Chill Time
Chill Time 8 daqiqa oldin
Is it me or does the media here ask the dumbest questions all the time each week?
XBnPC 13 daqiqa oldin
The Red Pearl
The Red Pearl 35 daqiqa oldin
All we need is atleast 2 turnovers on defense. If Brees throws 1 int he will be shook! 2 and it’s over. They can’t keep up with our offense when we are in the mode we’re in now. All the saints fans just remember week 1&9. Let’s use that to our advantage. We are far from that team they played against. Let’s go buccs this game to me personally is bigger then going or winning our super bowl. This game is our super bowl. If by some miracle we do lose. The saints will have an opportunity to go to our city and our super bowl and win it possibly. Not only would they have swept us 3 times. But win our super bowl in our city. That is not happening. Obviously that’s not what is going to happen. But it’s a possibility if we’re thinking fairytales for the saints.
Roland Genevois
Roland Genevois 37 daqiqa oldin
I love these guys
lvbluestreak 55 daqiqa oldin
Byron great answers high level thank you
lvbluestreak 59 daqiqa oldin
Happy Birthday Byron - GOOO BUCS !!!
DADDY BIG Soat oldin
Mike Evans is 6’3 not 6’5 because Brady is 6’4 and he’s slightly taller than Evans
Daniel Soat oldin
biggest coaching mismatch in the D round. That is why the Buccs will lose.
Andrew kim
Andrew kim Soat oldin
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Connor Auer
Connor Auer 2 soat oldin
XBnPC 2 soat oldin
Bucs O-Line You Guys Have Been Awesome All Year!!! Let's get you guys some RINGS!!! TB #12 & DEMBOYZ FTW!!!! 🏈🏴‍☠️💪💪🏿🏆🥳🍻💯
XBnPC 2 soat oldin
Let's Goooo!
Ethan Ibach
Ethan Ibach 2 soat oldin
As a patriots fan I want tampa bay to win it all
Raul Orellana
Raul Orellana 3 soat oldin
Bill Bill
Bill Bill 3 soat oldin
Brady best player of all time.
Matais Thibault
Matais Thibault 3 soat oldin
I hate that retire drew Brees question
Mariano Salas
Mariano Salas 4 soat oldin
Man we could use a Lynch or a Barber 😪
alex_de_tampa 4 soat oldin
I’m not even asking for turnovers , I’m just asking for a defensive stop
Aaron Stanley
Aaron Stanley 5 soat oldin
I loved it when jenson came to us. He plays with an attitude like sapp and Suh to the offinsive line. Same with marpet and cappa. He's a leader
cyventura 5 soat oldin
🙏 giving all the glory to the lord
RockemRocket Sandusky
RockemRocket Sandusky 5 soat oldin
I’m happy to see Antonio Brown doing well on a levels.
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 5 soat oldin
protect Tom Brady at all costs if have any chance to win PROTECT TOM!!!
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 5 soat oldin
this is it !!!! lets go Bucs. lets go !!!!
Tyler Belcher
Tyler Belcher 5 soat oldin
LFG !!!!
Tyler Belcher
Tyler Belcher 5 soat oldin
Anthony Carranza
Anthony Carranza 5 soat oldin
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Josias Jorgio
Josias Jorgio 5 soat oldin
This guy is good!
JAGH 6 soat oldin
I'm just here getting ready for Sunday's game , D.White & AB will be the key factors for a Bucs win :)
Yeah So What
Yeah So What 6 soat oldin
I just love the vibe living in Tampa. Such a nice city!
