Nimz 8 soat oldin
I hate exclusive content on cross-platform games. It just takes away content from other players.
Polly the African Grey
Polly the African Grey 8 soat oldin
Stolen from overwatch junkenstein's revenge
GeoKat616 8 soat oldin
ツExTrots 8 soat oldin
Travis was high asf in this video 😂😭
lord beerus
lord beerus 8 soat oldin
Can't wait Little Nightmares was out standing
Ijas Ahamed
Ijas Ahamed 8 soat oldin
Release date..?
mayo Blessed
mayo Blessed 8 soat oldin
0:07 Rambo vs Keylor Navas 😁 ⚽
Prince Albertz
Prince Albertz 8 soat oldin
And this is Rated T? Make it rated M its so scary
Bhuvan Sai
Bhuvan Sai 8 soat oldin
This game wasted other games for me
Suicidalizm 8 soat oldin
Why Not Donald Trump 🤔
Andrew Zamora
Andrew Zamora 8 soat oldin
So I'm an xbox player so does that mean I can pay $50 for the game now and pay the other $20 since this part of the game is locked to my console. Why would I pay for a game if I'm not getting the whole game?
Haris Shakil
Haris Shakil 8 soat oldin
What's the difference
Giordy89 8 soat oldin
I was hoping for a DLC
Crusader Dank
Crusader Dank 8 soat oldin
Kinda weird ngl
A. Ham
A. Ham 8 soat oldin
Sooooo where the other 7 monkeys?
Climixz 8 soat oldin
Hello future! How’s the ps6 looking?
Alessandro Villa
Alessandro Villa 8 soat oldin
I'd much prefer to see Tom Cruise 😂
yamato2301 8 soat oldin
So dark and rotten.....
R ID 8 soat oldin
i wanna ask ! mortal shell i think its like dark souls?
clever g
clever g 8 soat oldin
I get stocked on the corrupted monk ghost what a nightmare battle
Lorenzo Nova
Lorenzo Nova 8 soat oldin
Nabil Hadi Firmansyah
Nabil Hadi Firmansyah 8 soat oldin
Can't wait to boot up the ps5 with Travis saying "ITS LIT" that would be lit
Jacob Vogt
Jacob Vogt 8 soat oldin
Was on the fence on whether to get Cold War, this out the final nail in the coffin tho. Thanks for keeping 60+ dollars in my pocket.
Giuseppe 8 soat oldin
프락시 8 soat oldin
the controller is ugly af....
Rahil 8 soat oldin
Cool, how long do I have to wait to pre order mine?
GamePark Океания
GamePark Океания 8 soat oldin
Русский геймдев!!!
Cook Coke
Cook Coke 8 soat oldin
This sell out more then snoop 😂😂
Alex Deva
Alex Deva 8 soat oldin
From Software's games are the only ones i keep playing even after getting the platinum. The only thing i regret was playing this on PS4 since we don't have mods there.
long long
long long 8 soat oldin
2.5K dislike....... are they xcox fans boy??
Attila The Pun
Attila The Pun 8 soat oldin
It's a Rambo in the dark!
Ryan Guldner
Ryan Guldner 8 soat oldin
Who is Travis Scott and why does he have one
SLash Moves
SLash Moves 8 soat oldin
I swear that thumbnail sekiro armor looks like a tribute to ghost of tsushima!
slushee 8 soat oldin
So that was a lie.
ES Ramachandran
ES Ramachandran 8 soat oldin
I am a kid 😂😂 I like spiderman 🤠🙂🙂 my name is santosh
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit 8 soat oldin
So see we're stuck here forever CHINADA brother no matter what happens🐺🕇🐺 play it again bro take it in
elninhodeoro 8 soat oldin
I love FromSoftware and I'm wanting Elden Ring
Absolute Radiance
Absolute Radiance 8 soat oldin
Waaaaaait, that fantom in senpou temple might be online play
For_kestrel 8 soat oldin
Next up, Travis Scott pregnancy test
AlaskanFox 8 soat oldin
As a PS4 player I might not install this mode to save space for my console. Just like I did with survival mode for modern warfare. Wasn't worth waiting for Xbox and PC for a year
Alan Castro
Alan Castro 8 soat oldin
Where is Elden Ring?
