Christian Scott
Christian Scott 49 daqiqa oldin
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Chang Chang
Chang Chang Soat oldin
Belator ain’t shit, so this guy has no credibility. He should talk less
Matango 2 soat oldin
Chandler is too small for 155 IMO. He was able to win the title in Bellator because he is so good. I think he should drop to 145. Now, with Khabib gone he could maybe win the 155 title, but IMO his ideal weight class is 145. He's also not that young anymore. He has a year or two of prime and he has to do make the most of it. Let's see what happens.
Acoustic Soulexternal
Acoustic Soulexternal 2 soat oldin
Everytime I try n watch something with this idiot schmo in it ,2 seconds in I'm like nah can't do it,dude is annoying af for real,why not just act like a normal man if you're gonna try acting?
Danger - dewwit
Danger - dewwit 2 soat oldin
Yo Bruce is buff
Rami Al-achkar
Rami Al-achkar 3 soat oldin
After his MMA career is over, he should seriously think about doing broadcasting. Sounds like a natural I swear. So articulate.
Danger - dewwit
Danger - dewwit 3 soat oldin
Is he related to Dustin they look a like
momo 5 soat oldin
This fake host. Stfuand go home with that fake persona
jimmy no tits
jimmy no tits 5 soat oldin
Schmo was on the sniff before this one
Colton Crawford
Colton Crawford 6 soat oldin
Fabia makes a lot of sense if you open your mind. I agree with a lot of the criticism but mma fans are generally very simple minded.
goldeneyeforevercom 6 soat oldin
Smooth exit on the show....not.
Patrick Neves
Patrick Neves 6 soat oldin
Coloquei o pepino na sunga e fui a praia 🥒 Pegadinha completa 🤣
Apache Trail
Apache Trail 6 soat oldin
Justin will ko this guy. Perhaps chandler can try to commentate PFL, not UFC, but anywho. Cool video. Signed, a dumb truck driver
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness 7 soat oldin
How nice it must be to interview someone like this rather than someone like Brian Ortega haha
Rafael Cabral Williams
Rafael Cabral Williams 7 soat oldin
Nothing is more exciting than seeing someone trying to beat Khabib.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne 7 soat oldin
CTE on display
Marin Mamic
Marin Mamic 8 soat oldin
when helen asks him how much masvidal wanted for fighting kamaru :D he had to lie his way out of that one
goldeneyeforevercom 8 soat oldin
Fabia vs. The World. The Unwinnable Fight...
Ross Canfield
Ross Canfield 8 soat oldin
Schmo, chi loves ya
TheHippieChase_THC 8 soat oldin
“This is number 1 Bae”
Victor V.
Victor V. 8 soat oldin
UFC gotta add Chandler to the commentary crew.
Samuel Aranda
Samuel Aranda 9 soat oldin
Best in the game schmo will go down in history
Justin 9 soat oldin
Chandler is the spitting image of Porier fused with Ferguson
Kevin Lamarr
Kevin Lamarr 10 soat oldin
The cornyest dude is the game has the hottest chick on the mike.
DBJMK 10 soat oldin
Flea from the chilipeppers looking savage af and Russian.
Brian Rainey
Brian Rainey 11 soat oldin
Who da fook are these guys? One guy pretending to be Nardwuar and some other nobody?
Jan Martin Brenden
Jan Martin Brenden 11 soat oldin
I Understand him. We just want to fight brothars
Mr Robot
Mr Robot 11 soat oldin
I absolutely love Zhang Weili...💛!!!!!
Rafael Paz
Rafael Paz 11 soat oldin
Chandler does really well commenting fights! UFC should hire him to comment fight as well!
Anshuman Sinha
Anshuman Sinha 11 soat oldin
Wow. Chandler spoke like he’s a professional television personality. Very impressive.
PLAY STATION 12 soat oldin
He kinda looks like Gaethje Here
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 12 soat oldin
Looks like Dustin Poirier cousin
NewBiker85 Dixon
NewBiker85 Dixon 12 soat oldin
I don't think it's possible to come across any better than Chandler had this last week. Classy guy wish him all the best.
Zabingalo 12 soat oldin
Hulk smash??? Nah, khabib smesh
Zulaikha F
Zulaikha F 12 soat oldin
"How we doing?" "Brother smesh everybady. Like...we do dat."
Srinaath Anbudurai
Srinaath Anbudurai 12 soat oldin
Michael chandler seems like a good guy
Freddie 13 soat oldin
Watched the fight like 10 times and still never got sick of it.
Doireallygottafillthispartin? 13 soat oldin
love that schmo funk!
Santander BJ
Santander BJ 13 soat oldin
William Carter
William Carter 13 soat oldin
Its good Chandler can talk, cos he won't do shit fighting in the UFC
Django 14 soat oldin
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Wob's SPORTS Studio
Wob's SPORTS Studio 15 soat oldin
Since 1897.