Rick Long
Rick Long 6 soat oldin
I have a Cherry Glaze BBQ Sauce I'm using this weekend, ribs, wings, and bacon wrapped shrimp. Win or lose, we're eating good.🇺🇸
Lippett 6 soat oldin
His entire career people have un-endingly manufactured hate against a player who by every indication is a very good guy,
Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez 6 soat oldin
Miller Time!! Let's have him stretch the field on all sides
Tony 6 soat oldin
choice choi
choice choi 6 soat oldin
Saints 34-3
Zachary Bullinger
Zachary Bullinger 3 soat oldin
Haha your a comedian
Pineapple Madden
Pineapple Madden 6 soat oldin
They went 3-2
SNIFF DADDY 6 soat oldin
Brees career ends on Sunday... Bye bye
Kin Jr
Kin Jr 7 soat oldin
Please Win
Solomon N
Solomon N 7 soat oldin
I would love to see LeSean McCoy used more often in this game as a catching threat in the backfield for check downs and a change of pace running back to Leonard. This is what Drew Brees does with Alvin in the backfield. He dumps it off to him when receivers are covered down the field, and turns a check down into a 1st down or 6-8+ down the field. Leonard is also a good catching back.
shroudedstew 1
shroudedstew 1 7 soat oldin
Let's go fellas. It's crazy to think how good this team will be next year with everyone healthy and more experience. Vita vea , Alex cappa, oj Howard. Get healthy boys
2Keen To give a what
2Keen To give a what 7 soat oldin
Not the Saints i
Random Man
Random Man 7 soat oldin
Pass rush been non existent for weeks
Brayden Long
Brayden Long 7 soat oldin
Chapelle Russell= 🐐
Christopher Lammons
Christopher Lammons 7 soat oldin
Captiannnnn Obbbbbbvioussssssss
Pavel Belov
Pavel Belov 7 soat oldin
Buccaneers are the top! From Russia with love! Go BUCCS!
One at a Time
One at a Time 7 soat oldin
Last question was 👇🏽
Irwin Vasquez
Irwin Vasquez 8 soat oldin
Fournette isn't as physical as he could be. Rojo runs more aggressive.
Eric B.
Eric B. 8 soat oldin
1 2 3 Family! Raise the Flags as one!! Fire the cannons!!!
WoW Guy
WoW Guy 8 soat oldin
So weird seeing him in TB red....I am a Bears fan, but know a GOAT when I see one. He makes this look soooooo easy
Antoine Maxima
Antoine Maxima 8 soat oldin
Bruce is 0-4 against Sean Payton, epic mismatch.
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 4 soat oldin
@EH H yea . his riskit biscuit stinks
EH H 7 soat oldin
Antoine Maxima Arians had 1 playoff win before this season. Overrated coach.
DW Chip78
DW Chip78 8 soat oldin
Go Bucs!!!Go Brady!!! You guys can do this. Laser focus! Go get em.
Rotten Amiigo
Rotten Amiigo 8 soat oldin
If Leonard or Rojo rush for over 100 yards we win this game. 🥸
Kevin T
Kevin T 8 soat oldin
Love how Bruce responded to Jenna Laine's dumb question.
Dante Ford
Dante Ford 6 soat oldin
She ask the worst questions man. I really don’t get understand where she’s coming from at times.
Nick S
Nick S 8 soat oldin
Run the Ball, quick short passes which is why Brady is the Goat let him be.
Nick S
Nick S 8 soat oldin
How bout Run the dam ball down there throats have gronk do what he do best and block. Quick short passes if you can't run. Let Brady do what he is comfortable with short passes
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 4 soat oldin
yeah . tom and gronk should do what they were doing before that gave them rings.
Taylor 8 soat oldin
Yo these inside football scoops are COOL
Nick S
Nick S 9 soat oldin
If we win this it's on Evans matchup vs lattimore hasn't been good for him.
Clash 9 soat oldin
He's like having a coach out there on the field.
Daniels Villa
Daniels Villa 9 soat oldin
Go bucs In the SUPER BOWL
Richard Francis
Richard Francis 9 soat oldin
The Bucs bar none have the best app and the Bruce Arians Show is just so well done!
Sennymatts 9 soat oldin
Washington Players STAY getting STARFUCKED and starstruck
Mit Tom
Mit Tom 9 soat oldin
Shawn.F.G 9 soat oldin
I like how he's talking about what 99 is trying to do and 99 is standing right there listening lol
James Griffitts
James Griffitts 9 soat oldin
This is where Brady shines, les go!