Multi 8 soat oldin
0:27 stuck here and never played the game since
Isagani Quidilla
Isagani Quidilla 8 soat oldin
I've come from Easy Allies. Sony won
Kratos 8 soat oldin
Please Sekiro 2 From Software !
Zac Gaming
Zac Gaming 8 soat oldin
Fix rhe contoller bug on pc (auto rotation
TOP Fusion Trixzz
TOP Fusion Trixzz 8 soat oldin
Travis Scott: I get those ps5 vibes yeah when Xbox not around
Ed Gein
Ed Gein 8 soat oldin
At least he can get one 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾
irrelavant intersts
irrelavant intersts 8 soat oldin
Bought every single from software game only finished demons souls on ps3 i was just young and resilient if i were to push myself like that again i would burst an artery. They were always fascinating games to me i have always bought them on release date.
S B 8 soat oldin
Eg bog mad boi
LaFlame Rager's
LaFlame Rager's 8 soat oldin
Irand Myrta
Irand Myrta 8 soat oldin
Simple amazing
Droom 8 soat oldin
ThatLat 8 soat oldin
Well the world setting is the most interesting part of this video it has a cyberpunky feel which is actually pretty nice and that would also explain how Glitchtrap is able to corrupt the beta testers rather than soul merging or brain washing it would be much easier to explain that he clones himself into the chip in their brains as in a cyberpunk setting every person would have one of those and a cyberpunk fnaf location is a very interesting concept
James Gatsby
James Gatsby 8 soat oldin
Mutomba 8 soat oldin
Perfect game for my Vit- Oh yeah
Doruk 8 soat oldin
Dont Subscribe
Dont Subscribe 8 soat oldin
Make me want to play as genishiro skin
friday music live 3:00
friday music live 3:00 8 soat oldin
I want PS5 coming in Thailand
TravisはLaFlameです 8 soat oldin
Jokes aside this is fire
Dmoney 8 soat oldin
Now why isn’t it 4 player co-op...
Dont Subscribe
Dont Subscribe 8 soat oldin
Activision didnt want From to make a DLC, now they regreat lol
ravenring 8 soat oldin
"I-i it just works"
Daniel R
Daniel R 8 soat oldin
Black version please!
Ezer YT
Ezer YT 8 soat oldin
Fabi Ano
Fabi Ano 9 soat oldin
This is the biggest possible marketing move they could make. The ps5 will absolutely destroy the Xbox. 😂 Sony is like mortal kombat cuz they finish them.
Reverend 9 soat oldin
Can I still restore if my PS4 is not my primary
I am just watching this video
I am just watching this video 9 soat oldin
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Hugolo 04 izq
Hugolo 04 izq 9 soat oldin
Killer-_-B The Marked warrior
Killer-_-B The Marked warrior 9 soat oldin
Why is this getting Recommended to me now? 👀
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus 9 soat oldin
Now this. This is epic.
DämonenKönig 9 soat oldin
Gotham Knights?
K 9 soat oldin
Uff that looks pretty nice
James Fox
James Fox 9 soat oldin
Bloodborne 2 next please
SoulsMaster 9 soat oldin
Yes, I will be buying the Cactus Jack PS5 at launch thank you very much. DEMON SOULS X TRAVIS SCOTT. Travis has to be in Elden Ring now Miyazaki.
Mr Nasty
Mr Nasty 9 soat oldin
Oogly_ Boogie
Oogly_ Boogie 9 soat oldin
I wanna see the Tesla's Cybertruck !
Ma Tym
Ma Tym 9 soat oldin
Nioh, Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro!!!💙🔥👍
hatam neisi
hatam neisi 9 soat oldin
Kinda like xbox
Rtear G i de
Rtear G i de 9 soat oldin
Sclice 9 soat oldin
He do be eating his McDonald’s