Candi Lease
Candi Lease 9 daqiqa oldin
Damn Jordan my biggest fear is throwing up too! Well it's ONE of my biggest fears I'm also afraid of drowning suffocating or burning to death BUT I'm sure anyone else would feel the same lol but I took too ,any Tylenol as a little kid and my mom made me throw them up so since then I've had this horrible fear of throwing up so I will do whatever it takes not to throw up and I'm 35 years old now man! I take Dramamine at the first little sign of nausea ;) and I don't drink! If I drink alcohol it's a glass of something like one drink!
talia maria
talia maria 36 daqiqa oldin
Karen Fuentes
Karen Fuentes Soat oldin
When Rayleen scared Jcook 😂🤣 Yall played him lol. You said "in the fridge" lmaoo
Jen Soat oldin
where my “Pacadestrians” at?
Geralis Martinez
Geralis Martinez 2 soat oldin
Chris brown is a r&b legend. everywhere.
Sherri Kyles
Sherri Kyles 3 soat oldin
I’m low key happy to experience this journey with them💯 like I never been to a channel where I just watched when they made there first video, I just jump in the middle (if that makes sense🥴) & #TeamRay✨
abril valencia
abril valencia 3 soat oldin
YUP, i absolutely love her and love her for you!!!! wishing y'all the absolute best AND do NOT let the media or hate EVER come in between your guy's relationship..
destinee rosario
destinee rosario 3 soat oldin
where that vlog mas intro at ? lol its vlog mas yall
S L 4 soat oldin
I love Ray, she’s one of those girls how can you not get along with. She’s sweet. Love y’all’s relationship too!
SpirituAna 4 soat oldin
When she said “OH Chuckee” and it’s wrong 😭😭😭
Cat Ruiz
Cat Ruiz 4 soat oldin
Lmao I can relate to Reece, I can’t live without lotion either lol
Guadalupe Molina
Guadalupe Molina 5 soat oldin
I feel like j cook was being nice to raylene because it is Reece girlfriend
SpirituAna 5 soat oldin
I think Chris Brown is bigger then her too Rayleen 🤍
SpirituAna 5 soat oldin
What the heck is a chicken and a biscuit snack lmao I want that
S L 5 soat oldin
That background music is too loud ughhhhhh
SpirituAna 5 soat oldin
Justus high is a mood 🤣
SpirituAna 5 soat oldin
Lmfao it’s Rayleen breaking the rules and Justus lifting his damn finger right away in the 1st question for me 😭😂😂😂
Roserina Chipen
Roserina Chipen 5 soat oldin
you guys should use wipe boards next time!!! Love yall!!
Samantha Saavedra
Samantha Saavedra 5 soat oldin
Ray resembles juicyyjas! Like the comment if you see it. Soo prettyyy
Teiahnna 5 soat oldin
YAYYYY cant wait for more uploads
Princess 512
Princess 512 6 soat oldin
why TF Justice with no shirt ? LMFAO
Diana N
Diana N 6 soat oldin
#teamJCOOK 😆
Princess 512
Princess 512 6 soat oldin
DAMN 2 kids at 21? 🤔 u aint shy girl !! 🤣🤣🤣 of course u weren’t scared hahahaha
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 6 soat oldin
When he says not my house, it’s our house 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Princess 512
Princess 512 6 soat oldin
oommmgggg.. 🙄 so NEW relationship talk... give it a few years she gonna be like don’t u have something to do don’t bother me... god i love my own me time and my babe had his own tv and i have my own tv in our room’ lmao! but let me say u one thing that’s the truth girl... let him have his own time to do what he likes ... or it can backfire when the honeymoon phase is over and he can resent u for it or blow up on u... RIGHT NOW YALL IN THE HONEYMOON PHASE... PERIOD LOL good luck 🍀
Melanie Yac
Melanie Yac 7 soat oldin
REECE: You wanna go pedestrian? You wanna go walk across the street?! LMAOOOOOOOOO 😂😂😂
Angelina Scott
Angelina Scott 8 soat oldin
10:58 justice funny asl dat boy said a robber gon come in and play w him😂😂
Angelina Scott
Angelina Scott 8 soat oldin
19:50 with no makeup Ray looks just like sofia carson
TheCortezzzFam 8 soat oldin
Justice "So if I get this one right, then her count doesn't point?!" 😂😂my boy is high as a kite 🪁 😂😂 hell yeah!!! 😂😂
Angelina Scott
Angelina Scott 8 soat oldin
Reece is such a good man bruh, he raising two girls like his own🥰Mama cook raised good boys.
