Jayden Stowe
Jayden Stowe 10 soat oldin
The blue just looks absolutely stunning
a S
a S 10 soat oldin
Dont Buy Nissan, I owned a Nissan Murano years ago, its the worse decision I made to buy this scrap. Not only the quality its poor, but the service. I live in Mexico and the Nissan shops are very corrupt, they steal the people by not doing the service they should. Tons of people report they don’t get the oil changes and replacement parts they charge. Problems are never solved properly and there are tons of complaints. I am glad they are sawing what they deserve. I made may complaints and never receive attention, Now I am with Honda, Ford and GM. Better quality at least for the same or better price cars.
a S
a S 10 soat oldin
Dont Buy Nissan, I owned a Nissan Murano years ago, its the worse decision I made to buy this scrap. Not only the quality its poor, but the service. I live in Mexico and the Nissan shops are very corrupt, they steal the people by not doing the service they should. Tons of people report they don’t get the oil changes and replacement parts they charge. Problems are never solved properly and there are tons of complaints. I am glad they are sawing what they deserve. I made may complaints and never receive attention, Now I am with Honda, Ford and GM. Better quality at least for the same or better price cars.
Adam N
Adam N 11 soat oldin
I have this exact car right down to the color and everything. Before my 2012 I had a 2010. I actually liked the 2010. The Corolla does what it's meant to do. It gets decent gas mileage and is very reliable. I put over 263K miles on my 2010. I would've kept it and put more on it had I not got in a couple accidents with it. The engine and transmission were still strong when I traded in my 2010 for my 2012.
Su B
Su B 11 soat oldin
Any Toyota over 700HP
Troy Jean
Troy Jean 12 soat oldin
In canada the versa 2021 is like 22000 plus tax alot of money
Schabel Racing
Schabel Racing 12 soat oldin
I'm happy to see this is coming. I love the S2000 and MX-5 but I don't like convertibles. This is pretty much the only light weight, simple, RWD coupe that isn't super expensive.
nick gary
nick gary 12 soat oldin
Im a porsche fans,illl buy this as long as its cheaper
Robert Walz
Robert Walz 12 soat oldin
If they brought it back it wouldn’t be as good.
Nyc music mix
Nyc music mix 13 soat oldin
The person scrolling down through the comments, have a nice day.
brandon mason
brandon mason 13 soat oldin
This is the most honest review of the CT4 I've seen yet. Thank you guys for keeping it real
lexx27 Slowpitch
lexx27 Slowpitch 14 soat oldin
I want to upgrade my Durango R/T to this .. sounds amazing!! Great video!
Lemuel Taylor
Lemuel Taylor 14 soat oldin
Now I know why I was drawing Honda and Hyundai logos in all of my high school textbooks. I must have known Hyundai was going to get here. They are bringing it. Still a Honda guy but also a Hyundai guy, all the more now.
Dr. Whom
Dr. Whom 14 soat oldin
Thanks for the great review. Bought a new 2020 XSE V6 five months ago and couldn’t be happier. Your review was a major deciding factor in the purchase.
007 14 soat oldin
This is for people who doesn’t like generic SUV’s. Imagine pulling up with your tiny sports cars things you have a chance with mom after an Mamosa. 😂😂😂
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris 14 soat oldin
Rain and that car = FUNNN!
AKA-.- 15 soat oldin
I’ll get this when I make enough from stocks almost there made 40k in 5 days
Axe2Grind 15 soat oldin
Everyone: watched video of new BRZ Also everyone: proceed to freak out over seeing 3 seconds of the quarter panel of a 22B in the background lol. 👌👌
Nick DiPerna
Nick DiPerna 16 soat oldin
Yeah I’ll keep my 2013😂😂😂😂
Just for Fun
Just for Fun 16 soat oldin
It's too expensive for common people, so this is only for the few
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 16 soat oldin
Your videos have come a long way I love the quality you have now
Alan Maroney
Alan Maroney 16 soat oldin
this is NOT a mustang. looks like a blown out escape. I'm staying with chevy
YAKYAKYAK 17 soat oldin
FCA just crams in this v8 into every model because they can't make an actual decent new model lol
J A 17 soat oldin
Thumbs Down ! The reason ! Why you still recording in HD. Move on to 4K, you are way behind than the rest of youtube reviewers.
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes 17 soat oldin
Digging the new look.
Luisa Tiano
Luisa Tiano 17 soat oldin
Ral Hellcat
Ral Hellcat 17 soat oldin
Is the Durango Hellcat worth trading in a Trackhawk for?
Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering 18 soat oldin
Not a bad car for 2013. I actually love that thing.
Woke AF
Woke AF 18 soat oldin
Glad Hyundai will offer this. Unless you are under 30, too rowdy to be a daily driver
Ben C.
