Fancy yoger britches
A redneck scary movie.
I built a TATER TANK!
Redneck summer fashion.
William Midthun
William Midthun Daqiqa oldin
His wife is awesome for doing all these videos. My wife would shake her head at me. Which she does daily. America is safe.
Opo Man
Opo Man 20 daqiqa oldin
Green minded amputa HAHAHAHAH
Holdout Acre
Holdout Acre 22 daqiqa oldin
happy engagement anniversary
Holdout Acre
Holdout Acre 25 daqiqa oldin
I have always loved pitbulls!! Thank you for making this video. I lived in Newport News while Michael Vick was in high school there, and he gave them such a bad name. That's the shelter my dog came from, and he was SUCH a baby! He thought he was a lap dog, and of course I let him be.
Chino Man
Chino Man 30 daqiqa oldin
He is the next Billy Mayes. Remember that dude that brought us oxy clean & a bunch of other shit we did not need but we had to have & by the way never buy anything from a hillbilly that does not sport a mullet
Ahmad Aayan
Ahmad Aayan 40 daqiqa oldin
Me: laughs in asian
Luc Vador
Luc Vador 42 daqiqa oldin
je comprends rien, mais je suis mort de rire a chaque vidéo, bravo, c est super
23mend23 ATTgmailcom
23mend23 ATTgmailcom 44 daqiqa oldin
Unfortunately the system we live in today is all backwards. I got bullied up until 5th grade when a bully pushed me when I was urinating at the urinal. And out of no where a rage built up inside like I never had. I turned around and socked him in the face. He fell on the floor and started to cry and his bully friend who was laughing as I was getting shoved while urinating told on me and I got in trouble. And the administrators sided with the bullies because they played innocent after the situation. so I looked like the bad kid. Good thing though is I discovered bullies go away when you punch them hard in the face. So it became a habit. Then I discovered I wasn't a coward after all and my confidence level sky rocketed. I found my self in alternative schools, and delinquent boot camps for beating the shit out of kids who tried me. Bullies and the failed school system turned me in to something I didn't want to become. A criminal. Found myself in Juvenile hall for fighting at the bootcamp and alternative schools against kids who tried me. And later on went to prison for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Basically someone tried me as a 20 year old adult and I smashed him with a two by four. Moral of the story, the failed school system and there measures in handling bullies forces kids to become either two things. The predator, or the prey. Good thing is I've had enough time in my life to reflect on all this and being a cool calm collective human being is who I am now. peace and love has never made more sense to me then the way it does now. God bless
rev. reality
rev. reality 56 daqiqa oldin
I busted out laughing at that carwash, caught me way off guard.
Dr. Z. Smith
Dr. Z. Smith 59 daqiqa oldin
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you funny bugger
Dr. Z. Smith
Dr. Z. Smith Soat oldin
Lol Ginger Billy you funny bastard..... 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👊
rev. reality
rev. reality Soat oldin
Lol this is the pre family portrait tattoo
rev. reality
rev. reality Soat oldin
Lol skipping leg day
Ts claus
Ts claus Soat oldin
how fucked my mind.
Moo moo Boss hogg
Moo moo Boss hogg Soat oldin
Who makes me laugh this guy
CtrlAltDelicious_2 2 soat oldin
I don't understand this because in Philippines we don't have a fall season.
#ShTHappens 2 soat oldin
chicken creampies 🤣🤣
Richard McLean
Richard McLean 2 soat oldin
Some hardees coopins... lmao
James Mullins
James Mullins 2 soat oldin
I know it's all in fun, but..."Decided" it was gay? Don't work like that bubba.
YoloMasterGamerTag 2 soat oldin
Yeah that happen to me and my ex hit me.... I was like well that’s on you I am not apologizing for that sht... she got mad and I am like grow your ass up I left... never apologized for that sht
The RebelRacer
The RebelRacer 2 soat oldin
Bruh I was like no fuckin way this thing runs and he showed it and I was like MY FUCKIN GOD HOW?!?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ro Ji
Ro Ji 2 soat oldin
Ya'll need jeezuz
Marty Rainie de castro
Marty Rainie de castro 3 soat oldin
This is Lt
Alyssa Kramer
Alyssa Kramer 3 soat oldin
My teacher: you can't hear the words Then I saw this title
Angelica Quinto
Angelica Quinto 4 soat oldin
I wish I unseen it
Angelica Quinto
Angelica Quinto 4 soat oldin
My eyes hurt
Angelica Quinto
Angelica Quinto 4 soat oldin
The thing
Angelica Quinto
Angelica Quinto 4 soat oldin
Weird truck thing tiny bed
Angelica Quinto
Angelica Quinto 4 soat oldin
Holy sheep what the
darkwood777 4 soat oldin
You can take all your dogs mowing with you. You can also mow the lawn faster than that zero turn contraption.
HayesMachinery 4 soat oldin
We need one of these! haha
Dick The Dorkwing
Dick The Dorkwing 4 soat oldin
This whole video literally describes Northeastern New York from mid-April to mid-May minus a few things. First thing, there is no more excitement left for snow, at this point we welcome the rain and mud. Secondly, as a Northeastern New York man, my 'ole lady's nipples have been cutting glass every day since late October. At this point I'd welcome a hug that didn't come with free puncture wounds. Not to mention the fact that I have been sleeping next to a moving pair of cacti for the last six months.
Meaki Teklu
Meaki Teklu 4 soat oldin
It is illegal to be this funny lmao
Mitch Johnson
Mitch Johnson 4 soat oldin
I'd like to see the wedding dress btw if he says "I don't know" that's not a wrong answer. But it's too fun to see him get shocked, so you were right to shock him
Brody YT
Brody YT 4 soat oldin
He is the American version or Red green lmao!
