Anaisa Mcquay
Anaisa Mcquay Daqiqa oldin
This it crazy
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 2 daqiqa oldin
And now everyone has melissophobia.
John Bell
John Bell 4 daqiqa oldin
51lbs ❤🧡🤎
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 4 daqiqa oldin
I mean, At least she was not drinking it.
oyato1 4 daqiqa oldin
Yarzan and his parents are terrible! Brit shud run! Marriage is a lifetime thing and they are too different it won’t work especially with bad in laws. Brittany as well has parents that shud speak for her parent to parent. It’s very immature irresponsible and wicked for yazan parent to ambush that little girl and ram into her like that. If they feel their son is too good den he shud marry someone else n leave Brit alone. The culture is too extreme for a western girl like Brit Dey wud never work she wud never fit in a d she’d b making a grave mistake with a life of unhappiness if she tried to marry yazan. It’s not worth all this stress. I can’t believe that mother says a woman marrying into their family wud forget her own family n cling unto d mans family as bad tempered and disrespectful as they are? Noooo pls !
Mrog 5 daqiqa oldin
Slimm Shady had a father???
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee 8 daqiqa oldin
There's no way Annie is 28...
Shelby Sabo
Shelby Sabo 9 daqiqa oldin
Why are the doctors in this show better than some of the actors lmao
Jominori 8257008985
Jominori 8257008985 10 daqiqa oldin
Lol!I am in love with Chantal's brother 😅
Mama Ortiz
Mama Ortiz 11 daqiqa oldin
Poor lady, i can't imagine living like this.
Chill Zone
Chill Zone 12 daqiqa oldin
She didn't even tell them
eboneek barrett
eboneek barrett 12 daqiqa oldin
Who else agrees that she is such a nice doctor?
sera ku
sera ku 12 daqiqa oldin
Is she korean?
Melonie Francis
Melonie Francis 13 daqiqa oldin
Cristina Edwards
Cristina Edwards 13 daqiqa oldin
How is this NOT demonetized??!!??!
{}}{ 14 daqiqa oldin
Scumbag of the year
17 76
17 76 14 daqiqa oldin
Sounds like a phony accent.
XxCassie PlaysxX
XxCassie PlaysxX 16 daqiqa oldin
Elizabth actually looked like elizabeth afton
It’s. Ikky
It’s. Ikky 17 daqiqa oldin
For some reason all of the weddings end up in fights.
تعتعت نهتعرفل
تعتعت نهتعرفل 17 daqiqa oldin
ويع مو حلو
Thomas B
Thomas B 19 daqiqa oldin
Customer service? Sorry Sir, we are all out of copper crush washers.
Bruh I'm here
Bruh I'm here 19 daqiqa oldin
Umm he said he worked as a birthday clown but Dr.lee later told producers she wasn't sure if he was joking are not (he was not)...I'm scared a bit
ReignFreedom 21 daqiqa oldin
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Asa Akira if she didn’t do porn?
ilove glitter
ilove glitter 22 daqiqa oldin
These 2 are gonna divorce I just know it
Drew Ahrens
Drew Ahrens 25 daqiqa oldin
I personally think this guy isn't right in the head. I understand phobias and intense fears cause I too do not like doctors, dentists etc. but this was ridiculous. The guy is scared of getting sick yet smokes, develops this huge mass and refuses to go to the doctor. When he finally does, 11 years later, it was so large that it would hurt regardless of how gentle the doctors are. He has even runs away mid-appointment, and still expected to have a diagnosis that same day when obviously they take awhile because of how thorough they have to be and other patients they have to work with. Plus it was insulting to call Dr. Lee a quack and think that she would deliberately try to hurt him. Of course its going to hurt you idiot, you let that growth get that large that no matter how gentle Dr. Lee tries to be.
DANK MEME GUY 25 daqiqa oldin
All of us know that this bitch dead as hell by now. Oof
edith oloo
edith oloo 26 daqiqa oldin
I peed on my bed🙊
ניקול סמוליאקוב
ניקול סמוליאקוב 27 daqiqa oldin
Such a nice and supportive family
MarkSentMe 27 daqiqa oldin
That voice!! What a gift Miss Leta has! Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful voice with us <3 God Bless You and Your Husband!
Tiarna Dorton
Tiarna Dorton 27 daqiqa oldin
The annoying thing about bullying is people pick on things that others can’t control, appearance, social status, etc. If people bullied others for having a stinking attitude it would be More reasonable. This woman is beautiful, regardless 😊
justdiana21 wackdiana
justdiana21 wackdiana 28 daqiqa oldin
Is anyone watching this in 2020
Denis 29 daqiqa oldin
My God Aladin is like either the greatest man alive or the best actor ever. Either way he's amazing.
camilo barbershop
camilo barbershop 29 daqiqa oldin
Momma was always taking care of the business. Great women
Jakiah Golden
Jakiah Golden 30 daqiqa oldin
That is nasty she could die free that and she's eating her husband acid that is not right
Jax Jonaviciute
Jax Jonaviciute 30 daqiqa oldin
8:53 nothing like your sweet wholesome 16 yo sister dedicating a dance to your marriage
BL4CKOUT SEVEN 32 daqiqa oldin
That's very sad The father don't love his child And at the end he's saying changes are needed but if he stopped entertaining the bad habits of his son things would be different. The guy is also deeply unconscious of why he behaves the way he behave, that's why he reject everything on his father and don't take any responsibility for his life.