Ben C. 18 soat oldin
My 2004 base model Highlander has a 10 way power seat that reclines all the way back and lines up with the rear seat to make a bed, nice innovation Ford
RobWilli 18 soat oldin
I'll wait until they redesign the whole vehicle, its unbelievable they still base this platform from an incredibly old Mercedes, also who knows how old now...smh. Still the exterior looks old and the interior looks old too, their "upgrades" are old. The back entertainment system is a joke at this point, like really? The keyfob also a major joke. Again smh... The idea of a monster SUV with 710hp is just amazing, I would throw my money at Dodge like an idiot...but only when they properly make an actual brand new Durango exterior and interior wise, that will guarantee me it looks an upscale vehicle because we all know this is not cheap. But there's no way I'm paying big money for such an old car titled "new" and "redesigned". BTW...same exact thought/feeling with the Jeep Trackhawk.
hothotheat3000 19 soat oldin
Can they make this as a fully electric car?
Roberto Rodrigues
Roberto Rodrigues 19 soat oldin
Which one would you pick the Elantra N Or sonata N thanks.
Cody 19 soat oldin
Just picked up a brand new K5 GT-Line. And I've already found a MASSIVE flaw. The switch on the steering wheel to change the song on Bluetooth has to be pressed DOWN to go to the next song. Unforgivable.
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 19 soat oldin
I want it :(
Ephraim Mathapo
Ephraim Mathapo 19 soat oldin
Seems like America they have regulations for everything, I won't be surprised if they have regulations on the automotive body types.
Von Tae
Von Tae 19 soat oldin
Kia K5 and Hyundai Sonata has the best screen inside. I hate the screens sitting up like that.
D D 20 soat oldin
Him: *closes door* hmm not the best sounding solid door I’ve heard okay
Jon Harris
Jon Harris 20 soat oldin
Nobody is dropping $85K for a Durango
Young Coby
Young Coby 20 soat oldin
Good review but you sound like a crybaby cmon Toyota jerk me one more time before I go to sleep
Ross 20 soat oldin
Sport changes chrome to color matching, not black-out. Great looking truck, the hybrid leaves me jealous, but not enough to trade in my 2019 F-150 (w/sport appearance). The Limited shown here domonstrates the color matching bumpers found in sport version.
PTAR 20 soat oldin here is An underrated video
Ed T.
Ed T. 21 soat oldin
Stiff unyielding ride.
mysilviA SE
mysilviA SE 21 soat oldin
Should've compared with the TRd camry instead pf a hybrid...just dont make sense...
John Lukach
John Lukach 21 soat oldin
Yawn old news now. Hummer ev will mop the floor with this. It also has other tricks up it's sleeve unlike hellcats that go fast in a straight line and NOTHING ELSE
Jeremiah Boria
Jeremiah Boria 22 soat oldin
Yet every poor mom is gonna customize a SRT durango to look exactly like that but only have 390.
Lin Y
Lin Y 22 soat oldin
Oh lord take a shot everytime he says younger buyers
Invidious Ignoramus
Invidious Ignoramus 22 soat oldin
Toyota just loves to disappoint US enthusiasts. :(
GTR R32 22 soat oldin
Yike! ~11 mph LoL
David Garcia Cruz
David Garcia Cruz 22 soat oldin
Bro!!! It's apparent that you are either not a fan of Lincoln or Ford. Whichever the case, you're so, Negative! I couldn't even get passed the half way mark, due to all of your... "opinions" of an Amazing Luxury Vehicle, which you are not paying for. Which the Brand lent you to do your "Review". "...Oh, I don't like the Color...I am not a fan of the wheels...I wish they did this...I wish they did that..." Get over it and yourself. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ 😒😒😒 Why even accept the doing a video of this vehicle if you're straight bashing it? I only started to watch your, "content" because of the Vehicle, but your exacerbated opinions of the car made me stop.
jove1155 23 soat oldin
"horrible trackpad/mouse system" - the reason I'm not buying a Lexus, period. That infotainment system needs to DIE and they need to implement and ipad-like, maybe Tesla-like, fast experience, integrating buttons where appropriate - Lexus did this so well in the late 2000's, the whole mouse thing was the downfall - well, that and the fact the system is basically the same crap they've had since forever.
Archimedes 23 soat oldin
Hybrids are for suckers. Either full IC engine...for full EV. Marrying both is dumb. High complexity = high cost...both development and maintenance. Plus, gas engine has CVT. For dumb bells. Ooooohh. I own a 'hybrid'. I am an automotive engineer.