MAF F 15 soat oldin
every one happy Habib left except habibs fan and dana white for business reasons. all those at 155 ib knew they had no chance of winning as long as Habib was around
crypto nite
crypto nite 15 soat oldin
Plandemic all the way
Rami Rami
Rami Rami 15 soat oldin
This guy will smash everyone .. he didnt come for one in particular .. he declared war upon everyone inclufing brok lisner ..
DwadeFL4SHMV3 15 soat oldin
I remember hearing about this new guy in the ufc and he was getting shit on for can’t remember what. Dude sounds like a nice guy 😂
mmanut 16 soat oldin
Chandler is a Class Act All The Way‼️👍👍👊👊. Vinny 🇺🇸
EZdelFresco 16 soat oldin
Chandler will definitely be a commentator.
Matt Leggiero
Matt Leggiero 16 soat oldin
To be honest I wasn’t sure how I felt about chandler but I think he’s a good fit and am also gonna bet he’ll be in the booth commentating fights
Billythekid* 16 soat oldin
This guys handsome Interesting “, likeable and tough as nails why the fuck hasn’t he been signed years ago 🤔
George Vyzas
George Vyzas 16 soat oldin
Learning what not to eat, donuts.
Skeptic Sam
Skeptic Sam 17 soat oldin
More turkey Mr chandler
Kaiko 17 soat oldin
Guy looks good, no homo.
Cape Coloured
Cape Coloured 17 soat oldin
*Most Dominant ☝🏽🦅 GOAT.*
rosscobosco 17 soat oldin
The king is back baby!!!!
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor 17 soat oldin
Sumy K.
Sumy K. 17 soat oldin
I think the only issue people have with cementing Khabib's name as the GOAT is the lack of title defenses. And honestly I can see where they are coming from. It's much easier to look unbeatable when you're young and only have a few tough fights and very few title defenses. Don't get me wrong Khabib is the lightweight GOAT. But the people calling him GOAT are younger naive fans who haven't seen the 10 year long runs of guys like Anderson Silva/ JJ/ GSP. Khabib is fantastic and one of the best to ever do it, but I really wished he stayed a few more years to rack up another 5-6 title defenses. Or instead of taking on title defenses he should have atleast made an attempt to fight at 170 against Usman/GSP and call it a day. Atleast then we could look over his lack of title defenses. We have to give credit to the old dogs like JJ/GSP/Silva who literally went through multiple generations of young fighters trying to take their belt. Sure you can ignore JJ/Silva if you don't want to include people with steroid allegations against them but you're still left with GSP.
Shanaynay Ieatwatermelon
Shanaynay Ieatwatermelon 17 soat oldin
Chandler should relax a bit, he's only a few losses away from getting cut from the promotion. We saw what happened to the last fast talking cross promotional guy in the ufc (Ben askren)
Vey Narbz
Vey Narbz 18 soat oldin
Everyones bullshit comments aside its going to be sick to see mike chandler fight in the ufc
David Ramsey
David Ramsey 18 soat oldin
Threesome while Benavidez hides in the corner watching
Nathan Emett
Nathan Emett 18 soat oldin
The Schmo is amazing, man this guy is funny 😂
xpabz 18 soat oldin
This interviewer is insane.
Sense Gaming YT
Sense Gaming YT 18 soat oldin
Big fan from now
Sense Gaming YT
Sense Gaming YT 18 soat oldin
Khamzat i like you man haha u
Richard Cot-te-rell
Richard Cot-te-rell 19 soat oldin
Look Chandler Tony Deserves a shot of you Bruv ffs! Sort it out Dana Ferguson vs Chandler! Poirer vs Connor! The 2 winners fight for a Belt! Justin just lost
Wesley Wolanski
Wesley Wolanski 19 soat oldin
Gaethje vs Chandler coaching the Ultimate Fighter. Lets see it
Lance Daclan
Lance Daclan 19 soat oldin
I don't know bruce buffer is so cool and full of wisdom
Plamen Yankov
Plamen Yankov 19 soat oldin
Can someone smarter than me explain why he is trying so hard?
simo lamihi
simo lamihi 19 soat oldin
He talk a lot and we see until today nothing
Z4K4RIYA 19 soat oldin
Wow I just became a fan of Michael Chandler
Jeews Sam
Jeews Sam 19 soat oldin
He better have a photo of that flying kick in the face cos im sure thats the highlight of his entire career...lolzz
Andy Ellis
Andy Ellis 19 soat oldin
No one cares about this guy.
XxxULTIMATEZxxX 20 soat oldin
Khabib: *retires* Entire UFC lightweight division: *ALHAMDULILLAH!* 🙏
jason simons
jason simons 20 soat oldin
Chandler is a good man and professional
PLAY STATION 20 soat oldin
*La Candela!*
Reda Chraibi
Reda Chraibi 20 soat oldin
Somebody tell Khabib GSP called his mom a slob so we can watch them fight
Hunter Monzon
Hunter Monzon 20 soat oldin
Really gonna be watching Islam and Zabeast more can't wait to see Umar UFC debut at least his family still throwing down 💪🏽🥳
Harlequinn 20 soat oldin
TeNgGiLinG 21 soat oldin
That turtle neck 🔥