Orgasmatron 2.0
Orgasmatron 2.0 4 soat oldin
Probably the most off roading a Lincoln has ever seen
Josh Nabours
Josh Nabours 4 soat oldin
Do Nissan pathfinders with 4wd count? The older ones that could actually 4wd?
G Virdee
G Virdee 4 soat oldin
Modern hillbilly lawnmower man 😃😄 Man you’re Brilliant 👍👍😆
Good Moaning Vietnam
Good Moaning Vietnam 4 soat oldin
Man I'd love to do that conversion to my 10 year old Ford Escape, then drive it into the local Ford dealer and tell em there's a strange noise coming from the back end. PS: with the two rear seats there's even more room for some eye candy.
Jonny M
Jonny M 4 soat oldin
picturefish40 4 soat oldin
Now I know why Noah never let people on the boat, just the animals.
keth templar
keth templar 4 soat oldin
Shipping to Australia?
Kitty Cupcakes
Kitty Cupcakes 5 soat oldin
I thought these were frog legs but now I realize WHAT they are....................... .................... THAT'S CHICKEN?!
Kyle Minks
Kyle Minks 5 soat oldin
Hops out of hondadeer looking like bjorn ironside
Aude Childeres
Aude Childeres 5 soat oldin
Man Ya'll super cool!! 😎 God bless your fam. Love the content.
john McKinney
john McKinney 5 soat oldin
Your wife is a beautiful addition
bigcatcole 5 soat oldin
We always called them cum trees growin up lmao
Raju Man
Raju Man 5 soat oldin
I almost choke on my food when he threw that airplane.
game player
game player 5 soat oldin
Why is this so accurate
John Pritchard
John Pritchard 5 soat oldin
Salt life lol what a joke. I see all them run when a cat 1 hurricane comes
B Harris
B Harris 5 soat oldin
100000000000% AGREE!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Mrwesmrwes 5 soat oldin
His hands stayed the same level of dirty over the 3 days of testing.
Travy Vy
Travy Vy 5 soat oldin
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith 5 soat oldin
Never go in your wife bag
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith 5 soat oldin
U can find a gun in a woman s bag
panoptiv 5 soat oldin
I almost didn't recognize him with his clothes on.... LOL..
David P
David P 5 soat oldin
Know that's a lawnmower
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith 5 soat oldin
Yup so true
Joemarie Tabada
Joemarie Tabada 5 soat oldin
Initial Pro
Initial Pro 5 soat oldin
Yogur bretches
Khan Of Amarica
Khan Of Amarica 5 soat oldin
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith 5 soat oldin
And Greman shepherd s have a bad name to. I own one they are very sweet. Pitbull s are not mean. Any dogs can be mean. It's how they are raised
Charles Pointin
Charles Pointin 5 soat oldin
Il est bien coincé cui là, c’est classe
J Johnson
J Johnson 6 soat oldin
This is the first time I've heard B.G normal voice
Jackie Teel
Jackie Teel 6 soat oldin
ya got lazy with the shaving tbh and she knew how to treat it
dirtdude 6 soat oldin
you can't fajigger a whirler on to a vehicle in these parts, we don't get swamp ass, we get moss crack. So its more common to fajigger whirlers on to a hootenannies
Colton Hill
Colton Hill 6 soat oldin
These Tars right here
Zhen 6 soat oldin
Mad 🤣🤣
Kage32 6 soat oldin
You have to make a video on how to make this
Territh Collins
Territh Collins 6 soat oldin
No that tree almost cleaned you!! You made snot fly out my nose with that testicle thing, as I was writing this!! Lmfao, I had to clean my cream!!
Eliza Jones
Eliza Jones 6 soat oldin
I love it make more
Juniperdude 69
Juniperdude 69 6 soat oldin
You gotta fabricate this invention you'd make bank
Drunken Hobbit
Drunken Hobbit 6 soat oldin
What type of boots best support America?
WelcomeTo Life
WelcomeTo Life 6 soat oldin
You'll never experience it because you don't have a soul
Hanna Alisie
Hanna Alisie 6 soat oldin
Hanna Alisie
Hanna Alisie 6 soat oldin
Please stop using "porn" for other than what it is.
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 6 soat oldin
What state is this?
Knight Light Media
Knight Light Media 6 soat oldin
And UZpost figured out what was SHORT on you too... 😆 Bruh you have me and my gf literally crying laughing so hard... we had to pull over... yeah bc you're hilarious, but moreso bc this is so me... I wear leggings and "yoger" pants too, under my jeans with holes in the legs; and I wear them just bc... And I have the same issue as you... dump truck in the back, and uhhh... well... I'm not a turtle head in the front, but let's just say, most every compliment I get before AND after sex, is almost always on my tongue or my butt... never really got any on my uhh... front... with any real regularity, even though every girl I've been with gets "all of her's" before I get "mine", if ya catch my drift... Anyways, point being, this video reminded us of me, so much that we laughed our "dump trucks" off 😆
Robb Mitchell
Robb Mitchell 6 soat oldin
Thanks to Darwin, sarcasm will take out some of the stupid lol. Saw some no parking signs on a busy narrow street today. I'm like, "Well no duh, we shouldn't need these hazard labels for obvious things." Then I thought, "if we didn't have them, then my life would be in constant danger from some dumb dumbs constantly." Tried my best not to call them anything offensive, I know someone would get offended..
dhoerst 6 soat oldin
They meant that it's 120 inches when you line up all 3 of them are-planes back to back
Greg Outcalt
Greg Outcalt 6 soat oldin
Wanna make it real fun ? Get another collar and yur own list of questions and make it a two player game.