Anthony Rhoden
Anthony Rhoden 33 daqiqa oldin
The dude hella stupid
Jessica Kay
Jessica Kay 33 daqiqa oldin
They have been my favorite couple so far ❤❤❤ Armando and Kenny I wish you the best❤❤❤ his daughter is the sweetest ❤
scqrlord 35 daqiqa oldin
the only thing that can save him is that if he becomes a sumo wrestler.
Your Amigo
Your Amigo 36 daqiqa oldin
Eating raw meat is not bad but the way this guy was doing it is (picking out the cheapest meat from the market) it is a bit surprising how he has done it for 6 years though, maybe he did build up some kind of defense in his body.
Annmarie Bailey Sabel Sabel
Annmarie Bailey Sabel Sabel 37 daqiqa oldin
Thanks foe heads up. Hate fights.
Chenaynay 39 daqiqa oldin
Why is Micheal speaking like a baby. And stop upsetting your mamma Angela.
Sweezy 39 daqiqa oldin
zici cai din alien
Miss Jewells
Miss Jewells 40 daqiqa oldin
Glad for her because he’s a pos.
Mark Wrench
Mark Wrench 42 daqiqa oldin
1. Why do this? 2. Why be so public? Classless degenerate.
Francisco Torres Jr
Francisco Torres Jr 45 daqiqa oldin
His suit is as orange as trump
Caleah Thomas
Caleah Thomas 45 daqiqa oldin
Imagine convincing someone to marry you when you look like you were born from a cesspool of monster energy and cigarettes only to turn around and cheat on them
Grace Girard
Grace Girard 45 daqiqa oldin
Is that fake?
Sara h
Sara h 46 daqiqa oldin
The bride didn’t get her moms good looks
Jose Alaniz
Jose Alaniz 47 daqiqa oldin
He's like a child.
Marissa Jasso
Marissa Jasso 47 daqiqa oldin
Idc if the dresses are tacky they’re still very grand I wish everyone else would match that energy 😭 the fucking hats have got to gooooo
Gina-Marie 49 daqiqa oldin
She acts like a baby every day....... I would never ever leave my life and family to go somewhere far and dont know anyone I need to see there bank accounts proof of a careree and proof that he will be able to take of me til i was able to work...He is so dumb he didn't love her he used here to get to amaerica and it worked bc he is still here after the divorce.
Michelle P
Michelle P 51 daqiqa oldin
How could anyone leave that disgusting thing on their face so long! If I had to get a second jog to pay for removal I’d do it.
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 52 daqiqa oldin
I wish I was that fat
Batgirl 87
Batgirl 87 52 daqiqa oldin
The way the world is I can understand why some people would want regress back to babyhood. No worries about money, no paying bills and no having to worry about life I general. Babies just lie there and wait for everything to be brought to them. Though I couldn't do the dieper thing!!
Philip Cooke
Philip Cooke 52 daqiqa oldin
what did. I just watch.....
I, DON'T, EXIST 54 daqiqa oldin
So what was the Bum in jail for? All that screaming and crying....he's not a returning soldier he's a convict who just got out of prison
Ik Im dumb but videos
Ik Im dumb but videos 55 daqiqa oldin
Waitttt. The moms face really reminds me of some1 but who?
Angel Carias
Angel Carias 56 daqiqa oldin
Angel Carias
Angel Carias 56 daqiqa oldin
mayhem 56 daqiqa oldin
Pls burn the Hyena alive
Amhara First
Amhara First 57 daqiqa oldin
why she don't want teach the kid about Christianity ? wtf
Angel Carias
Angel Carias 57 daqiqa oldin
Look at those goats boi
cho star
cho star 59 daqiqa oldin
we know all very well about lifestyle in philipine so.he wants to be safe
cho star
cho star 59 daqiqa oldin
nothing wrong with that he asked about test
Grace Dalit
Grace Dalit Soat oldin
Your a bad mom.
GamingWithAnt Soat oldin
It smells good to me also but not like this 😅
Tyler White
Tyler White Soat oldin
What did the catch 22 pop up about a war novel have anything to do with this show
doudou dousou
doudou dousou Soat oldin
As an Algerian I say to you he will never respect you...he don't deserve a try
Ryan Michelle
Ryan Michelle Soat oldin
Can we get an update lol
Møbźölłer thę Męme Guÿ
Møbźölłer thę Męme Guÿ Soat oldin
I can’t wait for all this stuff to go expired lol
Tyler White
Tyler White Soat oldin
That one blue haired girl in your class stomping on the flag