S4C AKA Gospel Gorillaz
S4C AKA Gospel Gorillaz 9 soat oldin
I called him out when he was wildin so I have to give him his flowers for the bounce back. Happy for him. Seems like he is a good place and the right situation. We all make mistakes. It's what you do after them that determines your true character!
Pat DeSavino
Pat DeSavino 9 soat oldin
Walter Huff
Walter Huff 10 soat oldin
Go bucks
Walter Huff
Walter Huff 10 soat oldin
Bucs 😀
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 10 soat oldin
Brady gonna retire Brees
jerico maynor
jerico maynor 10 soat oldin
Go bucs go Brady
Thomas 10 soat oldin
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru 10 soat oldin
Poor game-planning lost those two games against the Saints as well as the Rams game too. Stop playing zone. they played less zone in the first game and were more competitive. They played much more zone in the second game and it was not competitive at all. The secondary has superior athletes that are best suited for Man coverage. Bowles needs to get a clue.
Derek Robison
Derek Robison 10 soat oldin
Every time he talks she looks like she ignores him 😂
GOAT Daqiqa oldin
Dam shes sexy
Andrew 10 soat oldin
Arman Afshar
Arman Afshar 10 soat oldin
He's going to step up-no doubt. Come on Aaron, let's shine in this game!
Ricky !!!!!
Ricky !!!!! 10 soat oldin
God I hope they take this game through fornette! If he has a great game we have such a better chance of winning this game, he needs to be ready to pound
David Money
David Money 10 soat oldin
Was Mike a cousin in Marshawn's bar rescue?😂
francisco apid
francisco apid 11 soat oldin
At this time bucs will win
R Martini
R Martini 11 soat oldin
I Love my TOMMY & BUCS!! BUT... I have my box of kleenex ready😞
gb101 11 soat oldin
I'm pulling for the Bucs, our chance went to zero when Robert Saleh went to the Jets, instead of Bucs on Thursday....he only needs one day to improve on that embarrassing D.
Kevin T Channel
Kevin T Channel 11 soat oldin
They said you are too FREAKEN old!!!!
Faze_ omary
Faze_ omary 11 soat oldin
Ok it's on papa new Orleans baby 💯 let's have a good game y'all
Sam S
Sam S 11 soat oldin
I hope that they win but expect them to lose. To explain. Against all rational thought I want them to win. However, Arians historically this is his worst team to play against with his coaching style and Bowles coaching style. Arians was 1-2 in Arizona playing the Saints and Shawn Peyton. He is literally 0-4 now with the Bucs and 1-6 overall. Peyton’s offense takes advantage of the blitz, and they feast on the 33-42% blitzing that Bowles uses. Drew Brees has the highest QBR in the NFL against the blitz, over 100 (I think 102) and because on nearly every passing play they have one or two dump off receivers to get the ball on short yardage (5 yards or less). It is how they combat the blitz on nearly every down. The Bucs for some reason have not figured out how to make the blitz work as Brees takes them apart most of the time. Worse, Arians plays “no risk it no biscuit” no matter the circumstance. The Saints have almost as good as a pass rush as Washington’s front four, but their coverage is better. When the Bucs go downfield (as they usually do four to eight times a game) in this situation, that is when Brady has thrown all but one of his five interceptions. That one team has over a third of the interceptions that Brady threw this year in just two games (14 overall). Even if they want to go long, they have to give him an out to throw underneath if the coverage is too tight for him to get the ball into their hands downfield. Of course, Brady has to leverage that option if made available to him and the shot downfield is not available. If the coaching staff can solve these two problems (and they are big ones - I know that, particularly on the defensive side of the ball) they really could win this game. My fear is they don’t have an answer for one or both of these problems and we see them knocked out of the playoffs after this Sunday. I pray I am wrong.