Kastro 9 soat oldin
When ray said acl 😂
Deon Jones
Deon Jones 9 soat oldin
Team Rayleen
natalia G
natalia G 9 soat oldin
Do one with Jerz
Harinder Sahota
Harinder Sahota 9 soat oldin
Forever 21 😹😹😹😹
Fatima Isa
Fatima Isa 9 soat oldin
i think the next one should be girlfriend vs sister 😂😂😂
nicole luna
nicole luna 9 soat oldin
justice just high asl 😭
Adrienne Donson
Adrienne Donson 10 soat oldin
It should not be a race. Get a dry erase hand held board and marker so both people have a chance to answer and get a point. Someone will still get something wrong.
Lin_ 49
Lin_ 49 10 soat oldin
Rayleen : you tore your ACL 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂 I love her so much !!!
Lin_ 49
Lin_ 49 10 soat oldin
Reece be like “if you know the answer go like this ☝🏼 if you don’t answer in 2 seconds you must do 3 push-ups , run 5 miles , come back give me a massage , let the other person answer and if that person answers right you are no longer related to me but you will get another chance next question but muy do a burpee , flip, and 10 jumping jax “ 😂 Rules were way to much for me I had to replay lol
L I Z 10 soat oldin
Who TF is Kamila? Chris brown is definitely bigger
Dalilah Colacion
Dalilah Colacion 10 soat oldin
team jcook all the way uhhh momma!
kat v
kat v 10 soat oldin
Justice looking like a NY Dominican papi lol
I Was Born 2 Conquer
I Was Born 2 Conquer 11 soat oldin
Can ya’ll do a house tour.?
Ajah Alexus
Ajah Alexus 11 soat oldin
I watched the whole thing no skipping😭😭 Justice slow
I Was Born 2 Conquer
I Was Born 2 Conquer 11 soat oldin
Vlogmassss pleasssss 😇🥳
Manii 11 soat oldin
Manii 11 soat oldin
Danna Sotelo
Danna Sotelo 11 soat oldin
Aww who r the two little girls ???
Cherry C 74
Cherry C 74 12 soat oldin
Where was little Jerzi
Latita Mokone
Latita Mokone 12 soat oldin
What's the name of the song yall used when showing his party
Nicole Styres
Nicole Styres 12 soat oldin
Happy Birthday Reece! Sag kids 🥳 mine was the 27th 😁
mamathangzz 12 soat oldin
I’m crying! I know that spoonful ruined Justice’s high. 😂😂 but “pedestrian” tho! 😂😂
Camille Manning
Camille Manning 12 soat oldin
wait I thought if you get it wrong first try you can’t go first the next round!!?😳
Vanessa Washington
Vanessa Washington 12 soat oldin
Poor justice 😝😝😝😹😹😹
Adiaris Dejesus
Adiaris Dejesus 12 soat oldin
Jcook hellaaa high lol 😂 mood!!
Marilyn Delcid
Marilyn Delcid 12 soat oldin
Jayden Martin
Jayden Martin 13 soat oldin
Chris Brown is bigger than Camilla Cabello😭
Sergielee Ro
Sergielee Ro 13 soat oldin
Y’all should’ve did in a white board and them answer at the same time. This was unfair! Lmaoo
Princess Latina
Princess Latina 13 soat oldin
Justice is high af ! I love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he straight munching !!!!🤣🤣
Jayden Martin
Jayden Martin 13 soat oldin
omg what is the song playing in the background? 😍 is it released yet?
Samira Lekaj
Samira Lekaj 13 soat oldin
are they her daughters?
Jocelyn Saavedra
Jocelyn Saavedra 13 soat oldin
Team Jcook 😝😝
PrettyAss Dee
PrettyAss Dee 13 soat oldin
Haha i enjoy this video 📹 🤣🤣 j cook hahahaha im dead lol .... exited to see more videos of yall🙌🏼🙏🏼❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Christ Reigns Forever
Christ Reigns Forever 14 soat oldin
Okay my eyes kept going to rayleens toe lol it's really close to the camera and a distraction girl! 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️
Micaela Ayala
Micaela Ayala 14 soat oldin
she aint even give jcook a chance to answer