Archimedes 23 soat oldin
I like that engine in a SUV more than in a sedan. I wish they put that motor in a smaller aka shorter SUV...not a 3 seat row model. Of course it will get bad mileage. Its a Chrysler. I worked in the engineering department for a while. Chrysler quality aka lack thereof speaks for itself. I would never buy a Chrysler product with my hard earned money. In fairness, there are many cars I wouldn't buy due to lack of reliability. German cars rival the poor quality of Chrysler btw.
shah sh
shah sh 23 soat oldin
Look at his small body at that huge truck. Thats funny.
Pete J
Pete J Kun oldin
Fuel economy is a phone call from the globalist.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith Kun oldin
I'm guessing Toyota sees no real advantage to using LED taillights and turn signals while the headlights tend to light the road better. Also please stop saying ubiquous. It's ubiquitous. -The Stickler
DAMO LowEND or NoEND Kun oldin
I'm sorry the body is to old need to be cooped to be honest it's not going to sell because of the body structure..
Shopaholicru 69
Shopaholicru 69 Kun oldin
I have never seen this car being driven on the road. I am surprised.
S2Kae Kun oldin
Lmao nsx ??!??
Fascinating Cat-tivating
Fascinating Cat-tivating Kun oldin
What is going on with Chrysler? This is literally all they have to offer.
Fascinating Cat-tivating
Fascinating Cat-tivating Kun oldin
I'll take a Mazda Miata instead
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Kun oldin
I see he’s rolling chicano
ImtheONE Hero
ImtheONE Hero Kun oldin
Corolla headlights lol
Mustafa Zeigler
Mustafa Zeigler Kun oldin
Can’t wait to pick mine up
Kong Vue
Kong Vue Kun oldin
Yo can you do me a favor. Go to toyota tell them fuck them for making a fucking car that has all the trims but an automatic? With cvt transmission like wtf.. and only 170 hp can you go to the president of toyota and punch him in the face really hard..
chris lawrence
chris lawrence Kun oldin
after 3 decades of ownership i can tell you... Never buy a Cadillac. They are a nightmare of ownership. I finally went to Lexus. Soooooo tired of constant repairs. I bought my first Eldorado in 96, and my last one in '11 . Every single year I spent over 10k in maintenance for stupid shit that should never go bad before 100k.
beri232 Kun oldin
I wish Genesis would have put the same effort into the center armrest of the GV80 as they did in the G80. That floppy armrest in the GV80 is pathetic for a luxury suv. It’s my biggest gripe with that automobile. I also like the headlight style better on the sedans than on their suv.
Michael Kilgore Jr.
Michael Kilgore Jr. Kun oldin
I hope you get to do the 2021 Cadillac Escalade soon
Ve Vui
Ve Vui Kun oldin
Beautiful car!
Midnight Beast
Midnight Beast Kun oldin
fun fact. people only buy things like this because they hate their fellow citizens.
Cooper Beason
Cooper Beason Kun oldin
omar o
omar o Kun oldin
I wanna see a journey srt hellcat
TCORGT500 LIFE Kun oldin
In the pouring rain.....
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Kun oldin
I have a convertible 2014 V6 with Tech package. It sounds like a cool feature but it only adds sync and a power drivers seat. I added cold air intake and hood prop delete. Love the way it drives and sounds
samuel wh
samuel wh Kun oldin
I don’t understand how the 2.0T accord is pulling away from the V6, people that put their 2013-2017 accord V6 on the dyno it showed 306hp at the crank, and the 2.0T showed 280hp at the crank, how if the V6 has 26hp more, the 2.0T is pulling away, I think the problem here is that the V6 has a 6 speed auto while the 2.0T has a quick and short shifts 10 speed auto that is brilliant, if the V6 had the 10 speed auto this would be different
samuel wh
samuel wh Kun oldin
my Canadian 2017 accord touring V6 sedan (gray) the same one that is on this video, mine has led brake lights, this one that is American version has incandescent bulbs brake lights, I don’t know why they do that
samuel wh
samuel wh Kun oldin
I was thinking 3 days ago in a Honda dealership, between a 2017 gray Honda Accord touring V6 the same spec that is on this video and a 2018 black accord touring 2.0T automatic, I end up with the 2017 the same on this video and I think is the better looking and also the best sounding engine out of the 2, very happy with my decision
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr Kun oldin
They FINALLY fuckin updated the interior of a Dodge/Chrysler.... This is def worth the money especially if you have a fam, who wouldn't want this as a daily, kids would never be late lol.. Great review that looked like fun despite the rain, sofyan's excited/surprised face is always a joy... 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾🏳️‍🌈
Isfer Fun
Isfer Fun Kun oldin
I've been eyeing the red xse trim since the introduction a while back. Nice review 👌 and yes I like the new exterior design of this sienna as well. Hybrid+awd is much safer for slippery surface definitely not for off road nor deep snow. Cheers.
D Jassal
D Jassal Kun oldin
sounds like a Sunfire