actors talking about hair on set? I'd really like to see that.
Drougar108 18 soat oldin
Historically speaking many of the hairstyles that are said to be black culture hairstyles today have multiple culture origins, dreads for example can be found in ancient Greece, old Celtic cultures as-well as Egypt, Afro is the only one I believe that you can’t find in ancient Europe mostly because that type of hair don’t turn up that often in old timy whimy Europe. This said don’t see why people care this much about hair it is weird, I only know this much because people argue about this way to much and I had to learn wtf this was all about...
Sarah 18 soat oldin
I colored my hair pink over the summer due to Covid despair & not getting my hair done. No one fired me, treated me like shit or fired me. There us NO reason a black, brown, or otherwise person should either!
TheJugg 18 soat oldin
Gotta be honest, hearing an english dude speaking in a fake english accent is one of the weirder things I've witnessed in my life.
Nicholas Harp
Nicholas Harp 18 soat oldin
So, what about your other "business daddy" Google? Search "black hair styles" and you get young black women with different styles. Google search, "white hair styles", and you get a multicultural charcuterie board of people with white colored hair.
DW Beast
DW Beast 18 soat oldin
While not the same I can imagine, hell I am a white guy who does not cut my hair cause GID and hate having short hair and get passed over for jobs for that or called a hippie I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if I had to deal with racism as well.
Cali Caden
Cali Caden 18 soat oldin
Thank you!!!
Bridgette W
Bridgette W 18 soat oldin
what a king
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 18 soat oldin
If Ted Cruise can keep his beard than anyone can have any hair, at any time, anywhere in any situation.
ytirar 18 soat oldin
mike from Baltimore: nervous sweating
Aja Fields
Aja Fields 18 soat oldin
The Raggedy Anne Learning Center is indeed, RAGGEDY.
Bridgette W
Bridgette W 18 soat oldin
<3333333 I would say at least 98.9% of Black people have some type of crazy/disrespectful/traumatizing story about their hair. I would share mine but ain't nobody got time for that. Please, just be mindful. Love you J.O.<3
Reverend Nate
Reverend Nate 19 soat oldin
How did you get Jeff Bezos to make a cameo for a fake commercial?
Sarah 19 soat oldin
As a beauty school dropout out I will say my minimal education in MN advise me to "know what I was doing" with black hair but do not recall what the heck that was. 😬 I feel awful about this but I feel in expanding my education & practicing in a higher population of people of color has served me & my nursing practice well for racial equity.
Angelo Wakstein
Angelo Wakstein 19 soat oldin
ahahaha alove that last clip! That woman was AWESOME!
Minister Elana H
Minister Elana H 19 soat oldin
In the 80's my caucasian classmates loved my coconut hair oil
MyCalypsodeLife 19 soat oldin
Marie King
Marie King 19 soat oldin
So I worked at a preschool that got in trouble for taking our COVID unemployment money back, and our director at least talked to the news 😝😝
Sarah 19 soat oldin
Ah, please... their hair is much more desirable than this limp Scandinavian hair.
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles 19 soat oldin
I can't believe this is such a problem that they had to dedicate an entire episode to hair